Brexit means Brexit? Not if the Eunatoed States of America has anything to do with it.


Mesnip29616HM Sloop Brexit should be sailing the high seas in search of new trading links beyond the European Union and its dysfunctional currency, economic and fiscal policies. But if Theresa MayorMaynot (and the people she represents) get their way, the less than seaworthy sloop of salvation will stay in port, making only occasional day trips to Ostend. Eight macro events may yet foil the plan to sabotage Brexit, but none of them are going to emanate from the Mayflower crew.

When it comes to Brexit, things seem to be moving along very nicely. If you voted Remain, that is. In just 48 hours, it will be exactly two months since The Historic Shock Vote. This is the current state of play:

  • The woman who acts as Commander in Chief is a Remaindeer. The man with his hands on the purse strings is a Remaindeer. The woman in charge of the security services is a Remaindeer who’s only been in the House for five years. She’s supposed to be working out a points system for immigrants in the light of Brexit. The Commander in chief keeps her in a pocket, under a thumb.
  • The Brexiteers have been given the job of squabbling with each other. Thus far, Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davies are making a fine job of it. To ‘help’ him in his task of securing Brexit, Davies has been given a smaller office with fewer staff than anyone else in the Cabinet.
  • Although it is of course far too early to tell, all the business, trade and employment data since Brexit has been positive; the EU – in stark contrast – faces major political, fiscal and trade crises in Spain, Italy and France respectively. In the light of this, the Pound is falling (what else?) just as all those holidaymakers go away and discover how expensive it is in the US and Europe.
  • Every business medium around the world – with the honorable exception of the Wall Street Journal – continues to treat Brexit as a global economic disaster of inestimable proportions, despite the fact that a first year secondary school kid could do the maths to show that Japan, China and Italy are infinitely more dangerous and immediate problems.
  • Theresa Queen of the Mayflower and her crew have pissed away 57 days during which the official Brexit process has moved forward not one millimetre. Both old and new media are full of trolls declaring Article 50 to be irrelevant, but that is not credible for one simple reason: there is no way a group of control freaks like the EC would have put it in the Lisbon Treaty if there was no point to it. More damning is the complete absence of any logical or halfway convincing reason why the application hasn’t been made. Brexit, after all, means Brexit. Well, so they keep saying anyway.
  • Either way, every time Cap’n Theresa signals to her fleet that Article 50 will probably be triggered around, oooh, March 2019, there’s a leak from the Brexiteers….and then the bumboys at the Telegraph are briefed to reassure the 52% (for we are the 52%) that actually no, it will be done before March 31st 2017. This, as you will know by now, is a date of no importance whatsoever – but nevertheless has an uncanny habit of turning up over and over again.

What’s going on?

Let’s rewind the tape to a Slogpost of January 11th this year, in which I wrote this:


I very rarely write statements as definitive as that, because too often they quickly become hostages to fortune. But it was based on sources in Brussels, Westminster and Washington and the information was solid: you will not be allowed to leave.

There was, I suspect, nothing wrong with the information – which two out of three sources described as ‘common knowledge’. Indeed, the Washington source insists that the emails of a certain H. Clinton do (or did) make reference to the facts as laid out before me.

The facts were right, but my interpretation was wrong. I was, to be frank, a bit thick about what they were driving at: I assumed electoral rigging.

Perhaps that was indeed considered, but then rejected as unecessary – I don’t know. Certainly, the result came as a bombshell in Whitehall, where absolutely zero work had been done on what to do if Cameron lost the Referendum.

However, Our Man in Brussels (not that senior, as I’ve said before) remains unshakeable. And in the last 72 hours, he has reaffirmed what he first told me at the turn of the year: “It will not be allowed to happen”.

Among the upper ranks of UKIP and Tory Leavers, there remains a fatalistic clarity about what will (or rather, won’t) happen now.

Pro-Brexit Tory leadership candidate Leadsom has been suitably scared off, and the Conservative grassroots denied their chance to vote for her. The Blair/Campbell PR axis is pulling out all the stops to get at best lukewarm Remain doubter Jeremy Corbyn ousted as Labour Leader, and corporate stooge Owen Smith installed as his replacement.

