How gratuitous blocking on Twitter is censoring the plain facts of State pension fraud

Mesnip29616I’m very happy to apologise when I’ve gone over the ball during an exchange on social media. What I’m not happy to accept is self-important Establishment apologists blocking me on the grounds of what I might say…or, even worse, politicians deciding what I can and can’t see. We have a new outbreak of that infamous British Disease in 2016, “It couldn’t happen here”.

I went to somebody’s Twitter home page today in order to try and clarify something, and this is what greeted me:


I have never tweeted Ms Shaw, and until this morning I’d never heard of her. She appears to be a columnist writing about money issues. But what she writes and thinks – using the medium of Twitter for judgement – is not information available to me, because she has blocked me.

This seems to me, as a reasonable person, somewhat Soviet behaviour….in fact, a case of baking cakes in a hot kitchen, but not letting anyone else offer a review of the cakes. It suggests to me that, you know, maybe the cakes taste like shit if you have to ban people with functioning taste buds from being in your kitchen.

So what I’ve done is make a complaint to Twitter on this basis: surely you can’t operate in a free public medium, and ban people without reason…or on the grounds that they might say something unpleasant. Like, for example, you bake exceedingly excremental cakes.

Above all, Twitter is supposed to be about debate and free speech, not censoring me before I so much as open my mouth. This is the complaint:


And just to check all the angles, I’ve tweeted as follows with the above complaint as an attachment:


There is a genuine and serious issue of free speech here – or more exactly, “Free speech for Us but not for You”….which has a kind of familiar ring to it.

Why might Annie Shaw have blocked me based on her own cake-baking anxieties?

You’ll be astonished to learn that it seems she finds my support for the Waspi SPA reform cause somewhat seditious. Allegedly. These are some rather Coppolaesque extracts from a column she wrote at the end of last July: I’ve highlighted the moral muddle from Shaw seems to be suffering in bold…

‘Because the Waspi ask appears so vague and confused and there are so many other ideas to help 1950s women affected by the rises in state pension age occasioned by the 1995 and 2011 Pension Acts, I thought it might be helpful to spell out exactly what Waspi are campaigning for. It seems someone needs to do it since they themselves seem so reluctant to put the matter in a press release or other statement and we just hear about vague, undefined “transitional arrangements” but not what those arrangements might look like….Waspi is still protesting that people mistakenly accuse them of wanting to roll back the pension acts – but then state aims that in financial terms would do precisely that (but only for their particular group of 1950s women)…It also remains steadfastly against any sort of means testing at any level – so is in effect demanding the arrangements for the wealthiest women over the age of 60 no matter what their income is if still working, whether they have generous occupational pensions in payment or otherwise, or accrued family wealth.’

Now, were I not blocked from debate with Anne-is-Sure-I’m-an-NVE* I could have made these two points directly person to person. But her approach to Twitter leaves me with no alternative but to point out her inadequacies on my own blog – and thereby, to all 7,457 of its current regulars:

  1. Do tell us Annie dear what these other ideas are for 1950s born women with 4p in their purse to last the next 48 hours…..when there’s nothing in the fridge and they have nothing with which to pay the electricity bill, the Council Tax, or the Bedroom Tax. Is the best you can come up with ‘find a job’ in a deregulated jobs market suffering from acute ageism and zero hours sociopathy?
  2. The State Pension is not and never has been means tested. What other income or resources trusting UK citizens have is utterly, legally irrelevant. These women were promised a pension at age 60: were HM Treasury operating in the private sector, the promoters of this payout welch would all be facing prison sentences for fraud.

*An NVE is a non-violent extremist – an oxymoron beloved of Theresa May, the Oxbridge graduate moron who invented it.

I would not be quite so worked up about this issue were it not for the fact that this is the second time I’ve had this problem in the last 72 hours. The first instance involved ‘somebody’ (aka the Cabinet Office pinched goblins) who blocked all tweeters in sympathy with Christine Flanagan – a fellow Waspi supporter – after she dared to reproduce a letter from the Prime Minister on Twitter. My God and saints preserve us, how very dare Ms Flanagan take the letters of the Lady thy God Prime Minister in vain, she being somebody who – amazing as it seems – works for us?

