At the End of the Day

mesnip18716 Old Bloke indulges in wishful thinking


I wish….

The Labour Left had a practical commercial perspective

The Tory Right could add up

Liberals got out more, and saw the reality that is the European Union

The silent Muslim majority would actively condemn the nutter minority

The electorate paid more attention

There were more than 13 MPs I felt I could trust

The Young had imagination beyond seeing Socialism as the solution to neoliberalism

The British weren’t so deferential

People could see through ‘Sir’ Richard Branson

WASPI detractors could grasp ethics as easily as they interpret numbers


10 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. I shall amaze you John and say you can trust a majority of MPs. Well maybe not that many but close. They start off decent and well intentioned, then fall into the grinder. Such is life, sigh.


  2. I wish I had not started reading your blog all those years ago has it has brought and kept me fearfully closer to reality then I ever thought possible…only kidding – keep it coming JW

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  3. @JW – I am using the mark II version of WAD after last week’s WordPress violations of WAD #I’s human rights!
    The Real WAD (with apologies to the Real Gemz who got trolled all those years ago but who lived to tell the tale and still “ponders” on, bless her…PS Gemma – I do like your Blog!).

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  4. @JW
    After seeing that old bloke Kinnock on the news today, it crossed my mind “…did you, JW, write tonight’s Slog-post especially for him… (NK today on the Beeb (Barely Believable Corporation): “…I don’t think that I shall live to see another Labour Government in power…”) [because of that wanchor Corbyn, allegedly].
    Rock on Kinnock, I cannae remember you being in power, ya CSF. Ya 70-odd fellah and should be lucky if you see Christmas let alone the next coming, ya sanctimonious old twat.
    WAD (oops, off on one there!) – soz.

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  5. I wish certain factions would not differentiate between good and bad terrorists – are we going to have the same stupidity over recent bombing events also?


  6. @bill40
    Politicians start of life ordinary but walk into a pit of snakes – two ways to survive – become a snake or kill all the others.
    So we have a parliament of snakes, not representing the people / country but a small minority of elites who beleive themselves to be gods children whilst destroying the world.

    Very easy to solve … you make it so if 51% of a contituency can petition the removal of their sitting MP and forced to resign. Verifying the people in the constituency is no big deal with the electoral register and we get representative MP’s.


  7. OT – This was interesting to see stated by “Martin Schultz”.

    Martin Schulz is the problem, guess what … another flaming German running the show is there no other nationalities in the EU in charge?

    Martin Schulz, meine Stimme und Stimme daher ist meine Souveränität an eine undemokratische Institution wie die EU-Kommission nicht zum Verkauf. Wenn Sie die EU-Kommission electable von MEP nur machen und dann unter den Auserwählten , einen Präsidenten zu wählen. AKZEPTABEL.

    Dann habe ich die Souveränität auf eine gleiche Form der Regierung abgetreten .

    No more railroading policies through the commission or using article 44 of the Lisbon Treaty thank you. If it cannot be debated and a democratic vote allowed it is not acceptable and why the way the immigration policy is tearing europe apart.

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