me261116 Apologies for the late arrival of this week’s essay. The focus remains on an out of touch Establishment, the delusional tribes within it, and why they’re insight-free.

It’s worrying, I think, when an increasingly decrepit old git living in the middle of nowhere can identify an economic lie of gigantic proportions, but the Conservative Party won’t accept it, and the Labour Opposition can’t nail it in simple, accessible English.

It’s yet another case of “do the maths”.

Everyone on both sides of the Atlantic will tell you that today’s problem is not inflation, but deflation. It is complete and unadulerated bollocks….it just suits financialised élite monopolists to keep on peddling the lie.

The largest  baby-boom in history is now retiring, and facing (or already on) a fixed income. The governing class has chosen this propitious moment to make 1950’s born women – “Waspis’ – wait 2-6 years longer for their State pension than they’d been led to expect. For those of us in the middle-income retirement bracket, income we can earn off savings has been reduced to zero, and bets we made on a falling stock market came to nought thanks to the gross manipulation of ‘market forces’ by QE.

Meanwhile, those with jobs offering fewer and less flexible hours on low rates are at an all time high…and overall, blue-collar/lower white-collar wages have collapse by 28% in 20 years.

For all of us – all of us – regardless of diversity of background – this is not the deflation central banks witter on about: it is massive inflation in prices as a result of the rpid and intentional deflation of our spending power. In Greece, the obscene levels of Troika taxation have resulted in between 14 and 18% of the population having no real self-generated earning power at all.

The EU that promised in the Treaty of Rome to be dedicated above all to improving the wellbeing of its citizens has done this. It is the direct result of Federalist delusions about the practicality of a single ‘EMU’ currency.

It doesn’t matter a rotten fig what poncy title the élites use to dress up this reality: for labour in the West, average net spending power has collapsed by over a third. (In my case, the fall has been 60%…but then I’m fortunate to be starting from a much higher base.

Why, at PMQs, does Jeremy Corbyn not get advice from colleagues to help him spell this out? Why instead must he Not Mention the EU? Why does he talk in generalised vapours about “the Government’s failed economic policy” when every Opposition in history has trotted out the same clichéd mantras decade after decade?

The reasons are straightforward and obvious.

  • The Labour Party is a joke when it comes to commercial perspectives. The Conservative Party pursues illiterate economics, but at least they have a rationale for it. Labour doesn’t.
  • Labour and its millennial activist ignorami are mathematically dyslexic. This leads them to see 48% as a majority, leave statistics and forecasts to “the experts”, and think that a UK Opposition split seven ways stands a snowball in Hell’s chance of overturning the Tories. The latest Twitter hashtag kneejerk braindeath on the subject demands simplistically #GetToriesOut.
  • The increasingly (and dangerously) naive nature of Labour’s ideological time-warp enables its membership to behave like the worst stereotype of 1950s Moscow-following dupe. Men like the Fred Kite trade unionist immortalised by Peter Sellers in I’m Alright Jack. Or the women who still today idolise amber-frozen thinkers like Vanessa Redgrave and Harriet Harman. In 2016, the nearest equivalent of the mid 20th century USSR is clearly the EU: it has a Constitution it ignores; it has a hubris-fuelled élite grown fat while the proles suffer; it behaves like a crypto-empire; it bullies members into staying on board; it crushes democratic rebellion; it threatens make-believe enemies; and it uses fiscal muscle to enforce discipline. The UK Left unequivocally, viciously and venomously supports the EU.

“But where are the tanks?” I hear the scoffing doubters ask. Well don’t worry children, because Auntie Federica Mogherini has been on the case for the last two years. Type the name into The Slog’s search engine, and you’ll see all the tanks you need to reach a logical conclusion.

The UK Left doesn’t do maths, or 21st century economics, or social change, or feminist gender-bollocks analysis. It doesn’t do measurement of UK gdp and welfare resources in a cross-analysis with immigration levels. It doesn’t do EU fiscal debt. And that which it could do – but so doing would cause an ideological nervous breakdown – it ignores.

White feminists ignore the misogyny of black rap artists. They ignore the actions of Islamic fundamentalism and its demand that women are mere chattels. Labour dismisses the idea that the Calais jungle was anything other than a crisis of Syrian refugees with children…when a veritable Andes of evidence now shows the majority were 20-30 year old black Africans from several countries, chiefly Ethiopia. The French police are today wrestling with that massive invasion of violent criminality. But this is ignored by the PLP, the BBC, and the Corbyn Shadow Cabinet.

What parallels to we have here?

Hitler’s Nazis declaring the Japanese to be “honorary Aryans” in 1940.

Soviet troops crushing Hungarian resistance in 1956, and describing the action as “a liberation”.

US Pentagon generals telling Kennedy in 1961 that anti-Castro rebels had “a 95% chance of success”.

Remainers declaring, the day after Jo Cox’s death, that UKIP supporters were “responsible for her death”.

Geobbels declaring in 1937 that “All Jews are Communists”.

This segues neatly into the issue of ‘race’. I use the term purely because it’s another of those casual insults easily to hand – “racist” – that has been used by the Left to shut people up for almost fifty years now. My own view is that ethnicity is a red herring: culture-clash is the real issue here. As with the insult “fascist”, most of the ignorami are clueless as to what the term means: they’re down there on all fours with the rabbit-hole dwellers who think every victim of false sexual deviancy accusation is “a paedo sicko”.

Here are some uncomfortable truths about the global nature of cultural bigotry. Most Asians can’t stand the Japanese: they regard them as cruel, devious and dictatorial. The more traditional Chinese in China refer to foreigners as “woi’ – devils. The whites are fangwoi, and the blacks hackwoi. The latter are seen by them as virtually a sub-species. Most middle Eastern Islamic websites are rabidly, obscenely anti-Semitic…and they don’t bother with “it’s Israel we don’t like, really” – they hate the Jews and don’t care who knows it.

