Will the latest Ipsos Mori poll finally penetrate the Establishment’s hidebound ideology?

mesnip18716If your goal is to achieve the greatest fulfilment of the greatest number of citizens in society, then rigid Stalinist denial of reality will never get you there. Yet another piece of quantitative research just released shows that systemic ideology ignoring the wiring of our species will produce only a vale of tears. The Slog reports.

The background

Perhaps, like many people, you are creeping about from day to day feeling guilty about having a negative view of uncontrolled immigration into your country. You may be Hungarian, or Polish, French or English. You may be Singaporean or Romanian.

You could be entertaining doubts based on the potential harm to a culture you love. You may simply feel there just isn’t any more room in your land. You might be thinking, “We’re almost bankrupt as it is, so how on Earth are we going to house and provide welfare for new people?” If you’re over 60 – and a bunch of bare-faced, robbing pols just took six years of your pension away with two year’s notice – you’re probably wondering why the Government seems to care more about new arrivals than it does about stalwart senior citizens.

Now, the ‘progressive’ regiments – those with such a high self-regard, they dub themselves ‘good’ to suggest that any other outlook is ‘bad’ – will be very quick to inform you that your views are nasty, bigoted, unnatural and sufficient to render you unrepresentative scum.

Sadly for the anti-empiricist Establishment liberal-Left, yet more research has just been conducted to prove them – as usual – completely wrong.

The News

A new study – by Ipsos Mori – shows that in 22 countries across the globe, over twice as many citizens are opposed to immigration as  those who are for it.

To be precise, a negative view of immigration is shared by 45% of people. Only 20% see immigration as a positive thing. The sample size – just over 16,000 – leaves almost no margin for error.

In Italy, France and Belgium, the anti figure is 60%. All three are major players in the European Union, whose official line is that immigration is A Good Thing.

What’s the learning behind the News?

  • The first learning is that the Establishment’s opinion leaders aren’t learning anything from four decades of enforcing their bad science on everyone else
  • Social anthropologists have been showing – through field studies – over much of that time that the enforcement of liberal myths is dangerous, in that it hands the advantage to rabble rousers like Geert Wilders and Donald Trump
  • There is a very real and consistently observable difference between immigrants at odds with the host culture, and those who aren’t. The latter integrate quickly and – on the whole – with minimal unpleasantness
  • The biggest single flaw in the multicultural social model is that it refuses to accept the recurring unwillingness of extreme ideologies and religions to adopt the mores and values of the host culture. Ethnicity and nationality are red herrings: the problems begin when an oil culture collides with a water culture. Be they Nazis in the 1937 Sudetenland, Muslims in 1945 India, the IRA in 1970s Ulster or Jihadists in 2016 Brussels, the end result is always the same: murderous atrocities
  • The persistent attempt to brand the indigenous rejectors of alien cultures as racists, fascists, Nazis (and other casually applied boo-terms) will in the end produce the collapse of every deaf élite that follows this foolish path.

It is not and never has been my aim to set one gender, ethnicity, age band, sexual orientation or social class against another. Nevertheless, I am bound to point out that it suits the soi-disant progressive tendency to treat every migrant culture as equally assimilable….and thus, every opponent of over-demanding migrant extremism as a catch-all bigot.

A few people in Parliament – like Kate Hoey, Dennis Skinner, David Davis and John Redwood – are wise enough to realise that the aurally challenged Establishment lives in a hermetically-sealed bubble. They regularly defy the Party Line when it is at odds with the voter’s common sense.

But they are a tiny (and shrinking) minority.

Of course our legislators should try to lead by example when confronted with herd bigotry. And many brave MPs did this in the 1960s and 1970s to decriminalise homosexuality, catch the Kray Gang, oppose Wilson’s Uriah Heep support of LBJ, jail City spivs and attack some brutal trade union tactics.

However, there is no courage whatsoever involved in traipsing into the voting lobbies day after day to support the hypocritical and ignorant snobbery of Tim Yeo, Harriet Harman, Boris Johnson and Dianne Abbot.

I support Jeremy Corbyn because his heart is genuinely with robbed pensioners, the struggling disabled, constitutional freedoms and exploited youngsters.

But his rigid “no limits on immigration” will prove to be just one more millstone dropped onto the Labour Party spine; the one, probably, that renders it paraplegic.


49 thoughts on “Will the latest Ipsos Mori poll finally penetrate the Establishment’s hidebound ideology?

