US PAYROLL DATA: Has Hillary bought the Bureau of Labor Statistics as well as the FBI?


America is booming! It’s all systems go for recovery! Where are the naysayers now, huh??

Um, er….

  • The unemployment rate was unchanged at 4.9 percent. Economists polled by Reuters forecast that the unemployment rate would dip to 4.8 percent. It didn’t.
  • Most US economists say the bulk of labour market slack is now absorbed. Payroll gains, they add, will probably drift lower over the next 12 months.
  • Manufacturing sector jobs growth slowed by 40%.
  • The biggest jobs rise was in the leisure/hospitality sector…at 45,000 jobs. It’s summer, right?
  • Mining shed 7,000 jobs.
  • Those working part-time because they can’t find full-time employment rose to 9.7 %. Most of these had given up looking for fulltime work.

There are lies, damned lies, statistics, US payroll statistics, and US payroll statistics designed to give Trump a major-league kick up the ass. 

Barack Obama has continued a policy of massaging non-farm payroll stats begun by Hillary’s old man.

There is nothing new to see here; I fancy Trump’s core support will recognise this.

I’m not for Trump, but I am sure as Hell not for the manipulative bitch he will face in November. US systemic SNAFU continues….in pretty much the same way that the UK version does.

We are now, more than ever, two separate cultures joined by our disdain for the politicians ruining our countries, and the growing absence of sources we can trust.

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27 thoughts on “US PAYROLL DATA: Has Hillary bought the Bureau of Labor Statistics as well as the FBI?

  1. John. The US Civil Service is completely politicised. At least the top 8,000 jobs are Presidential appointments and serve at his pleasure. That means anyone with a policy making role: the top 4 or 5 levels in each department, often down to the office manager. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is no different. The head is a political appointee and his job is to make the President and the Democrat Party look good in the run-up to November’s elections. It wasn’t always this way but the politicisation really got a head of steam under Nixon and went on steroids under Bill Clinton and has never slackened since.

    Disclosure: I served in both career civil servant and later political positions.


  2. @ OAH. I think the same politicisation of the civil service has taken place here and went on steroids under Blair. Part of the overall degredation and corruption in politics.

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  3. Waiters and bartenders do not a productive economy make. Mind you, 8 years of Obama and the prospect of Clinton as ‘Liar-in-Chief’ must surely drive any sane person to drink.

    Speaking of which, I see from the Washington Post (no less) that they awarded Hillary a ‘4 Pinocchio’ rating for a recent interview she gave concerning ‘The E-Mails’ – lies compounded upon lies.

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  4. We know with Hitlery we will have a continuation of Obamas policies. that means more wars of aggression to feed the Military Industrial/ Banker /Complex and more neo -liberal policies to loot the State.
    With Trump ,we have a man who is not a politician , but a business man.He does not see profit in fomenting wars in the Middle East or against Russia and China He has stated this and has been demonised as a Putin lover.
    We have never been closer to a nuclear conflagration since the Cuba Crisis back in the ’60’s.
    It is never mentioned in this circus of a Presidential election.
    There are nuclear weapons surrounding Russia, In Romania ,Turkey, Germany and soon Poland.
    The Washington neo-cons are truly crazy,if they think they can win a nuclear war against Russia or China.
    Trump is the only hope of reversing this policy, a slim one , but the only one.

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  5. Better get the US, NATO and UN in to instigate exceptional democracy by invasion. We could call it OPERATION SMUG ARROGANCE.

    I now see what a Banana Republic is.


  6. I can see it now……
    Hitllery using her Navy Seal minder as an airbag during their “Blackhawk Down” moment in Iran 2012…
    Bleeding profusely with a blood clot to the brain…..
    Continuing to survive as a huge, sunglass wearing fashionista……
    Before going on to draw the lifeforce from John Kerry, who as her thrall, continues to fill her shoes as USSoS….
    Before she then rises from the ashes and becomes…..


  7. Is it not the case that when an American person’s unemployment benefits run out, they’re no longer considered to be unemployed?

    … which is to say, an “improvement” in the employment statistics may mean more people moving out of unemployment benefits and onto food stamps (rather than into a job!)

    It does help the US economy look better than it is, because in Europe, those on social benefits are also considered unemployed – which they are not in the US.

    It makes one wonder what the levels of unemployment in the US would actually be if they were measured on the same basis as here in Europe.

