Hillary Clinton’s health: an issue of media trust, and journalistic objectivity


In the wrong hands, the camera is a psychopathic liar

mesnipUsing lies to foil the ambitions of those who seek public office is the territory of Alastair Campbell, Lynton Crosby, Lord Mandelson, and All the President’s Men who helped install Dick Nixon for a second term. I have no idea who was originally behind the internet attempt to create doubts about Hillary Clinton’s physical state of health, but the obvious falsehoods should be repugnant to all those of a genuinely democratic bent.

There is no gentle way to write this, but it needs to be put upfront in this post: I think Hillary Clinton is a gone-native State Department nutbag, and her profoundly corrupt husband a good ol’ Southern Sleazebag all-round sex pest. To me, they personify everything loathesome about right-on hypocrisy.

But right is right, and wrong is wrong. And two wrongs never, ever make a right. There is the Good Lie you tell your kids about Christmas, or Mummy and Daddy splitting up, or to your Dad about his Alzheimer’s: these evoke magic, or spare feelings – and involve no personal gain. But the Good Lie in politics, social policy, climate change debate, economics and journalism is, itself, the biggest lie of all. Brecht was a totalitarian prick, and that’s all there is to it.

Across the blogosphere and around the global web, there is a building narrative trying to suggest that Hillary Clinton’s physical health is poor.

For myself, I suspect her mental health is destitute – but that’s just an opinion, and I am not a shrink. By contrast, I’ve spent a fair proportion of my day today trying to stand up the story of her ‘failing health’. It is, dear reader, a straw in the growing wind of media distortion.

There are four key shots being used to suggest that the Hillarybilly is turning into a paraplegic MS-riddled basket case. Every one of them is a real shot made counterfeit by missing out the reason why Clinton needed a helping hand from aides who suffer from nothing worse than good manners. She’s the same age as me; each and every day you could follow me around as I potter about in the garden, and ‘prove’ that I am physically incompetent.

The idiotic ‘truism’ feeding this fiction is, “The camera does not lie”. Actually, the camera has been lying from the day it was invented. And in these dark days of photoshopping, an image can be set up to show something that never happened. The camera led Conan Doyle to believe there were fairies at the bottom of the garden. It led Russians to believe that Trotsky was never a senior Politburo member. And in 2016, it can be used to suggest that Hillary Clinton suffers from seizures.

The main ailment from which she suffers is being untrue to herself. Spreading untruths about her health only serves to further obfuscate reality.

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32 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s health: an issue of media trust, and journalistic objectivity

  1. I’ve also seen the various websites making these claims about her health.
    One thing I did think though was this.

    If she DOES have a health problem then surely the blonde gob would not have been able to resist shouting off about it by now.


  2. I thought that her health issues revolved around the reason why she suddenly stopped being the USSOS and handed the baton to John Kerry.
    A serious aircraft crash in Iran (or Iraq), in which a fellow passenger, a Navy Seal, died.
    The resulting “blood clot” on her noggin and documented corrective eyewear, to correct the double vision caused by a distressed nerve pathway at the rear of her skull and then there are the recent indications of fits whilst out on the road.
    She has a minder that carries medication, who has also been heard to coach her at the lectern at rallies.
    The crash happened.
    The rest fits.
    Hah hah, I crack myself up.


  3. Can Hillary Clinton give a straight answer on emails?

    I noticed this paragraph …

    Media fact-checkers have offered harsh reviews of Mrs Clinton’s
    response. The Washington Post gave it four “Pinocchios”, its
    lowest rating. Politifact labelled her statement “pants on fire”.

    I really like the idea of “Pinocchios” as a rating unit.


  4. Peter – she’s doing a ‘Bruce Grobellar’ – other than that she’s an inveterate liar which has been known to cause health problems, often for others!


  5. She probably needed a helping hand to climb up those stairs because she’s somewhat overweight, physically unfit and wearing heels, though as the French would say: “elle est bien conservée pour son âge”. Rumours are flying around like confetti on each side to denigrate the other, perhaps because – to quote NPR – they can’t remember an election involving two such disliked candidates.


  6. I am disappointed to find out that the evil psychowitch is not going to die soon.

    The sooner the better. For the US and the UK.

    Of course, it makes no difference because, in the US it does not matter which stoog sits on the throne. The clans who put her there decide policy.

    As the officially approved candidate she is a shoe in.


  7. The camera does not lie. My grandparents are shown to be the models of beauty that I have inherited.
    That the camera ‘lies’ is a convenient excuse for many visual or mental conditions.
    It is the ‘PHOTO APP’ that lies, and the delinquent user trying to deceive.
    Even your own photo above has been tampered with…..

