mesnip18716 It’s a quickie tonight. Although it may be worth spending some time thinking about the ramifications

While I don’t buy into John Oliver’s auto-didact politics, I do think the bloke is a genius – and his take on Republican hypocrisy really nails it:

Perhaps Donald Trump is indeed “a horrible man”, but here’s a sentence uttered by the other candidate that I find infinitely more obscene:

“Can’t we just like, take this Assange guy out with a drone?”

Oliver spends a lot of his time telling the truth, but as I keep on finding in this my Third Life, it’s a quick way to lose friends. In my first life of getting educated, I learned very quickly that telling teachers and examiners the truth was a very bad idea indeed. In my second life as an advertising man, I learned that telling a client the truth was a great strategy if you wanted to be moved off the business.

The current third life gives me – the lucky possessor of f*** off money – the freedom to tell Truth unto Power….as they say: although of course, if I had any telling influence, then I’d be silenced very quickly.

Sadly, telling people in private with no power over their lives why that’s the situation they’re in earns a rebuke every bit as ferocious as that of the authority figures from previous existences.

During a generally good life, I’ve had the satisfaction of proving pompous teachers and clients wrong. But there is no satisfaction at all in watching otherwise nice people sleepwalking towards their doom from a mixture of selfish preoccupation and behavioural dysfunction. All I get from that is a sense of personal failure.

Perhaps I should mind my own business. Discuss.