BREXIT: With Theresa Mayormaynot in power, the fight for freedom from EC fascism is far from over.


69% think she’s a Brexit-lite collaborator

mesnipIn the US, in Britain, in NATO and in Brussels, the fight goes on to forget the UK’s Brexit Referendum that gave the global élites the ‘wrong’ answer. From Nicola Sturgeon and Article 50 onward, new Prime Minister Theresa May has been happy to create obstacles and drag feet when it comes to full-on Brexit. The Slog reminds what’s left of the sane electorate that the fight for real self-determination goes on.

The News

Several international news sites and leading European press titles spent much of the weekend and the last two days pumping out veiled threats from the European Commission about how they have “red lines of their own” in what they would want Britain to agree to in order to get a trade deal with Europe post Brexit.

Bloomberg News – a rabid globalist, trade-blocist, anti-Brexit donating business ‘news’ site – has just completed a “study” in all the EU States….aka, they asked their journalists to compile an EU wish-list. Their conclusion this morning is:

‘…several countries including Germany, Portugal and the Czech Republic insist that the U.K. adhere to rules on free movement of labour in return for access to the single market in goods and services…’

Theresa Maniac, David Davis and the general Mayflower crew are going to find ‘scant support’ for what they want out of Brexit, Bloomberg concludes.

The Reality

At the risk of sounding like the late and unlamented Prime Minister David Cameron, we need to be very clear about what the real balance of power is here.

Some UK trade points are salient

  • The UK’s trade with the EU has been falling in 2016 prior to Brexit. This is because the eurozone is a basket case in terms of economic activity. Trade with Asia, by comparison, was up a whopping 41%.
  • Yet again, our trade deficit grew….and the main culprit was the EU in general, and Germany in particular.
  • Britain’s export trade is now 56% outside the EU, 44% inside it.

Some more general facts also bear consideration

  • Since the June 23rd referendum, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, India, South Africa, Russia, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Brazil have all welcomed the chance to increase their trade with the UK on the basis of lower-than-EU tariffs.
  • Anti EU feeling is on the up in every major EU State, most notably the Netherlands and France.
  • The Eastern EU States are completely at odds with the EU’s migrant policy.
  • There is political stasis and growing opposition to Brussels in Portugal, Spain, and Italy. Greece is hosting a ClubMed Conference with a view to “radical reform”.
  • Capital flight from the Eurozone continues to grow – despite being serially hidden by the ECB. The ECB itself remains at loggerheads with the German bundesbank.
  • The future of the euro itself remains in doubt, and debt bond yields in the ezone are starting to climb again.
  • Although I in no way approve of the methods being employed to achieve economic growth, the UK has now strung together 14 consecutive quarters of positive gdp figures. All of them were higher than those of the eurozone, and this year to date, Q1 and Q2 in the ezone have shown slowed rates of growth.

The idea that the EU – a political, fiscal, financial and economic mess – is in a position to dictate “red lines” to a departing member (from which it makes in fees and trading profits a cool £18 billion per month) is beyond ridiculous. It is a mad assertion of which Josel Goebbels would’ve been proud.

The story behind this ‘news’

This is the latest attempt by the neoliberal Big Boys’ élite to suggest that real Brexit from the EU is a fantasy concocted by amateur nutters. It is more gob with which those on the Mayflower can audibly suck their teeth, shake their heads, and mutter, “This is going to be very difficult, do we really want to do it after all?”

Every week, it becomes increasingly obvious, to those of us who are awake, exactly what the Mayflower crew’s unwritten strategy is.

  • Allow Article 50 to be dismissed as an irrelevance, and thus slip off the public radar. Given that Lisbon A50 is the centrepiece of clear and controlling EC attempts to make itself eternal, it is an insult to the intelligence of the electorate to suggest that it simply “doesn’t matter”.
  • Allow the Osborne austerity lunacy and global econo-fiscal dead end to start having an effect, and so increase jitters among the already struggling populace.
  • Blame everything that happens on Brexit, using the good offices of every UK press title from the Mirror via the Guardian and the Independent to the Daily Telegraph….with help from just about every US news site – and of course, the BBC and Channel Four.

