The Washington Post nails it this morning by showing just how tough we’re gonna make it for misogyfascist Putin pal Donald, the hateful hater who MUST BE STOPPED if tolerant hope is to triumph over orchestrated populist cruelty.


It’s pretty clear that the settled science promoted by the Real President Barack Obama means we can now control the weather. Above is the Washpost’s brilliantly veiled threat to rain on the rapist’s parade. You like golden showers Trump? It can be arranged, you fat orange prick.

ukcrowd Anyone walking around our streets at the sharp end like here in Lanarkshire can see perfectly well that Jeremy Corbyn was totally correct but more important caring right, to say he was in favour of more immigration on a mass level depending on the definition of mass but not the one used by the Daily Express’s baby-boomer bigot writers who have already ruined our lives with their fucking stupid and pointless little Englander racism and directly caused the vicious and unacceptable murder of St Josephine Cox.

There is plenty of room for more children in need aged under 30 from the black ghettos of Aleppo, and no excuse at all for the inhuman policies of Theresa May in reducing the annual migrant level from 240,000 to 238,000 during six years that left a stain on British history which we will quite rightly never be allowed to live down.

Yet again another mountain of evidence below to show how the UKip liars misled uneducated Britons disgracefully about the economic health of the EU. Even though there are millions of unemployed people in the eurozone, Brussels will be coming to their aid with a Universal Revenue I mean how could things possibly be bad if they can afford to do that it just goes to show how the clueless Vote Leave clowns created scare stories about debt in ClubMed still we will know better next time when there’s another referendum that reflects the will of the real socialist élite.


The unforgivable racism of fascist anti-EU Italian populists directly caused the death of 193 people last week as yet another Freedom & Peace Refugee Flotilla sank off the coast of Libya. Deliberately ignoring the human catastrophe facing all Libyan women and children, Far Right scum forced the Italian Government to tell desperate philanthropists in Brussels and Frankfurt that they would not be taking any more desperate Arab families like these below who were very desperate and as young as 3 months old:


methink1 Editor’s note: as Hitler’s holocaust rumbled forward after 1934, government after government across the West declined to take in Jewish refugees from genocide, despite the overwhelming evidence available to show that the Nazis were out to eradicate the Jewish people.

Today’s arch, indiscriminate and robotic herds of weekend anti-Nazis do not impress me. They present the opportunistic desire – entirely human and understandable – of the citizens of Ethiopia (presented above last year as “Syrian refugees”) to get a better life as a parallel to the plight of 1930s Mitteleuropa Jews. This is to me an offensive hypocrisy exceeded only by the tendency of many of them to support judaephobic websites today.