At the End of the Day

A reality check for SPA victim Waspis

mesnip18716Think of this as a PS to the last three days spent at The Slog. Establishing the human, economic and fiscal realities of appalling Government Establishment behaviour towards its more vulnerable citizens is not enough.

This time of year is a busy period down here. Herbs, fruit bushes and productive nut trees have to be watered, ripe fruit collected and frozen, hedges hacked back before they take over, new tree-saplings protected from the more anti-social activities of deer, and a dozen other pottering garden activities. 1.3 hectares is a lot of garden.

As a result of this, I didn’t have time to ‘market’ (that is, promote) this morning’s Slogpost about the broader context in which Waspi exists….that is, as one of thousands of deserving causes and at least eight examples of cynical Ministers picking off the vulnerable in order to make them pay for past mistakes made by the Whiteminster amateurs.

Promoting a piece means mailing MPs and hacks, writing at least 50 tweets to involved parties and posting on facebook…while answering a combination of email, facebook and twitter messages about links or sources. Then monitoring the Slog’s comment thread while answering genuine points made about specific posts.

So I thought tonight it would be constructive to offer – with zero intended condescension – the benefit of my 35 years spent in the communications business.

At the outset, it’s important to get across one simple fact: the awareness of the SPA reform scandal in general and the Waspi campaign is particular is tiny.

The reason for this is the same one that spells out the hypocrisy of the politico-bureaucrat class when it says to Waspi women “We told you this was coming”: it takes a lot of savvy, excellent contacts plus a shedload of favours, time and money to establish one’s existence as an issue. Add to this the agenda of a media set largely owned by those who would rather ignore your existence, and you get at least a basic grasp of the size of problem faced by any victimised minority group.

Waspi members and others facing destitution due to pension ‘reform’ have spent most of the time since their establishment being led by well meaning but utterly naive (and on occasions, neo-fascist) leaders. This situation has now been exacerbated by the at times risibly controlling and self-obsessed behaviour of their inner sanctum. At times, quite frankly, the inner Executive has been little different to Nazi fanatics like Goebbels and Bormann convincing Hitler in his final Bunker that rescue is at hand; others – it seems to me – have been quick to suggest capitulation as if they might be so many soldiers of Mussolini in 1943.

I don’t apologise for the age of those analogies, because I’m heading towards 70 and they still mean a lot to the generation you represent. I merely present to you these stats from my own social media sites over the last few days –

Monday post actively promoted: 2334 Slog hits, over 1,500 Twitter retweets and 1,067 Facebook shares.

Tuesday post unpromoted: 518 Slog hits, 34 Twitter retweets and 14 Facebook shares.

That, ladies, is reality.

Only three things really count on social media:

  1. Capturing the attention of high-follower individuals and getting them to comment and/or RT.
  2. Capturing the drama of the issue with new information that taps into a genuinely dormant but strongly held opinion
  3. Cooperating with other similarly victimised crowds.

Or put even more simply, fame, news and sheer weight of numbers.

On an average day, The Slog gets around 8,500 visits.

On the Chad Evans rape issue – the bloke is an arsehole, but he didn’t rape anyone – the Slogpost about it got over 546,000 hits in one day, and has been viewed overall since January 2015 by 960,000 people.

Reasonable people – male and female – in Britain feel very strongly that false accusations about rape and paedophilia are being routinely made by zealots and conniving tabloid owners.

Very few Brits feel strongly about SPA reform victims. 9 out of 10 of them don’t have the faintest idea what Waspi stands for, or the specific issue it’s trying to raise.

Stalls, anthems, action days and demos are good things to do, and those who organise them deserve our support.

But these are the elements that get media attention in 2016:

Chaos + Political threat + Police intervention + Inventive interface + jail sentences

I don’t approve of that: I merely record it as a fact.

And I am not encouraging violence. I am, however, suggesting that titillating the media through acute embarrassment of the Establishment must now be the weapon of choice if you want justice.

Theresa May is a privileged Oxbridge graduate who has made an overt statement on coming to power: she has further downgraded the Waspi cause to being a minor irritation beyond the attention of the Cabinet. She has delegated the ‘management’ of it to a Rookie who’s barely started shaving.

Ladies, you need to:

  • Coordinate local activities into national news events
  • Reach out to other bullied minorities in order to create a solid front of Opposition
  • Make a bloody nuisance of yourselves until the élite wakes up.

Good evening, and good luck.