  1. The problem with immigration is in part, Europe’s exploitation of what was called the Third World. Then came America too. What with its Empire, Britain was the leading party in this kind of exploitation – the kind of mercantilism that the British blame Germany for today.

    Take a look at Rhodesia – as was – who cared for the blacks? Who thought of educating them beyond being able to write their name and count on their fingers? My point is that if the British – and at the time, it was primarily the British, what with their world dominance prior to WW2 – had invested in the local populations instead of exploiting them, they might have been able to develop something of a local economy.

    Even in the ’80s the Whites were going to bed wondering if they would be murdered there… and whislt it’s not in the news, it is still happening. Even in SA. The inequality between the whites and the blacks in terms of opportunity is still a large one – and the so-called Marxist education of people like Mugabe led only to their wanting to aggrandize themselves. Which made the problem worse.

    So much for the background in one instance.

    Had the British and the French invested in those countries education, there would be a lot more activity to keep the locals employed. Sure, Europe would still have its lure, but to a far lesser extent. An interesting side-note here is that in the times of the DDR, those who wanted to flee into the West were largely from the areas where you couldnt pick up Western TV or Berlin TV. Those who could see the news from the West knew what it was like…

    Education is the key.

    Today we have the USA bombing places like Syria back into the stone-age (well, the Russians put a stop to that, at least). The cause of those refugees – ten million and more, several million in the EU – is directly linked to the US strategy of “behave or we’ll bomb you!” One has to ask the question: why spend all that money on bombs to destroy a country when a tenth of that money when invested in education would achieve a level of economic contentment in Syria. A country that before America tried to teach it democracy, had relatively high standard of living.

    When Britain and France still had their colonies, the wisest thing they could have done was to establish the foundations of an education system and a sensible economy.

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  2. So I’m living in a somewhat softer more luxurious version of the old Eastern Bloc, with an official ideology based on shite that most see for what it is but daren’t challenge (or can’t find a worthwhile assembly-point to do so at) for fear of ruin, hospitalisation or jail. Tell me something I didn’t know.


  3. “I support Jeremy Corbyn because his heart is genuinely with robbed pensioners, the struggling disabled, constitutional freedoms and exploited youngsters.

    But his rigid “no limits on immigration” will prove to be just one more millstone dropped onto the Labour Party spine; the one, probably, that renders it paraplegic.”


    And let’s be clear why Labour had so much immigration – the majority of which was from outside Europe i.e Africa and South Asia: to break conservative Middle England and ethnically gerrymander permanent majorities for themselves. If you don’t believe me, that dolt Trevor Phillips had the stupidity / kindness to write it down for us: http://quarterly.demos.co.uk/article/issue-3/537/

    That and an wholesale attack on a culture – that of the English – that it despised.

    These ideas had been kicking around on the Left since the 1970s but it was when the old Eurocommunists turned neoliberals of New Labour made their pact with the devil (global capital) that the scheme could be dusted down and given a new lease of life.

    It’s grotesque and must be reversed. Those who have no legal right to be here should be deported forthwith and those who don’t like the host culture here and who wish to change it should be invited / encouraged / coerced (whichever works) to try life elsewhere.

    It’s possible that if the tax havens can be cracked open and the details of all the endemic fraud and corruption which causes people to leave the developing world for Europe could be revealed and those places can set about rebuilding themselves, then situation could naturally go into reverse anyway.

    Either way, I don’t care. Labour has changed my city beyond all recognition and I expect someone to deal with it.

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  4. Sprinter, they did have colonies, until the British swiped them…

    … your beloved Brits are b*stards when you’re not in earshot.

    Did you know that Germany never repealed its slavery laws? Do you know why?

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  5. Emma, let’s talk facts, not opinion…. You mentioned SA as an example so let’s take a closer look at the facts on Black education there, particularly during Apartheid.

    South Africa had 4,8 million whites and 18,2 million blacks in 1987. The whites paid 77% of the taxes and the blacks only 15%…despite this…56% of the government budget was spent on blacks.

    Since 1970 the budget for black education was raised by about 30% per year every year. More than any other government department.

    In the period 1955 -1984 the amount of black school students increased 31 times from 35,000 to 1,096 000.

    65% of black South African children were at school compared to Egypt 64%, Nigeria 57%, Ghana52%, Tanzania50% and Ethiopia 29%.

    Among the adults of South Africa, 71% could read and write (80% between the ages 12 and 22). Compare this to Kenya 47%, Egypt 38%, Nigeria 34% and Mozambique at 26%.

    In South Africa, the whites built 15 new classrooms for blacks every working day, every year. At 40 children per class it meant space for an additional 600 black students every day!!!

