Oh to have open and free democratic choice now that Fascism is here, and the end is near…


  • Vote Labour!

Revoke the memberships of your opponents, refuse to accept the EU Referendum verdict, refuse to accept the decision (twice) to elect Corbyn, refuse to accept the maths showing conclusively that Corbyn is unelectable, refuse UK entry to Donald Trump if he gets elected US President, start petition to ban Daily Mail from BA flights, begin campaign to deselect MPs who are off message.

  • Vote Conservative!

Conspire with the Murdoch press to pervert Justice, ensure Rebekah Brooks only faces CPS charges she can wriggle out of, threaten to jail ‘non-violent extremists’, pass laws limiting Opposition Charity groups freedom of speech during elections, ignore planning laws to let construction donors build where they like, put pressure on police to support Conservative policies, infiltrate BBC with threats to its independence, cover up HSBC crimes, turn blind eye to RBS fraud, encourage penalty-free litigation against any individual alleging corruption among the powerful, allow EU money to vilify Brexiteers, accept EU money towards Referendum campaign, gerrymander constituency borders, cover up Jeremy Hunt complicity in BSB bid.

  • Buy a Sky Package, watch online 24/7 news, read agendered newspapers!

Support Rupert Murdoch and his false New York Post stories, subscribe to Murdoch sites where expressing your opinion costs money, make comments at The Washington Post and watch them disappear because you left a link, despite this promise….


… CNN and hear news ‘analyses’ accusing Donald Trump of seeking to undermine democracy while being in the pay of Putin, note the absence of any and all anti-Clinton stuff at the New York Times, the Guardian, the Independent or CNBC, see the Daily Telegraph being paid to be nice about HSBC, search in vain for any anti-EU coverage on the BBC, watch Bloomberg donate $240,000 to the UK Remain campaign – and then listen as every day Bloomberg TV invents another Brexit scare story, read knowingly inaccurate, hate-filled stories every day in the Mail and Sun, then read Twitter comments from liberals peddling the same nonsense when it suits them.

  • Campaign to reverse the Brexit referendum!

Thrill to playing no part at all in the federalisation of a neocon Europe, gasp as every election result from Holland via France to Greece is ignored, laugh with the loveable lying pisshead Jean-Claude Juncker, marvel at the very austerity policies you so virulently oppose in Tory Britain, remove your toes from the jackboot of the Sassenachs and apply the Clog of Brussels to your McFace, laugh as Italy collapses, gape in admiration at the rape and econo-sovereign destruction of Greece, realise too late that the euro is a sinking ship, discover the unaccountability of ECB boss Mario Draghi, and then settle down for the NATO rollercoaster of US-prompted World War III.

Now come on – fair does People….surely one of these is to your liking?

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