ANALYSIS: If you want to save UK democracy and stay out of the EU meltdown, a Corbyn-led Labour is your only hope.


Labour’s Big 5….Serious Jeremy, Smiley Owen, Horrified Owen, Corbyny Owen, Loveable Jeremy

The News

An SBS was noted in yesterday’s Torygraph. Does anyone know what one of these is?


Anyone seen this headline yet?


You won’t have done, because it never appeared. But in truth, both interpretations are equally valid.

However, this process of persistent Blamestorming Brexit propaganda is going to give the Labour Party an increasingly embarassing problem: if they keep on agreeing with their favourite papers like the Daily Telegraph and The Sun about this all being Brexit’s fault, it means that Theresa May and all her ship’s company aboard the Mayflower can keep on saying, “So you see, there was no problem with Tory economic strategy….all the problems were caused by Brexit”.

Given that the PM and the Chancellor are both Remaindeers, this is highly likely. They don’t want any blame attaching to them, but they do want to stay in the European Union.

Now, a LABoraTORY consensus on how wonderful the EU is will kick away the third leg in Labour’s 2020 election campaign. For if the ‘coming recession’ is all Brexit’s fault, then the Tories must’ve been right all along….so let’s stick with Plan A (says Hammond).

So we’ll just have to, er, meekly agree with a Government we hate in order to support the Unbrexit rearguard (says Smith).

After all, it can’t be the fault of the Tories and Brexit, because Tory MPs voted  overwhelmingly against Brexit. And we can’t say it wasn’t Brexit wot dun it

This is what professional politicians call painting yourself into a corner and then digging a very deep hole. It’s what we analysts called Manual Labour.


What the News really means.

Unless it keeps Corbyn – and the lad himself comes out of the closet to condemn Europe as a neoliberal workers’ deathtrap in the making – Labour can offer no real opposition to the Mayflower’s crew. The more she works to undermine the Referendum, the more Labour will have to keep quiet about it. And the more the Conservatives blame Brexit for our ills, the more Labour will have to look the other way.

Only Corbyn stands a chance of getting back those heartland Labour voters who put their crosses solidly in the Leave box. Owen Smith, you see, is another of those losers who wants to rerun the Referendum until the electorate gets Brexit fatigue, and votes to Stay. Then Owen can do what all failed UK pols do…..go to Brussels armed with the biggest gravy-boat he can find.

Already, this has plunged Who-he Smith into very deep, scalding hot water in the Labour Establishment’s marathon bid to ignore the will of Labour members and voters. For one of Labour’s biggest business backers, multimillionaire John Mills ( a huge donor to the Labour Leave campaign during the referendum) has called Smith’s Best of Three scam “an especially unhelpful idea” that would “help UKip seize large traditionally Labour-supporting parts of the country at the next general election”.

Mathematically now, with a Remaindeer leader in charge after September, Labour will be slaughtered….and UKip (albeit busily engaged in a toe-shooting contest too) will very probably take some seats off the Party: it could even, in truth, do to Labour in the North West and West of England/Wales what the SNP did to Labour in 2015.

Safely reelected Leader, Jeremy Corbyn will feel (one suspects) more relaxed about taking a eurosceptic line. This will spike UKip’s guns, and thus reassure some worried Tory backbenchers; but it will also leave the Mayflower  isolated from the feelings of both the electorate and its own grassroots. That Theresa Maniac fears the Tory rank and file was made obvious by the way she deftly side-stepped their civil rights during the Leadership contest.

So for Labour supporters and genuinely democratic British constitutionalists, Corbyn remains the obvious choice.

Labour’s track record suggests it will do everything in its power not to make it. And if Corbyn wins, the rabidly élitist nature of British Left thinking will ensure that the backbiting continues. This will allow Captain Maniac to bait Labour from the Despatch box, while the neoliberal press continues to depict Corbyn as the throwback he may well be.

In short, the Labour Party’s chances in 2020 – as things stand – range from tiny to sub-atomic.

The only hope is to get behind Corbyn, hope he can reassure a broader spectrum of voters, and pray very hard indeed for the Eunatics to keep setting fire to the Reichstag.

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28 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: If you want to save UK democracy and stay out of the EU meltdown, a Corbyn-led Labour is your only hope.

  1. of course delaying article 50 makes perfect sense. The longer it drags on the more Brexit can be blamed for the economy tanking as it was going to do anyway.

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  2. Frankly beyond caring, Theresea May and her crew with the Blairite Labour contingent are undermining democracy at every turn. In effect they want minority rule and to punish the serfs … it is not worth considering anything else past that point. Even now the two major parties conspire to ignore the democratic choice of a population and even worse it intends to give away our sovereignty to the EU superstate.

