As yet another bomb goes off in Turkey, and Erdogan starts yet another parallel blackmail narrative with NATO as per his EU demands, the jumbled and confusing process by which we are losing all our rights, all our privacy and all our national protections, the left-right-left-right dragoons of Stepfordistas continue along their merry little ways, observing only the road ahead (which they’re sure belongs to them alone) and never daring to look beyond their ideological Satnavs. Not even, dear reader, up into the sky.
As most of you will have grasped ages ago, I don’t buy into the Elders of the New World Order stuff, because there are at least seven different forms of it under way, not all of them are elderly, and the last thing they mean to do is cooperate about it – first, they’re too self-obsessed for that; and second, it just might wake a few sleeping sofa-dwellers and deaf ‘activists’ up.
I still think it possible they may either cancel or wipe each other out: they are, after all, at times dysfunctional, deluded, incompetent and violently dictatorial….as well as internally contradictory.
But there are two factors that make the success of at least some of them more than likely. The first is the staggering naivety of the people they variously hope to manipulate; and the second is that they cut across many catechisms and ideologies, thus ensuring that the core, obvious need to stop them at all costs is lost in a myriad cacophony of parochial accusation and counter accusation.
Let’s look at some examples from the last 48 hours.
Yesterday, the French government introduced a ‘BTP’ card that will be obligatory for French artisans within the self-employed/ ‘auto-entrepreneur’ sector. It will affect around 3.6 million French workers, and force them to pay at least €2,000 in tax whether they turn over more than €10,000 or not. France1’s news coverage of the event was entirely positive, and presented as a positive step to reduce tax-free working.
This is Stage 2 of the Mad Eurogroupe Troika’s plan to shake the French population upside down until they cannot earn or spend a centime without Schauble and Djesslbleom knowing about it. The trial launch in Greece is being rolled out, as indeed the one in Cyprus is being completed at high speed.
In Cyprus, Trump may yet stop the Clinton-driven steamroller: Diana Nuland (a woman either too ghastly or too gorilla-like in her IQ to care, it’s hard to tell) is pushing to get a done deal before Uncle Tombama leaves the White House. Her goals – I’m serious, this is not conjecture – are to disarm, desovereign and destroy Cyrpus as a Greek sphere of influence and turn it into a Turkish vassal. She would rather, you see, have Cyprus controlled by a ‘trusted’ fascist-cum-neo-Islamist State under NATO’s thumb. Greece under the dangerously loose Tsipras reign of terror is just too big a risk. Tsipras is about as dangerous as a toothless puppy these days. But EUNATO would rather deal with an obediant Nazi than a crushed wannabe communist.
But before anyone could start digesting that one, Another F1 bulletin this morning featured the clever idea developed by one software company “to help drivers” go one better than Satnav in France. It’s going to be adopted (I don’t remember an Assembly vote on this) nationwide….and drivers are just gagging to get the app. The problem is that this is the 2-way Satnav idea rejected by the National Assembly five years ago under Sarkozy: it will enable traffic controllers using cameras in all major connurbations to identify cars with the app live, and then ring the occupants to say, for example, you’re drinking a coffee and driving at the same time.
The bloke taking the TV journos through this piece of Birtian lunacy was almost tumescent at the good it would do for society and making roads safer.
Now clearly, these seemingly random events are not a conspiracy; but neither are they random. Think of this as five herds – one of wild horses, one of steers, one of buffalo, one of elephants and one of AI velociraptors – all careering down a narrow montain pass with only one way out and onto the plains below….on which is sitting an encampment of native American teepees where sit two tribes of (one of Sioux, one of Crow) all trying to settle their archhaic differences and live in peace. So desirous are they of achieving Peace, however, they’re not paying attention to the approaching rumble of death; higher on their To Do list right now is whether to wipe out the other tribe for good, in order to achieve their pacifist objective.
These tribes are of course a somewhat heavy-handed analogy for any one of GOP v Democrats, Labour v Tory, or Frillon v Le Pen in France. I made it heavy-handed because nothing but the huge stubby fingers of Godzilla poked into the ribs of globalist neoocons and Big State socialists is ever going to stand a snowball in Hell’s chance of being acknowledged, let alone understood.
So who are these herds I ask you to fear exponentially more than most of you do now? They are – in no particular order of position on the socio-psychopath stampede for more and more and more and more –
Large private multinational and central bankers
Globalist manufacturing and distribution
Super-Sovereign geopolitical forces like the US, China, the EU and Russia….those being, for sure, from biggest to smallest threat respectively.
The bureaucracies who cannot take part in the foreseen post-refix World without hanging on to their inside knowledge of potential organisation, resistance and blackmail – State secret services, the police, senior civil servants and so forth.
Those in control of the gathering, dissemination and analysis of news events – be they fake or otherwise. I particular, digital service providers and global content writers. They could, in turn, be Google, Facebook, Newscorp, a perverted BBC, Fox News, Verizon or the New York times.
Watch the idiot David Buik being interviewed this morning by the BBC: note how his neocon certainty and greed blind him to the real consequences of the NYT v China censorship tiff.
More anon, I’m about to lose connectivity. It could happen to anyone if the herds get their way.