Was Brexit staged, is Schauble just a jobbing actor, and can metal things with wings really fly?

 Strawberry Fields Forever

mesnip30716The FTSE is falling and the Bank of England says a slowdown is coming. Oil prices are falling as fast as the value of the Pound because of Brexit, but allegedly ‘surging’ world growth is making a mockery of Brexit scare stories. However, several UK companies are already blaming lost profits on Brexit or the falling Pound. There was a boom in US car sales, but now there isn’t. It could be Brexit, and it probably will be before long. The Yen was supposed to become weaker than a sick kitten following the Nippon Nirp, but it continues to get stronger and stronger because world forex markets didn’t expect Brexit to happen. There was a plan for Monte Dei Paschi bank, but now there isn’t. Probably, the backers had their money in Sterling and got burnt. Chinese demand is set to plunge, because Beijing looks likely to end its tax relief scheme. I bet they’re dropping the tax relief because of Brexit worries.

Today I formally announce my conversion to the theory that Brexit didn’t happen. It was all faked. Cameron was bored and wanted to spend more time with his family. Money. Osborne’s Talcum eye-wobbler habit had become so bad, he’s secretly in rehab. Gove, Johnson and Corbyn knew there was a global slump coming, that’s why they didn’t try very hard.

They decided to lumber Theresa Maniac with the job of one day telling the electorate that the 48% was actually 56%. But the votes were never counted: we’ve checked the pencils in the polling booths, and they were all firing blanks. It never happened. I’m a fully paid-up Brexit denier.

Consider this astonishing evidence:

  • Why did Farage concede defeat, and then hastily change his mind? Because he wasn’t in the loop. It’s obvious
  • Why did Osborne threaten to increase taxes if Brexit won? Because he’s a coke-addled idiot, and the conspirators had to make his ‘desperation’ look real. An idiot could see that this was all part of the script.
  • Why did Cameron suddenly resign the next day, having said he would not do so? To make it look like he’d been stabbed. He was gagging to get at the money – it’s all he thinks about.

I bet all you Fumb duckers think the EU is real too, don’t you? Hahahaha. Don’t make me laugh – it’s all made up to give us something to hate. Have you ever seen those bureaucrats in Brussels actually do anything concrete? Of course not: they just issue lots of directives and then all the citizens forget what they directed should happen and don’t notice that nothing’s happened, the numpties.

Dear oh dear – some people, eh? Do they think that a real EU government could have no plans at all for migrants after the Syria meltdown? You actually think this actor playing ‘Wolfgang Schäuble’ is believable? That he’d help the Greek economy by doubling its debt, raising taxes and destroying infrastructure? You must’ve been born yesterday.

Nuclear weapons, Cyber warfare, the internet: it’s all fake. They flew over Japan with two bombs the size of a bloody house. No way could they ever get them into a missile. They’ve all got sawdust inside them. Ever seen an ICBM actually ever explode? Course not – they’d barely make a dent in a shoe-box.

Cyber warfare? Blimey, it’s like a Captain America comic: they expect me to believe that some nancy little impulse can blow out the entire comms system of South Ossetia? Don’t be daft….that’s cobblers, stands to reason.

And the world wide web? Pure Spiderman – it’s just lots of tellies with micro-cameras in ’em, taking snaps of what you write and then developing it at the other end using a secret formula Kodak developed in the 1960s. How can you have electronic mail? Think about it for a minute: little sparks coming out like a typewriter. Potty. Digital HDTV? Rubbish. They’re just using 4,800 lines instead of 405. It’s all a con.

Listen suckers, some people even believe Americans went to the Moon. In a tin box. Let me tell you readers, you can’t even fly to America. How can you get into a dirty great metal thing with no propellers on it that just farts backwards and remain at 30,000 bloody feet for seven hours? They just fly you down the road to a film set of New York. Straight up.

Nah mate, look – the Japanese right, they owe sixty squillion bucks, and tell us the Yen is a safe haven because they’re getting people to pay for the privilege of lending to them. I mean what kind of airhead falls for that sort of shit?

