Is a nod as good as a wink when it comes to Hillary’s health?

meskypesnip In August I was quick to dismiss the sillier blogosphere attempts to suggest that Hillary Clinton has enough health issues to push her through death’s door. But now, new sources are suggesting she does have one major problem. Already adopted as the Democratic candidate, Spinton could set off a constitutional bomb. It’s the last thing America needs at the moment.

We all get some things wrong, and it looks like I may have made a 180° bad call on Hillary Billary’s health when I posted about it just over a month ago. I wrote at the time, “For myself, I suspect her mental health is destitute – but that’s just an opinion, and I am not a shrink. By contrast, I’ve spent a fair proportion of my day today trying to stand up the story of her ‘failing health’. It is, dear reader, a straw in the growing wind of media distortion.”

But last week a favoured and trusted Slog source in New York gave me an update. I went back over what was left of my notes, and followed up two reports I’d used at the time. I now think it highly likely the two authors involved work for the Spinton machine.

Then yesterday, Hillary Spinton herself had to be rushed away from a 9/11 memorial gathering. Early US paper editions and news sites are declaring with a degree of unanimity that her health is now the biggest issue in the campaign.

Describing the Clinton camp’s post-incident “explanations” yesterday as ‘incomplete’ and ‘contradictory’, the US media for once emerged from its anti-Trump denialism, speculating at length about previous hypothyroid, blood coagulation, concussion and allergy diagnoses admitted by the HillBillary campaign.

The Democrats have plenty on their plate as it is: this morning’s Poll of Polls in the New York Times has the popular vote as 43% for Clinton and 41% for Trump….so Trump is catching up, although Clinton remains the favourite based on the College votes she is likely to get.

However, the new information I’ve been fed could change all that very quickly.

It’s now two months since the Right-wing American Spectator ran a piece suggesting very strongly that Hillary Clinton is a bit of a Swillary. In fact, it seems, she’s been swilling down the laughing liquid for quite a few years.

At the time, I wrote it off as a classic election year smear. But my thus far ever-reliable source now insists it isn’t: Hillary Clinton, she tells me, is a lush. And she points to the following features of the Candidate’s behaviour:

  • All the incidents seem to involve wobbly legs and falling over rather a lot
  • She is always seen with a mega-sized fast food soft drink in her hand – a ploy her advisors talked her into because it makes her look “more everyday American”. But for Hillary, the ploy is an equally effective way of drinking vodka covertly
  • She has had two bad falls in the last three years – both involving stairs, and both in the evening. One left her with double vision for six months.
  • Clinton herself told the New York Times that her willingness to “schmooze over booze and use alcohol as a political lubricant” is one reason why she would be a “better dealmaker” than President Obama.
  • Both John McCain and Obama describe her respectively as “a guy” when it comes to drinking and “a surprise Party animal”.
  • A senior Democrat Mayor ‘boss’ smiles as he admits that “somehow I always wind up drunk when socialising with Hillary”.
  • A senior Russian official close to Putin described Clinton earlier this year as “an unpredictable, drunken foreign policy hawk”.

The latest incident is bound to intensify speculation about her health – and ultimately involve her reputation for drinking heavily. Wisely, Trump is staying well away from the issue….a decision which (says my source) reflects the conviction in his camp that the Swillary factor will sink her while they remain a respectful distance from it.

There are two (among many) significant outcomes possible from this development:

  1. A large seed of doubt gets planted in many voters’ minds, and Trump continues to attract support on the back of it
  2. Somebody finds an empty bottles stash and a physician report confirming her condition, and Clinton is forced to withdraw.

In the entire history of US Presidential elections, option 2 has never happened.

So either way, the US could be thrust into an unexpected Maverick victory


a Constitutional crisis.

Not the sort of thing to steady the nerves of business, markets and consumers already rapidly reaching the conclusion that the neoliberal monetarist model in general – and the US Fed in particular – has run out of the ammunition required to dig the world out of recession.

Last January, former US Fed Bigwig Larry Summers told stunned Bloomberg viewers,

“It’s sort of OK to say in twenty-ten or twenty-eleven that the world’s had a nasty shock, but when things are still giving off all the wrong signals in twenty-sixteen, well….it’s not just a transient thing….For me, it feels like we’re going to pay for things we really should’ve done at least a decade ago”.

Now – after a grand total of 1 (one) rate hikes are under its belt – there were going to be ‘at least three’ this year – the Yellen Fed has put out a paper. Over the last week, everyone who’s anyone in the States has been reading it. This time, Summers says,

“…the implication of the Fed paper is that the rates would have to be anywhere from minus 6% to minus 9% to extract the US from a deep recession, and there is no plausible way to mimic such rate cuts with other monetary weapons in the Fed’s armoury. I find the idea that forward guidance and QE could do anything like the work of 600, let alone 900, basis points of rate-cutting close to absurd.”

He was the only commentator last January to give a direct answer on the question of rates: “Of course the Fed will have to backtrack on three rate hikes. No way can they avoid doing that”. He has been proved exactly right.

Now we’re just over a week away from the next Fed rates meeting. Six weeks ago, the hike was a cert. Four weeks ago it was likely. Ten days ago it was off the table. Now Yellen says it’s back on again.