    In 1985 there were 42,000 Blacks at 5 universities in South Africa, about the same amount at the universities of the homelands.

    Unique to SA was the medical university of MEDUNSA. Here the whites trained black medical doctors, dentists, veterinary surgeons and paramedical personnel to world class standards…at full state costs. About 200 black medical doctors were
    qualified here every year.

    So how does education stand since ‘Independence’….. A mere 22 years ago.

    Schools burnt down by pupils. Universities set alight, violence and destruction of property and intimidation of individuals.

    Education materials never delivered to schools.

    Whole budgets misappropriated.

    Pass rates lowered for university entrance.

    Pupils striking to demand they pass Matric, even if they fail.

    Teachers unpaid for months.

    And it goes on and on.

    Contrary to popular opinion, it is not always the fault of the white man!

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  6. Gemma, Sorry I misspelled your name in first reply.

    Gemma, Have you never read up on the history of Namibia? South West Africa as it was then. Have you read about the slaughter of the Herero and the Nama peoples. Where 3/4 of these tribes were systematically wiped out by the Germans between 1904 and 1907.

    The Brits never swiped SWA, they were at war with each other. A single British gunship sailed into Swakopmund, fired a salvo of shells at the shore and the Germans immediately surrendered. Hardly ‘swiping’ it is it?

    How do I know these facts, simples, I lived there for nigh on 30 years.

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  7. Gemma,

    As for the other German colonies in Africa, Togo, Cameroon and German east Africa, I suggest you read up on the League of Nations Mandate as set up after the First World War….

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  8. The more I see of the infighting and how unrepresentative the UK politicians have been shown to be since BREXIT the more I realise that democracy no longer exists. With it you can junk all law and reasonable decisions so if somebody in the far right decides to move violently against the far left I am going to have popcorn and laugh.

    This Tim Owen, labour, pontypridd, vying for leadership of the Labour party. Just remember Labour voters you vote for him you are accepting the EU superstate where your vote effectively counts for f%ck all and yep you are giving up sovereignty in full and any future self determination for you and your kids. This was always on the cards for 40 years but not one of them and not Tim Owen will ever debate it and what it means for the future of the poorer UK citizen. No you did not get to decide how the EU would turn out because you were purposefully excluded from the process hence the no democracy be design.

    You would have to be an idiot to vote for labour now if you voted BREXIT, but coming out of that working class group myself I realise most of the Labour f%ckers are idiots anyway. Somewhere along the line they will have to tell 17 million people you will suffer and endure whatever you are handed and be no more than a slave with no voice.

    Time to reject all family members who voted BREMAIN I do believe on the no democracy point.

    JW, 300,000 a year, 1,000,000 a year, 10,000,000 a year if the EU citizen cannot elect the commissioners this never ends until populations revolt because they are the ones making the decisions. The balkanisation of Europe is in full swing and in 30 years it will be a powder keg of factional infighting with no democracy to bind it.


  9. ….”I support Jeremy Corbyn because his heart is genuinely with robbed pensioners, the struggling disabled, constitutional freedoms and exploited youngsters….”
    Unfortunately he has NO answers to any problems. He is happy to mumble sweet nothings daytime, holding on to leadership ambitions for dear life, shag the mexican bag and draw his fat salary.
    Jeremy Corbyn IS the problem.
    Is this the best we can do?
    Armchair scribblers and wafflers are breaking Great Britain.
    You have the takers – Brexiteers, can do nought for a job, screw the tax payer lot.
    Then you have the genuine British patriot with lots to GIVE. No, they don’t LIKE the eu, but we were in, and should have got out 20 years ago. Now, we have set ourselves back 20 years. Only fracking, tidal, solar and wind combined has ANY hope of saving this country.

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  10. I think, people, that Andrea is a little upset. I wonder if it would help if she talked to somebody about it.
    You know, as opposed to shouting at everybody.

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  11. Inscrutable journalists and unqualified politicians ARE THE problem.
    They create out of thin air IDEAS, then sit back and deny responsibility when they fall flat on their face.

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  12. Immigration will become a more pressing issue when the economy starts to shrink and unemployment increases. With another Minsky Moment in the next 18 months, we haven’t got long to see the real consequences so uncontrolled immigration when the native and immigrant populations compete in a declining market.


  13. Joe Blogs

    Thankyou for your reasoned response. So let’s get this straight: The ZA government spent 57% of its taxes on 81% of the population, that is what you are claiming, right?