It’s all bollocks, and that’s official. Honest. Bloke down the Cloud & Bitcoin told me. Don’t believe anything the mothers tell you.

 Yesterday at The Slog: Graspi Waspis….what are they like?

34 thoughts on “Was Brexit staged, is Schauble just a jobbing actor, and can metal things with wings really fly?

  1. One thing that does surprise me is, I can’t believe that they didn’t model and prepare for an ‘Out’ vote because, it doesn’t appear as if they did, it seems to have caught them completely unawares, as if they never expected it to happen in a million years…


  2. love it JW .. definitely its All a conspiracy theory .. nothing is real except we are alive now .. i think .. therefore i conspire.


  3. Strawberry Fields s Forever ? Go Ferry yourself ‘ Cross the Mersey ! Give me Penny Lane Eight Days a Week any day Nowhere Man Paperback Writer!!

    ‘ Osborne s Talcum eye wobbker habit” . ……Luvvitt.


  4. I watched ITV News at 10:00pm last night for the first time in about a year. I wished I hadn’t. It seems they are going toe to toe with the BBC- talk about dumbing down with no critical analysis whatsover. I think you could put JW’s latest piece on the autocue in front of Tom Bradbury and he would read it in all seriousnes……

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  5. PS I really liked the idea of a pub called “The Cloud & Bitcoin” especially in the light of today’s news that $60 million worth of Bitcoins have been evaporated into thin air……..


  6. @KFC1404

    Personally reckon they f%^ked up big style.
    They figured they could stuff the ballot boxes with enough fraudulent votes but through their own polling they actually believed their own numbers. They were only limited by the error that would be generated by an even larger number = +1,000,000 more votes.

    After carefully studying the US electoral system you will eventually end up with this over here and because of BREXIT.

    1.) Elite controlled MSM manipulating poll figures for mind control of a population.
    2.) No exit poll after votes because that would red flag fraud with certainly no election monitors.
    3.) Electronic voting machines so no human counts the votes and they can say whatever they want it to be.

    You thought postal votes were bad and full of fraud, the electronic one will be even worse.

    The last point we do not have here yet but reckon it is on the way real soon now and as for all those thieving murdering parasites in the UK parliament please go away and die we don’t need you if you are no more than the criminals you are.

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  7. kfc1404

    Preparartion of an out vote strategy was officially stopped by Cameron & Osborne. As reported on John Redwood’s blog.



  8. So here we have one of the major reasons for the hole in the pensions funds – apart from the outright fraudulent behaviour of the pensions funds themselves, of course. All in a day’s work in the City, what?


    Bank rates to be slashed in order to “stimulate” the economy.

    My foot!

    It’ll mean it’s easier for the banks to spin gold out of thin air and in rustling up a few profits on speculative derivatives, it’ll puff up the GDP figures. The effect it’ll have will be the effect that the ‘trickle down’ money had when it was pumped into the banks and not the economy that needed it. That is to say, businesses and the wider economy will be gasping for air whilst the banks’ float by in their hot air balloons.

    What Britain needs isn’t a Theresa May. Britain needs a British version of Angela Merkel. Someone who puts her people and her country first.

    I know, John, I’m truly sorry to mention Germany at a time like this… but isn’t this the point? Britain has more advantages than Germany ever had… and it’s squandered each and every one of them. And then people complain about me mentioning the fact that a democracy like Germany gets something right – when it is precisely what Britain’s government needs to do.

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  9. Couldn’t agree more, Mark.

    Remember the opening…and then ‘crashing’…. of the online electoral register? And their excuse to keep it open for a further 48 hours? And that 1.8 million additional ‘voters’ registered?

    It’s my opinion that the vast majority of those ‘new voters’ never, ever existed and still don’t. That they were simply made up names at addresses that don’t even exist. It wouldn’t be difficult to do. Hence an additional million Remainers added to the pile.

    Also, in the days prior to the 23 June, both the pound and the stock market inexorably rose whatever the actual polling news was. And it wasn’t all good for Remain. Indeed, in the immediate aftermath of the vote, the pound strengthened considerably, despite the early returns giving every indication that Leave was going to go, at worst, very, very close. It wasn’t until Sheffield returned Leave, that the pound disappeared off the charts. And who just happens to be a Sheffield MP?