All around us – in all social, old and new media – the cold, dead hands of the snoopers, hackers and tappers are at work. The aim is to keep us – the Sovereign People – from knowing what’s going on. As regulars here know only too well, I cleave to no political ideology…only to a philosophy that says all individual law-abiding citizens have the right to equal treatment before the Law.

1950s born Waspi women are the victims of grossly unequal treatment from an élite group using every means at its disposal to wriggle out of its responsibilities under the Law. It does so by laying the blame for its own incompetence at the door of all society’s vulnerable groups: the sick, the old, the disabled, the deserving poor and family rearers born into a more responsible and innocent age.

Only British politeness and self-indulgent opposition enables them to get away with this. Do not be deluded: at the rate we are regressing as a culture, the Brexit referendum may yet prove to be the last chance we ever get to have our will prevail.

Yesterday at The Slog: The Twattering Class system on Virgin rail

21 thoughts on “How gratuitous blocking on Twitter is censoring the plain facts of State pension fraud

  1. Yes. Totally agree. Good post. Keep up the pressure, people are noticing although whether relevant decisions will flow is another matter entirely.

    To lighten your misery I relate that in UK I am ex directory and Number Not Shown. Thus when I phone and do not give my number MYSELF there SHOULD be no way the trcipient can call back via 1471 or otherwise.Not so . People still call back but BT say there is now sophisticated technology which can hack into Number Not Shown and still find you .

    So diametrically , far from being blocked , I am being telephonically deflowered!! With BT s eyes glazing over as to a solution !!!

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  2. “By far the most dangerous foe we have to fight is apathy – indifference from whatever cause, not from a lack of knowledge, but from carelessness, from absorption in other pursuits, from a contempt bred of self satisfaction” : William Osler (Canadian Physician, 1849-1919)

    Apt, wouldn’t you agree?

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  3. As per an earlier thread, I still cannot see why some of the latest 70 billion QE cannot be used directly to ease the plight of the WASPIS by honouring the debt to them. These monies would be spent into the economy and mostly recouped to the treasury.

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  4. Twitter, facebook et al are not publicly funded services underpinning democracy – they’re privately owned forums funded by advertising which people can use free of charge or avoid as they wish. The platform owners should be entitled to set any level of censorship, political bias or user blocking they like. The risk to them is that if they get into too much censorship/bias/blocking then swathes of people may simply stop using them so their revenue would dry up. Indeed TWTR shares are currently trading at under half their flotation price since their number of monthly active users is no longer growing much.

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  5. TWTR and Linked-in are those kind of things that are useful to a limited number of people. The type of people called Bradley and Damien and go mountain biking at the weekend. They haven’t quite made it to regional sales manger for a middle ranking drug company but with any luck the Audi A5 is on it’s way. Bit more BS on their Linked-In profile and it’s heated leather seats, as well.

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  6. @Waldgaenger: £70,000,000,000 equates to £1000 for every man, woman and child in the UK. I still fail to understand why it was necessary along with the 0.25% reduction in Bank rate especially as the economy is going like a fairground. The adverse consequences of this move are a dramatic reduction in the value of Sterling (purportedly it makes it easier to export British goods by making them cheaper. But those who advocate such a line conveniently forget that Britain has a high propensity to import raw materials which go into the production of finished products and therefore cost more negating to a degree the so called price advantage that comes with devaluation). And as now being widely reported in the press historically low interest rates are crippling company final salary pension schemes. Finally ultra low interest rates will tempt the government to borrow even mor, building up the national debt and in essence squandering our children’s future.

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  7. Peter the right is no better! neoliberalism is the most illogical form of of economics ever to formed! it breaks every rule of logic going!


  8. I don’t friend anybody or anything like that period from now on … pointless you will probably be some BREMAIN twat I can do without thanks in every sense. This applies to all the MSM I really do leave it well alone now because why waste your time reading lies?

