methink1 The mainstream media’s 95% blackout of flagrant illegality by EU leaders in the case of Merkel’s desperate migrant deal with Erdogan is every bit as disgraceful as the EC cover-up that accompanied it.

Starting with dribs and drabs on various UN and Amnesty sites, the revelation of casual ego-driven EU illegality started to go viral when lawyer Simon Cox set down several damning threads here

Mr Cox – a migrant lawyer with whom I do not doubt I’d find it easy to disagree on many subjects – has given EU heads of State like Angela Merkel some serious questions to answer….and, to his eternal credit, done it without either exaggeration or propagandic hype. The Sun headline is this: the migrant deal done with Turkish Islamist dictator Recep Erdogan in April 2016 failed to go through any of the legal channels and approvals necessary for it to become law. The EC knew this, but covered it up for ten months. Now – far too late – Brussels has come clean and admitted that’s the case….largely, I surmise, to cover its own somewhat odorous backside.

There is only one description available for such ruthless Sovereign behaviour: it is the act of elected politicians conspiring with faceless functionaries to use criminal deception in order to achieve their own vainglorious goals. They both told a Brechtian ‘good lie’ because, in their warped view of government’s role among the human species, they cleave to the disgusting idea that Utopian ends justify any and all means.

For those of you educated after 1985, my suggestion is that you look up the Hobbesian ideas of committed Stalinist Berthold Brecht. Then the unpleasant misanthrope Thomas Hobbes. And then who Josef Stalin was. (To those wise and well-read enough to have no need of it, I apologise for wasting their time with this Page One paragraph).

I wonder what (if anything) or who might stop the Bloomberg/CNN/Soros/Leftlib axis of ignorance, consequence avoidance and pernicious geopolitics from censoring this reality. I wonder what might finally awake the narrow, syllabus-target educated younger generation to the real and present danger that unquestioning adherence to bad science represents. I wonder when insouciant American citizens will finally realise that their Deep State and NATO are busily supporting the more autocratic EU elements who gave us such boon policies as open migration, the recruitment of a Euroarmy, sanctions against Russia – and of course unser geliebte Euro. 

The Establishment minority’s pro-Superstate/anti-Citizen narrative continues unabated…alongside its preposterous commitment to neocon economics and mercantile globalism. It is exceeded only by the emerging European Left’s growing belief in the healing power of radical Collectivism.

In 2017, past failure is the New Black.

What we are going through is yet another of those transitional periods in history wherein War, dystopian structuralist political theory, and delusional ambitions for human perfection are normalised.

At such times, unattainable goals like universal species brotherhood, World Government, one electronic currency, religious preeminence, the Global Village, androgynous gender and eternal economic growth are lionised at the expense of a reality inherent in social anthropology. All of it – every last idiotic spark of Right Cortex mania – is driven by the desire of the few for power over the many.

The sheer size of the conceit – the scam, the titanic untruth  – is ironically exemplified by the way in which every allegedly noble, perfect ordinary citizen is at first gradually and then rapidly reduced to a level of pauperised degradation….as each one crawls along the  crucifix-decorated road to slavery.

Do not dismiss this as mere theory: over the decades, EU Superstate architects like Monnet, DeLors and Juncker have openly admitted lying “for the greater ideal”.

That ideal no longer looks like a good deal. Look at the contemporary national wealth data from every society on the planet: the obscene richesse of 3%, the table-crumbs beneficiaries and active collaborators at 11%, the the 30-35% of passively comfortable, and the bickering, divided remainder in decline from the middle of the barrel to the bottom. The consistency of these data is terrifying.

We should stop seeing the European Union as a divisive political issue….and regard it instead as a unifying allegory for our times: a chronic symptom, if you like, of everything we are getting wrong.

Could these become your aims too?