    And then a new Prime Minister is voted int….oh, hang on, no one actually did vote for her, did they….power who kept herself off the mainstream news for the entire election campaign and yet represented the side that lost. Whilst a leading Leave campaigner was ‘forced’ to quit the race because of something…well, something she never actually said.

    And since 23 June? Well….nada, zero, nought, bugger all.


  10. Gemma
    Even the german peoples have had enough of Merkel and her open door policy with the increased terror threats.
    The British people have had enough and voted for Brexit. Even german consumer goods and cars are being boycotted in my town of Newcastle.What the nazis did as butchers during the last wars will never be forgiven, we watch films of it daily on television. Interest rates will be going down to promote British exports. Nothing to do with banks at all. British goods will be very competitive everywhere around the world. EU share of world trade is falling yearly. We do more business in Angola and Mozambique than many eu places.


  11. The americans like our lamb and beef as well so thats all sold out for sausagemaking in germany unfortunately.


  12. Cederic Hughes.

    When you say “Even the german peoples have had enough of Merkel and her open door policy with the increased terror threats.” – and we know who has been helping with the increased terror, don’t we?

    The open door policy was lauded by many Germans, who showed what their society was capable of. With a little terror, thanks to the CIA and others, this welcome can easily be turned around.

    After all, America has its own underclass to foment problems – and they’ve provided Germany with one too!

    As to the Americans liking British beef, shouldn’t they have done that fifteen years ago???


  13. Actually, if you assume that the powers that be couldn’t give a damn about Britain as long as they are rich, rich rich, then much of it all makes sense.

    Why have the British Civil Service draw up a considered Brexit strategy over 14 months when you could pay the private sector ‘agency rates’ to have to cobble it together in a rush job over 4 – 6 months? Useless for the taxpayer, marvellous for the Tory Party’s friends who clean up on the consultancy.

    Why have a media telling the truth when the stock market doesn’t react to that any more because most of the trading is by automated computer bots who don’t factor in human emotion, they just do Principal Component Analysis on the price fluctuations going back however long they think is suitable?

    If you assume that the whole of Europe is controlled by extremely powerful multibillionaires through their obedient drones, nothing surprises you. You wouldn’t expect any EU officials to consider Europeans to be worth anything, because their masters don’t think they are. You wouldn’t expect the UK politicians to do anything because they merely carry out instructions from their true masters via their US intermediaries.

    If you assume that democracy was useful what it lasted but now the PTB have deemed it surplus to requirements as the populace can’t be fooled any longer, you’d see Brexit as the beginning of the end for UK democracy because the US will be bringing in voting fraud through electronic voting, which we have mercifully avoided to date and should in the future avoid at all costs.

    If you assume that NATO is just a means to trigger wars to showcase MIC weaponry around the world, to loot every country on earth and to create slavery for all but the controlling elite, you wouldn’t be surprised with what has happened in Libya, Ukraine and Syria. Not to mention Afghanistan (the war to regain control of global heroin, after all).

    If you look in history and you see that during the British Empire, the East India Company was the world’s leading drug dealer; you then note that the CIA was the world’s leading drug dealer outside South America post 1945; you merely ask whether the Russians and the Chinese think that BRICS is a way for them to get the drug profits off the Americans?

    I asked myself many years ago the question: ‘how on earth can America justify the costs of war in Afghanistan?’ I couldn’t see how oil or minerals could repay the cost. When I learned how much they could make from the global drugs trade, all became clear. The war was self-financing.

    Nothing makes sense if you start from a position of assuming human decency and integrity, concern for the people, in the leadership of the world.

    Everything makes sense if you assume they are paid-for puppets working for unaccountable, tyrannical, avaricious, power-crazy despots.

    The biggest question which arises is when you ask: ‘what happens when the people realise that their Representatives are bought-off puppets of the hyper-rich?’

