mesmile Watching the stunts and the punts of the fronts for reality is a hunt for the take on the fake on the make in morality. The name in the frame is a game about blame. Discuss.

I do not doubt that somewhere right now, a film crew is working on the making of some news footage. The object of the footage will be to pretend that the actors in the footage are Russians/Alawhites/Israelis/Tories/the CIA [insert pet hate here] making fake footage of bankers/US GIs/Jihadists/UKippers [see earlier option above] also using actors doing dastardly things to little children, POWs, pigs, and heritage sites. Somewhere on this nutjob planet riddled with the deadly Homosapiens virus,  film crews are faking film crews faking news.

Forget breaking news about people making news….now unemployed thesps and former blacklisted porn directors are gainfully employed faking the news. Only the New York Times and the Washington Post are gathering genuine news, and calling it out as fake; their role in the media mix is to get shit wrong, and they never fail in that endeavour.

Newscorp’s tabloids and Fox News were inventing news years before this mass counterfeiting, but they abandoned that plan in favour of getting real news by hacking mobile phones. Now that piss-stained alleyway to irrelevant celeb truths has been closed off, they’re back to inventing news and faking editorial emotions.

Personally, I blame the parents. No seriously, I do: it must’ve been obvious from the age of around four that, say, Alastair Campbell, Rupert Murdoch, Josef Goebbels and Lynton Crosby were Spawn of the Devil. But too scared to look behind their offspring’s ears, the parents bottled out of the obvious answer, infanticide. And so their spineless approach to natural selection has brought us to where we are today.

But chiefly, I blame the parents because it’s important to have someone to blame. That way, I don’t have to accept any responsibility. “Yes, OK, I voted for Hillary, but her parents left me with no choice because they didn’t strangle her aged four I mean for fuck’s sake it’s obvious.”

Blaming is fun, and nobody encourages it more than the legal fraternity. Why anyone bothers with all this Elders of Zion crap when they have the lawyers sitting at the end of their noses baffles me. A lawyer will blame a tree for the behaviour of his drunken cyclist client who crashed into it, because trees are very cunning false flags moving around under cover of darkness to render pisshead cyclists unconscious.

There you see – you’ve got me doing it now: blaming lawyers. It’s your fault I’m blaming lawyers. I didn’t go around blaming lawyers til I met you. Go away. I’m innocent. It’s not my fault. But if you must have a worthy fall guy, then look no further than Brexit Bill.

Brexit Bill is a fiend, moving in mysterious ways his blunders to perform. In order to perform in a way that makes him blameworthy, Brexit Bill comes in two forms:

  • The financial bill for Brexit as proclaimed by the Reblamers, who don’t see anything good about being rescued from the Titanic such as not dying of hypothermic drowning etc
  • A Bill to go through Parliament about Brexit, the content of which must be scrutinised by 650 corrupt dypso-kleptomaniacs rather than just left to the judgement of 46 million adults who then got the blame for making the wrong decision, despite the rules saying Their Decision Will Be It.

But then, I blame Cameron, Osborne and Corbyn because they didn’t lie hard enough. Instead they let the bigotfaggot UKip scum Little Englanders have the Big Lie of the land, and that’s why Brexit Bill is still at large. I mean get real, that’s why fearless radical Owen Smith tried to get Corbyn out: because his lie deficit was to blame.

I’m working on the script for a movie – working title Lie Hard – which if all goes well will be followed by the sequel Lie Harder.It’s a sure-fire low budget hit, as I will be using the crews and actors best qualified for this sort of stuff who are currently struggling to make a living building film sets of Syria, Ukraine, Israel and Hungary on vacant lots somewhere in Egypt and Iran. And also the other way round.

You see, the more we identify the liars, right, the more people can blame them and have the satisfaction of not being to blame. Jeremy Bentham would’ve approved of that. He didn’t quite propose ‘The greatest innocence of the greatest number’ but I’m sure he would’ve done. With, you know, the right media training.

So let’s just try and draw all these strands together.

The more spinners create counterfeit news currency, the more lie inflation there will be….and inflation is the aim nowadays. Not only that, but the more layers there are to the liars, the more nobody will know whoTF is telling the Truth, and so the blame options will just keep on getting bigger and bigger, and the personal guilt smaller and smaller. Let me tell you, that would’ve been Sigmund Freud’s ultimate wet dream. Ergo sum, we must be heading for Utopia at last.

Or will it be Metopia? Or Notmetoblamepia? Or is the entire construct dysfunctional, and thus Dystopia?

As time goes on, the better I understand the title and aims of the movie The Truman Show.

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