mesnip81016The predictable tends to turn out as predicted: the Government continues to freeze out NHS protesters, Waspi campaigners, and Brexiteer Ministers. Everything is being done to divide the real British People of all ethnicities, ages and social classes…and undermine the things they voted for. Step out of the stockade, folks: or be slaves forever.



As for the plight of Waspi victims, it didn’t get a mention. A huge amount of effort has been carried out (often by rank and file Waspi self-starters) in the last few weeks, such that the profile of this blatant fraud has been raised among local government, regional media and Westminster Opposition opinion leaders. But the actual DWP reaction has been zilch.

I’m at a loss for advice to proffer the various Waspi groups beyond where I started: until such time as affected SPA losers start becoming a serious tabloid-level embarrassment to the crew of the Mayflower, the pirate ship will carry on plundering everything the New Poor might have expected to get in terms of support from the State.

Every time Imelda Maycos gets up to speak now, I groan internally, because I know that bromides will be spoken and comfy South-Eastern smuggies will nod approvingly, but socially things will go from bad to worse; and economically, our home-grown version of the neocon business model will start to devour itself at a faster rate than elsewhere.

This will become particularly apparent once the perfect financial storm hits. At which point, of course, Brexit will get the blame.

Brexit itself is, at the moment, a predictable script in need of a twist at the end. I can thus take no credit at all for predicting the steps involved, as a reasonably smart kid of seven could work them out.

The day after the Referendum, I wrote:

‘….I invite Brexiteers to watch (and listen carefully to) Boris Johnson’s statement of this morning, in which he dismissed any need “for haste”, and saw no reason “to invoke Article 50”. That seems to be an extraordinarily odd thing to say in the Hour of Victory. The 2007 Lisbon Treaty Article 50 makes it clear that

A government must trigger the article by officially notifying the EU of its intention to leave. There will then be a two-year period in which the terms of the leaver’s exit are negotiated.

……..Be vigilant. It is way too early to relax.’

As we have seen, Article 50 is receding (and being played down), Brexit has now been segmented into ‘hard’ and ‘soft’, and every last pro-globalist media title and site in the world is predicting disaster if Brexit goes through.

By August 29th, I was suggesting:

‘What we’re looking at here is a cynical “realist” in Number Ten keen to come out of “the Brexit process” with as little merde sticking to her as possible. She can have her people leak that Hammond is out of line, but she appointed him to be 2inC knowing full well his level of attachment to the European Union…..Military, geopolitical, security, global power and political sabotage are in full swing as Leavers grasp full extent of perfidy involved…’

Now this morning, there’s a prominent Telegraph piece featuring an accusation from Brexit Minister David Davis that Hammond’s Treasury Ministers ‘are doing all they can to undermine the Brexit process’.

During the first week in October, I spent several days pumping the small number of national and local officials who will still accept Slog calls. I concluded that next:

‘Negotiations proceed with the EU, while every major media combine on the planet ups the ante on what a disaster Brexit would be, and how the EU has the upper hand. [May] then puts the resultant deal to a Parliamentary vote….’

This is indeed what the Mayflower has now agreed to….but Mother Theresa has cleverly positioned this is as her “giving way under pressure”. The pressure is coming from Hammond, and her own survival instincts….not from MPs.

On the same day, I went on to predict that:

‘….the Commons votes 4-1 to accept what is obviously a diluted Brexit….Theresa sympathises publicly with the Leaves, but says it isn’t on to have another Referendum so soon. However, she insists that, as the PM, she must have a clear, elected mandate to get tough with Brussels. Privately, she calculates that the eurozone economy will be looking worse, and the euro’s systemic banking problems will be clearly apparent. So we have a General Election….’

I think this is looking ever more likely. To quote one MP directly,

“May wants the excuse to have an election, because she thinks Labour’s campaign will be sabotaged by the Blairites, and Jeremy Corbyn’s huge popularity among Labour Party members will not be translated into the votes of less active downmarket voters: these people will defect to UKIP in increasingly large numbers. But under the FPTP voting system, this will mean fewer Labour MPs rather than a lot more UKIP members. She thinks she will win with a substantial majority, Labour will be routed, Corbyn will be ousted, and UKIP will be all over the place….as they already are.”

It does make eminent sense. We shall see, as events unfold. Or – more likely – unravel in the light of much bigger events.