Meanwhile, the mini-sloop Brexit sits in dock with its anchor firmly attached to the bottom. And apart from the odd cruise trip designed to give the illusion of action, that is exactly where it will stay.

Unless, that is, one or more of the following events occur:

  1. Donald Trump becomes President of the US
  2. Marine Le Pen becomes President of France
  3. Deutsche Bank finally crashes
  4. The Italian banking system collapses
  5. A Japanese meltdown triggers a rates panic
  6. The Fed gives rates another hike in September
  7. The Dutch vote to leave the EU
  8. Brazil defaults on its debts.

As the Buddhists say, all things must pass, everything is connected, nothing lasts forever. I would venture to suggest that the Pieces of Eight above will sooner or later do for globalist neoliberalism and financialised capitalism. At which point, the EU will be swept away, and Brexit – along with Article 50 – will cease to be issues of any importance.

Stay tuned.

Yesterday at The Slog: troubled causes will always cause trouble

27 thoughts on “Brexit means Brexit? Not if the Eunatoed States of America has anything to do with it.

  1. 1) Unlikely.
    2) Even more unlikely.
    3) Won’t be alowed to happen.
    4) As above.
    5) 50/50 chance.
    6) Won’t happen.
    7) A possibilty but, having lost one referendum, unlikely the same mistake will be made twice.
    8) Probably has the highest chance of occuring but, with Washington’s puppet in charge, can you really see them allowing it?

    Haha, we might have won the vote but,
    we certainly won’t win the day.
    You’re staying in said Obama and the CIA
    It matters not a jot which way you vote
    You might as well fetch your coat
    For the Euro is here to stay.

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  2. The people of Britain did not vote for Brexit. The people of Britain chose between Remain in the European Union and Leave the European Union. The vote was to Leave the European Union, and it is important to use that expression constantly instead of the term Brexit, which might not be interpreted as the same thing a year or so from now.

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  3. The message I am trying to convey is that the EU doesn’t need to tamper with other countries democracies.

    It just tells them OXI.

    Meanwhile, in Germany, neighbouring allotment gardeners enjoy their pride in their nation enough to fly their flags:

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  4. @Gemma they are removing many comments starting to think it is the account that is being censored.

    JW, on BREXIT my whole persona is changing because with realisation comes an overall concept far more heinous.

    I voted BREXIT because I believe any right to vote is worthless in a UK parimanentary election even if 90% all voted the same way because the UK parliament gives precedence of sovreignty to the EU superstate and what we have been getting. As more powers are gifted to it and an appointed EU commission with worthless nodding MEP’s dogs = NO VOICE.

    Think on that for a second, had 2 weeks to mull it over because they refuse to issue article 50. So what is the new concept and on that I am becoming radicalised, getting angry daily, bitter twisted … define a slave please … a person with no voice to alter or adjust the ourtcome of their lives.

    So now quote the vote as the “UK government knowingly and with support of all BREMAIN followers intended to sell me into slavery”. Fighting and dieing becomes the preferred ideology to combat slavery.

    This vote on BREXIT was maybe nothing to do with the EU, it was to establish for the UK elites an Orwellian government for with that any vote no longer has any worth. Sadly for elites the truth is out about what our sovereignty is a champion against slavery.

    Stress and anger is rising here … May (being BREMAIN) needs to realise if you intend to put a populaton into slavery you might want to declare war first none of this terrorist bullsh%t.

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  5. The globalists are desperate to get the interlocking treaties TTP and TTIP in place that give the pan-national companies and banks more control over the countries signatory to the treaty. Because they are called ‘trade treaties’ the right wing politicians who are unable to read more than 3 pages before their lips get tired, all support them. The left wing parties all support them because they have built in sustainability and ‘carbon taxes’; the bankers support them as they helped write them and they will make shedloads from the duped politicians. The ‘tribunals’ set up by the treaties will have real global power over countries that makes the European Commission pale into insignificance.

