The pain levels of Feminism by species

mesnip30716 Whenever I come up against the more radical end of feminism, I always end up wondering what it must be like for any bloke living with these people. I have a female friend who says she detests feminism, but she bullies her husband to such an extent it makes me almost ill to watch it. She is a feminist, she just doesn’t know it. Feminism comes in all the sizes and all the colours, and the egalitarian version is fine by me so long as the owner doesn’t start changing the history of anthropology in order to make the case. Mainly, it bores me stupid. But it could be worse: I could be a male Chinese mantis.

Feminism among Homo sapiens is – worst case scenario – ‘life’s a bitch and then you die’. Among the rabidly matriarchal Elephant population, however, for a bull it’s ‘life’s a f**k and then you get banished’. Once the cow is up the duff, she and the other bib-and-brace wearing Wimmin chuck the poor old bull out of the herd. He is then doomed to a solitary life of pulling up entire trees just to get one tasty-looking leaf at the top.

They call these poor unfortunates Rogue Elephants. I’m damned if I know why. But for a male crocodile, the entire process of having it off is fraught with much greater risk. If Ms Croc is up for some rumpy-pumpy, you’re alright. But get the approach wrong – just one false move in the foreplay – and she’ll decide you’re dinner. It’s a case of ‘life’s a f**k and it may be the death of you’.

Life isn’t easy for crocodiles of either sex, come to think of it. A newly-hatched croc has a one in fourteen million chance of making it to adulthood. Lots of crocs are cannibals for one thing, and for another pretty much every carnivore in the river is fond of a croque monsieur of prepubertal Crocodylinae.

Your croc gets a bad press, but on the whole if you stay out of his river he’ll leave you alone. There was a story in the media earlier this week of how one crocodile had taken to eating cows nowhere near the river, but usually this happens because Homo sapiens interferes with the river food chain, Mr & Mrs Crocodylinae get hungry, and thus wander off-piste to see what’s available on the land. This happened near Daintree in Australia some years back, and the crocs there moseyed into town to start eating people. Can you blame them?

But the extremes of feminism elsewhere are nothing compared to the deadly female Chinese mantis. There are no ifs or buts about it for the mantis sisters – the deal is always the same: ‘life’s a f**k, and then you die’. The female gets deflowered, and the male gets devoured. It’s no good whingeing that you weren’t ready or the other side told a pack of lies: the feminist’s decision is final, inevitable and irreversible: she’s pregnant, you’re dead.

Black widow spiders are the same – hence the name. I do find it a bit steep some crazed female claiming a widow’s pension having eaten the poor man’s head (they do it to stimulate ejaculation, which is a tad extreme) but there you go: life is a never-ending cavalcade of injustice. Personally, I blame the parents. Or in these latter cases, the parent.

Yesterday at The Slog: the growing craze for Means Pestering

27 thoughts on “The pain levels of Feminism by species

  1. What is so interesting about all this is when JW opines that “She is a feminist, she just doesn’t know it” – how many men are ‘masculinists’ – only they don’t know it?

    My trolls invariably show themselves to be male because of the way they write… and this is a clear sign that they are “masculinists but they just don’t know it”. Why? Because if they treated women as they treat their male friends, there would be no need to put women down by way of sexual innuendoes of a very male kind.

    The point to take on board here isn’t about masculism – or for that matter, feminism. Because the underlying psychology is the same: in neither case do they know about it. Further to this, how can a person become aware of such things?

    This will tax the mind, I assure you, and the results of this process will not be the stuff of comfortable evenings by the fireside. I guarantee that it will make your life better… eventually. The alternative is to be a masculinist/feminist for the rest of your life and not know anything about it…

    If you are interested in the underlying processes that are involved, my post dealing with a woman who was shocked by two otherwise innocent dollies is a case in point. It wasn’t the dollies that frightened her – it was that they were an expression of her own inner fears.

    In short, a masculinist or a feminist – and our dear little trolls – will be acting on the basis of things they do not know about. There are ways to determine such things if one is fully conscious of such things oneself, but that is to stray too far from the topic at hand.

    I will add by way of a codicil that whilst this is tricky to understand, that does not mean it cannot be understood.

    And apols to JW for the number of links to my blog. I’d not expected to. The alternative is to write a blog-post as a comment, and this one is long enough as it is!

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  2. Gemma
    See my thread on the previous post: if you want to engage with trolls, do it somewhere else. THE ONLY THING THEY CAN’T STAND IS BEING IGNORED – you ignore them, I’ll ban them. It’s that simple.

