STOPPING BREXIT: The MP > lobbyist > Whitehall Remaindeer axis is hard at work

UKchainedEU mesnip18716 Military, geopolitical, security, global power and political sabotage in full swing as Leavers grasp full extent of perfidy involved

New revelations remind us that Brexit is far from real

You may have spotted this piece at the weekend Telegraph. It’s fairly standard issue Mayflower spin: Mother Theresa is a good egg really, it’s just those nasty Sir Humphreys and that Philip Hammond bloke getting in her way. But May had a good think about things at Chequers last week, and now she’s jolly well going to tear some ears off at Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting. The key spin phrase this time is “you’ve been given your marching orders, now get on with it”.

As Mayormaynot is effectively the Executive Editor of the Torygraph these days, we can dismiss this simplistic piece. Holidays are ending, the recess is nearly over, and across the spectrum of politics, lobbying and Whitehall, most tribes among the Leavers are beginning to realise that the pro-Brussels fanatics have no intention of letting a little thing like a majority of the electorate get in the way of their plans to remain on the SS Eutanic.

There is far more to this than the fantasy of an all-powerful Empress in Downing Street barking out orders that must be obeyed.

What we’re looking at here is a cynical “realist” in Number Ten keen to come out of “the Brexit process” with as little merde sticking to her as possible. She can have her people leak that Hammond is out of line, but she appointed him to be 2inC knowing full well his level of attachment to the European Union. And she can promote her “tough old bird” drivel in relation to senior Civil Servants, but she knows that not all of them work for the UK….or for that matter, Europe.

These are the realities:

  1. The Americans in general and NATO in particular have no intention of letting their cornerstone European ally gaily float off into a more neutral role. Several top Sir Humphreys have foreign office and military responsibilities, and both these have been areas of expertise for Hammond. Sometimes, people are inclined to forget where their loyalties lie; that particular group remains close to Tony Blair and his unswerving support for the US, Israel – and the EU as a key globalist bloc.
  2. Political sources close to the Treasury insist that the state of Whitehall unreadiness after the vote went in favour of Brexit was no accident. I also know that quantitative research was undertaken by one key department of State during the Referendum, and this left pro-EU hardline Mandarins “in no doubt” that Leave was going to win. The view taken was, “the more chaos and the more daunting the exit task is, the better”.
  3. David Davies is frustrated by three problems he faces at the moment. The first is Hammond putting a bloc on any poaching of staff for the Brexit task-force (and on at least one occasion issuing a knuckle-rap on costs to the Minister for Brexit). The second is the complete lack of focus on anything being demonstrated by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. And the third is the entirely predictable turf-war going on between Johnson and the other overlapping Leave Minister, Liam Fox. Talk of the “air having been cleared” was dismissed by those close to the Davies circle at the weekend as “just more May spin….she put these three combustibles together, and she knew exactly what she was doing”.
  4. A media Communications team dedicated to stressing the “difficulty” of the withdrawal process is reported to be answerable solely to the Prime Minister. It was the source of three separate stories about a two-tier Europe, a Nord-Europe and anti-UK hardliners in the British press over the last six days. “There’s a feeling,” said one prominent Leaver yesterday, “that it’s a softening-up process designed to get the electorate used to the idea of an accommodation, some kind of halfway house”.
  5. Evidence also emerged over the last week that Theresa May dumped the idea of a Commons debate about the referendum result on the basis of disturbing advice about a potentially negative backlash from Leavers. Senior Met Officers (and, it is alleged, a branch of the security services) warned the Conservative leader that the Remain campaign was intent on making a major demonstration outside the House, but that “the more vociferous elements” in the Leave campaign had made it clear that they would make such demos a flashpoint if they took place.
  6. The Blairite Group has a lot at stake on the Brexit question; we should in fact stop thinking of Blair as a retired politician, and see him, Campbell, Mandelson and a coterie of other professionals dedicated to pulling out all the stops – with both US and EC help – to ensure that the EU survives….and with it, an American hegemony based on secure access to energy. It is now looking increasingly likely that Corbyn will be re-elected Labour leader with a comfortable majority. An independent Britain and a popular Left Prime Minister is the worst nightmare imaginable for NATO.

    Opinions vary wildly as to how the PM hopes to come out of this unscathed; but one recurring view on the Right of the Tory Party is that May’s plan is to let the ‘Fear Factor’ come to fruition. “She sees a global financial crisis as highly likely,” suggests one older head, “and given Britain’s particular vulnerability to that outcome, it wouldn’t be difficult to blame it on Brexit”.

Another major terrorist incident, however, would work in the opposite direction. No matter how manipulative Theresa Maniac is, she can’t control all events – much as her strategy is to suggest that she can.

