WAKE UP: Berlin, NATO, Schäuble and Mogherini are gearing up to use force

mesnip18716Rather more than ‘revised civil defence’ plans are beginning to emerge in Germany. But they reflect broader moves among the EU and NATO communities to ensure that, whatever balloon goes up, they will be in a position to shoot it down. The Slog analyses the five things they think most likely to threaten their power.

I’d imagine most of you saw the rather odd piece at the Telegraph earlier this week, in which it became clear that detailed West German civil defence plans similar to those in use at the peak of the Cold War were to be reissued for the first time in over twenty years.

The Sunday editions of the Frankfürter Allgemeiner Zeitung (FAZ) were given exclusive leaks of the document’s more alarming proposals, which included the advice that all German citizens should have enough food and water at all times in case supplies break down.

The FAZ is Angela Mirakle’s favourite destination for things she wants leaked….the irony in this case being that the last time there was an active fear of invasion, she was of course working for the other side as an allegedly fanatical DDR hardliner.

But the document is explicit in ruling out the fear of invasion by Ostrogoths; it specifically says that ‘An attack on Germany which requires a conventional defence response is unlikely’. Is that really true? Since being told of the FAZ piece last Sunday night, I’ve been doing a little sniffing around.

It seems the idea is not Geli’s at all – although she is very supportive of it. It also looks highly likely that it is an idea that didn’t originate in Germany….but rather, Brussels-sur-Washington. And in the background – as always – are those two much sought-after suspects, Federica Mogherini and Wolfgang Schäuble. Finally, although the civil defence draft says it isn’t really about military defence against invasion, suitably hidden in other documentation is a revival of the need for obligatory conscription.

The truth behind these moves can be summed up as follows: The Eunatoed States of America (and their pointman Mogherini) are still pushing for more organised defence plans against ‘an attack upon EU borders’, but their ideas are kicking at an open door in Germany….for the Bundesrepublik government believes Emergency Powers may well be needed in order to tackle various problems on several levels.

The new German Civil Defence Concept is due to be discussed by the country’s Cabinet tomorrow. It is forecast to focus on fulfilling Germany’s obligations to defend NATO’s external border: but way down in the small print is a proposal to reintroduce conscription.

What’s going on?

The following are not presented in any known order of priority. But they have all been confirmed to me as events Berlin thinks worth guarding against:

  1. Panic and confusion should there be a collapse of the European banking system, with specific reference to the state of affairs at Deutsche Bank. (There is an excellent piece to be found in the New Yorker on instability and criminality at Deutsche).
  2. Agitation by Islamic immigrants and/or riots against such migrants among the indigenous German population.
  3. The potential need to ‘put down insurrection’ in those EU States whose loyalty to the Union is at best uncertain. The countries specified were Poland, Hungary and Greece. (On this particular stick of dynamite, it is alleged that EU, NATO and German security officers are already convening to discuss how such an eventuality might be managed whether or not Russia decides to take advantage of the situation).
  4. The need to respond to a full-scale Russian  attack should a period of isolationism be ushered into the United States.
  5. The need to organise protection against fall-out should Islamists gain access to a portable nuclear or chemical weapon.

Looking at each of these scenarios in turn, their possible appearance as crises are based on known realities

  1. At Deutsche Bank in terms of derivative exposure, and at Italian banks in terms of non-performing loans. Wolfgang Schäuble in particular is being vocal in private on this subject
  2. The known inflammability of the EU’s migrant situation particularly in Germany
  3. The election of eurosceptic governments in Poland and Hungary, and growing Greek resentment* of Troika carpet-bagging in Greece
  4. The possibility that Donald Trump will get into the White House
  5. Concerns being expressed about Islamist fanatics gaining access to US nuclear weapons on Turkish soil**.

    *Sources in Greece are playing back accounts of property seizure there by Troikanauts on a massive scale.  **Just over a week ago, the prominent Stimson Center Think Tank in Washington observed that the US has an estimated 50 nuclear bombs at Incirlik in southern Turkey, about 65 miles from the Syrian border. It referred to them being kept there as “a roll of the dice”.

Not beating about the bush, one could summarise and say that this ‘civil defence concept’ is the EU empire’s blueprint for defending itself against the civilian population

On this occasion, I am very confident that I am not being spun a line. The developments above may be nothing more than sensible forward planning. Unfotunately, they fit a jigsaw picture that has been emerging in Europe now since migration from Syria became a serious issue. George Soros (he’s always in there somewhere) made a fortune last month by shorting the Deutsche Bank share price. After a certain time, shorting any bank on that scale becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. This week, Italy’s PM Renzi and Mutti Merkel have been bouncing about looking confident about the European outlook. It is not what they’re feeling inside – and more and more EU citizens are cottoning on to this.

None of which causes ‘President’ Jean-Claude Juncker to stop pressing hard for an end to national frontiers in Europe. At the weekend he called them “the worst invention in history”. Difficult to see how J-C could make that conclusion fly in the light of mass migrancy. Bu then, you have to make allowances for Juncker: he is, after all, usually anything from pissed out of his mind to fuzzy at the edges.

Yesterday at The Slog: Daily Life among the Twattering Classes

42 thoughts on “WAKE UP: Berlin, NATO, Schäuble and Mogherini are gearing up to use force

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  2. JW

    “It seems the idea is not Geli’s at all – although she is very supportive of it. It also looks highly likely that it is an idea that didn’t originate in Germany….but rather, Brussels-sur-Washington.”

