mesnip18716 Hello there. Over the last month, impersonations of me and others in the comment threads here have gone from being vaguely iritating and/or amusing to the regular sowing of confusion.

It is I’m afraid the way these bacilli work: it would be OK if it was just sad little plonkers pulling their wires up in the attic during the early hours, but the number of IDs, IP addresses (and a sudden uplift in attempted malign site attacks) has convinced me that this is a largely professional operation.

I think it is totally unrelated to the Waspi issue, because tracing the locations suggests no link at all. As usual, however, it does seem to be correlated with recent Slogposts about illiberal laws, the undermining of Brexit, obvious approaching econo-fiscal crises and actions involving Syria or Turkey. So in the short term, this is what will happen:

  1. For the time being, I will respond when necessary to genuine comment threads by adding to that content under the threadname. I stress that no content by the threader will be changed.
  2. I will check all incoming threads against the email ID supplied. Anything suspicious will be trashed and spammed out.
  3. If ANY detached comment using my name comes through, until further notice IT IS  NOT ME so please ignore it.

After some tracing processes have been applied by the ISPs I’ve contacted, the impersonations should dwindle and at some point disappear. When that has happened, I will provide further updates.

The inconvenience we all suffer should be minimal. For ‘them’, being traced and banned would be a nightmare.


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