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  6. As the oft quoted Eagles lyric says “You can check out any time you want but you can never leave”. As I have frequently commented the decision to have the, deeply divisive, referendum was hubris on steroids and will change nothing. Any deal we get will look so much like being in that you’ll wonder why you bothered. My two pre referendum predictions still stand. 1. No money will be saved. 2. Immigration will not be cut.

    The deal we get will be negociated by the City of London, assuming there is still an EU to withdraw from in 2020. Brexit means Brexit is just so much tautological nonsense. Leaving the EU is impossible and it was designed that way. Leave all you like you’ll still be in. This may be an unworthy thought but I wonder how many in Brussels would like to repeat Greece but with the UK as the subject?

    My apologies if I have urinated on anyone’s bonfire but there you have it.

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  7. @Ian W – “the right wing politicians who are unable to read more than 3 pages before their lips get tired, all support them”

    The imagery invoked, which is marvellous by the way, describes to a T our local MP in East Devon. His efforts to get TTIP up and running before everything goes tits-up have been positively herculaean … although his constituents rarely see him at all. Mind you, he did send me – at public expense – some weighty HoC library bollocks about the dangers of leaving the EU when I wrote to him outlining my concerns about the possibly deleterious effects of remaining within a bloc which rivals the Mafia in its heyday. And now – apparently – a knighthood beckons. Ye gods and little fishes …

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  8. Mrs May is just like a big wet piece of mud. Alright for stability. Try and do anything and you get stuck.She will achieve little. and screw up anything she tries to do apart from cut costs.

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  9. @ Ian W
    From what I have understood to date, TTIP will give unlimited power over international trade to US corporations. If that is correct, we are already seeing how it plays out without TTIP. For example, Americans do not have to pay VAT so they can sell products to EU customers at prices EU retailers cannot get close to because we DO have to pay VAT. In theory, any imported product should be subjected to both customs tax and VAT but, in practice, customs officers neither have the time nor the desire to bother with all the paperwork for imports under a certain value.

    The benefit of that to EU consumers is that they can buy at much better prices from the US so they will. The downside is that doing so will kill EU businesses although it will likely only affect small businesses. The loss of these businesses translates into increased poverty and unemployment. Either way, US wins and we get shafted!

    Of course, the above is just one example. There will be many others that will have catastrophic effects on the citizenry here and their apathy will ensure that it all comes to pass.

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  10. KFC Not sure the WP thing isn’t just incompetence a lot of the time.

    btw, all causes lose in the end, so WW really was talking out of his wotnot on that one.

    Bill 40 sometimes the truth involves urination. Don’t apologise.

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  11. Johnnie.B.Good,

    Regarding the VAT:

    VAT is levied on US made products when sold in the EU just the same as ones made in the EU.

    A person/company buying US made goods pays VAT at time of imports (plus any duty that may be applicable). The VAT then passes on down to the retail purchaser in the same way as with any EU sourced good.

    US goods don’t have the advantage you mentioned.


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  12. Goods imported by post with a declared value of £10-15 attract no attention as to V.A.T. or Duty from Customs. I think that the permitted level may even be slightly higher.

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  13. JW

    If it’s incompetence, JW, it’s a very carefully planned and executed incompetence.

    Sometimes it’s a word, sometimes it’s a website… take that out and WordPress works just fine.

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  14. As the forces of globalization dig in because their undemocratic motives are becoming more apparent even the clueless will start to awaken. Overt repression of the masses will then be necessary because they cannot (or will not) un-ring the global debt fueled bell.

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  15. Magnum,it will be our money and our decision where we spend it. The EU is using our money to decide where it spends it. It’s not their money in the first place. That is a basic fact.

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  16. Brexit will never happen! Pop into the future and see if it has progressed any after 5 years. And by the way did anyone ask the remembrancer if an exit from the EU was permissable?

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  17. I think the people might surprise you all.
    -Especially if the Brexit politicians keep pushing the message.
    They basically have to continue the campaign until we have actually left.
    There are enough forces trying to stop it from happening, but the great lumpen mass of the people, once roused, are hugely greater than everything else. And roused they are becoming.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see most Remainians come around to the Brexit way of thinking.


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