meskypesnipEvery now and then, a government – especially this British Government – does something so politically motivated, so brazen, so crass and so bad for the country’s long-term self-sufficiency, it feels as if satire cannot survive much longer with reality like this.

The magazine Property Week today runs this headline:


Now the crew of the Mayflower will of course spin this as help for those who can’t find homes – “a government for all the People of Britain” – but in the rotten world that is ‘representative’ politics these days, it is simply more repayment by the Conservative Party of those property and construction companies who donated such mountains of cash to get Camerlot elected in 2010 and 2015.

It is designed:

  1. to bail out the Tories’ mates during economic uncertainty and already stretched debt
  2. to prop up average house values and keep the Smuggies feeling rich, ready for the election I increasingly suspect May will call next year
  3. to make Imelda Maycos look less of an austerity freak than her predecessor – “there must be change”, as she so vaguely pointed out last week
  4. to help disguise the pressure on housing thanks to May’s useless immigration-controls record when she was Home Secretary.

But here are some other numbers that make an obscene nonsense of subsidising the rash rich in such a manner:

  • 2.8 million State pensioners already live just above or below the poverty level.
  • By 2020, nearly 1.9 million additional pensioners will still be waiting for their delayed pensions thanks to SPA ‘reforms’ that are, literally, embezzlement.
  • During the 2010-2013 period, 19.3 million people – 33% of all Britons – were in poverty at least once, compared with 25% of people across the EU, the Office for National Statistics found.
  • Those UK citizens at the lower end of the income distribution have a relatively low standard of living. New data released by Department for Work and Pensions show that the number of people living in the UK in relative poverty has risen over the past two years. As of 2013, there are 10.6 million people with income below 60% of the inflation-adjusted 2010/11 median (termed “absolute low income” by the DWP), up from 9.7 million in 2012. In 2014, another report by Institute for Fiscal Studies said that 23.2% of Britons were now in relative poverty, the highest since 2001.

All of these data sources are known Government or neocon organisations.

Why do I say “subsidising the rash rich”? Try and squeze a tear out as you read this excerpt from the Property Week piece (my emphasis) :

“The way I see it is guarantee money rather than anything else,” said the chairman of the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), which will oversee the fund. “So it’s about us going to a housebuilder and instead of expecting the normal build-out rate of 50 units a year, we’ll say ‘we want you to build all 500 in one go and what we’ll do is guarantee to take them off you if you can’t find a buyer’.”

This is spending taxpayers’ money to allow construction groups quoted on the Stock Exchange to guarantee risk-free growth in business, share values and dividends. And, says the Minister* involved, “the £2bn fund will be paid for through additional government borrowing”.

So there’s no additional borrowing available to keep the Government’s word to 3 million Waspi victims….but there is if it makes the Government look good – and pays back its mates for a political donation.

Equality before the Law? Level playing field? A Government for all Britons? Protection of the rights of poorer people?

What a sick joke it all is.

* But here’s the most worrying news of all…..the Minister involved is none other than our old friend and artful dodger, communities secretary Sajid Javid. Yes, that same Javid who screwed over what’s left of our steel industry, and was personally involved in a whole ton or more of dodgey Deutsche dealings when he was a big hitter at the Bank currently threatening to destabilise the entire banking system.

Ask yourselves this simple, commonsense question: you have a budget allegedly set in stone at £2 billion. You’re guaranteeing to buy all 500 houses off a speculative builder that he can’t sell… a property market that’s already way overvalued. What happens if the market chokes completely? Assets you bought don’t necessarily become worthless….but they do become potentially open-ended liabilities.

javidThis is how bankers get into the mire. Sajid ‘Nosforatu’ Javid (left) was a banker. This is a typical banker’s idea. The whole thing will be audited by the Civil Service – an organisation primarily infamous for its serial inability to control budgets.

Do you really think it’ll wind up costing us all just £2 billion?

We are supposed to feel better about the fact that all the building will take place on Government land…which will be sold to the developers. So – as with all privatisations – we’ll be reducing government costs and ensuring greater efficiency hahahahaha.

Now ask yourselves this equally Page One question: do you really think that the Civil Service – an organisation secondarily infamous for its complete lack of commercial perspective in negotiations with the private sector – will get the taxpayers best value? I’ll tell you what I think: they won’t care a hoot. And I’ll give anyone 25-1 that swinging door backhanders will be involved.

Captain Imelda and the crew of the Mayflower are showboating while the disabled, the young poor and female WASPI State Pensioners are drowning.

And it convinces me more and more that She of the Shoes is creating a hocum of Hope…. with a view to a General Election well before 2020. Of which, more tomorrow.

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