98% vote against migrant quotas in Hungary as Deutsche fingered in Dei Paschi scandals


mesnipI am amused but unsurprised by the Eunatic FT’s headline this morning, ‘Embarrassment for Orban as less than 50% turn out’. The turnout was 40% – more than voted to join the EU – and further votes have yet to be counted: but when 98/100 vote against migrant quotas, it has to be seen as a crushing blow to Angela Merkel’s EU migrant quotas. The rabid misreprentation of events by the Remaindeer business press is without parallel in our history.

Yesterday evening, Viktor Orban said the following in a keynote speech on national radio:

“13 years ago 3,056,000 Hungarians voted for joining the EU. Today 3,204,000 Hungarians voted against Brussels’ migrant strategy. And the votes cast by Hungarians living outside Hungary have not been counted yet. In other words: the participation rate in the referendum today was 15% higher than at the referendum about joining the EU.

We have every reason to be proud to be the first, and so far only nation in the EU where the electorate has had the chance to express its will regarding the migration issue.  Doing the referendum was a fair move. It has to be seen as fair, because in 2014, when we were elected into office, migration was not yet an electoral issue. Thus, our mandate from 2014 did not cover the way we should relate to the migration crisis, even though this is the most important question we face today. It determines what our country becomes, what happens to all that we have done, achieved and cherished so far. In the referendum, Hungarians have very clearly rejected the solution put forward by Brussels.

There is a long way to go, with heavy conflicts ahead. There are two things we will do.

  • First, we need to codify the outcome of the referendum. I will put forward an amendment to the constitution for this end. 
  • Second, we need to enforce the will of the Hungarian people in Brussels.

Brussels also has an important decision to make. Their question is: can Brussels and can the EU afford to force its will onto a member, where over 9 in 10 people reject their strategy?”

Orban is being relatively modest about the result: 98.3% voted No. Also significant is that, while the Hungarian leader has himself been elected twice with a two-thirds majority, a further million of his citizens voted No than have ever voted for him: so it is clear that there is cross-Party, cultural support for his policy.

It is far too easy to write Hungarians off as a nation of bigots and racists – although that is exactly what the European Establishment Left will do. From the outset of the Syrian displacement issue, Viktor Orban offered practical solutions, but also warned of the consequences of mass Islamic migration into the EU. He was ignored, in favour of pc flights of fancy….and now the delusional architects Merkel and Juncker are paying the price.

Thanks to a bizarrely unfair divvying up of territory after the First World War, Hungary lost almost two thirds of its population. It fought to be free of the Caliphate, then the Austrians, then the Communists. Its fear of being subsumed in an EU where the federalists have lost their minds has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with a sound experience of, and respect for, the mistakes of history.

But as Orban asks rhetorically at the end of the speech, “can the EU afford to force its will onto a member, where over 9 in 10 people reject their strategy?” It will of course try to, because the federalisers are rapidly turning the Union into a dictatorship. But this is one more trouble-spot among several with which the bunglers of Brussels must now deal.

But for the moment, my congratulations go to my friends and all the other brave Magyars who voted No yesterday.

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