mesnip81016 The Hard Left hiding from itself, a Fischerman on the lookout for more taxpayers’ money, and introducing The Slog’s new Lieger Counter – the only real Truth Diviner when it comes to the Brexit referendum.

Hidden persuaders will go into all kinds of twists and turns, disingenuous denial and goalpost-moving to try and preserve what they see as their objectivity. This popped up three days ago:


This is classic Hard Left agitprop, in that it compares two unlike subjects, while suggesting that, for The Good Progressive People, there’s a one-dimensional interpretation. So I chose to differ by asking:


The negative, darker side of Mr Blacklock’s tweet was, after all, that it’s racism to dislike foreigners….but not to bar entry to their companies. However, Marxmedia chose to ignore my question and reply:


Another finely-honed bit of bollocks: “if people want to brand me a Leftie, it’s their problem. Which evoked the obvious response:


Ah but no, Mark countered, you’ve got me all wrong chum. It’s just an innocent jeu de mot. Really, I asked?


Mark’s Media (gerritt??) backed out of the limelight at this point, so I decided to see if indeed it was just me jumping to conclusions. This was the first thing I found:


Yup, Mark was promoting the pro-Corbyn view of the one time Moscow-aligned newpaper The Daily Worker….rebranded many years ago as The Morning Star. I’m for Corbyn myself, because constitutionally we need a serious opposition to frighten the pirates on board HMS Mayflower. But then, I don’t feel the need to hide my view that – if elected Prime Minister – Jeremy would be a disaster for Britain.

Former communists always feel the need to hide. These days, they call themselves (variously) radical feminists, Anti-Fascist Leagues, Greenpeace, Arab freedom fighters and opponents of Israeli Imperialism. Rebranding can be a good thing if your product is OK. But command-economy, one-Party socialist States have visited an unbroken stream of misery upon their citizens….in exactly the same way Neocon capitalists have.

Never in the field of fiscal economics has the begging bowl been demanded by, and proffered to, so few of the rich by so many of the poor.

The story so far:

“Central bank monetarism can only do so much. After that, it’s up to entrepreneurs and politicians”. (M. Draghi)

“Monetarism has been called and failed. The global financial sector needs to take a back seat and give small business an even break”. (J. Stiglitz)

“Central banks need fiscal help to spur growth”. (S. Fischer)


So (as Janet Yellen would say) if I can just put into English what Stanley Fischer is saying, given a choice between monetary policy and fiscal spending on the infrastructure to create employment, Stan votes “both”. Its not his money, so why should he GAF?

The problem with backing both nags in a two-horse race – a very bankerish strategy, all the same – is that Fischface is assuming the CBs have spurred growth. Further, he isn’t being very searching on the subject of whereTF the money comes from on the infrastructure front. Strict monetarism has allowed 14 US States to go bankrupt. I have experience in these matters and trust me, if you want some money, don’t rob bankrupts. They’re light on the money front on account of being rupt at the bank.

In a sentence, Fischer’s bottom line is this: “Monetarist austerity and trickle-down wealth are bullshit. Now it’s time to give Keynes a chance, and then blame him”.


We return now to the question of the Lie Count during the Brexit Referendum. For new readers, I should point out that the British Remain Left-but-not-Leaving Tendency has the score at Leave  5.77303 billion lies, Remain 0. I prefer to express this in percentages as Leave 50% Remain 50%, based on the simple empirical truth that all politicians lie equally when they have an ideology to defend.

But as Progressives don’t do empirical, the Slog Liecounter is still being pointed at all and sundry online in a bid to detect the crackling evidence of Whoppers:


Now fair enough, the man whose follicles arrive ten minutes before he does would say that sparrow hawks cause global cooling if he thought it’d help him take possession of the Oval Office. But there are two obvious truths in David Bannerman’s tweet:

  1. TTIP with the EU is dead
  2. Britain is far and away the biggest investor in America.

Thus, the idea put about by Uncle Tombama – specially flown into Britain to scare the living shit out of Brexiteers – that we’d be sent to the back of the class for voting Leave is now shown to have been a big, fat, slimey, poisonous toad of a lie. In fact, it seems more likely we’re going to be top of the class.

It’s a top and back thing, this class. Given the Special Relationship, we will wind up wherever most suits the US, because the US Establishment consists (primarily) of the Media, Wall Street, the State Department, the Pentagon, NATO and Bumboy Congressmen – in roughly that order. We Brits have no more influence over that disgraceful process than ordinary Americans do. And nothing + nothing equals zilch.

But O’Drama lied. He was brought to London to lie. He was briefed by the Remaindeers about how to lie….and told by the Pentagon and NATO to do it or a Dallas moment might be his reward.

I really am not asking “the 48%” to collapse and agree that everyone who voted Remain was and is an idiot….even though it’s obvious they want me to accept that about Leavers.

I’m merely asking them to buy some long trousers and accept that today’s world sucks, and millions of Referendum voters on both sides did so with the best of intentions in the face of serial fibs from both sides.

You want lies? I could give you ‘Nigel Farage is responsible for Jo Cox’s death’, ‘I will introduce an emergency Budget with 2p on income tax’, and ‘All the bad people voted to leave’. But there’s no point is there? We all consorted with strange bedfellows and we must all accept the responsibilities that brings.