Yesterday, Fed Board member Peter Boockvar told it like it is on the subject of a September hike going ahead:

“For a stock market that is wholly unprepared for that, not only could it get messy, it will get messy. The only reason why we’re at these [stock market] levels is because of low interest rates and central bank policy. … When the Fed removes accommodation, things are seen for what they really are, not for what people want them to be.”

That is my view entirely. Some very interesting times may be dead ahead.

Yesterday at The Slog: Either make UK Grammar Schools free, or don’t bother


  1. Officially, it’s pneumonia: mishtalk.com & recent posts.
    1) Hillary’s doctor diagnoses pneumonia
    2) down the rabbit hole: an attack on Fed inflation policy nonsense.


  2. Winston Churchill also had a love affair with booze and latterly was very ill while in office. The world went on irregardless. However Churchill was a man of his time and to have a leader of his ilk in a major office today is the stuff of nightmares. Perhaps the real candidate will step out of the shadows in America now Hilary is now ‘indisposed’.


  3. It is virtually inconceivable the Democrat Fed will raise rates in front of the election.The market is ready to swoon as it is. A rate rise will precipitate the sell-off that elects Trump.


  4. Off course with the impending release from wikileaks then maybe Hilary being ‘ill’ perhaps reduces chances of being actually held accountable in some court of law in the future.

    What better way to not loose to Trump. Cause a constitutional crisis, keep Barry in post and maybe slap in a dose of ‘state of emergency’.

    Clock is a ticking……..

    I’m just wondering if the Troika has some trash can of debt being created so when the international financial ponzi scheme croaks it can be placed in said ‘trash can’. Them financial types are very creative……

    I bet she slipped when someone told her that victims of 9/11 could now sue the Saudi government. Man them Conspiracy Theorists.


  5. In this brave New World, being a drunk appears to be a necessary prerequisite. Mind you, at least the brandy-swiller doesn’t have a nuclear button to play Russian roulette with.

    Rate hike. I very much doubt it. I think they’re already scraping the bottom of the barrel to give the illusion that everything’s ‘awesome’.


  6. And when regulators remove their risk weighted capital requirement’s subsidies to governments, paid by less access to bank credit for the risky SMEs and entrepreneurs, then we would now the real interest rates on sovereign debt.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Word press didn’t like my first comment it seems.

    Like John, when I first heard this i though it was a smear.

    However the evidence is mounting and she clearly has some medical or other problem. I’m not sure if I buy the story she is over fond of her pop, but truth is stranger than fiction.

    I think the combination of “deplorable” and “9/11 fall” have written her off. The Democrats need another candidate.


  8. I don’t but it. She doesn’t strike me as a raving alcoholic. I also don’t believe she would have attained the position she has if she was dependent on the drink, I know others will cite JC Drunker as an example but, you can’t compare the US Govt, and Brussles.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I don’t think a rate rise is likely – a gift to Trump. More important is the move to displace the dollar as the world reserve currency. The Chinese yuan has been accepted into the IMF basket and 30th Sept sees the New bond launch. This will have a major effect on the US. As for the hilbillies another disaster – in the video if it was anyone else they would be judged ‘p—-d as an newt.


  10. Who knows what to believe about anything anymore. I hadn’t heard the “Swillery” hypothesis before (I thought at first you were referring to the Clinton Foundation) but if a small fraction of what is written about her is true then we are in for interesting times in the next two months and perhaps beyond…

    The Fed will stick for the time being. After that, who knows…


  11. Hmm, the booze angle seems to fit, even with the coughing (see http://pubs.niaaa.nih.gov/publications/arh311/66-75.htm).

    Drink is one of those things where the extent of someone’s addiction can be masked (or overlooked) quite effectively – hence how she got into the running. The bouts of ‘illness’ do seem to have gotten increasingly severe and frequent as the pressure (and probably stress) build, and I guess that as stress increases so does the reliance on booze.

    Talking outta my hat probably but an interesting angle.


  12. pneumonia is a disease of the diseased. I’m guessing on the petit mal type diagnosis,some sort of neurological problem. The official diagnosis may be a cover. It’ll come out eventually one way or another


  13. Summary.
    Alcoholism is an angle they would develop to sucker an unquestioning brain dead populace.
    Hoping this gets through, so I haven’t mentioned the cause of the double vision, or the incident that caused it this time.


  14. I note kfc1404’s post and also the news that the Austrian presidential elections will have to be postponed because the glue on the postal ballots are not sticking properly (or could it be that Norbert Hofer looks like he has a winning lead in the polls). Looks like the illusion that we have a democracy is bein rapidly stripped away.
    If Hillary Clinton has to withdraw due to ill health, can the DNC drop-in a substitute candidate at short notice, say Joe Biden, or does the DNC have to go through the selection process all over again? If yes, the elections will have to be postponed by at least 12 months giving the ant-Trump Republicans a second crack at the nomination maybe?
    Interesting times!


  15. “can the DNC drop-in a substitute candidate at short notice” only once she withdraws: then a simple majority vote of the DNC I believe.


