Yes Sleeple, from those wonderful people who brought you Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Nick Clegg and David Cameron comes the new wonder-drink that renders you more suggestibly naive than the thickest plank in the timber yard ~


mesmile Hand-crafted to the original recipé devised by Huma ‘FuckaJew’ Abedin, Phil ‘3rd Way’ Gould, Joe ‘Soapflakes’ Kennedy, Craig ‘Shit’ Oliver and Alastair ‘I made it all Up’ Campbell, PostTruth Classic remains the perfect accompaniment to those programmes like XFactor and Strictly you all hate to love.

Specially formulated to kill 99% of original thought, PostTruth lulls you into a false sense of insecurity regardless of your belief system….delicately washing away with equal efficacy all doubt in the minds of feminists, liberals, socialists and conservatives until their brains are dead enough to accept fucking stupid ideas like globalism, glass ceilings, equality quotas, human perfection and trickle-down wealth.

PostTruth is, as always, on sale at all good stockists, our favoured retail partners being the Washington Post, the New York Times, Fox News, the Guardian, the Independent, the Daily Mail, nutjob veteran sites, The New York Post, The Sun, Russia Today, EU Observer, the Financial Times, Bloomberg, Guido Fawkes, Izvestia, Der Stürmer, Keiser Report, the Daily Telegraph, and Fruit Fly Weekly.


Always be on your guard when it comes to fake news. Be especially on your guard with Prison Camp guards insisting that they are Truth guardians stopping fake news from coming into the prison camp, because real prison guards hate real news and that’s why they give themselves misleading names like Guardian, Independent, Observer, Times, Mirror, and Sun. They guard belief systems from reality and Party lines from independent opinion; they observe through cataracts, hark back to olden times that never were, reflect images fit for anorexics, and shine sunlight wherever there is nothing new to see.

The fake calling out the fake is exemplified by David Cameron secretly admiring Tony Blair, and Bill Clinton covertly borrowing from Ronald Reagan. It is the New York Times saying ‘our journalism changes history’ (more true than they’d care to admit), the Guardian saying ‘Comment is Free’ (Arbeit macht frei) and Russia Today asking you to ‘Question More’.

The only way to expose fakes with any credibility is by not being one.

The only way to avoid one day becoming a fake is by eschewing rigid ideology in favour of factual empiricism, and encouraging open minded philosophy based on human fulfilment…NOT inhuman systemics.

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