Whatever happened to Kevin McFire?

This is from the Daily Mail. It’s having a full-on, thoroughly deserved go at one of the most hated men in Britain. This is the Daily Mail we’re all supposed to hate because the proprietor’s great grandad liked the Nazis:



This is also from the Daily Mail. It shows what private sector snakes are charging the NHS to do running, trivial upkeep….with Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s full knowledge:


Examine some of the disgraceful, inexcusable grand larceny above….and then remember the way Hunt screwed the Junior Doctors and female staff.

Then cut to private contractors in the DWP doing the same, and thus depriving 3.25 million Waspi women of the rightful, 60-years-ago-promised State pensions.

Then cut to the Executive editor of the Daily Mirror, Kevin Quagmire. And read how this pc-riddled professional Northerner pillock thinks the big issue this week is Morris Dancers offending others by blacking up their faces….even though the ritual has nothing whatever to do with any racial or ethnic reference.

Now, I can’t abide most things the Dacre Mail prints. But right now, this unpleasant tabloid is doing infinitely more to unite the anti-slimeball Decency Sector than all the Mirror hacks and Hatespeak “you are a scumfascistbigotracist” Corbynista activists put together.

For over a year, I and dozens of others have been trying to get Kevin McDire to campaign on behalf of the Waspi pensions anti-embezzlement cause.

Not a flicker of interest have we received. And you know why? Because – word has it – our Kev knows only too well that Labour was just as spineless on the issue after 1995….and because he and his mates are not keen on any women who didn’t sit outside Peace Camps in the 1980s crucifying Peter, Paul & Mary songs.

One Nation Labour, your Friend in Tough Times? Don’t make me laugh.

Where’s the compassion? Where’s the attack on amorality? Where’s the sense of burning injustice? Where’s the focus on a Spectrum of the Vulnerable? Pissed away on a lot of pinhead-angel schismatic and tribalist onanism – that’s where.

Is there an Opposition in the House? Please?