BRASS NECKS OF IRONY: the funny side of political hypocrisy

meglycinessnip Western legislators have such double standards today, it somehow makes  them twice as funny. We have austerity that doesn’t apply to Whiteminster, Tory leadership candidates for the Labour Party, Republican Democrats, populist Republicans….and an electorate that knows nothing about baking addicted to the TV show Great British Bake-Off. Our political systems manage to be both cause and effect at the same time: this makes them tragi-comic.

Fresh from awarding themselves a better pay deal and improved (unfunded) pension emoluments, British MPs are now to look into ‘whether senior managers in business are overpaid”. You might call that “set a thief to establish that his best mates are also thieves”, but in real life it doesn’t work: there are minor considerations like threats not to donate to the Conservative Party….or, if things get really sticky, offers to donate even more.

Still, it’s good to see that the thing most required of an MP these days – a neck of sturdy, guilt-reflecting brass – is still intacta among most of the Westmonsters. Go back through history, and you’ll find many examples of similar hypocrisy: but rather than reduce the amount of it, 24/7 news and online reporting has quite obviously allowed it to explode.

I don’t remember, for example – after Rome had put down one of many attempted invasions from the Western empire’s frontiers – any Senators calling for an inquiry into whether the Hun had been especially beastly, and were thus worthy of censure. One of Rome’s many hobbies having been to line the roads with crucified escapee slaves, such moralising would have been (as my Dad used to say) “a bit  of a nerve”.

But ethical niceties haven’t been of concern to our Parliament for many decades now. They happily fiddle their expenses while voting to cut welfare for the disabled, or tell WASPIs not to be greedy and accept the need for realism on pensions, while chucking money at an equally depraved banking system.

I can’t read the news from across the Pond about the US Presidential election now without laughing out loud. I don’t think that means I am heartless – just unable to take the process seriously any more. We are no better by the way, but the Americans do it with just that extra pinch of mind-boggling belief.

Examine where we are for just a minute. On one side is “the favourite”, a woman whose character is now firmly established as easily capable of making Rosa Klebb look like a bit of a softie. She represents “liberal” thought in the US (allegedly) but is bankrolled by every unpleasant banking firm on Wall Street, and has amassed a fortune from a highly dubious foundation set up by and for her husband, a former President whose hobby is heavy petting through the medium of cigars.

The other candidate is – believe it or not – the Bad Guy. He has the facial mannerisms of Benito Mussolini (and some policy ideas to match) a bimbo wife half his age, a business empire allegedly built on sand-dunes, but nevertheless so much money he doesn’t need donations. Above all, he sports a toupee-transplant thing so lavish, he can iron his own hair – or use it to tickle his back – depending on the wind  direction.

It is the ultimate anti-tribute to the banal shade of greyness running through the GOP’s DNA that – despite being ignored by much of the US media set, sabotaged by the Republican Elders of Mammon, and condemned by almost the entire Party – he is now their candidate for the Presidency. This is one of his two saving graces. The other is that he quite rightly wants pc drivel reined in, and Christmas called Christmas again. In every other area of policy, the bloke is a total nutbag.

You may not find this funny, but I do. In summary, it’s a woman most of the population doesn’t like versus a man none of the Party bigwigs like. Her tack is to say she isn’t as mad as him, and his tack is to claim he isn’t as crooked as her.

If you’re not laughing by now, try this for size: she is not a well person. I mean, she needs so many pills to keep her upright, a pantechnicon full of them follows her around – along with a retinue  of physicians and emergency paramedics. She is also a lush. I say this with the conviction of one no longer generally well-connected any more, but still well in enough with East Coast Democrats to know that Rosa finds the pavements unaccountably rising towards her each and every day. As she has demonstrated on every inappropriate occasion: it’s one thing to attend a Ground Zero memorial, but falling to Ground Zero yourself represents either the dedication of a patriot, or the wobbly pins of a drunk.

So then, it’s Rosa Klebbton, the twofaced, hardfaced and frequently shitfaced bankers’ moll versus Donito Trumpolini, the aerodynamically toupéed ginger nut cookie who wants to do an FDR on the US infrastructure by building a nonstop wall from San Diego to Florida using the Canadian route.

Seriously? No, not at all. That’s why I laugh about it.

Most older music fans would see American Pie as Don McLean’s signature album. (I don’t, but that’s not important right now).

