Nearing the end of the road with Waspi

Much as it pains me to do so, for the information of all SPA victims, I am reproducing a WaspiSting Facebook piece here I posted earlier today.

Good afternoon ladies.
While Twitter over the last few days has been full to bursting with victim SPA women arguing round in circles with braindead trolls, so far there has been zero progress on:
1. Ideas for more radical action
2. An audit of how many SPA affected women want what you should want – full restitution of pension rights
3. A concerted boycott of Saga given the actions of columnist Annie Shaw and complete lack of response from Saga themselves
Over the last three days, I have had eight conversations with UK based males about the Waspi case.
All of them supported your case 100% to the hilt. However, only 1 of them had even heard of you – and he’d no idea what your case was.
My friends, you can witter on about the injustice and the case for retribution until Damien Green’s hair regrows. You can tot up supporters and sing anthems and get Council and Opposition politicians to let you take selfies with them. You can consult lawyers both here and in Brussels.
But until and unless you stop arguing and avoiding unpleasantness internally – as well as taking harsh, radical and controversial action externally AND following up on empty threats made in social media – you will remain what you are: an invisible group (enjoying minimal public awareness) about whom almost nobody gives a flying whatnot.
All those who want full retribution and accept this critique should break away from the Waspi millstone immediately – and make a new start by not resting until Saga at least has been made to feel the heat, and Shaw made to apologise unreservedly for her insult.
Not doing this risks you losing any respect you have….and certainly mine. I’m happy to help you to the waterhole, but if you don’t want to drink there’s diddly squat I can do.
This will be the last post from me on this site until such time as I see a self-starting response.
But whatever you decide, my sincere best wishes for good luck