While it amuses me to watch the Guardian so unswervingly supporting a Government it loathes – and the monkeys at The Independent supplying a daily dose of LOL drivel – the UK Establishment is clearly (and rapidly) reestablishing its control of the EU/Brexit narrative. And that amuses me not one iota.

An online study conducted for the Daily Express is currently showing that 69% of voters think Theresa May’s objective is a ‘Brexit lite’ in which we remain, effectively, prone to being pulled under by the Titanic, while also under the control of insane worker freedom of movement, fiscal and subscription rules of the kind that might stem the increasing rise of exit sentiments across the EU.

As The Slog averred on June 24th, winning the Referendum was the easy bit. Stopping any backsliding on real freedom from the sucking quicksand of the European Union is going to represent a daily task of refutation, radicalism and protest for the next three years at least.

From an earlier Slogpost: The Referendum win was a battle – this is still a war

48 thoughts on “BREXIT: With Theresa Mayormaynot in power, the fight for freedom from EC fascism is far from over.

  1. With Brexit, Britain is in pole position to sign its rights away under TTIP!

    Not forgetting CETA…

    Has Britain ever had a government independent of US interference in the last century???


  2. I wonder how many of the 17 million people who voted for Brexit would willing pay £1 to create a fightiung fund to ensure that those currently in power and nominally in charge of negotiating Britain’s exit from the EU actually makes Brexit happen before the next General Election?
    How much more powerful the £1 donation would be if accompanied by each donor’s pledge to vote for an independent* candidate at the next election if Brexit fails to materialise.
    *Independent in this context means someone who has never before stood for election or has been a member of any one of the thoroughly discredited political parties….

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  3. Let’s get the language right.

    Under WTO rules, unless the EU imposes sanctions on the UK, we, along with the rest of the orold has access to the European market whatever the EU wants or says. Sure, they can impose a tariff of up to 10% of the value of those goods (there is no ‘free market’ in services) but let them. Let’s see who the losers will be. There’s a big market out there ….outside the EU.

    The argument isn’t about access to the EU market at all. That is a given. So don’t argue back on THEIR construct. It’s, as usual, bullshit.

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  4. The UK parliament is sovereign and takes precedence over everything.

    Do not look for the traitors elsewhere … look to the current set of BREMAIN MP’s sitting in parliament that if they chose to they can just tear up the Lisbon Treaty and the other constitutional doozy that no parliament can bind a future one.

    So lets also be clear, if the UK population is made to suffer because of intentional EU / US actions then the BREMAIN UK parliament is also again traitorous in not doing what is best for its population.

    ROCK – STONE – HARD PLACE then for the UK parliament, it is a crisis in that they are being seen to not represent all those souls that voted BREXIT. In fact they seek to chain those very souls every one of them that voted out.

    As for the elites wrong answer! Reckon it was far, far higher and they fraudulently created loads of votes but not enough. For that constitutional issue we need to treat them like Erdogan did as coup traitors to remain in the EU.

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  5. I believe that our government should invoke Article 50 as a matter of urgency and that Mr Cameron should have done so immediately following the Referendum result. Instead he abdicated his responsibilities and went on holiday. There are those who say that we should only invoke Article 50 once we have the negotiating plan in place and in an ideal world that would be a clever thing to do. We don’t live in an ideal world and as this article explains, the longer the delay in formalising our exit from the EU the greater the danger that it will never happen. Article 50 should be invoked and at the same time an extension to the two year negotiating period, that Article 50 provides for, should be extended; although I don’t see why we can’t exit within 2 years given the world close brains that we employ in our Civil Service.

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  6. Politics is a game of softly catchee monkey as we all know.
    Its about gathering the facts, weighing up the military win factor, and then timing. Timing dear boy.
    If its not winnable, delay for the next PM to deal with and collect pension etc.
    I leave that to the politicians while I get on with my wonderful everyday and screw the taxman even more in my cash business.