    We are about to find out…….and the Age of Aquarius will be a battle between the forces of genuine democracy and the dissembling tyrants…….

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  14. Well, like the Americans, Britain is making sure that its police force is ready for all comers.

    No doubt this includes British ones, as well as the real/organized/supposed terrorist threat?


    At least the British police only have machine guns, the American police forces have armoured vehicles that the army don’t want any more. There must be a lot of terrorists in America, don’t you think?

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  15. @ Gemma
    Re. “the many Germans lauding Merkel’s open-door policy”, it would seem that minds are changing according to a recent YouGov poll – 2 in 3 Germans want Merkel out after next year’s elections and 30% would vote to leave the EU. In May, another survey showed that just under 2/3 of German voters are disappointed with Chancellor Merkel’s policies and would not support her candidacy for top office in elections. https://www.rt.com/news/345083-germany-eu-leave-poll/

    Whether it is sane for any country to import such a high number of culturally alien peoples in such a short period without considering the long-term effects on its own citizens and culture is highly questionable. Not to mention making such a unilateral decision affecting the rest of Europe without so much as a by-your-leave, reinforcing the impression that it’s Germany making the major decisions in Europe, just as she always wanted. As to the highly publicized rationale given for this extraordinary act of so-called altruism to those in need, it would seem that there’s a starkly practical reason for Germany to put out the welcome mat: The nation’s population is shrinking at an alarming rate, and it desperately needs to replenish its workforce and keep its powerhouse economy humming.


  16. @Gemma “The open door policy was lauded by many Germans, who showed what their society was capable of. ” I am sorry but that is absolute nonsense. Germans were intensely pissed off with The Merkel Plan very early. They just had 6 million reasons to shut up.


  17. A Welfare System and uncontrolled immigration are incompatible and is an invitation to widespread fraud and abuse by populations from underdeveloped countries.This migration of people deprives the underdeveloped country of its potential for growth.This is obvious to any observant citizen.
    The other issues of multiculturism and diversity which are forced upon us by Politically Correct Govt Dept are proven to create a clash of cultures and social unrest.
    These issues are enhanced by unemployment , housing shortages , overcrowding in schools, overloading of Social Services, over loading of the NHS etc, etc.

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  18. Thanks for reminding me of the bizarre carry on that was Farage conceding defeat. I really very much wanted to stay up and watch the results come pouring in, alas I had to be up early to earn a crust. I remember the show kicked off at 2200 hours or there abouts, I hung around long enough to witness the Farage defeatism and also the Cameron triumphalism, all this at 2230. Naturally, like everyone else no doubt, I found this very strange indeed as no bloody results from anywhere were forthcoming. The result went the right way for me, but the the display of game over before the game had even begun will now stick with me. Lets not forget either, bugger all has changed, only the language on TV.


  19. Good stuff SL. Reduces the potential for growth quite possibly, and increases the potential of becoming a chattel state, sadly.


  20. Theres a lot more than just unelected eurocrats with cripplingly high taxes to match to worry about.
    I doubt UK will ever shine, we need to slash jobsworths in public sector, wake up the universities , and transform the education system to give youngsters the tools to succeed, not to mention open the doors to housing and child bearing.
    Parents have never been more aware of the importance of grooming their kids for tomorrows world.


  21. @Billy Spontano.
    University education is beyond the reach of most working class youth. With costs of over £9000 per year plus accommodation rent and living costs, youngsters are graduating with debts in the region of £50,000.
    The job market offers the choice of flipping burgers at McDonalds or manning a phone at a call centre,
    A degree is now considered to be the road to debt serfdom for life.
    What future for the country if we do not have an educated workforce, but debt ridden drones.
    Our political class are ignorant of the economics required to revive employment and Industry, and have been for over half a century.
    Neo-liberalism and austerity are the economic policies of morons

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  22. Spike
    I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume that in a choice between (a) pig ignorant stupid & (b) ironic, you’re the latter.
    But the jury’s out.


  23. Mr Ward,
    I meant that they won’t be groomed to f*ck people like you in the fat pompous ass.
    Do not ever be worried.


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