    The EU can be palatable but one condition first though! To correct a purposely created EU design for minority rule now you know why the two major parties support it so fervently. Commissioners elected from the european parliament chamber alone, no more appointee b^&lshit and allow the european parliament to function as a real parliament across the the whole of the EU.

    If the EU gets control of the British army there will not be a debate in the european parliament over its use but some tinpot dictator like Junkers who will wield it and that means you will be suckered into a fight like NATO is trying against Russia right now.

    Can BREMAIN actually see if it takes off the rose tinted spectacles I am being expected to sacrifice democratic governance to one that is not even that and even less of a voice of the one I have now? Upon that point I can quite happily feed all those BREMAINER’s into meat grinders.

    So far the only argument BREMAINERS all seem to have! Is they want to change the EU from the inside! What a bunch of f^&king idiots is how I feel. The EU DOES NOT HAVE THE DEMOCRATIC MECHANISM to be changed this way. It is why it was designed this way to begin with, to prevent a vast swathe of european peoples from demanding meaningful change by ignoring their voice and why Merkel is going to carry on the same way.

    The EU superstate will eventually just enshrine this minority rule position and BREMAIN want to sign up for this?

    The bit they actually left out is the bit that would make it work … democracy.

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  3. @gordie

    BREXIT is just the perfect excuse but the population just by what you hear in conversations are recognising that the UK parliament far from attempting to be more representative of the UK population is representing us even less.

    Every day they mention the word BREXIT is a day they confirm they no longer represent us and in fact deny democracy.

    So BREXIT it will be today then, another day when they remind us they no longer represent us.


  4. Of course all this delaying gives the EU an opportunity for it to implode all by itself. By the time Article 50 is invoked and implemented there could well be no one in the office to deal with it…


  5. My economy watch! first noticed the massive drop off in leisure weekends,caravan parks,ice cream sales etc etc back in March and has only deepened since month on month,the Baltic shipping was weigh down well before Brexit,shops widening aisles reducing stock has been going on for the last 4 yrs & obviously the shop closures ! if only economist stopped looking at spreadsheets trying to find the narratives that are now nearly non-existent any more to paint a more rosie picture than it really is!& got out to see the real effects,but then like hayek they would probably just walk passed and say nothing can done! Brexit has added little effect in the wider sense that like 1929 they had six yrs of false horizons and people realising that they haven’t a clue! this time they can’t allow.alternative otherwise their whole power base crumbles beneath them! we are witnessing a fight for survival,it is portrayed has ours when in reality it is there’s !

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  6. Disappointing that Slog mentioned creating/imagining new ideas and methods in an earlier post but now you want us to return to the LAB/CON flip flop.

    There are questions for which Corbyn is mute. The fraudulent basis of austerity – BOE “money creation” deceit . The deceits by Ted Heath regarding the EU and its current rise to a TTIP friendly superstate.

    Nope deception is the normal and accepted practise among Lab, Lib, SNP and Tory. Truth telling, plain speaking, transparent, open book costed projects? Even the civil servants will in shock having become used to lying and deceiving the public for their statist masters.

    ONS give opinions based on fiscal facts – severe meltdown! Bank of England explain why alternatives like the Bradbury pound obviate the thievery of HMRC and austerity? Heart stopping shock! Creation of BBC 666 for the permanent 24 hr dessimation of bile from all political parties including Monster Raving Looney party.

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  7. It would seem that the British media is more interested in the terror than the anti-democratic anti-terror activities of European countries.

    I wonder if JW has seen this, becuase in France, the news is censored published according to the wishes of the government.

    This from Die Zeit (Hamburg).

    Frankreich baut Nationalgarde mit 84.000 Reservisten auf
    Präsident Hollande plant die Renaissance der Nationalgarde. Sie soll die Armee bei Antiterroreinsätzen im Inneren entlasten. Wann sie starten kann, ist noch unklar.

    France is building its National Guard again, with 84,000 reserve troops. Hollande is planning the renaissance of the National Guard. It is intended as an army for anti-terrorist deployment within French borders. When it will begin is as yet unclear.

    One wonders that with the deployment of armed police on the streets of London against a lone knife attacker, whether Westminster may employ these armed troops against anti-government demonstrators? What with the French having organized mass protests that spread across the entire country, a National Guard seems a very good idea, if such things are to be restrained.

    Terror sells newspapers… it fulfills other needs, too.


  8. oi loveing it when you spouting a bit of german luvvie.
    Do you speaking a bit of moo as well loik we dos in Somerset.


  9. Chris

    Believe me, it will never dawn on them. They know what’s best for us, and like the USA telling Russia what is best for it, will not allow Russia to get on with its own life in its own ways that suits it culture best. The USA would rather bomb Russia than admit that Russia has a right to its own self-determination.