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  7. Only fracking will save this country.
    You cannot trust anybody to do any job properly today. Look! The arabs can do it, so we’ll be next.


  8. Yes, we’re now a nation of multicultural plebs always blaming another for our own mistakes.
    Nobody can fix it. Its TOO LATE. No escaping the facts.
    Starting at the top. Cameron, Osborne, Corbyn….yes, complete utter imbeciles telling US they KNOW BEST!


  9. We should thank the Govenor of the Bank of England and the MPC for implementing, in my view, an unecessary cut in Base Rate causing Sterling to tank. How long before the C21st “Special Needs” MSM blames this on the vote to leave? I never understood how a country like the UK which needs to import a significant amount of foodstuffs, energy and raw materials benefits from increasing import prices resulting from a devaluing pound……


  10. Gemma
    The last German Government ‘independent of US interference in the last century’ was, um, Adolf’s. Yes?
    But I thought that earlier you told all of us here – your disciples – that America tried to buy him the election?
    Setting aside the minor issue of me never having seen a shred of evidence to support that claim, could you tell me if Germany is today free of US influence? And either way on that point, how you feel about it?
    I confess to being utterly confused by almost everything you’ve threaded over the last 48 hours.

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  11. John Ward

    You begin by saying: “The last German Government ‘independent of US interference in the last century’ was, um, Adolf’s. Yes?” No! Hitler’s government did what the Americans want Merkel to do: look after their corporations instead of the people of Germany. That is to say, do what Britain has to, under the thumb of a government that has the impudence to call itself democratic. Do please remember that Adolf Hitler gave a medal to Henry Ford – that much is at least allowed on the net, because so few are interested in the machinations of the corporations in our world. Ford was supplying the Wehrmacht, and profiting from the Third Reich.

    Now as to your accusation: “Setting aside the minor issue of me never having seen a shred of evidence to support that claim” I will counter this by saying that evidence needs publishing in some form. The US is expert at either hiding it, as they have done with the Diaries of Tony Crosland, or burying it in the manner of their “freedom of information act”.

    If you want evidence, you are looking for things that the Americans can tamper with. You will not find it.

    It is possible to reason things through for oneself without evidence – but it implies that one knows the difference between the real and the imaginary. Sir Isaac Newton is praised for being able to see all the colours in white light – yet if you look at the sun, allowing that you do so with a degree of care not to blind yourself, all you will see is white light. If it is darkened, say, of an evening, it will appear yellow, orange and as it is darkened by the atmosphere, red. Goethe was right, Newton was wrong. But Newton did not know how to discern what he imagined from what he saw, because he imagined white light to contain all the colours – because he could ‘split’ light through a prism. Goethe showed this as an effect of the action of a prism on light – that is not the same thing as saying that white light contains the other colours. More here:

    “could you tell me if Germany is today free of US influence? And either way on that point, how you feel about it?” There was a joke, a few years ago where Merkel was texting someone. Obama in modesty, looked away. But in the caption, he said “I’ll get a copy later”.

    As to how I feel about it… I left Britain because it is a place which has lost its democracy. You allude to this, but never speak it out loud – perhaps because you harbour a dream that Britain can become a democracy? I lived in Germany, discovered what a real democracy is like to live in, and was shocked by the intransigence of the ordinary Briton to the wrongdoings of their government. Many of which you have detailed.

    As to “I confess to being utterly confused by almost everything you’ve threaded over the last 48 hours.” The comment I posted about Hitler’s rise to power got seven likes – the only person to have got more in recent times is Lizzie Cornish with her comment about pensions. If a comment gets seven likes, that implies that there are people who understand the things I say. If you are not one of them, that cannot be placed at my door. It is the likes of Mr Hoechveld who cannot understand what I speak of, and therefore must ridicule it. I am glad that you only criticize me, that at least shows a degree of honesty.

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  12. I would commend John Redwoods Diary July 13th , “How to write a letter using article 50 . Clear and logical , no need to make it complicated.