In order to better understand the background to this post, please visit an earlier one here:

The broader consequences of pauperisation

19 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. I was going to ask why the British government is as undemocratic and unfeeling as the Nazis… but you answered me before I could post a comment ;-)

    I mean, after all that printed money… propping up wealthy bankers… and there isn’t enough to maintain their decency to those to whom they have a duty of care? It sounds like the American banks who came to Europe to tell people that they weren’t going to honour their side of the contract…

    … you know the one. The contract where the assets were actually worthless…

    … but the American banks couldn’t take the rap, could they? So we had to suffer a depression instead of them.

    Just like the British government can’t take the rap. So Waspis have to suffer instead.

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  2. Sussexwino,
    WASPI – Women Against State Pension Inequality. If you haven’t been following John’s pieces (where he has on different occasions used the expanded form) I recommend you read them.


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  3. Why bother about starving old ladies when we can watch people running/cycling around in circles and doing things with sticks and balloons. The 30 minute gnus the other night, 15 minutes on the aforementioned Olympic ‘Heroes’ and 14 minutes on some Spanish manager of an English Balloon kicking team…
    Panem et circenses, at least the Romans put on a decent show, not a little girl riding in circles on her little tricycle.
    We still have the paras and the winter games to go…
    Keep up the good work.

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  4. JW speaks of Naziism, which if looked at carefully, is actually corporatism. That is to say, putting the corporate bodies – like Ford in Germany, whose owner, Henry Ford was given a medal by Hitler for his support of the cause. In a like manner, corporations are now undermining the democracy of the US and UK. Remember it was the US who was the major supporter of Hitler’s Nazi Party. Now we know why.

    But of course, America is the land of the free. Just try telling any American it is anything else and you are in for the kind of ear-bashing you would have received from a dyed in the wool Nazi. Albeit that the latter may have used his hands to bash your ears. Nevertheless, the impact on wider democracy is the same: do as we tell you or keep quiet!

    Because if you don’t, they will shut you up. Which is what seems to be happening in Philadelphia, Pa…

    Please note that WordPress also suppresses certain topics, as witnessed in past postings from me. This is called freedom of speech in America, and Americans will make a lot of excuses for this because they believe that it really does protect the little that’s left of their freedom.


  5. @Gemma; Yes WordPress does, I found that if you try to post an article/link which has appeared in a jounal related to Wall St,, it censors you! I believe there are other things it doesn’t like as well but, I’ve yet to narow them down.


  6. Gemma, while what you say is true…Wall Street also funded Communism, so maybe it is just a case of the satanic banksters backing both sides to enjoy the ‘sacrament’ of the carnage and a tidy profit. Remembering, that Godless Communism in the 20th century killed more people than anything else in History. Stalin was our ally and accounts attribute the deaths of 100 million to him and as a bonus, half of Europe was put under tyranny and nukes pointed at us for 50 years.
    So, I think you should give up trying to play the ‘good guy, good guy, w*nk’ game.


  7. I say again ,a few hundred WASPI women need to land somewhere on a UK shore claiming asylum from a despotic regime.


  8. Lampitt
    Aye, put them in Burkhas with loose fitting robes and we might give them a second look if the managers are watching us.


  9. Theresa May and James Brokenshire.
    Couple of inexperienced pretend clowns. They want us not to catch them.


  10. Ikidu0

    “Wall Street also funded Communism”

    Ever heard of “The Trust”? It was set up by, I believe Trotsky. It was brilliantly aimed at defrauding the Western powers. It was set up to look like an anti-government party, which naturally, was secret. Many countries, including Britain, paid enormous sums into it, in the hope that it might overthrow communism.

    It was Sidney Riley who put paid to it. That wasn’t his real name, but it’s the one he’s most commonly known by. He also inspired Ian Fleming to write a spy story… the hero of which was based on a certain flamboyant character.

    Having said all that, it’s entirely possible that the Wall Street bankers were funding one party whilst their government supported another! A twist like the CIA funded ISIS fighting the Congress funded New Syrian Army…

    But then again, Ford did invest in inter-war Russia, establishing the GAZ plant. The US government later transplanted the entire Studebaker lorry production line to central Russia in the mid 50s… hence Russian built Studebakers on the Ho Chi Minh trail! The Americans overflying VietNam were horrified to see American trucks supplying the enemy!!


  11. Gemma: “Wall Street/City of London financiers used their banking institutions and their industrial enterprises to help finance and sustain the Bolshevik Revolution. Soviet industry during Lenin’s Five-Year Plans, both through finance, technology/industrial transfers and technical assistance. Continue to build the Soviets throughout the entire Cold War, through the same kinds of deals. This included the Korea and the Vietnam eras, during which American troops were being killed by… Western-made Soviet equipment”.

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  12. @BAHQ Yes I believe we have 7500 miles of coastline and 3 border control vessels but Italy has 600 vessels for 4500 miles of coastline


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