But here’s the twist that might change the script.

Over the last six years, in one way or another, the Treasury has screwed the elderly, screwed the hospital doctors and nurses, screwed the disabled, and tried to screw the democratic will of the British People.

I put forward once more the need for a movement rather than a political Party…a United Front for the Vulnerable

That is, SPA, Junior Doctor, disabled and nursing campaigners should deliver a clear and united ultimatum before the coming election: votes formerly destined for the Conservative Party will go to either UKIP or Labour – whoever has the best chance in any constituency – unless The Real Deal is on offered to the NHS, Waspis, Brexiteers and the disabled.

3.2 million votes can make a difference. The only thing required here is the pragmatism and political will to turn up at the Polling Booth and do it.

The Left, of course, won’t do it. But their destiny seems to me now, more and more, one of self-destruction.

Well, what fun & games.

You’ll be aware by now that comments have been disabled: I still have no idea why. Below is a manually stripped in collection of comments to date….they all relate to the previous post.

Ghost – Gemma am fully aware of that,hence the question! ps he’s normally more informative!

Marcjf – Understand again about one word in three but looks like DB are playing games with derivatives.

Gemma – Ghost – JW tried non-comment posts a few months ago. He might have decided it’s the way to go. Bill40 – and any country that has clearing rights for the dollar has had its collar fingered by the US authorities. You’re either stuffed or nabbed. Take your pick.

Ghost – John is not being able to comment on your next article a blip or the new norm!!!

Bill40 – @Gemma  Any country that loses clearing rights for the dollar is finished. It’s as simple as that.

Gemma -CanXpat

what countries – leave alone their media outlets – are NOT a mouthpiece for the Americans? It’s the French now being put up against Putin.

What do the Americans have on these countries to get them to behave as though they were puppets of the regime in Washington???

France would like an agreement with Russia in Syria, “because they are one of those countries, which would like the sanctions, imposed on Russia to be lightened, to be reduced so that they can increase trade and so on,” he told RT. However, “France, if you like, has to go along [with] the US in taking a hardline on Russia in Syria”.


In short, all Waspi/Brexit post comments have been vapourised.

Additional copy added 20:00 CET….

I had a fear about this post from the moment I clicked ‘Publish’.

I had some notice of the Waspi question at today’s PMQs. I had also been warned about the content of the Brexit ‘obstacle course’ copy.

If you re-read the original content above, it’s not hard to work out why.

My purpose in writing about Waspi frustration was to try and highlight the contrast between The Waspi PMQ tissue of falsehoods uttered by Imelda Maycos in the Commons today, and the massive amount of hard work many unsung people I admire had put into getting things to that stage. I have no regrets about doing that.

On my stopwatch, the Prime Minister – whose salary we pay so she can be there and spout this dismissive drivel – rejected the injustice out of hand in just 27 seconds.

My purpose in writing about the Brexit Beecher’s Brook being put in the way of we old (and multiply-flogged) nags who can tell a sugar lump from a shitpile was to provide a vehicle for pointing out – again – that we need a rainbow of extra-Parliamentary unity to stop the Civil Rights of the vulnerable from being destroyed by corporate fascism incarnate. Whatever the fantasies of the hopelessly naive British Left are, that is without any doubt what continued membership of the European Union will bring down on us all.

This bit I do regret, because I’m fairly clear that it was this content that got the discussion stopped. However, I would suggest to you that EU sensitivity on this point is nothing new. The previous post about Draghi manipulation of the Deutsche Bank stress test results was already in the public domain, and so was allowed to stand. But ideas about uniting opposition to creeping global corporatism will not be tolerated.

There are already bods in Whitehall and Brussels preparing disguised legislation designed for a post-2020 world in which coordinated social action will become the contemporary equivalent of a General Strike: illegal.

If you think any of this fanciful, remember that all three posts taken down here in the past (with no Court of redress) were to do with British Treasury and European Central Bank perfidy on the issue of EU fiscal unity, and eurozone dysfunction.

The second of those posts caused a furore large enough in the blogosphere (and yes, that term does feel more pretentious and archaic with every year) to get it restored.

Now, clearly, the objective is to minimise the epidemiology of discussion, debate and ideas.

I will do my best to keep you all informed during the coming days.

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