  13. A reminder -presuming a previous Slogpost was correct:
    “….from March 31st 2017 – a date just nine months away next weekend – Article 50 will be subject to the dreaded Qualified Majority Vote (QMV)…that is to say, we will have to persuade a total of 14 EU Member States to support our decision to leave.”
    Cue much dragging of feet…

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  14. Lots of cracking comments on here today! Article 50? Not Kosher! Therefore maximum flak in the Media.
    Seems like our PrimaMayo could be susceptible to pillow talk? Hubbies family background is Jewish. Feher, Hungarian. Then there is the theory that one cannot be a top banksta if you are not Zionist. (Not all Jews are Zionist, not all Zionists are Jews) GolemMan Sax comes to mind. To support Gemma, Iohn I think you may need to research the financial connections of Hitler, the dots have already been joined….. The US Bush dynasty (real name Scherff) doshed him up, amongst others. Use of Anglicised or different names is commonplace, eg, The Donald is really Mr Drumpf. Gilad Atzmon, ex-IDF, has written a great book, “The Wandering Who?” which helps goys to appreciate some of the complexities of being Jewish. And just to stoke things up….. that Barry Bathhouse, queen of the Chicago stews, the gay Pressy with the tranny missus, is a sham US bloke….like the Scherffs. But the spooks in Blighty dare not reveal…… he is a Citizen of the UK and Colonies, the East African Protectorate! The bit that became Kenya. Oh well, that Mrs Queen of ours is Kosher, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. If my comments fail to provoke debate, one last try….. The Holohoax! A very profitable numbers game? Strange that in our cosy Common Purpose
    world, the Holomodor is ignored. Better look that up before giving me a kicking.

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  15. Rosstradamus,

    thankyou for your thoughts and interesting position on certain issues. I’ll start with Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. This is a conversation from my book, because the union of the House of Hannover with a minor principality like Saxe-Coburg-Where? It was not well thought of, and Prince Albert was never made king.


    “Saxe-Cobourg und Gotha,” says a younger man who has just arrived and has placed his right hand on the back of Grey’s chair. “King Luis was second cousin to our dear departed Prince Albert.”
    “Really?” spurts the baronet, “have you been reading The Argonaut too?”
    “No,” replies the newcomer, “only that my…”
    “You need a magnifying glass to find Saxe-Coburg on a map,” Grey interrupts loudly. “It is a tragedy of no small order that such a union with the crown was ever considered. It was no small relief that he was kept a prince.”
    “But he was the king of Portugal,” says the baronet.
    “Do you know where Portugal is?” asks Grey.
    “I, er, it’s…”
    “Precisely my point, you’ll need a magnifying glass to find the importance of Portugal.”


    As to the holocaust, it did happen. It doesn’t matter how, but it’s the sort of thing dictators get up to. There is a holocaust – call it a genocide if you will – perpetrated by the Americans. It was the fire-bombing of Western Germany. Quite how many millions of innocent people lost their lives is not known, but there are no memorials, and little by way of mention in the history books. I will add that democratic governments do not drop bombs on others, leave alone fire-bombs which have one purpose, and one purpose only: the destruction of houses.

    Bomb industries if you must – but if you are to have any democratic credentials, leave the civilian population alone.


  16. On Merkel representing the German electorate –

    I must say, I have doubts.
    1.) Germany continues to be a militarily occupied country.
    2.) The ‘Merkel Plan’ re the migration issue is known to have been drafted by Soros’s organization.
    3.) The increasing popularity of the AfD party indicates that migration is indeed a controversial issue, one the electorate needs to be asked about in time, not years later when election times comes.
    4.) Merkel’s performance on the EU level – i.e. running the EU instead of working on building consent – annihilates any goodwill – in other words: soft power Germany may have gathered after the tragedies of WW2. Hatred for Germany stemming from ww2 has not fully died down in Southern Europe. And here comes Merkel and her team sucking all lifeblood out of Greece, with the rest of Southern Europe also being at risk… This, if anyone thinks mid- to long term cannot, under any condition, be beneficial to the people of Germany.
    5.) If you equate Germany with corporate owners, still, migration as a source of cheap labor is – I am sorry to say – a lie. My work for the past 12 years has consisted of bridging cultural gaps, harmonizing cultures at corporations based on sociological research. Also, I lived in the Middle East for 4 years, and traveled there quite a bit. I can assure everyone: only rare exceptions can make it.

