mesnip Deutsche Bank lies are wilfully ignored, gold takes an insane dive, Sterling plummets for no good reason, Tommy Mair is prejudged a terrorist, Reuters tries to blame rise and fall of gold on Brexit. The campaign to hide the crisis and smother Britain’s escape continues.

After a week of extreme uncertainty, as well as desperate lies from the desperate management of a Deutsche Bank in desperate straits, what would you expect the value of gold to do: go up, or go down?

Up? Correct. But not a bit of it:


Gold has dropped 36 bucks in 36 hours. Do we know why? Of course we do…’s Brexit. Here’s Reuters seen in a pants-down moment on Monday:


As you can see, it was going to be Imelda Maycos’s/Brexit’s fault whichever way gold went. If this isn’t evidence of a media plan to rubbish Brexit, then I don’t know what is.

No, cancel that: I do know: how about messing with the currency in order to create a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom, given that none of the doom has, um, happened yet, as such?


To be clear here, the € has lost two centimes in 3 days, and dropped from €1.40 to €1.13 this year. This despite the fact the the EU’s fastest growing gdp has just voted to leave the EU which has migrancy problems in 5 countries, and banking system meltdown likelihoods in another four – the currency zone itself having stagnated despite zillions spent on QE.

“Say Hank, looks like a sell der me – whaddya think, buddy?”

“Damn right Irving, those Brussels guys sure have the Brits in a corner”.


But Hank and Irv are todally cool on Deutsche Bank, because the crisis was overplayed, right? And look at it now….shares are continuing to recover. All a storm in a teacup.

Er, well, last Friday’s fine reduction ‘leak’ was a lie, and the systemic eurozone banking problem is still there large as life. But hey, Brexit’s a bigger threat going forward, so let’s make sure those poorly educated morons in the UK know full well that the result  of the referendum was too close to call, and so we’re gonna need more of them until we get a result, that is, our result.

Um, the result became too close to call after Jo Cox was murdered….beforehand, the Leave campaign was running away with it:


It sounds tasteless, but without Cox’s sacrifice, the Remaindeers would’ve been facing a 56-44% scale of defeat.

But nobody seems very interested in whether her alleged killer Tommy Mair was just a lone nut. And anyway, the British Left decided long ago that it was all Nigel Farage’s fault.

But things get murkier with time when it comes to the trial of Mair. For the Crown has been very keen to get it out there in the media that Mair will not be defending himself on the basis of mental health issues. So he’s not a lone nut: OMG, he must be a terrorist!

And that’s why the Trial rules of reporting will conform to the far-reaching Prevention of Terrorism Act: because of course, Mair was charged under that Act.

The only little fly in that ointment being that The English Alliance is not listed anywhere as a terrorist organisation, and that’s the only one with whom Tommy Mair had a recorded relationship of any kind.

Sadly for investigative journalists and nosey bloggers, the CPS “is not at liberty” to divulge whether the trial will be occasionally, largely or wholly held in camera. It felt entirely able to lodge in the future jury’s mind that its suspect is not mad: but not in a position to give any of us a clue about whether we’ll get to hear about any of the evidence brought to bear.

If relatives of Mr Mair wish to get in touch with me, they should feel free to do so – in strictest confidence and without obligation.

Last night, I posted about media intermediary manipulation. It was, I’m pleased to say, very well received and got massive hits. Manipulation of what we see, hear and read comes in all the sizes and all the colours, at local, national and geopolitical levels. The events surrounding media coverage since the Brexit result – and during the campaign – lead me to suspect that some very dark moves are in play.

For the moment, we must all wait and see what happens. But with eyes peeled and ears pricked.

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