“As American as apple pie” is, however, a phrase that evokes all kinds of images of the US from roughly 1935 to 1960. There is no British album called, for example, Fish n Chips – or even Pork Pie. Instead, we have a television competitive ‘lifestyle’ format called Great British Bake-Off. It is, of course, yet another cookery programme.

The series is a big hit in the UK. I finally realised this when – in my nearest Lidl the other day –  I heard an English voice say to hubby, “That’ll go well tonight – we can eat it on us knees while watchin’ BakeOff”. In her hand was a frozen pizza.

I once toyed with the idea of a regular Slogpost feature called Any old Irony. Too many set-piece columns can be constricting, but you can probably see where I’m going. No nation anywhere else on the planet does unconscious irony like the Brits.

Long ago – before God was uninvented and feminists took over the rôle – there was a subject in British girls’ schools called Domestic Science. I would reintroduce the study of it immediately, and make it compulsory for both genders…pausing only to rename it ‘Cooking’. Five years ago I floated this idea to Oliver Letwin (ah, the sound of famous names dropping with a crash onto the floor) as a means of cutting the food bill of the bottom 25% in Britain. For the truth is that convenience shit is expensive, but simple fresh ingredients for those who can cook are still relatively cheap.

Mr Letwin was interested in the idea, and tabled it as a potential Cabinet topic for discussion. It never made it. Jamie Oliver came up against the same all-talk-no-action bollocks with David Cameldung when it came to school meals. Educating our children about good from bad in food is a politically neutral great idea: it would cut the NHS bill over time, and (even better) represent a severe poke in the eye for Harriet Harman. But it’s an example of good governance, and thus stands not the ghost of a chance.

Instead, we have GBBO – a programme about baking excellence for people who can’t cook, and never bake. In and of itself, the format is yet one more process-driven formulaic output of  an ‘outside the box’ brainstorming think tank, the output from which was never in danger of escaping from the tank. It’s the culinary equivalent of Britain’s Got Talent. But mainly, it’s dire.

It is, if you like, a sort of dirony. Ba-boom.


57 thoughts on “BRASS NECKS OF IRONY: the funny side of political hypocrisy

  1. Talking of reminiscence, try and catch ‘The Goldbergs’ – it’s fun
    Apple Pie is a firm Lancashire favourite. the yanks stole it, as usual.
    If Trump wins at least he will be ‘new’ and not so corporate and it will take him 4 years to to try to understand corporate USA governance if he survives a CIA murder attempt

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  2. I have more time on my hands these days as I have hurt my leg and can’t walk. I normally take a Charles Dickens’ character’s admonition to “habituate oneself to walk long distances” quite seriously. To help fill the day, I take an event in the election campaign and then see how it is treated by the MSM and Info Wars and similar alternative media. Quite fascinating, especially if there are video clips so one can see for oneself. The power of propaganda.


  3. Thing is, Donald is in.
    So what to do?
    Break the Syrian ceasefire in the most gash way possible, that’s what, so that the action cannot go unanswered.
    Watch how things go unanswered from now onward.


  4. It was called ‘Food & Nutrition’ when I took my O Level in it in 1983. The exam came in three parts: prepare a menu of 3 dishes (with recipes) for a ‘somebody’; cook it and then complete a written exam that included multiple choice questions as well as written answers.

    Part 1 (Failed… miserably): The ‘somebody’ I was given was a student at university, living away from home, and who ‘has a sweet tooth’. So the three dishes I chose were Bakewell tart, chocolate choux buns and peach cobbler.

    It said ‘he has a sweet tooth’, so I gave him sweet dishes. My teacher gave me a withering look when I told her what I’d done. She said I was going to fail – I wasn’t meant to give him what he wanted, I was meant to give him what the examiners thought he needed. How the hell was I to know that? I was a 16 year old student, with a sweet tooth, not a bloody psychic.

    Part 2 (partial pass): In order to make up for my abysmal start, I decided I had to make the best Bakewell tart, chocolate choux buns and peach cobbler ever. This would a challenge because, as my teacher was well aware, my cooking skills were significantly worse than my menu building skills, which she’d been foolishly optimistic about in the first place.

    I had 7 days to practice my chosen dishes. To get the timings right, I cooked so many Bakewell tarts, chocolate choux buns and peach cobblers that I was giving them away to all the kids on the estate. As all my practice was undertaken as soon as I got home from school, undoubtedly a lot of well balanced, nutritious meals went to waste at teatimes that week.