    And there was me thinking that a government should serve all citizens equally! Does something smell in the state of Denmark?

    Are you suggesting that because the rich pay more taxes in ZA that they should reap the benefits – in the manner of the banks in the City of London who pay a little tax and get massive help from the British government? Because that is what it sounds like to me.

    In your comment you mananged to express the problem for South Africa: the divide. It’s like “Black Lives Matter” in America – a group of white luvvies who like the idea of black people being like whites. The problem is that Black people do not want to be white, they want to be black. What they do want is respect from the white peoples. In America or Africa!

    What they want is opportunity.

    What they get are closed doors.

    Because you are right about the education spending in South Africa. You give long litanies of how good it is, how more children can read and write in Soweto than they can in parts of Los Angeles… but don’t you think that 70% of the population being able to read and write is a little low by European standards?

    You see, when people like you spoke to me about South Africa when I was at uni, I would mention that the blacks – under Apartheid had the best healthcare in Africa. It would make little difference to the English: the Afrikaners were wrong to impose Apartheid…

    The real problem is implicit in the things you speak about, Joe Bloggs. When 71% of the population can read and write – is it any wonder that they rise up against the oppressors as they did in Soweto in the Afrikaans riots? The people who wish to escape the drought and poverty of Somalia (not forgetting American aid in the form of terrorists and bullets) dream about a better life in Europe. They know that Europeans will always need cheap labour, and there will be opportunities for the children.

    What they don’t realize is that the labour-saving devices means there is no more ditch digging to be done, no more road sweeping… it’s all done by machine.

    My point still stands: we need to invest in third world countries, give them a chance. What we do not need is an America that bombs them back into the stone age. Or an Apartheid government that could only achieve a 71% literacy rate… with all that this implies by way of lack of opportunity.

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  14. Joe Bloggs i was going to let Gemma answer but the maths are so bad i could not go without saying i in 1987 the South African population was 32,93m people not 23m you proclaim,maybe you those 3 :,000’s after 1,096 is false since using your figure if the whole population attended school class sizes they would be under 23 on mine 32 and we know the whole population wasn’t at school because you mention the university places numbers,& if your 40 pupils per head was right would mean school places for a population of nearly 42m people(sounds like some kind of fraud was taking place 10m extra place on the whole population) although by 1990 the population had risen to 35.2m,i don’t and won’t split them into colours.
    As for turning taxation into a % figure ,well that has i’ve proved time and again this is very misleading since it doesn’t take into account the wealth held into account so approx 25% who own 95% of the wealth paid 77% of the tax so approx 75% who own 5% of the wealth paid 23% of the tax,(i think m being generous in given them 5%) ps you don’t mention what colour skin the people make up the missing 8% of tax that if whites paid 77% and blacks paid 15% maybe you weren’t trying to be racist here!

    So thank you for explaining!

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  15. Back in the 80’s an advisor to the old Welsh office told me once , that there is no point of protesting or complaining to the political class until 15-18 months out from an election because they are not listening, pass that time gate and there ears will prick up when their jobs are at risk.
    So Corbyn needs to do two things first he needs to attack the government and try and limit some of it’s dafter ideas and he needs to come up with some really good ideas as to how to move on from neoliberal economics. On no account should he broadcast these ideas until within 6 months of the election to stop other parties stealing them.
    I am listening to the Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy on R4-ex and what he really needs is that girl in a cafe in Rickmansworth to come up with a great set of ideas before the Tory constructor fleet sells off or destroys what’s left of GB limited.


  16. the ghost,
    If you used proper grammar and correct punctuation I would find your posts a lot easier to read. As it is, I’m sure a lot of salient points get lost in your posts which just appear to be a morass of words.


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  17. Dearest Andrea
    I’m sad to discern that your inner cranial disturbance has spread to your eyesight. All the answers I suggest to all these problems are available under subheads at the Home Page. You get to the Home Page, oddly enough, by pressing ‘Home’.
    Oh, and by the way, goodbye.

