metough There’s some astonishing reporting in the British press this morning. So amazing is it, I am moved to wonder if, beneath the wafer-thin exterior of brainless sensationalism, there might possibly lie a much deeper layer composed of pernicious counterfeiting and mass distraction. You never know.

Appearances can, after all, be deceptive. What with the upcoming joint business venture between Trinity McGuire and Dirty Des (the latter seemingly keen to sell his tabloids to the former’s bosses) in the air, it’s good to see that the two organisations are already aligning their front page coverage in readiness for the Big Deal.

Thus the Star has a Coronation Street actor who has lost eleven babies – and he’s a man – while the same chap – Simon Gregson – can be found on the front page of the Mirror, revealing his miscarriage Hell in, ah, losing eleven babies.

Simon is obviously absent-minded, in that he gave one exclusive out and forgot about the other one as well as mislaying eleven babies. But he does remember the Hell of miscarriage vividly – a claim that makes me ask if the Lancet should be alerted.

Fine, go ahead and accuse me of being insensitive and tasteless here: but would you go to the papers about such a thing? Two at once? And suggest that the pain was all yours?

Anyway, so much for the brainless mask. Underneath that at the Sun is one more example of just how much mire Newscorp is prepared to swim about in, given the MoJ’s new policy of Kangaroo courts rather than real crime. The Kangaroo reference is appropriate in that, having tied Rolf Harris down Sport, the authorities are now piling on yet more claimed abuse ‘stories’ upon the entertainer’s sagging shoulders.

Harris went down last time on the basis of some of the flimsiest and most contradictory evidence ever seen in a British Court. It was part of a farcical shambles that allowed the jury to continue believing he had been at an event when he clearly hadn’t, and showed up again the odd mindset of some prosecutors when it comes to these cases.

But the Currant Bun is loving it, asserting that Rolf “slobbered over a blind, disabled woman as he fondled her breasts” and calling the allegations “new cases” when they are anything but. The Sun last year brazenly misrepresented poetry Harris has written in prison as “gloating over his victims”. Before that it suggested that Paul Gambacinni and an alleged celebrity felon were partners in crime (they didn’t even know each other) and that Jimmy Savile had sex with bodies in a mortuary (for which there is no evidence at all, and never has been).

Nobody has ever done an archaeological job of digging out the perverted relationship between Newscorp, the Justice System and attacks on (primarily BBC) presenters and DJs. Now that Roop and ‘Innocent’Becky are back in the driving seat and guilty son James is set to inherit the empire, I doubt very much if anyone in the Street of Shame any longer has the bottle to start unearthing the cess pit that lies hidden in all this….up to and including an unsolved murder case.

As I have warned the BBC knockers for over six years, now that Turdschlock has risen from the tomb to remake his bid for BSkyB at a knockdown price – and the BBC yesterday appointed yet another banker to its Star Chamber – Britain proceeds apace in the ultra-fast lane towards media and corporate fascism. The sticky fingers of former Newscorp arsehole transplant David Montgomery are also apparent in the Mirror/Express deal. Engage sixth gear chaps, we’re nearly there.

But the coverage of Donald in the other press titles Trumps everything else today. Following the glaring examples of Brexit and US election coverage, the real story of 2016 – How the Soros Globalist Axis of Colonialism reacted to Defeat – the cacophony of Hate not Hope continues to blast out from the Stalinist speakers in an effort to take everyone’s mind off that real story.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to rejig the meaning of “MSM” as an abbreviation to Mob Slave Media, because that – to all intents and purposes – is what they have become almost without exception.

In fact, they needn’t bother, because the vast majority of European and US readers still don’t get the plot twist. But the Axis Powers rarely leave much to chance: they did on Brexit and Clinton, and they have no intention of doing it again. So the Stop Brexit & Get Trump torrent of bilge continues to emerge from the fevered cerebra of the six or seven proprietors involved.

Trump, we read, is a pervert doing unspeakable things in Russian hotel rooms and thus under the control of mad monk and kiddy-blood drinker Vlad Rasputin. This is how the Russian Bear managed to change the US election result, you see, by hacking…er, something or somebody, although the, um, CIA says they did (as does Trump) but both agree that they hacked the DNC with a view to getting some dirt out there. Perhaps they were trying to level out the playing field from the high end of which every US title threw excrement at Trump for fifteen solid months, while the FBI was busy pretending there was nothing dodgy about the Clinton Foundation.

The counterfeiting of the fake news by the agenda biasistas has of course ensured that this narrative now reads with all the fluid consistency of Mein Kampf; but as I say, it is all a waste of time anyway. The LibLeft fluffies and disconnect Smuggies remain convinced that Trump is A Very Bad Thing and that the EU is a Very Good Thing. I would take issue with bits of the first assertion and about 99% of the second, but then I do have a history of mental illness.

Thankfully, my mental past involved depression, not delusion. Look at the track record of the MSM on the euro, a Brexit referendum’s likelihood, the 2015 election outcome, the Brexit result, EU migrants, Syria, Russian involvement there, the survival of Assad, Trump’s candidacy, Trump’s adoption by the GOP and Trump’s election….and it is a case of ‘0/10, see me’. But those on the wrong side of history just refuse to see where the real alliances underneath the old Party-titles are.

Home rule for Crewkerne, that’s what I say.

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