Be you a Brexiteer, a Waspi, a Scot, a junior Doctor or disabled, there is NEVER a plan for us in Whiteminster….only one for them

methink1 Although there appears to be quite a bit of confusion surrounding a leaked memo about the development of Brexit plans, I’m confident that it came from Deloittes. The audits-to-consultancy giant was briefed by May’s Brexit team three months ago. The email concerned allegedly offered frank views for internal consumption about the process being an anarchic shambles, and the spin given out about ‘carefully prepared plans’ was dismissed as completely false. I also understand the executive concerned describes the political splits as a nightmare.

I don’t really see this as “news”, because in over twenty years of having HMG as a client in various guises, it merely confirms my experience of lies, short-term bungling, civil servant obstructionism, schisms, policy driven on the political hoof, and last-minute panic.

We were told by George Osborne the week after Brexit during a televised media conference that “plans have been developed in detail by Treasury officials as regards what to do next”. This was an outright lie: nothing at all had been planned.

We were told by Theresa May that there would be “no tolerance of plans to subvert the Brexit process”. This also I know to be totally misleading: she has no power over Chancellor Philip Hammond whatsoever, and Treasury mules have undermined all attempts to move Brexit forward – an early gambit was to tell the Brexit troika that Whitehall would need 30,000 additional employees “just to get things on the road”.

Also very clear is that, since the email story broke, Mother Theresa’s goons have been covering every chance of other MSM outlets piling in with additional off the record briefing and leaks. This is the third time since becoming PM that she has done this – further proof that her time as Home Secretary was largely spent tightening up the modus operandi for shutting up the media. (It certainly wasn’t spent mapping the presence of Jihadists in the UK, or controlling the immigrant intake).

In the last week, Waspis have learned that the DWP employed spinners to dissemble about statistics, financial bonuses, and surpluses there. May herself has twice lied during PMQs about “ameliatory measures” to help cheated pensioners, but they seem to exist largely in her fertile imagination….made so with liberal dollops of horseshit.

May is also refusing to use UKIP interim leader Nigel Farage as a gobetween and facilitator with President-Elect Trump. Farage is a canny lad who knew full well beforehand that she’d turn down his offer of help: the last thing Prime Minister Shoebucket wants is anything that embellishes his reputation further. But cunning or not, Farage is absolutely right for once: she is putting political advantage before success for Britain.

I have warned since Day 1 that Ms May wants slow-to-no Brexit, and a General Election to be called after the debate about terms. That debate and those terms are slipping back every week. And every week lost is a betrayal of democracy.

I have also repeatedly said that, after March 31st 2017, Article 50 processes cease to be based on simple majority voting. Endless pathetic attempts by both Brussels and Downing Street to muddy those waters with detail cannot change the reality: after March 31st, the process will be slower.

After a General Election in which Theresa May is returned with a whopping majority, that Brexit process will quietly change gear….into neutral.

The Deloitte email now confirms much of that general do-nothing approach.

Our governments lie to us about banking safety, economic growth, real unemployment, pension communications, empty budgets, NHS financials, European politics, disability checks, SPA entitlements, and actions that have (and have not) been taken about almost everything under the sun.

None of this is going to be solved by “a change of government”, because that results in no change at all.

Power needs to be given back to town and community levels, and strict accountability laws put into place. Big State, SuperState and Globalism are the past, not the future. The crooked clowns in charge now are trying desperately – with support from the liberalLeft – to hold back and then reverse this natural species process.

Everything we see is a symptom. Alleviating the symptoms is no longer enough. We the Citizen People are being ignored, defied, cheated and pauperised.

A broad alliance of the Decent and Vulnerable is the only answer.