    I completed the practical on time and without burning anything. My teacher was overjoyed about that; there’s a first time for everything.

    Part 3 (passed… emphatically): Well, it was basically biology (I loved Biology). And multiple choice questions – a one in four chance of getting the right answer even if you hadn’t studied (which I had) – come on!

    I achieved a C pass for O Level Food & Nutrition and have never cooked a Bakewell tart, chocolate choux buns or peach cobbler again. Ever. Or watch GBBO. And I never went to university to find out for myself what students have for ‘food and nutrition’. I imagine bake beans on toast and alcohol, but even at 16 at knew that would’ve got me a fail.

    *Clicky, is it his birthday then?*

    */facepalm… That is gonna look so wrong…*


  5. I do not give a Tinkers Curse if the Donald chooses to sport a Ginger Tomcat on his napper. The great and legendary bear killer and American hero, Davy Crockett was wont to wear a coonskin hat and no one thought it strange.
    What concerns me about the Donald is what is between his ears, not what is on his head.
    I believe he is much under-estimated in this regard by the modern inclination to view external fashion accoutrements as a sign of ability. A very English weakeness.
    He has managed to destroy the Republican Party and the MSM effortlessly in his bid for the Presidency. Long overdue in my humble opinion.
    His opponent Hitlery is a proven crook and warmonger, with the Clinton Foundation kick back pork barrel from her stint as Sec of State and her support of the Military Industrial Wall St cabal.
    Only a village idiot would consider voting for Hitlery.
    The Donald is far from perfect and his mouth runs before his brain on occasions, but he is the best we have, and one can only pee with the todger you got.


    Sally Lad, I don’t disagree with a word: but in a nation consisting of 320 million (legal) citizens, how would we rate the US electoral system’s ability to come up with a choice of moral and intelligent Presidential candidates – on a scale of 1 – 10? Looking at Klebbton v Trumpolini, I’d say minus 56.


  6. Attempted to post a comment re. the Hildebeast’s record as Secretary of State. Vanished into thin air. SL got one through, but I do wonder what is being disappeared…


  7. Watch/listen any interview with Steven Cohen of NYU as to whether the election of the Hildebeast could end extremely badly..


  8. Husband Bill and Jeff ‘Honey Trap’ Epstein?


    I do like ‘Hildebeast’.
    Also I continue to find the Epstein sculpture of depravity an interesting area….involving out very own Lord Fondlebum of Boy. JW


  9. Worrying events in Syria – US planes bomb a fixed Syrian army base and an ISIS offensive kicks off about an hour later. The Deep State needs a war as their candidate is no longer a shoo-in. They fear the outsider perhaps.


  10. The US support for armed foreign gangs such as ISIS and Al Qeda will increase if Clinton gets in. We are moving into a very dangerous phase over Syria. Difficult to believe given the location and parties involved that this could be accidental.


  11. Did I stumble on the website of The Sun.
    I’m not even sure what this is supposed to be, humour, satire, serious comment, more like a jumbled collection of sound bites that sounded funny and clever after a bottle of something but in the cold light of day really isn’t very funny or clever at all.

    Melania Trump, a bimbo, you’ve got to be kidding, right?
    Came from a very humble background, worked in the very demanding field of modelling, speaks 5 languages, acts with more grace and decorum than the vast majority of women in the public eye, and does not court publicity.

    Stick to serious commentary, please give this slap stick, contradictory, poorly researched calp trap a miss, if you wish to retain any kind of intelligent readership, maybe you don’t.


    Yes, I suppose the modelling game is demanding, in the sense that most models behave like divas and demand huge fees for the tricky task of walking up and down a raised corridor without falling over.
    But if I were you, I’d stick to sites where sticks are separately slapped, and any calp trapped…they’re probably more your thing. And I doubt if you wish to retain commenting rights here – probably you don’t.


  12. Just viewed that loathsome character Samantha Power, US Ambassodor to the UN, near choking on an apology for the deaths of 62 Syrian Arab Army soldiiers and injuries to many more in a US Air Force attack.
    She then tried to turn it into a propaganda attack on the Russians..
    The BBC no longer tries to hide its propaganda bias,it is surreal.

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  13. @Jaime in Quebec: Re: ‘more time on you hands’. Glad to see you setting a good example for all those wimps who have more time on their bums when they hurt their legs. Impressed that you can keep up with the news at the same time


  14. I do not see how we can really comment on the qualifications or lack thereof of the American Presidential candidates when you consider some of the shifty, unqualified shysters we have elected over here. Twould appear that a mouth on two legs is all that is required.and in far too many cases being a bullington boy gives a totally undeserved street cred.


