HOW TO DESTROY A CULTURE: pick on enthusiastic Youth and wise Elders

mesnip How governments in the West are stealing the expectations of those born in the distant Past, and stealing the Future of those born yesterday.

I posted this morning on the subject of an SPA reform in the UK mindlessly out of touch with social trends and moral responsibilities. It represents a case of trying to plug the hole in a dyke by using the blood of an innocent old guru unlucky enough to have been passing by.

Now look how – on a bigger canvas – the greedy neoliberal lie masquerading as an ideology is sucking the blood of youthful creativity by suggesting that getting paid next to nothing for giving up everything is the best they’re going to get.

This is one telling chart from the OECD about NEETS. These are the lucky people in neither employment or education…the blessèd folks with nothing to look forward to except occasional benefits of little or no real benefit:


If you look at the symbols representing  NEET levels by the four gender/age groups above, the following realities are brutally portrayed by those social groups, by country, above and below the 20% proportion of the population:

  1. Plucky little Iceland has none of the NEET problems associated with EU/Banker/neoliberal run countries.
  2. Turkey – the most Islamist of the States shown above – has 45% of all 20-24 year old women learning nothing and getting zero commercial experience. (Turkey is a key NATO ally)
  3. All the ClubMed and peripheral EU countries – Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Spain, and Italy – have above average NEET levels.
  4. All the NordEurope States not subjected to barmy Berlin austerity have by far the lowest NEET problems.
  5. Spain, Italy and France have the most noticeable proportions of men aged 15-24 sitting idle. Any student of unrest and revolution will spot this as an immediate danger signal.
  6. Overall, the obvious bias against women is horrific: with the exception of Italy, men aged 15-24 hardly figure at all as NEETs above the 20% level. Everywhere from Latvia to Australia, NEET males are but 5% or less of the population. (Interestingly, in the UK it’s nearer 10%)
  7. Central and Southern America clearly have massive NEET problems – looking at the examples of Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica, that’s obvious. For some reason, Brazil isn’t included on the chart: I wonder why this is, especially as the country has just embarked on a programme of massive neoliberalised economic  privatisation….under pressure from US Dollar denominated debt.

All the countries undergoing ludicrous austerity have two glaring things in common: in every case, it is youthful idealism upon which the future depends that is being casually tossed ;overboard by the neoliberal pirates; and in every case, the old who bring the wisdom of experience to the table are being denied both a place (and the food) at that table.

Because many members of society are “vulnerable”, it doesn’t mean that they are horribly mentally disabled, physically at a disadvantage or simply idle – “unwilling to work” as the Tory Right (and many Blairites) would have us believe.

Almost always, they are vulnerable due to a passion, a selfless decision of sacrifice, a disinterest in things material, or a level of deference they were taught in the family home.

Such citizens – and most of them are the best citizens we have – are traditional mums, young doctors, unpaid and professional carers, pensioners, graduates, entrepreneurs in search of reliable finance, State school teachers, junior grade coppers, and public servants who still know the meaning of serving the public.

All of them are vulnerable. All of them should be – if they have the Right Stuff – invulnerable.

To repeat my plea of this morning: Britain – more than most Western countries – needs a VCA: a Vulnerable Citizens’ Alliance.

Not another political Party riddled with process-obsessed ideologists; rather, a closely coordinated pressure group bringing real, vote-losing facts to the electorate – in both articles and actions – where the main thing marked absent is naïve deference.


12 thoughts on “HOW TO DESTROY A CULTURE: pick on enthusiastic Youth and wise Elders

  1. Some estimates put the percentage population of Saudi Arabia under 25 at 61%. Couple that with youth unemployment, exploding population and steep decline in oil revenues and that will not be a happy place to be.


  2. Economically what has happened is the top value has been blown out of all proportion through systemic banker fraud but the bottom is mired at next to nothing left to give.

    What they will do and the BOE has started again is the CTRL-P, to directly paying the interest on the debt.

    The real economy by value is shrinking relative to the top value, it can no longer support the debt those at the top have generated … not even the interest hence the BOE will be topping it up and making it worse.

    No future left now because they borrowed from the future “the magnitude of which is far greater than the span of a persons life and those here & now today have nothing”.

    Better the bust in 2008 to clear the bad debt than the mechanism I have outlined. Now you can see why they try to close down the voice of people to object … no chance … I pray for you children because thankfully I do not have that to worry about.


  3. @MD
    It is becoming clear to me that unless the banksters succeed in their efforts to get the war with Russia they seem to be craving, a debt jubilee is the only answer. I cannot believe that I went forty-odd, (and they have been odd), years of my life completely oblivious to the money as debt scam perpetuated by central banksters. Knowledge of the Bradbury Pound and the stranglehold that the bankers have exerted on the productive economy, particularly in the U.K. and U.S. for two hundred years has changed the way I look at most economic matters. Lord Acton stated the problem clearly. The rise of the petrodollar a few decades ago just allowed financialisation of the UK to jump the shark. Compound interest and the exponential function have done the rest.

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  4. Canexpat

    Fiat currency, fractional reserve banking, and an unhealthy obsession with game theory in public planning. As far as the latter is concerned, the name is it’s own nemesis when practical implementation is attempted in a socioeconomic setting: we are the unwilling prisoners in this dilemma.

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  5. All this is due to the entitlement culture engendered by socialism.
    They want a class of dependent voters.
    Dependent because they depend on handouts from the state.
    Or immigrants, too dopey to know any better.
    (These people think wealth grows on trees in the “rich West”).
    There are no depths to which socialist politicians won’t sink to keep their snouts in the trough.
    This why they’re pro EUSSR.
    They’re all on a promise of a well paid, unaccountable non-job.
    Example – Kinnock.


  6. I’m a NEET. I’m a male carer. I’m trying to get into lawn care, and teaching myself Java coding, every single day. Am also learning French via the web. Not easy times.


  7. @Canexpat +10 glad you got through! I tried to re-post my earlier comments on a similar thread, seeemingly innocuous but has somehow become marked.


  8. ‘Central and Southern America clearly have massive NEET problems – looking at the examples of Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica, that’s obvious.’ Add Turkey and what’s noticeable is how much higher the rate is for women than for men. It’s cultural, the women are either married or waiting to be married. Another feature of these countries is that the populations are still growing fast. Countries need first to find the investment before they can provide full employment for an expanding workforce. Don’t blame neo-liberalism. Blame the neo-imperialist religions that encourage population growth and the inherent sexism of those cultures.


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