Yorubas loathe Ibos in Nigeria, and vice-versa. In South Africa, the majority of Zulu regard Bantu as a waste of space. Saudis, Syrians (some) and Iranians (all) describe Palestinians variously as “wasters”, “chavs” and “dangerous clowns”….although I admit those are rough translations provided to me by a guide. When describing Palestinians, the average Egyptian or Iraqi is likely to spit. An enormous percentage of Italian men are anti-negroid: go to any soccer match there and wait for a black player to come on….the monkey sounds are deafening. There is a long-standing mutual enmity between Poles and Russians. Anti-semitism is casual and endemic in Greece.

The Brazilians can’t stand the Argentinians, and the feeling is reciprocated. In south London, West Indians hate Africans and vice versa. Among West Indians, suburban Barbadons look down on rural Jamaicans. Feelings of mutual adoration across the British Pennines separating Lancashire and Yorkshire are rare. In London, North of the river folk look down on the South side. Liverpool hate Everton and United hate City and Rangers hate Celtic and Arsenal hate Spurs: “Well I never felt more like killing the Jews/ When Tottenham win, and Arsenal lose” was a favourite chant at the old Highbury stadium.

As  the immortal satirist Tom Lehrer sang in the late 1950s, “The Catholics hate the Protestants and the Sikhs hate the Muslims and everybody hates the Jews”. Tom was a Jew himself of course – but in those days the difference was you could tell the truth. And the Jews themselves aren’t squeaky clean – far from it: they are ‘the Chosen People’, in my schooldays quite likely to refer to ‘the goyim’ as a bit dense – “Look, retail’s for the goyim already” was a common phrase.

My point in restating the empirically obvious is not to announce my recruitment by the English Alliance; rather, it is to record that the Leftlib regiments are in complete denial about this socially anthropological reality. It’s easy to get on with everyone in the Bubble if red brown ebony yellow or pink they’ve all got Oxbridge-drawl accents and an IQ of 148. For 95% of the British population, life’s not like that at all.

When it comes to dealing with bigotry from both sides, I am an exception to the point of being ridiculously atypical: my Dad was a Catholic, my mother a Protestant, I went to a Grammar school where the intake was quota’d 50/50 Christian and Jew. My first physical love affair lasted three years and was with a Chinese Scousette. In London I lived for seven years 100 yards from the Brixton front line. I conducted market research about gender and race among West Indians over two decades. I’ve travelled widely in southern and Eastern Europe and the middle/eastern end of North Africa, as well as South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Nigeria.

I am one of the very, very lucky few. But I can tell you, my Chinese lady’s dad was not pleased to see me at first and my parents weren’t wild about the idea of Eurasian grandchildren either. Jewish mates at school weren’t happy about me dating a Jewish girl briefly, and a brief affair with an Indian girl didn’t go down well at No 42. I’ve lost count of the number of the times I had “fucking honkey” yelled at me after complaining about noise pollution in Brixton.

Now fine, that innately bigoted generation is largely dead. But wiring towards tribalism doesn’t die: and fear of being overwhelmed by the unfamiliar is not a crime, it is entirely normal. In fact, it is ubiquitous. To spit and yell at people over fifty fed up of everyone round them not bothering to learn the host language is like kicking over an amputee because he walks differently to you.

I have only once in my life met somebody who was a genuine racist – that is, a person with murderous intent towards another human being based on what she perceived to be ethnicity. This was an old German lady in Tenerife during a holiday there in 1972. She’d been a senior Nazi official’s pa during “die alte Tage” and still hated Jews with all the venom she had felt throughout her Aryan youth.

But she liked Arabs, because they hated Jews and were “a superior race”. The DNA of Arab and Jew is so similar as to represent an almost homoaeopathic level of difference. To me, her ideological idiocy was part of the beginnings of an education: that – as I wrote earlier – ethnicity is a red herring. Tribal human beings – and that means you, Stig Millenispart – fear social imbalance and cultural invasion detrimental to their contentment.

It is a Right brain thing and in many ways it is regrettable, but it is real, here and now so please, Leftlibs, for all our sakes, deal with it.

By now ancient long-term Sloggers might still remember a piece I wrote on my old blog site Not Born Yesterday in 2007, when I coined the acronym WUTs for those people who can’t face facts in dealing with an issue. I dubbed them the Wishful Unthinking Tendency.

It didn’t catch on. This is a shame, because (being modest to the point of saintliness)  I still think it’s right on the money. Nearly a decade on, WUTs are even more dyfunctionally in the way than they were then.

On an island of finite size with a dangerously small agrarian economy already, populated largely by a Homo species not that keen on cultural imbalance, it simply will not do to dismiss anyone who questions unlimited immigration it as a scumracistbigotfacist. It might make the incontinently infantile bullies in the Nursery School feel better, but it is the very antithesis of a solution.

As every recovering alcoholic will tell you, the start of the recovery begins with the end of denial.

So I leave you with this final collection of questions.

Who in Britain today is more viciously tribal than the Left?

Who in Britain today is more ideologically rigid than the Left?

Which Party in Britain today is losing share of vote faster than the Left?

Who in Britain today spits out more hate than Left activists?

Which Party is less effective than Labour in looking after its core support groups?


The Why is, I think, clear enough: blinkered analysis leading to surreal conclusions.

A YouGov study in 2013 found that even among non-caucasian British citizens, 63% answered an emphatic Yes to the question “Would you like to see an end to all immigration into the UK for the time being?” Not ‘controlled immigration’ or ‘skilled immigration’, but no immigration.

Outside the Bubble, no matter what colour, creed or culture they came from, real people are still real.

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