    Oh I think we can comment alright, in the sense of sympathising with those in a similar mess to us. In the UK, it’s caused by your Old School money, and in the States by your Nouveau Riche money. But the result is the same: soundly bitten incompetence.

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  15. I’m sorry if your jaw drops and breaks when you read this. This needed a brass neck. What a Bitch.
    [Sputnik International]
    “The Syrian regime that bills itself as the fighter against ISIL let the group grow and grow. ISIL took root and prospered right next to the Assad regime,” said Power. “The best way to fight ISIL and al-Nusra Front is to stop bombing civilians and deliver the Assad regime. Assad’s tactics have been a gift to terrorists. There is a better way forward, but Russia really needs to stop the cheap point scoring and grandstanding and focus on what matters. The implementation of something that we have negotiated in good faith with them.” Samantha Power

    Read more:

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  16. The US military should be ashamed off itself, a world “super power” being held at bay by a 40k army with no cultivated lands!,no money!more militia than army & the might of the US isn’t able to stop them!shameful what poor generals ,weaponry not to be able to do so!& it is because of this obvious failing, that no negotiations can have or can be in good faith,we know the Russians aren’t defending them that might give the US some credibility militarily,Isis/isil is being propped up,not destroyed they couldn’t survive otherwise! that is undermining any good faith in the negotiations & all credibility the US have,even to the title of super power!

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  17. “The American way of life,” George H.W. Bush infamously declared in 1992 “is not-negotiable.”
    In 2008, sixteen years later then Vice President Dick Cheney reiterated this general sentiment in a Fox TV interview, when he declared that “The American way of life is non-negotiable.”
    Not to be entirely left out of this obligatory political chest-thumping, Barack Obama echoed in his first State of the Union Address, “we will not apologize for our way of life.”

    “Let our position be absolutely clear: An attempt by any outside force to gain control of the Persian Gulf region will be regarded as an assault on the vital interests of the United States of America, and such an assault will be repelled by any means necessary, including military force.””—Jimmy Carter, state of the union address, Jan. 23, 1980”
    If the chickens ever come home to roost………………!

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  18. As Obama would be wont to say “Hypocrisy! Moi?” I of course refer to the wall being built by Mexico on the Mexican/Columbian border to keep out those pesky illegals. It appears that the Obama administration has authorised the payment of USD 75 million to assist the Mexicans with their wall program. More on the way? The world wonders.
    No coverage of this on the MSM. I wonder why, probably Trump’s fault.

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  19. Okies censor in

    Lol surreal the US election presidential election.

    We know all poll indicating Trump in the lead are taken down.

    They took down now the Amazon 5 star scoring system for “stronger together” beause it was 83% 1 star, 14% for the 5 star
    3% were 2 star and the undecided group. The backlash against them is growing I mean expressing your like for Trump by giving a 1 star and giving 5* in one comment because you might be murdered.

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  20. Continuation …

    Read the comments on the links … one comment is the book reviews will far exceed the number of books sold.

    Commented through TOR numerous attempts to say a couple of comments quoted … if this works consider the internet backbone, you are being censored on that and not the server end through a TOR encrypted redirection.

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  21. Regarding the deaths in Syria of 62 Arab Army soldiers by US Air Force attack; The US is illegally warmongering in a Sovereign country.It has not been invited as required by UN and International Law.
    The Russians have been invited to support Assad.
    This was no accident, but deliberate provocation by the US. They only ever use a ceasefire to re-supply their proxy mercenary army of ISIS Jihadists.
    This was not fog of war but deliberate. I near puked when listening to that psychopath Samanta Powers.

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  22. . The attack on the Syrian army was on a fixed base, and ISIS launched an attack to capture it a short time later. There is no way it was a mistake. The U.S. and Israeli airforces have been acting as the air arm of ISIS/Al Nusra in Syria for years, with both supply dumps and ‘accidental’ attacks on Syrian infrastructure.


  23. I think this is probably how you kill intelligent and informed debate online. Make commenting too onerous and frustrating, but with no rhyme or reason to what gets through and what doesn’t.

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  24. I have found that short comments have a much better success rate than longer, better constructed comments, but even a five word sentence is not guaranteed to pass the filter.