Perhaps the most reassuring element for those of us who voted Leave is that – unless my own soundings are way off – the upper echelons of UKIP and Vote Leave are acutely aware of what the Establishment is up to. There are even rumours that, offstage, semi-formal discussions are taking place between their grass roots, and those of the Conservative Party. But as yet I am completely unable to confirm that.

Either way, the story remains the same: we’ve done V for Victory and V for Validation….now it’s V for Vigilance we must focus upon. But – and this is a reasonably sound tip -don’t hold your breath waiting for Boris Johnson to get voluble about it.

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10 thoughts on “STOPPING BREXIT: The MP > lobbyist > Whitehall Remaindeer axis is hard at work

  1. It is clear that those in charge do everything to endure that they get their way. The clear bias we see in the US presidential race, the continued pronouncements by ´Remainers’ in the UK, Merkel’s listening tour to the Eastern European regions, which is really a ‘Do as I say, or else’ tour and the piece de resistance from the Australian leader of the Greens, Mr. do
    i Natale, who, in justifying his party’s rejection of a national plescibite on ‘Same sex marriage’ retorted ‘The parliament should vote on this issue. We don’t need an opinion poll of the people!´
    So there you have it JW, the viewpoint of politicians, on participative democracy, writ large.


  2. And there was me thinking it was USS Eutanic.

    As to point 1: “The Americans in general and NATO in particular have no intention of letting their cornerstone European ally gaily float off into a more neutral role.”

    That wouldn’t happen even if Britain did… the British government is demonstrably under the control of the corporations as it is. Furthermore, outside the EU, Britain can fast-track TTIP.

    Game, set and match.


  3. Well I think the realities of the situation is that we are going to end up with a compromise with which neither Remain nor Leave camps are happy. But that is politics and May and the Tories have a difficult job squaring this particular circle. Britain cannot simply float off into the Atlantic, but then does not need to sublimate her Sovereignty in some non-democratic EUSSR type arrangement – which was where it was and still may be heading.

    I think the main point of the debate was missed in the referendum – the EU is constituted as a supranational body, run on non-democratic lines and staffed by card holding party members. I’m amazed at how many of my educated and intelligent friends seem to think that the EU is nations working together and the EU Parliament has some power. The propaganda machine has worked well. We don’t hear much about it being a Franco-German racket to keep everyone else in line.

    It seems to me that the EU establishment wants to crucify Britain “pour encourager les autres”. I’m not sure whether the nation states want this, but this maybe depends whether you count Merkel and Holland as part of the establishment. Either way, I’m not certain there is a way back now for the UK into the EU except and unless we adopt the Cameron touch your toes negotiating stance. I wouldn’t put it past our supine masters to do this having stocked up on lubricants.

    We’re already seeing here in France a major anti-EU backlash (with a healthy does of anti UK too), but also all over the EU. Maybe the tide has turned? I think we need a few decent crises now to expose the hollowness of Brussels and the fallacy of the EU group think. Perhaps this is the game plan of May? Wait and see? I don’t know.

    I think the lack of preparation for a Brexit vote bordered on the treasonous but I doubt anyone will be called to account. However if I was in charge I would be purging the Civil Service right now.

    And finally, the DT is a shadow of the paper it once was. FFS, the Express has more incisive comment. It is a shame the DT has become a low brow comic. I shall not be renewing my subscription, though I will continue to buy the Crossword books!!!

    Bah humbug.

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  4. Kfc1404 The labour party is showing that all major political parties in this country are run by the establishment & we only vote for who get the privilege for 5yrs of being priority candidates for our taxes! this has worked well because it i gives the impression there is a choice ii that this is the only competition in the market place but deceives misleads those that aren’t paying attention,we have a closed shop economy with protectionist players,opening up everyone else lawless financial tyranny.


  5. I think when the Brexit butterfly flapped its wings, Erdogan pivoted towards Moscow.

    Interest article on RT.

    The following paragraph stands out.

    Compared to Washington’s attitude Moscow, on the other hand, warning Erdogan about serious, concrete facts on the ground in the nick of time. And for Erdogan, that was highly personal; the putschists reportedly sent a commando to kill him when he was still in Marmaris.


  6. The globalists are desperately afraid that UK after BREXIT would not be subject to their global TTP/TTIP ‘trade’ treaties, that are in reality pan-national corporate control of world trade being pushed strongly by the ‘big banks’ like Goldman Sachs. An independent UK with the old commonwealth links could be grit in the gears of globalist policy.


  7. JW – To late for them now, the damage they have done over 40 years is irreversible … rope the 650 lawmakers please and dissolve parliament.

    As the so called intelligence agency may have realised, we now know they tried to trick the people into losing their small voice in our form of governance to the EU superstate where no voice is allowed. They had already done the sovereignty bit on paper with the Lisbon Treaty that you were conveniently denied a voice on … that was BLAIR’s doing so if anybody or group decide to go after him good luck you have my support.