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  3. is life so different John? You marry have kids ,kids leave ,then…many split up. At any rate paths diverge. Her interests aren’t yours and vice versa. Men and women often past a certain age are just not cut out to live together. People change,needs change,sexual desire changes for one partner. Its not so different from the animal world. Of what TF am I talking about


  4. Ah, I am an old bird, with old fashioned ideas I suppose. Classic example of feminism gone mad, in the 60’s when I was a teenager, if you looked attractive and walked down a street, you would get whistled at. Always caused a smile from the girls, and gave them a feeling of pride in their appearance. Nowadays you get hauled off to the courts for admiring a woman by whistleing a whoop woo at her !!! Yup the world has turned up side down, and not for the better!


  5. Nope. FreedomSoftware® is now censoring ordinary comments, too. The jerks at WordPress reading these comments must either be puzzled or loving it.

    Suffice it to say that it is hard to discern between someone that JW sees as a tro*l. I would appreciate being informed of this before being banned for engaging with someone I merely saw as a m*sculinist. There are plenty of them around here.


  6. Gemma

    I’ve not doubt you’ve met some men who don’t measure up, but trust me there are plenty of your sex who are the same.

    Here are a few examples of female behaviour which is unacceptable, but they don’t know it’s unacceptable:

    1. Hacking a male colleague’s computer to steal his work, claim it as your own, then try to force the male out of the company.
    2. Saying you should teach young boys whilst hectoring your partner into a start of such wimpish subservience that one has to wonder whether the poor bloke could ever get it up again.
    3. Trying to force a male colleague out, then making it clear that they can only work in future where you deem that they can. If they can’t see that that is slavery by any other name, they are insane. It is not power games, it is not droit de seigneuse, it is pure feminist evil run riot.
    4. Telling men where they can or cannot go on holiday, despite those men being financially independent and rather more experienced in choosing where they wish to go on holiday than the woman.
    5. Telling men that they don’t support the football team they have chosen to support and should support Man Utd or Liverpool instead. If you don’t think a woman deserves ostracism for such attitudes, Gemma, there’s something you are not aware of either……it’s called respect for your fellow human beings only up to the point that their disrespect for you is so great that logical argument, appeals to emotional decency etc etc have got you nowhere…….
    6. Behaving like a queen bee psychopath, expecting men to serve her hand foot and finger but refusing to do anything of any significance back in return.

    All these things have been done by women with degrees and/or higher degrees. All have been done by women earning well in excess of the average UK wage, often in the top 5% of the UK wage spectrum and in some cases in the top 1%.

    As it happens most if not all of those women had alcohol problems in their mid to late 20s which they overcame as their power complexes were greater than their needs for alcohol. Every one of them could only relate with weaker men, who they continued to weaken with every passing year of relationship/marriage. And every one of them who had children always had dynamic daughters and passive withdrawn sons.

    Women behaving like that deserve no respect, no admiration and no social niceties.

    They deserve to be called what they are, which is psychotic OCD control freaks who should be sent for remedial classes in behaviour normally considered necessary to enter infant school.


  7. RTJ

    I am quite sure you can quote instances, give evidence and all that kind of thing.

    I will cite but one comment, where you say “Trying to force a male colleague out” – What about the men who only choose to employ male colleagues and never give the woman a chance to get a job in the first place? What about the men who force a woman colleague out… or another male colleague. Just look at the treatment of Jeremy Corbyn in the Houses of Parliament if you don’t believe how men can behave when they want somebody expelled!

    All these instances point to one thing: a lack of awareness. The point of my former comment was not that women aren’t capable of this, but that it’s far more common for a man to engage in such activities.

    The problem is that they simply aren’t aware of it any more than the militant female is.

    My question then to you is this: how would you be aware of something you were doing when you were acting out of subconscious impulses. That was the point of my post about Milena (see above) where she retreated in shock from the very things that dwelled within her – yet she was unaware of. That, by the way, is a big clue as to how to determine such things.


  8. Gemma

    You parade your lack of awareness in the guise of your seemingly superior awareness, something you share with a significant number of females I have known.


  9. J24601

    and what is the quality of my ‘lack of awareness’? After all, if you are aware of it, you can describe it… can’t you?

    That was the point of my comment, that if a person was aware, then they could describe what was going on.

    When someone does not, they always use a conditional term, like ‘seemingly’. It amazes me how many people undermine their otherwise well founded confidence ;-)

    JW I withold the right to speak to this person even if you think he is a troll.


  10. Surely, there must be enough good people on this planet who could stand up and put an end to the murder, the war, the greed of the few, the poverty & hunger & homelessness of the many and thereby diminish the so-called ‘differences’ between us and compliment and invest in the ‘similarites’???


  11. John
    The BBC still has a little bit of droll humor……………This morning they followed the news about the outing bishop and his status in his bishop-prick ,with an item on campanology… bell ends all round I’m thinking


  12. Am a getting this right controlling psychotic behaviour is the sole domain of our females,am just glad so many males are getting in touch with their feminine side!

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