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  8. Gemma: Who knows? Shadow Stats calculates the rate on the pre 1981methodology as 23%. The USG also calculates another rate on the pre 1993 methodology at around 9.6%. Suffice to say there are less full time jobs in the economy today than in 2007 despite the population being 20 million larger. The participation rate of adults in the workforce is at an all time post WWII low around 59 per cent (62 per cent if you exclude the imprisoned and the institutionalised). The UK is around 72 per cent.


  9. The headline US jobs number is massage by seasonal adjustments and is sometimes high, sometimes low and sometimes about right. One can dig into the real as opposed to the seasonally adjusted number. I don’t care to an our press is too lazy to.

    The best predictor of the jobs numbers is the Treasuries daily report on withholding taxes. For those outside the US all paychecks here have their income taxes withheld on every paycheck. This data is volatile but July’s tax withholding’s were more than 11% above those of July 2015. I follow someone who aggregates this data and applies some moving averages to it and adjusts it for inflation. The point is this is good information which costs me a nominal amount and not one single other place on earth does this simple work. Go figure. At any rate I wasn’t surprised by the jobs ‘number’.


  10. The only relevant thing to observe in the race for the presidency is where a criminal is being normalised and then look at how all the polling figures are being manipulated like crazy. They learned from BREXIT a better way to fraudulently fix the vote after f%cking up the last time BREXIT was their mistake.

    We need to watch and observe how those running the show are going to implant a criminal to run the country because THE UK IS NEXT to suffer this to overturn BREXIT as a minimum or likely far worse. Is May this criminal? Could be!

    Trump is no saviour by the way but clearly showing as they attempt to stop him how the LIBLABCON is the same team and voting for any of these is a vote for those who are pulling the strings.

    I figured the UK government / elites rigged a minimum +10% fraudulent vote during the referendum but it was not enough. Next time they will rig it more and electronic counting machines will be part of the game on top of the postal votes you watch.

    No exit polls neither to expose fraud so only the MSM polling numbers making a big vote in favour of BREMAIN allows a massive swing on the day of the vote with no human counters to question how their minds do not match the votes they physically counted.

    All a con job, be warned you will be voting again under these new rules. Interestingly if one side is so positive say 60 – 40 then you got to create + 20% fraudulent votes to get close but in that scenario on a high turnout the fraud can be revealed. The next step will be to resassign votes from the opposition or outright delete them as it cannot exceed 100%.

    The elites are scum of the earth for me, their only goal should be to look good (fine) and pay the 51% of the population off to maintain their sweet life (fine). No problem with that at all … now can we please kill them for wanting it for free and everyobdy else to suffer?

    Point made I think and all the above will come to pass on a next time round referendum as honed by the US presedential election because “our politicians are as corrupt as they are in the states!” It is that simple.

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  11. OAH, Halfkidding, Peter C

    Thankyou for your input.

    But isn’t the point that the Americans depend on the markets not realizing the things you have? Or is it that the markets condone this kind of fraud because it means they will make more money?

    After all, what do the markets care about the reality, if money is to be made?

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark America!


  12. EVERYTHING IS MANIPULATED. Every figure a worldwide .gov / Central Bank issues is massaged to where they think they can get away without too many questions being asked. The only thing they cannot hide is the actual price we pay for things and that is real time inflation. People are slowly waking up to the lies, but I suspect for every one that awakes two others will still be asleep…..


  13. I know its of topic but maybe of some relevance,six weeks ago i drove down our local millionaires row! and their was 5 houses up for sale which is rear and those that come up usual sell quickly because nationally there still very cheap and being fairly close to the sea they usually move quickly! yesterday i drove down and 15 houses were for sale, 4 of the original ones still on the market,i’ve never seen so many for sale on millionaires row,the boards outside make it look like a row of terrace house or a semi-detached street,some house hold names from all walks of life own these properties,this isn’t Brexit it takes to much time for the data we see to long to filter into the system for that!
    Economy watch!


  14. @the ghost; Yes, the housing market has come to a complete standstil, it will be interesting to see how it affects prices in London, once they start crashing then the big one might be upon us.


  15. Oi thinks that the frackers will saves our bacons with all that gas under the ground. We coulds pay off the notional debts and live very nice loik when wes had the north sea oil boom.


  16. sorry Johnson I wrote before I had my weekly sunday 2 flush dump.( i telephoned the waterworks to warn them it was coming)
    I feel better now and you are forgiven for having done nothing to deserve my methane outburst.

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  17. Johnson performing ham-let, me than E is pleased you joined up some dots! ps i haven’t sunk any ships for sometime!


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