  25. Just two points, The first is that i ever I come across anyone who admits to or actually watches the unutterable garbage and drivel like bake blah blah or the moronic mind poisoning drivel like the soaps that probably started in the 50’s or whatever with the puerile banal garbage of constipation street, and you can see them sometimes 30, 40 ,50 years later still dribbling over this junk then you know that it is not worth a heart beat to save them from anything.

    They are not worth anything, they are already dead, experience tells me there is absolutely nothing whatsoever you can do to bring them to reality.. I just think them as zombies that haven”t got to the neck biting stage yet.

    The second is that Mr Trump might look very much as though he is some kind of fruitbat, when it comes to policy,but something tells me Mr Trump is far smarter than the those mock him. In fact I would even go so far as to say Mr Trump knows precisely what is coming down the pike, knows it deep in his bones and knows exactly just how bad things are going to get.

    He is smart enough NOT to start talking about it except in a lateral way with the odd hint. If you told anyone that bombs were going to rain down on London in early 39, and that an entirely new policy and approach was going to be needed within months, how long would you have lasted before getting sectioned.
    Everyone better hope Mr Trump is right, because the cankle will kill any hope of civilization left there in the next 2 or 3 years

    It doesn’t matter what he says or anyone else says on policy because it is going to change just like the UK govt policy changed in an instant the second world war was declared.

    The same is coming to Europe, but there, there is not a single person in any government and absolutely no one within 100 miles of Brussels that would not be better employed watching bake F off

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  26. Agree re. Trump
    He has promised another investigation into events 15 years ago in NY and the Deep State (Neocon) criminals will hang if that happens. Hinting is all he has been able to do however.


  27. Thank JS – although the presenter is clearly an idiot. “As ISIS gets stronger”. Clearly he is not bright enough to see that ISIS in Syria is the golem of Hilary’s Neocon backers and that the Gladio ‘Strategy of Tension’ continues uninterrupted in Europe.


  28. Can – I drove from Bayern through Austria, Switzerland then France this year twice, also over the Brenner to Italy and quite honestly this paranoia about borders is just that. I have seen very little change. I travel a lot in Europe on holidays.


  29. Trump talks of walls and the media reports on the politics of segregation and isolation. But is Trump a politician?

    The media is focused on the negative aspects, but I dont see that I see 2000 odd miles of very heavy construction. That will need a lot of people for a lot of time, white working class, black working class, Hispanic working class, maybe even some Chinese working class? Then you will need technicians, I think you would call those ‘middle class’ you will need many highly skilled Engineers and Architects. Probably an army of lawyers and other parasites. You will need to feed those people, house them throughout the project, take care of their needs for a long time.

    A wall will need a road to provide the steady stream of man and materials coming in from all over the States, The road would need to carry very heavy machinery, it would need to be well built. If your going to go to that effort then why not turn it into a freeway when the construction is complete? Then again you could add a mass transport system alongside, why not? And when this wall is finished it will need an army of people to man it and maintain it and since it will form a ‘new’ border between the US and Mexico it will also have to involve Mexico, which will……need to employ Mexicans.

    You see a wall and segregation, but I see a linear city stretching from East to West along the Southern border, I see mass transport systems, I see towns and cities, tourism, casinos, hotels. Just think of the amount of materials and energy needed to do that, think of all the money that will be required for such a project, then think about how much money and energy we as nations have shoved down the bankers throats and what exactly have we got in return? more of the same sh*t.

    Maybe Trump sees it as an opportunity? he after all isnt a Politician is he? He is a builder, an Architect, an Engineer, a Business man, also a bit too much of a showman but hey this is the USA for you. I also think he is a cunning devious B’stard, but whatever you may think he is not so stupid,.

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  30. regarding the Great British Bake Off; In my spot in rural America, “Last of the Summer Wine” was just replaced with the GBBO.
    I would prefer the codgers and codgerettes. They didn’t spend all their time baking crap to promote insulin production.


  31. Brian,
    regarding the Great British Bake Off; In my spot in rural (America), in coast to coast to coast .
    “Last of the Summer Wine” was just replaced with the GBBO.
    We spent a week in Nora”s cottage a couple of years ago,kitchen,a site to behold!


  32. Why are we not allowed to educate our children about better nutrition ?

    Simply because lots of ‘our’ corporate stooges politicians have or will recieve bribes</del donations from an organisation who's name ends in 'anto' and begins with 'mons'.


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