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  8. I agree with JayDub. killary may possibky be ill but outward signs are not in any way significant. The odd flashes
    of ” odd” behaviour have been seized on and videoclipped at nauseam on alternative medua sites . I would not be surprised if this was a false flag op getting her coming back stronger and normal in the final month to ( sadly in my view) blow Trump away. A sort of political version of Mohammed Ali s ” rooe a dope” trick.

    Like Doubting Thomas I will not believe she is ill until she is seen having a prolonged seizure or epileptic fit or collapsing on stage and carted to ER.

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  9. ABingKingdom
    And my God, these avatars get more up themselves with every week…
    The picture I use is not tampered with in any way. I can vouch for this, because I was there.
    Hillary’s “seizure” is a trick she uses to engage journalists, by looking bewildered when they all talk at once. She’s been video’d doing it on four separate occasions, and it always gets a laugh – which is what she wants: “I may look like a frigid robot, but I’m nice really”.
    There is no physical evidence whatsoever that her medic is carrying anything other than the usual emergency supplies.
    She needed help getting up the steps because three seconds before the shot she went over on one of her (very high) heels and fell awkwardly. As a cross-dresser with decades of experience, I can vouch for how easy it is to do this when you’re 28, let alone 68.
    Every contheorist and his mother is barking up this tree, but the truth is much more terrifying than the conspiracies.
    The problem is that, compared to her, El Trumpo is the side of a barn even Cat Ballou could hit from two yards. And yet and yet….he IS the only non-élite axis candidate.
    What a mess.

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  10. The reason for these stories is obvious. Insulting the parents of a man who died for the US in military service has finally shown that Trump has the emotional maturity of a toddler. His ratings are collapsing. The Republicans know that time is running out for them. By the time they replace Trump as their Presidential candidate, it will be too late. Clinton will have too great a lead and the Republicans will be too discredited.


  11. @ JW .

    If that s really you and not a clone/avatar troll then please !!… too much information!!

    The fact you have been a criss crosser sorry a crossdresser since 28 is totally extraneous to this thread ( even if the context argument is invoked).
    Thank you ……


  12. I understand that I have no means of determining whether the woman is truly ill or not, faking or sick in the head.
    I also recognize that her “heavyweight”, “close quarters”, “life coach” minder, may or may not be a medic, because I’m not one of his bosses or work colleagues, so what can I say?
    Therefore, when someone says, “There is no physical evidence whatsoever that her medic is carrying anything other than the usual emergency supplies”, I say to myself, “Wow, ………..”


  13. I don’t care about clinton, i don’t care about trump. The video is not a joke made by clinton. That much is obvious.


  14. Having watched the video posted by Perer C above, I have a couple of concerns;

    1 why would a serious politician trying to secure the most powerful position in the world fake an uncontrollable spasm.
    2 the lady reporter in the background looks visible taken aback and says ” are you okay”, this was not faked

    FWIW, In my opinion the lady has physical / medical problems to augment her psychopathic tendencies.

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  15. I must disagree, but only based upon training to assess patients. Medical personell are trained to observe a person and determine if they are in distress, first. They look for physical and psychological stress. They try to determine if the patient is in eustasis or distress. If symptoms are out of normal ranges, then look to other indicators for each of the observations if they find something out of the ordinary.
    We are talking about a person that has sustained serious injuries that involve head trauma and a continuing blood clot/thrombosis that often require the use several drugs to maintain eustasis. Now we get to where only the pro’s can assess. WE don’t have her medical history, so we can’t make anything but observations.
    If we fall back solely on observation, there are signs of sudden uncontrolled motion that she may not be able to control on her own, and sudden rigor and aphasia. But the question is, are they from the previous trauma, or the treatment?


  16. I see that Pat Cadell, a Democrat and Jimmy Carter’s old pollster, has questioned the validity of the current opinion polls, showing Trump is behind.

    Not only is Trump dominating social media, but thousand – tens of thousands – turn up at his rallies, whereas Hillary can only get dozens.


  17. Sunday 9/11
    Hillary leaves ground zero early.
    She does a tasteless impression of WT(C)7 before being carried into her transport, sans shoe.
    Strangely, she seems to freeze and partially do the Bruce Grobbelaar again.
    Fortunately, daughter (C)helsea has a residence nearby.
    Hillary emerges later full of beans and meets with/uses a small coloured girl, out on the sidewalk, effectively dodging the media for a few meaningful seconds, just as she has been doing consistently for 250+ days.
    The woman is clearly lacking stamina and could very well be unfit enough to rule her out of the race soon. (Unclassified)
    It doesn’t take a medical qualification to figure this out.


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