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  18. David C am sorry you find it hard to follow but appreciate that you do! am dyslexic and from a early age my writing and sentence forming has been atrocious ,!often eligible,I’ve been to private tutors,specialist including speech and numerous others who have tried to help,i even understand what they tell me!but unfortunately unless a have a permanent editor ,i learned to spell from football teams Cry Stal(l) Pal lace has soon as i write & i think about it it just evaporates,where were we’re,there their they’re sentences has soon has someone shows me were i’ve gone wrong i get it!until a write again ,so i have a choice be quite or write,i stayed quite for long periods of my life and immersed myself in sport and other activities and read little!but once i had children and married i needed to improve! to help particularly my son who had aspergers ,have been locked away myself for most of my life,i was able to unlock his potential! he started in the 3rd tier at secondary school and in 5 years progressed to leaving with the most GCSE in the school in the the hardest disciplines,Physics,maths etc! ,took 5 A levels and got a 2-1 in theology & philosophy ,something that with my writing ability was never possible(even though i understand it quite well),my daughter is at the royal conservatoire of scotland but her English A level was the best marks in her year for the whole town! So i decided that it was time i wrote my thinkings down,(& found this & other sites to do so) i decided that rather than be reading others who had less to say or were plain wrong in what they say,i find if nothing else am far less frustrated (unlike the readers of my comments) than at any time ,so i intend to carry on regardless,& i am really sorry i can’t make it clearer for you! but my editor is in Glasgow most of the time and to busy!

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  19. Gemma,no matter what the statistics are/were,,places like S.Africa and Zimbabwe are in a damn site worse off state now than they were under white rule. We gave Zimbabwe to a nutter dictator who true to form did the tribal thing and stole and destroyed everything. Thats how Africa works. One tribe comes in and steals the other tribe’s cattle.You could throw all the money in the world at Africa but until the mentality changes ,nothing changes. Black idiots are appointed to companies because they are black. Companies are forced to have black idiots on their boards. Its racism but because its perpetrated by blacks gets ignored.

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  20. Gordie, just because I state a few facts does not mean that I agree with them.

    There are a lot of things you do not know about black people, what I will say is that if you want organization, choose a Blanke.

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  21. Gemma your arrogant pig ignorant German attitude stinks. I have watched while you churn out your hatred of the UK and it’s love of democracy. I have watched as you have defended your Nazi heritage. Your stinking German attitude is destroying Europe, but as history tells, you do not understand. The day of reckoning will come. Shame on you, shame on your racist arrogant German ways
    Yours forever Greece.

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  22. Greece

    Now if Britain had a love of democracy, the world would have no need of the Slog to bring it to your attention.

    Just because the Amercian banks choose to blame the Germans for the things the American banks did to you guys does not excuse your words. All it shows is that your prejudice is as great as the one you accuse me of.

    I am ashamed of people like you who see corporate dictatorships like the UK as being “democratic”.

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  23. Greece How many aliasses do you use? You and your wierd pornographic friends seem to have a fetish for liking the things I say…

    No wonder Greece was so easy for Goldman Sachs to dupe into the Eurozone!

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  24. I would prefer it if a lot of your avatar contributions were more sober and respectful.
    My profound writings are to be taken seriously if you please.

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  25. gemma

    I told you not to talk like this in public.
    Just sms me like you used to.
    I booked your train ticket for the last weekend in August.
    Bring some condoms luvvie because I had an idea ;-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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  26. Take a look at Rhodesia – as was – who cared for the blacks?

    Gemma- during the colonial period (1900-1980) the black population of Rhodesia increased by approximately 600%- which is hardly supportive of your claims about a lack of duty of care on the part of its white colonial overlords


  27. Old Mark, the reason for that population growth was largely due to the introduction of maize to replace sorghum. Its much increased yield meant far more food to go around.

    The duty of care – as you put it – is not a matter of growing the population, but of educating and caring for them. That was not done!

    Oh, dear! A Gemmy troll and a Johnny troll!


  28. John, could it be that the establishement/liberal left are just following an old script set out in the Coudenhove-Kergi plan for a United States of Europe (I am indebted to a poster on this blog for bringing this to my attention). This specified that the heterogeneous nation states of Europe were to be abolished by misegination fuelled by mass immigration from the middle east and Africa resulting in an easily controllable rootless population with no national affiliations.

    This easily controlled population of consumers to be ruled by an enlightened elite for their own good. I think that it was our own dear Mandyson who said that he thought the days of reperesentative democracy were numbered. He also admitted that New Labour didn’t just throw open our borders but actually went looking for immigrants. They wanted to gerrymander electorates but also “to rub our noses in diversity”.

    I don’t think that international conspiracies can last for near a century – but a set of ideals can and the present realities point to this The ideals of our ruling elites are far out of whack with those of the populations all around the world. Thankfully more folk are waking up to what has been done to them (partly through the efforts of such at the slog). The anti EU awakening is spreading across Europe
    albeit little reported in the msm.

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  29. Guess that’s The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan down the pan then. ☺

    Who wants to be all the same?
    The beauty of the world is that we’re all different.


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