He wants your corporate loyalty 24/7, your savings, your pension, your citizen benefits, your home, your car, the clothes off your back, and your soul


“I had a recent brain scan – am waiting for another, medics are querying – re a rare degenerative brain disease. I am 61 worked all my life paid full stamp like many other ladies who are hardworking honest members of society. I have done voluntary work and during my working career help to nurse terminally ill patients in a Hospice environment.

Receiving my pension at 60 instead 66 would have taken the financial strain away – feel I have to keep my stress levels now under control, trying my best.”

Sally, Cheddar Gorge


“I inherited my aunt’s 100m2 retiree corner flat but I can’t possibly afford to live in it, since the inheritance tax is fixed by Troika at €72,000 – payable in 12 monthly doses of 6,000. So I have to sell by Feb 1st – if I can. If I can’t sell I lose it, and the Troika grabs it. It’s terrifying…with €80 to get through the month I am struggling to keep the electricity going at least to show buyers.”

Kalliope, Athens

While obscenities like this take place, calm debates are had about six figure bonuses at failing and already bailed-out banks, multi-billion dollar global businesses pay net tax rates of 3.2%, eurocrats retire on €360,000 pensions, and the Labour Party works hard to overturn an overwhelming vote in favour of the existing leader…using the medium of Owen Smith – a pro-austerity chancer who wants to negate the accusatory votes of Labour heartland Brexiteers, and was a Blairite about the Iraq War.

The European establishments have failed us. The British political Party establishments are now ironically  whoring with each other to stop us escaping from this failure.

mesnip18716Waspis, Nurses, Junior Doctors, Teachers, Care Support workers, beat coppers and army squaddies: do you still think there is the remotest chance that Whiteminster and Brussels are here to help…or simply get in your way here, there and everywhere?

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