  16. Hillary has allergies and treatment for them. This could be a severe allergic reaction, perhaps even anaphylactic shock meaning she now has anaphylaxis. But they may not be able to diagnose the actual substance. If it is a chemical reaction to something in general use, e.g. fragrances, there are now a number of people with this, it could be quite a difficult one and not good news in terms of public perceptions.


  17. ‘Call me Dave’ off to pastures new, Hilary having a hiatus-Could this be the start of a brave new world or something dreadful?


  18. Killary stuff. Remember she was in a small plane that had a rough landing in a border Iran local airfield….. had treatment…. flown in and out by spooks…. however, as at just about all “Trainspotter” railway stations, there are “Airfieldspotters”… who recorded the full Tower conversation, inbound and outbound. This is where Killary got her Nutjob/Bump/Concussion/etc??????
    Story ignored by MSM. Or….. maybe the Iranians did some “emergency surgery”….. whatever, the Killary is unfit for Presidency! As was Obummer….. membership of the notorious Chicago “bath house”….. hence his nickname… “Bathhouse Barry”……. likely lad with a an early tranny nanny and a later wife!!! All is well on the sexual preference front…. until the creeps that try to dictate…. Vazza…. ?


  19. Hillary is already known to have had a minor stroke/blood clot on the brain in 2012. Her current troubles seem to be more neurological than alcohol related, though if she’s also a drinker that will make things worse. The head wobbling and other tremors seem to indicate something that TPTB are desperately trying to control, at least until they can carry her into the White House, where surely Bill can take over as lead puppet, though he’s had a heart attack so neither of them may last 4 more years. Queue the cloned look alike for any conspiracy theorist around.

    Current speculation includes Parkinson’s and she is travelling with one guy videoed with an epi-pen or maybe some other drug that can be quickly administered and she was seen at the recent 911 event clasping the hand of a ‘nurse’ a known neurological test.

    The pneumonia defence has already been blown out of the water. She has had her ‘cough’ since January this year but was apparently only diagnosed last Friday. She was able to attend a fund raiser with A listers like Barbra Streisand, Friday night, which is where she spoke of Americans supporting Trump as a “basket of deplorables”. Then she collapses (see KFC’s vid) as she’s bundled into an MPV, but isn’t taken to hospital, just to her daughter’s home in NYC. She apparently overheated in 80f temps and was dehydrated but no mention of pneumonia until today. She was even ‘wheeled’ out in front of her tame media to say she feels fine, even agreeing to a photo op with a young girl. Um, you can catch pneumonia from an infected person, so not good press.

    Her team trying to suppress her health issues is getting out of hand and with two months to go it’s only going to get worse. Maybe this is just the excuse Obama needs to issue an executive order to remain as POTUS……interesting times!


  20. She was Terribly Happy when she rushed out of her daughter’s house to behave bizarrely….yet again….

    My dear friend had pneumonia. It laid her out for WEEKS and she’s a mega-healthy cookie, doesn’t give in to anything, normally, but she thought she was going to die. It took her MONTHS to recover…and her energy level was gone, zilch. She’s usually on Duracell Batteries, always has been, but not when Pneumonia Hit….

    Just sayin’……

    Excellent blog, Monsieur


  21. “Maybe this is just the excuse Obama needs to issue an executive order to remain as POTUS……”

    Oh YES! That’s an excellent idea. At least we could all breathe a tad easier, perhaps…but then again…perhaps not.


  22. @Demetrius: I have anaphalixis after a couple of bottles of vin rouge. My head gets waebbely and my knees knackety. A coulpe of bottles of stout and a lie down for about 10 hours usually cures it.


  23. In a normal world you would think that when the wicked witch of the west falls off her broomstick and is seen by millions being rushed away, does it not seem strange there is a dearth of regular updates on her progress. Even more surprising her double tweets her presence outside the building where Hilary was taken.Odd to say the least!


  24. Gary Byrne who says he was part of the protection detail for Bill and Hillary Clinton when Bill was in the WH has deconstructed the video and has this to say:


    Clearly knows what he’s talking about as most of us will have seen the vid and not seen the detail he spotted as an ex secret service agent. IMO this is just going to get worse for her. It’s going to be a trade off between her ambition, her health and her controllers as to the outcome in November. With 7 weeks to go I won’t be surprised if it escalates. Question is whether or not the Democrats continue with her as their candidate or pull the plug, who replaces her and when?


  25. All very well accepting the very recent varieties of Hillary maladies…. why no close scrutiny of her plane crash in Iran….. She is now unfit for purpose…… most unlike our US brethren to support a lame duck, they who assassinate on demand of the Zio/Khazar gang ?

    …… the CIA Zio tentacles spread from The Holy Land to every Central Bank! Anybody actually counted the ingots on the Fart Knox shelf lately? Mere Wind,. wake up America…… The Eastern guys launch their US Dollar Killer trading platform around the end of Sept. Course, the Elite have financially hedged all round. But their DUMBs have 2 eventualities that will sort stuff out….. Oxygen IN, Exhaust Out……. The Zombies will have several years to discover the KILL POINTS!

    Meanwhile, America wake up! Last chance,……..


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