meglycinessnipOne of the great joys of writing this feature is that it gives me the chance – without prodding any chests – to have a go at the entire class ruling over us….and thus walk the walk rather than just talk the talk about being politically neutral, and philosophically open-minded.

In that sense, David Schneider – whom I find almost unfailingly funny – offered me the perfect vehicle earlier this week when he put this gem up:


I’d be very surprised if many of Schneider’s eight points above were framed without a serpentine tongue bulging from his cheek like a stereophonic abcess on a decaying wisdom tooth. But if I’vie got him all wrong, then let me deconstruct some of this classic one-quarter baked Leftie ILoveBrussels agitprop in my own inimitably nice manner:

  1. Accepting this opener for what it is – surreal hyperbole masquerading as metaphorical parallel – I cannot recall any Brexit action involving the destruction of a single house, or piss-humiliation of any cats
  2. Nor do I remember anyone accusing Remaindeers of keeping immigrants as pets who might then want my house…..although such attitudes are consonant with UK Left condescension and fantasy respectively. As for deceit, I have kept all the receipts re this one, and would be happy to point up all the absences – from currency destruction to trade slumps and emergency budgets – put out by their allies in the Camerlot tendency
  3. No I wouldn’t: I’d have kept on fighting….but not demanded the democratic result be overturned within 72 hours
  4. No, not seriously….more sort of stoically, gradually and with benign afterthought – rather than malice aforethought
  5. I fully accept that Farage was a complete pillock for conceding defeat at 20:30 on Referendum night. I do not accept any evidence suggesting that he was already moaning about the result. But heh – all links suggesting I’m wrong will be gratefully received rather than just ignored
  6. There was a referendum in 1975 when you were about 18 months old, and I was my lot with my vote. However, I voted FOR continued membership. Then – after thir;ty years of evidence building to show that creeping federalism, anti-democracy, unelected technocratic power, corruption, nasty backstairs deals about euro membership, bent elections and bullying lies about sovereign debts had proved me wrong – I decided to work actively to get us out. You see, this is how we learn: we make mistakes, and then wake up about the mistakes and vow not to repeat them. You?
  7. No – what I do is analyse why we lost, and try to persuade others that the strategy needs to be changed. Instead of moaning about the Tories after 2010, I moaned about how obviously and utterly crap Balls and Miliband were. This evoked tons of ordure, heaped on my head from the ideologically constipated Left.
  8. This last point is a classic of Left assertion, replacing evidence with blamestorming about the poor and vulnerable. The poor were vulnerable long before Brexit became an issue. What have Remaindeers done to help them?

And what seals the obvious irony intended, I think, is this gobsmacker of an ending….in bold of course, because the Left must proclaim:


Aaaahahahahahahahaaaaa. Tolerant, forward-looking, open? Dear oh dear oh dear.

From Left to Right….and this time, something so profoundly nasty, you have to applaud anyone with the nous to spot the bullying involved:


It was bad enough that Benyon had the flying-brick insensitivity to poke fun at the deprived disabled UK community in the first place. But hastily removing the tweet once faced with a Tsunami of disapproval from right across the political spectrum was an act of depraved cowardice scraping the bottom of even the Tory barrel.

“Surely not,” I hear you say, “he just realised his mistake and corrected it”. Er, no: Dick Bentone removed the tweet because, um, the Whips told him to.

That’s hypocrisy, right? Of course it is: but below is an example of something slightly different to hypocrisy. Because this belter is an example of Feminazism so incapable of grasping illogical double-standards, it lacks the wit to hide it….hiding such being, of course, the classic definition of hypocrisy:


Yeh roit sisters, let us not compare our genuine greevunce at the rapist domneerin’ ‘ands of filfy men to the almost omeeopaffic level of the uvva gendah bein’ nagged an’ ‘it an’ that, orn the grouns that it is juss anuvva risbul ploy by the rulin’ misogynist clique to sergest they gotta case, notwivstandin’ Rebekah Brooks knockin’ seven bells of shit art of Ross Kemp when she farned ‘im at it wiv a rent boy the filfy feckin’ perv.

And also, let us try to remember that facts are sacred at The Guardian….and comment is free.

Comment against The Project is forbidden in Brussels, and facts are sacrilegious. So this must be why Jeroan Dijsselbloem had this to say today:


What a hopelessly downward-sloping male member of the species this stream of Dutch canal-water is.

He wants progress on the giant leap forward to create a 3rd World disease-ridden, half-starved vassal from what was formerly a 1st World State and leading tourist destination for travellers the world over.

I am reminded of Dijsselbloem’s inept sociopathy every time I recall this Don McLean lyric about the Vietnam War:

They shot him in the chest/pass the chicken breast/the general is saying that he’s still not impressed

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