GLOBAL WEALTH TRANSFER: if this doesn’t make you weep, it could well be you have some bits missing.


He wants your corporate loyalty 24/7, your savings, your pension, your citizen benefits, your home, your car, the clothes off your back, and your soul


“I had a recent brain scan – am waiting for another, medics are querying – re a rare degenerative brain disease. I am 61 worked all my life paid full stamp like many other ladies who are hardworking honest members of society. I have done voluntary work and during my working career help to nurse terminally ill patients in a Hospice environment.

Receiving my pension at 60 instead 66 would have taken the financial strain away – feel I have to keep my stress levels now under control, trying my best.”

Sally, Cheddar Gorge


“I inherited my aunt’s 100m2 retiree corner flat but I can’t possibly afford to live in it, since the inheritance tax is fixed by Troika at €72,000 – payable in 12 monthly doses of 6,000. So I have to sell by Feb 1st – if I can. If I can’t sell I lose it, and the Troika grabs it. It’s terrifying…with €80 to get through the month I am struggling to keep the electricity going at least to show buyers.”

Kalliope, Athens

While obscenities like this take place, calm debates are had about six figure bonuses at failing and already bailed-out banks, multi-billion dollar global businesses pay net tax rates of 3.2%, eurocrats retire on €360,000 pensions, and the Labour Party works hard to overturn an overwhelming vote in favour of the existing leader…using the medium of Owen Smith – a pro-austerity chancer who wants to negate the accusatory votes of Labour heartland Brexiteers, and was a Blairite about the Iraq War.

The European establishments have failed us. The British political Party establishments are now ironically  whoring with each other to stop us escaping from this failure.

mesnip18716Waspis, Nurses, Junior Doctors, Teachers, Care Support workers, beat coppers and army squaddies: do you still think there is the remotest chance that Whiteminster and Brussels are here to help…or simply get in your way here, there and everywhere?

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12 thoughts on “GLOBAL WEALTH TRANSFER: if this doesn’t make you weep, it could well be you have some bits missing.

  1. I was born in the UK into a solidly Conservative environment 75 years ago and more or less remained centre-right for 50 years. I still think some sort of mixed economy is best for production but the system of income distribution that results from this creates very little social justice.

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  2. This is how it breaks down in Greece.
    Once you evaluate the tax value of your share of the inheritance, you can obtain ownership of your share only after you pay the inheritance tax, or after you have formally agreed to pay several installments in the future.
    Although several laws apply in different cases, depending on the time of death of the deceased, the inheritance tax system for those who died after 1 Jan. 2003 is the following:
    The surviving spouse does not pay tax for an inheritance that has a tax value of up to 300,000 euros. This applies as well for children that are below 18 years old.The children that are above 18 years old and the parents of the deceased do not pay tax for an inheritance share that is worth up to 20,000 euros of tax value. They do pay inheritance tax 5% for the next 40,000 euros of their share, 10% on the next 160,000 euros of their share and they pay 20% on any amount after the first 220,000 euros of tax value (20,000 + 40,000 + 160,000 euros).
    Grandchildren, grandparents, brothers and sisters do not have to pay tax for the first 15,000 euros of tax value, they do pay tax 10% on the next 45,000 euros, 20% on the next 160,000 euros, and 30% on any amount above 220,000 euros worth of inheritance share.
    Other relatives, apart form the above categories, and those heirs who have absolutely no relation to the deceased, do not pay tax for the first 5,000 euros of their share, while they have to pay 20% on the next 55,000 euros, 30% on the next 160,000 euros, and 40% on any amount exceeding the first 220,000 euros of their share.


  3. I would think Kalliope could auction off the property and pay the appropriate tax on whatever she made rather than the tax on an arbitrary evaluation. However things could be different in Greece. God bless the U.S.A.


  4. And the Greek government, like the British government, allows its richest companies to get away with paying no tax…

    … and guess who has to pay???

    … I know Germany is the bad boy, but they ARE the bad boy because they TAX THEIR CORPORATIONS!

    Albeit that since the USA swiped VW’s profits this year, VW won’t be paying so much to the Bundeskanzelei for a while…

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  5. “I had a recent brain scan – am waiting for another, medics are querying – re a rare degenerative brain disease”.

    I did think you were opening with a quote from Hillary Clinton for a moment.


  6. Why is it that trannies like Annabelle think that their intelligence can be measured in inches???

    My impression was that intelligence is found at the head end of the body… ah! I see my mistake. The head end of the membrum virum is what men like ‘Annabelle’ mistake for their own cranium.


  7. Oh to the darling buds of May and article 50, onward for BREMAIN refusing to acknowledge you cannot do anything to stop the behaviour of the EU in Greece.


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