    The migrant issue is an excellent case for studying who Merkel represents in her actions, because it is a major issue, one that requires responsibility in handling, since once the masses of migrants are in the EU/in Germany, the migration will not be possible to undo, especially not without tragic bloodshed. So whatever Merkel happens to say, looking at it from my corner of the world, it appears that she is fundamentally against the interests of her people.

    Democracy has many levels – some may function better than others. On the Merkel level, the German people have been sold out.

    I do wish it were otherwise.

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  17. Hello John. Perhaps people would be less fearful of Brexit and loss of access to the single market if they realised that trading with the EU under WTO rules is a perfectly viable option. The principle of non-discrimination means that WTO members must not treat any member less advantageously than any other: grant one country preferential treatment, and the same must be done for everyone else.

    There are exceptions for regional free trade areas and customs unions like the EU, but the principle implies that, outside of these, the tariff that applies to the ‘most-favoured nation’ (MFN) must similarly apply to all.

    In 2013, the EU’s trade weighted average MFN tariff was 2.3% for non-agricultural products. This is an average figure and the EU tariff on cars, for example, is 10%.

    Bearing in mind the 10%+ depreciation of the GBP following the referendum it can be readily seen that an average trade tariff of 2.3% is just not that important.

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  18. And here comes Merkel and her team sucking all lifeblood out of Greece, with the rest of Southern Europe also being at risk… This, if anyone thinks mid- to long term cannot, under any condition, be beneficial to the people of Germany.

    And you have just mentioned a certain Very Rich person who organized it all… he won’t have done this on his own, will he? There will be others who profited from it… or had reason to see Merkel demonized. Just remember who got Greece into the Euro – against Germany’s will. The Brussels bureaucrats were the good cop to Goldman Sachs’ bad cop.

    And you go on to say “Hatred for Germany stemming from ww2 has not fully died down in Southern Europe” which is what the American banks are employing via the media to hide the things they do… the money Germany pays to Greece doesn’t stay in Greece: it travels to privately owned banks, many of whom are US banks. They are like vampires, draining the lifeblood out of Germany… and all the time, Germany gets the rap for doing the very thing the banks are doing!!

    The migrant issue is an excellent case for studying who Merkel represents in her actions

    Or to see the media publishing things that do not do her any favours… she does stand for Germany, and has done so through several elections.

    If there is one thing to note, the number of migrants on the streets has much reduced since last year. Housed and sheltered, but not allowed their freedom, Syria without the American-funded terrorists, will seem a nicer alternative. Without the Americans to interfere in that country, Syria can build itself up again.

    I hope.


  19. oi luvs it when yous have all the answers. Yous the only woman whot I know talks butch like a man.
    Are you on sumthing special love?


  20. Yeah I know that the Germans really elected Von Hindenberg in 1932 but he did Hitlers bidding with the Reichstag Fire Decree and the rest they say is history. You can put your right hand down now.

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  21. Bill Casso,

    Germany did not elect Hitler. How many times do I have to tell you guys???

    Whats more, the bombing of a city with no strategic value like Dresden was an act worthy of a Nazi government… one that cared nothing for the civil rights of citizens. Oh, one just like Britan’s government today, don’t you think?

    I’ll add that the firebombing was undertaken at the time when the population of the city had been swollen by refugees fleeing the Soviets. That meant the terror inflicted would easily be doubled…

    … it’s the sort of thing one expects of a British government that is democratic in name only.

    It’s the sort of act one would expect of a Nazi government… not the nice one portrayed in your media.


  22. Oh, dear, my trollikins is back. I wonder if it’sJohnson wearing a schoolgirl’s frock?

    Because when some poor bloke is lost for an answer, there is always impersonation close to his hand!

    If only they knew the truth about how they appear…

    “Is that man really wearing a bra under his shirt?”

