methink1 If the masters of misrepresentation at the New York Times need any guidance on tracking down all that naughty fake news right now, they could do a lot worse than go to the BBC’s website this morning, where the very latest is that Trump’s new CIA Head Mike Pompeo was confirmed “by the narrowest of margins”. In fact, the vote was 66 to 32. Or they could take a look at Sky News, which baldly states that Trump “falsely accused the media of understating the crowd size at his inauguration”. I would say that the jury’s out on that one – but not in LeftLibland, where the Dupes will simply never, ever accept the term President Donald Trump.

The accusations against Putin about hacking the US Election infrastructure continues, despite the outgoing Obama’s categorical assertion that the DNC was hacked and nothing else. The level of fluffy ignorance about this case beggars belief: as the US electoral apparatus is not an intranet (or even close to that) it is hard to see howTF it could have been hacked remotely. The demonstrators should also note that the “irregularities” investigation was stopped by the Clintons and that nobody at the DNC ever gave a satisfactory answer regarding the alleged widespread voting irregularities in New York, Ohio and elsewhere.

The liberal press largely ignored the weekend’s revelation that the Clinton Foundation has been closed down, deconstructed, and very probably shredded too. Instead, it chose to go in hard on Trump’s “uniquely” large number of business investments that give him a conflict of interest as President. Didn’t seem to worry anyone when it was Bush Senior (CIA, oil), Bill Clinton (Whitewater et al), Hillary Clinton (Goldman Sachs), or Richard Nixon (the Mob). Nor did the media comment upon the general tenor of demo-placards involved in the orchestrated “protests” about the triumph of the democratic process, most of which used the word ‘revolution’.

I find that particularly ironic. Here – still, eight weeks on – we have an entirely partisan political whinge continuing about the success of one complete arsehole over another in the Presidential election. Nobody in either the GOP or Democrat franchise is asking why the best 420 million Americans can come up with is a hypersensitive narcissist with a dodgy business record; and a seriously ill paranoiac with a sexually insane husband,  a dubious record as Secretary of State, and a chip on her should about the gender “glass ceiling”.

This really is pathetic. The US elects chimps, crooks and stooges every time these days because the American People no longer own the Party apparatus, choices, primaries or voting model that takes these spookily regular decisions.

If and when Trump is assassinated, one gets the feeling that nobody in Hollywood, the media, on campuses or Broadway, in the FBI, the DoJ, the CIA or the Washington Establishment is going to do anything about it beyond heave a sigh of relief. None of the naifs from Streep downwards will wonder how Dubya was elected to protect the oil business, Reagan was elected to protect big businesss, JFK was hit because he trusted neither the Pentagon nor the CIA, JImmy Carter got crucified by the CIA’s well-documented conspiracy to delay the hostages’ release, and Obama stayed for two terms because he obeyed the heavies from Day One. None of them wonder why US Blacks stayed at home and thus, without doubt, handed the election to Donald Trump.

No, what these correctly progressive nitwits beleeeeve is that the American problem is one of ideological outlook, of Nice Party vs Nasty Party. Not one of embezzled tax monies bailing out lawless banks, evaded and avoided taxes starving Washington of money, idiot economics rendering the National Debt and credit dependence toxic, 24/7 camera surveillance via the NSA, treason from the CIA, corruption in the heavily lobbied Congress, grubby deals made with the Attorney General and the Department of Justice, and the continuing, deadly turf war between the FBI and the CIA.

But then, this is all true of the liberal Left in the West as a whole. In Greece, Tsipras does not see Fascist Brussels as the enemy. In Britain, the Labour Party and senior Conservatives fail to see either the EUNATO hip-joining process or the upside down nature of the Union’s legislative model. The French fear LePen, but not the State of Emergency illegally extended by Hollande. So too, in the US they see the encircled Putin as the chief bogeyman, not a White House consistently working for and penetrated by Texas and Wall Street.

One despairs at the lack of discernment. One weeps to see the public gullibility. And one becomes increasingly angered by the dictatorial tendencies of those being duped.