    The referendum should have been on the Lisbon Treaty to merge where they had already given sovereignty away in theory but not told us, although many I think knew.

    I get this little issue though sovereignty and my voice … they have tied my voice into the whole sovereignty issue it should not be there as it is falls on all men, women and children everywhere to be able to voice as a group to protest against something that includes BREMAIN, ethics, gays … everybody everywhere. THIS IS WHAT SEEMS TO BE OCCURING EVERYWHERE AS THE US PRESIDENTIAL SYSTEM IS A DAM GOOD EXAMPLE OF YET 300+ million WORTHLESS VOICES.

    Parliament is the only one with an issue on sovereignty … as stated first line not bothered makes no odds to me because really you are not needed if we join the EU superstate because you don’t need the title lawmakers no more and we will already have a set of nodding dogs in MEP’s. So if we join the EU superstate parliament can be closed we have local councils and we have MEP’s so MP’s have no worth except to cost the taxpayer. We do not need a MOD neither or all the other major institutions we integrate ourselves fully into the EU one and save a hefty wedge of money at the same time.

    My voice though and it has been a life far harder than I would say 95% of the population ever had on so many levels it is not for sale so if you want to open up the EU system to allow my voice its fine by me. That little voice in conjunction with others is more powerful than any elite and it is sacrosanct on so many levels that to die killing those wanting to take it is preferable.

    That’s your waring there will be no more.

    The voice is what they are after, sovereignty can be bought but my voice with all the others is too expensive for them so they seek to silence it instead and once silenced you are a slave.

    PS:- The Amercians lost on (1. I would rather fight for Putin thanks because he has not tried to silence my voice.


  8. Meanwhile, for those who once considered Tsipras a knight in shining armour come to save the Greeks – “this month, for the first time, there was a request to activate an anti-racist law, passed in September 2014, against a Greek citizen who also has institutional status. The coalition government of Alexis Tsipras and Panos Kammenos asked the district attorney to prosecute the Bishop of Chios Island, Markos Vasilakis as racist, because he dared to say, during a sermon, that the thousands of people who recently arrived from Turkey on the island of Chios are illegal migrants, and not Syrian refugees.”
    It seems that the Minister for Immigration Affairs himself repeatedly stated that 50% to 70% of migratory flows to Greece were illegal migrants and the rest were refugees.

    It will be interesting to see if the ECHR is invoked.


  9. The view from ‘da street’ is bloody serious.

    The people of this country are no longer blind. They understand that whiteminister is populated by carefully planted stooges whose only function is to represent the interests of the powerful clans that have controlled the US for generations, and still do.

    They understand that these stooges have no loyalty towards Britain, the Crown, the Government or the people of this land. Indeed, when they leave office and collect their “30 pieces of silver”, it is unlikely that they will ever set foot here again.

    They are TRAITORS. That is the proper definition.

    People understand that the EU was concieved by powerful interests in the US and is nothing more than an instrument of the American Wet Dream of global, totalitarian, corporate power.

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism
    because it is a merger of state and corporate power”

    Giovanni Gentile.

    They tried installing this ridiculous, failed system in the guise of nazism, communisn, nato, globalized corporate cartels, naafta, cafta, tap, ttip, european union, asia pivots, lend lease, the war on drugs, the war on terrorists, the war on communists, ‘special relationships’, five eyes intelligence ‘co-oppertion’, extradition treaties, mlatt, etc, etc.

    All of these and many more were designed to project American power beyond their own borders and into every sovereign state on earth. By bribery, corruption, regime change, cia infiltration, ‘terrorism’, economic warfare,, military warfare, etc, etc.

    Slowly people are begining to realize the the hundreds of thousands of deaths in this country amongst the weakest, poorest, most defenceless sectors of society caused by Austerity Llc. was nothing more than a simple transfer of wealth from the already impoverished to the American transnational cartels.

    Slowly people are begining to understand that many of those whiteminister mandarins are Traitors, paid to complete the asset strippingt of UKGB.

    Now, simply, imagine what will happen to the fractured, starved, furious, vengefull, wide awake society we live in when ‘Brexit’ is thrown out the window, TTIP, TSIP, CAFTA [or whatever they morphs into] are quietly signed into law and we take another lurching goose-step towards a totalitarian, corporate slave state run by foreign, eugenicist mental cases.

    Nobody is going to accept the 4th Reich, one world corporate fascist model ruled over by a handful of rabid, inbred American family clans. The games up. this medness will fail as it has failed throughout human history and for all the same reasons.

    The ‘government’ needs to understand that we have reached the end of the rope and open, civil war and the destruction of our society is a very real possibility. One spark could cause the fabric of our multi cultural, enraged, society to very violently explode. There is NO force on earth that will be able to stop[ it once it gets going. Not even guns or bullets.

    Those traitors selling this country out need to be executed by firing squad for treason before they kill us all.

    This can only end well.



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