    Because my little troll doesn’t want to be seen in public either, and the internet is the perfect place to hide!


  23. My take is that Article 50 will be deferred until the mists have cleared a little. Timing will be all. There is a good argument that rushing it will be counter-productive. Depends on whether a Brexit inspired economic Armageddon hits the UK or EZ first, or even if it does at all. My instinct is that all sides are playing for time, to see if the EZ banking system dives before TM blinks.

    It seems that printing money still has short term powerful effects.

    Finally, I think we have had two or three generations of supine politicians and officials all drinking the EU vino. Maybe it is taking a little time to put together a team with a clear picture of what may or may not be possible. Mind you, reading Booker in the Telegraph, it seems Juncker is ultra vires in appointing M. ?? (forgot his name alas) as the EU article 50 negotiator!

    No need to rush.


  24. @marcjf : Every trade agreement that the UK has in place with non EU countries to be implemented the day A50 takes effect strengthens the UK’s negotiating position with the EU…..


  25. A50 can be implemented when the current negotiations with individual eu countries are signed.
    This is going on now behind the curtain, so that any dealings with Junckers and his henchmen will be avoided altogether.
    We will just say to them, go away, the deals have been done. Now hoppitt, theres a good man.


  26. Gemma call me all the ridiculous names you want. The fact remains the Germans with their master race BS caused the death of millions of innocent people. If this citizens of Dresden reaped what Hitler sowed then I’m good with that. Stop whining you started all of this.

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  27. Excellent article.

    As i have said many times, the yanks will NEVER allow UKGB to leave the US controlled EU. It aint gonna happen folks. Forget it. The fourth reich vill last a thousand years. {Hoorah. seig heil}.

    The politicians involved in ‘keeping us in’ will swan off to america [seig heil] and be paid approximatelt 30 million dollars for their ‘loyal service’ [ TREASON/HIGH TREASON ] as soon as they leave office. [see: Judas, 30 pieces of silver.]

    Government Llc. job is to drag their feet Ad infinitum untill the fat, stoooopid, uncaring, unthinking, souless morons [the general pubic] can accept that actually, what they want is to remain in Europe. Should take about a month of sustained propaganda from the ‘news’ services to get a result america can accept.

    We will continue ignoring 79% of the worlds population, refusing to do business with anyone without america’s approval.

    We will be bailing in the Eurobanks. This is probably happening right now.

    Hunger, evictions and extreme poverty and the tens of thousands of unreported deaths will continue and increase in the complete abscence of the fundamental rule of Law and justice.

    The great unwashed will sit at home watching big brother, gogglebox, soap operas and dozens of programs demonizing the poor, evicted, starving, beggars and ALL austerity victims, because thats what they have been told to think.

    The treason, whoring, duplicity, arrogance and murder commited by Government Llc. will lead to armed insurection and shots will be fired by the state. The state as we know it will collapse, authoritarian military direct rule will be imposed, money will be abolished and YOU and your children will be forced to work for your food, water, shelter and clothing. The model for the New Order, as hitler called it, is the slave labour/extermination camps of the nazi’s. Work or die. ARBEIT MACHT FREI.

    But hey, I am just a nutter/conspiracy theorist/giant alien lizzard/brexiteer/biggot/nazi/commie/NVE/terrorist/etc./etc [delete according to pre-programmed preference.]

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  28. Bill Casso

    You are WRONG. If you check your history, you will find that the Nazi’s and Italian fascists were created, funded and armed by the Americans with help from a few British toffs. Churchill had many of them confined under house arrest and several institutions, banks and corporations in the US were indicted for it.

    800,000 Germans resisted nazism, about half of those were butchered. The Germans are the least fascist people in Europe. Unlike us Brits, they did not simply bend over like supine, spineless morons when told to do so.

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  29. Spike,

    Bill Casso has swallowed the Mainstream Media, hook line and sinker. He can’t be shown otherwise, even with evidence.

    Leave him alone: he’ll be happy to sit in his corner as he reads the Daily Mail and drifts into a lonely old age.


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