    Thankyou for realizing that the German government is not the seat of all European evil…

    A few days ago, you commented on your dislike of Merkel. That dislike is, at least in part, a reaction to the things she has to do in order to keep her ‘minders’ quiet.

    As in all cases of this kind, it’s not the overt actions of the politician that need taking into account, but the more subtle ones. The ones those minders would miss because of their interest in turning a coin rather than turning people who can turn more coins than banks can – at least, in the real economy.

    My post on the Stadtsanierung is a difficult one to understand, but that is how the American minders view the situation: it’s too difficult to understand. That does not mean it cannot be understood, it just means that you need to understand how Germans think when faced with a problem. The Germans invested in their country and created wealth in a way that confused their American minders.

    Thus it slipped under their noses.

    What else are the Germans doing that only Germans know about?

    (PS I do hope WordPress have switched off their FreedomFries®)

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  3. @Gemma; ‘What else are the Germans doing that only Germans know about?’
    We know that the Germans leave nothing to chance, they will have minutely modelled every scenario, their advice to their people now means they know something and they want their people prepared for it. Question is: What?

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  4. Excellent piece John. I had seen the same German announcement and was puzzled at what they feared. Your piece gives some possible scenarios.

    With regards to the nukes at Incirlik. Zero Hedge last week mentioned they were being/had been removed. Let’s hope so. In any case, there are still supposedly several hundred ex-Soviet suitcase nukes unaccounted for from the 1990s. They may not be battle ready but they could supply material for dirty bombs and some at least must be held by undesirables.

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  5. Also remember that oil prices are far higher than they should be with the amount off stockpiling taking place and rather than cutting production they’re increasing it! it would seem that if only building into their plans serious disruption to worldwide oil production! & to plan this amount means only two things WW or Worldwide economic collapse!
    ps unless planet x is a reality?

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  6. KFC

    Question is: “What? More to the point, would a non-German understand, even if they were told??

    The Americans still think they’re the best (just ask any of them!). That means they can beat Russia any time they choose… perhaps the Germans have added 1+1 to make 2, instead of the Americans’ 11…

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  7. Lampitt,

    what would Greece do without Germany paying for their party tickets, as they’ve done since 2010??

    The Americans won’t like it if the Greeks cosy up to the Russians… they drop bombs on people who do that kind of thing. I mean real bombs, not just economic ones like the IMF/EU used on behalf of the USA.

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  8. Jeremy Stocks,

    the Americans would really love that to happen to Germany, wouldn’t it? Like those EU “sanctions” on Russia that harm European trade as well as Russian trade a perfect double whammy for the US economic figures!

    Turning off the gas really would hurt Germany – and starve Russia of more funds!!

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  9. If you regularly read the serious defense sites you’ll know that there are 50 B61 weapons at the Incirlik base; out of some 200 in Europe.The weapons at Incirlik are to demonstrate the US’s commitment to NATO. However, Incirlik is unusual in that Turkey does not own or maintain nuclear-capable aircraft, and Ankara does not allow the US to fly nuclear-capable bombers to that airbase.

    So the bombs that sit in Incirlik can’t actually be used, or they would have to be hauled to another base first. Romania was asked to store the bombs but declined. They could come to the UK but such a move would be a slap in the face to Turkey and the US isn’t there yet. However offers to share the base to Russia might just do the job.

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  10. Have recently imported one million interesting refugees, what better incentive to encourage the young males to move to a neighbouring EU country than to insist all young males german or otherwise are eligible for conscription……?

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  11. @kfc – In which case a little lateral thinking may be required – I know Germany could find an empty bit of North Africa (lots of vacant space – post dictator removal….) Conscript said individuals to form a new contingent – I know they could call it the Foreign Legion ………Job done!

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  12. Of course to fit in properly in the Bundeswehr the new conscripts will be expected to eat plenty of currywurst washed down with litres of beer

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  13. @Jeremy Stocks – Yep that is a distinct possiblilty and the conscription bit is for security if you start getting blackouts etc.

    The interesting point is as KFC mentions, it is noticeable they are prepping.

    The one point is I think is more important from a US standpoint is Trump is more likely to negotiate a way out of a situation whereas Clinton will jump at the chance of war all paid for and no scruples their and her masters bidding. If anything it actually means they want a warmonger in power (that ain’t Trump) to create the fight.

    It is like atrology, all the omens are aligning to an important event and it is not a star over Bethlehem, a nuke maybe.

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  15. Jeremy Stocks this +1
    “My money is on Russian gas being switched off.”

    This is so likely, given how insult is piled upon insult (sanctions, nato expansion, “abstract” conflicts eg. ukraine, syria) and the Russian Federation being constantly baited.
    Best action?
    Wait for next Ukrainian “situation”, then don’t react, but take a step that catches actors off balance, to make them reconsider their chilly positions.
    Might want to consider on stocking up on a few essentials. Getting cold soon.


  16. Stephenroi

    Not North Africa, but Crete. There’s a huge uproar here in the local press about EU plans to use abandoned hotels, disused training facilities and empty schools as, er, “reception centres” for the refugees the rest of the EU doesn’t want…. You may ask why are these places empty – simple, it was the troika wot dun it

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  17. I suppose, at least superficially, conscription would solve the under 25 unemployment problem. On the other hand arming hundreds of thousands of angry, dissillusioned, disenfranchised young folks may bring its own risks.

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  18. i did wonder how THEY would get us ready for the financial collapse. Clock is ticking regarding ‘state of emergency’……

    i still wonder whether Obama will be superceeded by either Trump or Hitlery.


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