    What I currently find amusing is the continual emails from facebook, same message all the time but multiple times in a day like someone wants you to log on and use it. Can’t be profiled if you don’t use it …

    Even funnier if the MSM actually told the truth now there is no way from me to hear it because I do not particpate in the rest of their lies.

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  9. I don’t believe the owners of Twitter/Facebook have any choice in the matter of censorship, they are given the guidelines and they have to follow them, if they choose not to, it’s at their own peril.
    Their influence on the general public is far to great to give them a free hand.

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  10. ”This seems to me, as a reasonable person, somewhat Soviet behaviour….in fact, a case of baking cakes in a hot kitchen, but not letting anyone else offer a review of the cakes.”

    How appropriate Mr Ward. Just like you on this blog. You do it ALL THE TIME !!
    If you cannot argue or defend , you block.
    you really are a hypocrite of the first degree you little weasel man.


  11. JW

    your experience of censorship – which is what blocking on Twitter was – is where the social fabric of Britain and other cultures comes into contact with the forces that push for TTIP.

    Censorship is something that has to be used with extreme care; the problem is that for a business, it costs money to keep in touch with people. For the individual, it takes time and effort. Furthermore, the problem is that they can’t get their point across… and when they want to get a point across, and the other has a point they want to get across, there’s a problem. They’ll talk at each other for hours – – – but not listen.

    Usually when I’m speaking with someone, I’ll listen very carefully. Then I’ll ask a pointed question that the other person cannot avoid answering.

    The problem is that they don’t have an answer save their single point of view. What usually happens next is that they block me.

    Or worse, start swearing at me.

    Worst of all, they’ll start to troll me. Which adds up to the same thing as swearing, but isn’t as pleasant as being blocked by a person who is oblivious to intelligence. Because intelligence isn’t actually intelligence, it’s the ability to listen and assimilate other people’s ideas. And then reason them through.

    Because when another person’s point of view is unacceptable, the problem boils down to the fact that they’re not listening. That comes to a head when both aren’t listening. That’s when the blue touch paper is lit.


  12. The problem I have with the pension experts who tweet against Waspis is that they are supposed to be professionals and yet the behaviour of some of them, spying on facebook accounts etc., and the way they insult women my age is completely unprofessional. Then they become all bleeding heart and say those of us who may actually be starving should be helped. How humane of them. They also seem to see in black and white, that Waspis are either starving and should be kindly thrown a few crumbs, or are wealthy and blessed with at least one or two mansions. The fact some Waspis left school at fifteen is also mocked and seen as a sign of their inferior intellect when compared with those in the pensions profession.

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  13. Waspi women are ‘mad as goats’ – says the delightful Ms Shaw who is just one of a mealy-mouthed tribe of misogynist women trying to malign and trivialise a whole generation of 1950’s women on Twitter. The irony of the fact that she is a financial journalist for Saga magazine, which purports to champion the retired but which actually seems to churn out endless amounts of useless junk mail, seems to be lost on her.
    Hopefully she will now block everyone except those who agree with her and so become irrelevant. Saga may then wish to reconsider her contract .I for one will not be renewing with Saga again and will encourage everyone I know to do likewise.

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  14. If you weren’t blocked you’d see This account’s Tweets are protected.Only confirmed followers have access to @CashQuestions’s Tweets and complete profile. Click the “Follow” button to send a follow request.


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  16. @stephenroi. Well I did say earlier that the 70 billion might go some way to redressing the wrongs done to the waspis how many of them are there anyway. Also might kick start a citizens income scheme. Would also buy quite a few allotments lol.


  17. JW its not gratuitous it is deliberate. The rebound is just beginning to make sure that social media platforms and the internet itself is peverted and censored to support the status quo and the privileged neocons and neo-liberal world view. There are many others who are now sufferring the same fate and when Soros’s Open Society gets control of the DNS process which is to be privatised in the US later this year then internet censorship and shutdowns of unwelcome sites will become, standard across the Western World. The notion of the freedom the net is but now a shallow myth..


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