    There is a lot more to Britain’s lack of democracy than their being bothered about what other people think of them. These people know best, and everybody else is wrong. Poor Johnson is a good example of the dumbed-down version of this: he knows he’s right, and doesn’t know how despised he is for saying the things he does. Do you think he will ever change? I doubt it.

    As to Johnson? Go in the cowshed, you’ll be a man amongst equals there.

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  10. The deployment of robo-cops is to protect the elite from the serfs. Terrorism risks enable their presence on the streets to occur without the sheople protesting to loudly. The purpose of government is to protect its-self from risk, from any quarter,

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  11. spot on JW. i have grown the beard already and will vote for the man himself at the end of the month.. what he has is called principles other than asset stripping, privatizing and robbing.. he is a light in the dark to ordinary people..

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  12. Yes, Oi do the milking in the cowshed luvvie. Theres no despoising people in here luvvie. Just luvving the old dears and thanking thems for theirs luvley milks.
    Despoising people is only a figment of your empty loife . Get yours feet back on the ground before the weeds grow over your pretty little head my luv. You could put some soap in yours mouth woile yous at it.


  13. Johnson,

    when a person suggests another put soap in their mouths, it is because that person cannot see their own misdeeds. The usual case is that they will accuse others of the very things that person is guilty of themselves.

    As to farming, I’ve changed the cylinder head of a tractor. So don’t get too lordy with me about getting my not getting my feet muddy.


  14. Many years ago in his book ” Downwave” Bob Beckman gave a great description of what needs to happen in and after a recession. He compared it to a bee hive where everything is dismantled and the profitable bits are put back in again, the rest is discarded including debt. The hive then invests it’s effort on only profitable activities, the new hive is thus invigorated and stronger. This never happened in 2008, the longer it’s delayed the worse will be the eventual collapse.
    With the level of denial being displayed by the media , financial sector , corporate sector and politicians it could be a horrendous re-lineament when it does happen there is just so much debt in the system.

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    David Cameron has been offered a £36million-a-year job in Kazakhstan where he would be a sultan and have his own harem ‘of the most beautiful girls’, it has emerged.
    They promise that the ex-premier would also carry the title ‘Sultan’ in his new post but to qualify would have to undergo circumcision.
    Sources close to the ex PM say he is needing reassurance about where his ragged end will be disposed off before agreeing to the offer.


  16. Ebolainfo
    Does your avatar reflect that you suffer from ebola? Only, you seem to have read a piece by another Slog on the planet Zog. ‘now you want us to return to the LAB/CON flip flop.’ WTFITA? There is no Reform Movement in existence yet in the UK. Until there is, use (or rather, exploit) those that are available.


  17. Gemma
    Nice to see smart Gemma coming out to play today. I don’t read or watch French TV bulletins (they are “owned” by the Government, and have been since De Gaulle) but I do read Bernard Cazeneuve, and I fully expect Boris’s water cannon and Theresa’s Robocops to be used in the promotion of the Voyage of the Mayflower to the land of silk & money.


  18. Sorry Johnson. As you were. I get a bit cranky sometimes. My ego gets in my way too often and trips me up . If I have a nice rum and coke it relaxes me, then I take my hormones, and all is well at the dog and duck. Have a nice evening, Im a very very nice man really. I try to impress Gemma because I fancy her so big time. Could do something for her in the bedroom any ol day or nite.

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  19. As chance would have it I listened to an old (1973 – that’s not old!) clip of Robin Day talking with Enoch Powell and Michael Foot about the EEC as it was then. The clarity of their thoughts, and their ability to express them in faultless English, reminded me just how far the quality of the current crop of MPs has fallen since those heady days. Even then, the Grey Men were outnumbering intelligent ones though and the pair were fighting a rearguard action against the loss of the ability to govern ourselves and make our own laws. It was clear cut then, it is even clearer now … and still the wuckfits are wittering on about making a deal with the greatest mob enterprise since Salvatore Giancana took over the Mafia back in the day. It really is black and white (at least to this admittedly awkward and uncompromising old sod) – you don’t do deals with bad men. They will inevitably renege on any deal they sign up to, stuff you at every opportunity and then charge you for their inconvenience.


  20. @Mark Deacon. The Cloudenhove-Kaergi Plan for a United States of Europewas not envisioned as a democracy. After the destruction of the Nation States and the construction of a the new European-Negroid race it was/is to be ruled by an elite (specifically a Jewish/Financier elite). The man who proposed “Ode to Joy” as the common European anthem was a high level Freemason and just check out his financial backers. All this is available on wikipedia.

    Plan seems to have been delayed but not stopped.

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