WASPI: Deconstructing the odd worlds of Frances Coppola and Anne Keen


mesnipLast Sunday, Frances Coppola wrote a strongly anti-Waspi blogpost in which she coined the word ‘Graspi’ to describe those women cheated out of a promise made over 60 years ago, and then broken by the 1995 Pensions Act 43 years into the term. Even in our cruel contemporary culture, it is rare for wit to be used in such a heartless manner. This post represents a detailed demolition of her case. It is written on behalf of some 3.2 million affected women who have thus far managed to grasp not a single penny from evasive, arrogant and unaccountable politicians.


Ms Coppola (with whom I crossed swords earlier in the year) seems good on dates, history and a line supporting Sovereign incompetence, but weak on human realities and busy women going about their normal lives secure in the certainty that the State would keep its word.


Coppola’s description is correct in every detail, but contains several sins of omission. First, the Act itself was a moral disgrace and should never have been passed. It is not my task here to apportion blame among those who passed it or indeed those who failed to oppose it. There simply is no justification for an action, whatever its ‘legal’ status, to break a promise of national governance without once mentioning in the debates surrounding (or the content of) the final Act that such was being done. Second, it is a myth that the Act was high-profile at the time: an audit of the 1995 media covereage shows irrefutably that the chances of the target audience seeing it were slim. (Coppola herself now accepts this: in the 15 intervening years, government efforts to ‘publicise’ the need for preparation were risible). Fourth, three separate Governments over the period gave mixed signals about the Act – it was passed by Tories, condemned by Labour which promised to review it, fudged by Gordon Brown, evaded by Tony Blair, and ignored by George Osborne – the man who then reneged on the 1995 Act and passed the 2011 accelerator. Finally, during the 2010 election, David Cameron issued a specific promise that “no pensioner will face destitution under a future Conservative Government”.

So much for clarity and consistency.

Coppola accepts the iniquitous nature of the 2011 Act, but then – not for the first time – makes this extraordinary assertion:


Frances needs to catch up on the news here. While Anne Keen and the ‘W5’ Executive have remained secretive and inconsistent about what they want, the feeling against this group among the mass of members is that, like me, the Waspi rank and file have always opposed the 1995 Act – and the devious avoidance of its ramifications by numerous post-Major politicians since its passage. The Executive has been shown to be undemocratic and censorious in the way it conducts what have been fruitless negotiations with DWP and Treasury officials….whose equally unfunded pensions are, as it happens, on average 17 times the size of the FSP as it stands today….as well as being index linked in a majority of cases.

Given my dismissal of the ‘legal’ nature of the 1995 Act (the rabidly anti-Semitic Nuremburg Laws in 1936 Germany were also legal under the Weimar Constitution) we must therefore search for the rationale behind Coppola’s support for it.

This seems to be that the W5 is being devious about its real aim – to roll back the 1995 Act. Others within the campaign, she argues, are more prepared to compromise and do a deal.

But that doesn’t make them right. The majority of us in and out of the Waspi organisation continue to want full restitution of the SPA rights granted to 1950s women. Coppola herself winds up admitting that the more senior of them are abundantly clear about it:


Correct. And also supported by MPs Frank Field, Owen Smith and MhairiBlack – the last of whom moved mountains to help organise a Commons debate last January that voted 185-0 for the Government to reconsider its SPA policy…a vote the Government utterly ignored.

The irony of building an argument based on ‘concealment’ will not have escaped those who are now victims of State perfidy in this matter. However, Coppola adds, “So this group of women is demanding special treatment”.

Hang on: they were unfairly targeted in the first place: isn’t there a need for some special redress here? But even ignoring that observation, special treatment vis a vis who exactly?

This is the core weakness in Frances Coppola’s argument, and always has been: that she buys into the “there’s no money left” myth. Ergo sum, some other social group must suffer in order to reinstate the pensions promises made under the 1947 Act.

That is nonsense: that there is not enough money for politicians to do everything they’d like to do by wasting it is not in doubt. And waste it they have – persistently, consistently and without accountability for over seventy years. £23 billion on Connecting for Health – an NHS intranet that was ditched in its entirety. Yet the Coppola School insists that ordinary British female citizens must now pay for Whiteminster largesse.

It is a severely refracted version of logic and justice.

But the idea of “no money left” was first of all deconstructed by this site’s March page by page analysis of the the last Osborne Budget document: and then blown out of the water by the revelation of unfunded Civil Service pensions amounting (including future obligations) to some £1.27 trillion….roughly half the stated UK National Debt.

‘Now we know what the WASPI campaign’s demand really is, we can reject it with a clear conscience,’ Coppola bizarrely concludes, ‘Good. That’s settled’.

Its flaw is obvious to any objective observer: if there really is no money left in the UK Treasury or the DWP budget, why are UK gilts at their lowest yield level since 1935? If there is no money left, how are we to replace Hinkley Point, build HS2, pay the remaining EU contributions to which we are committed, renew Trident, afford to house 450,000 more immigrants every year, or indeed fulfil any of the ill-judged sovereign policies with which our politics have been littered since the Second World War?

Frances Coppola makes an allegation – ‘When I pointed out that their [WaspiExec] demand would impoverish younger women who are at least as badly affected by the 1995 Act as they are, WASPI laughed it off’. My observation is that here lies a classic case of disagreement between two equally wrong-headed points of view.

What Governments since 1995 have done is make decisions to paper over the evidence of their own incompetence, obfuscation and fiscal incompetence. It was not and never has been a case of dividing up the last piece of cheese in Mrs Hubbard’s cupboard: rather it was a blatantly Hobson’s choice based on decisions about priorities – their priorities, not ours – and the cynical choice of a social group they perceived to be vulnerable.

Why were MP and Civil Servant pensions not delayed?

Why were 6-figure banking bonuses not delayed?

Why were all RBS rises not delayed until such time as the taxpayer had been reimbursed in full?

Why did George Osborne double his take from National Insurance, then justify this by cutting welfare benefits and decelerating Waspi pensions further?

Coppola has no answer to any of these perfectly reasonable questions for a ‘fair’ society to mull. Her only answer is to write that women fending off mendacious bullies are ‘demanding special treament’.

Well, the neutrals will decide for themselves. In the meantime, the more gratuitous the governmental excuses become, the more determined the real Waspi majority will be to demand a fundamental SPA rethink…..and complete restitution of all the promises made to them some sixty or more years ago.

A PS for Frances: emailing me will be pointless, as I long ago asked gmail to block your missives on the grounds of nuisance persistence.

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  1. I will pass this on John
    I should be too old to care……perhaps I’m young at heart…..a twat! I according to moderns and non bigots.


  2. Not long ago Ms Coppola was trying to find a way to monetise her website so it would pay!(maybe because of the lose of her pension rights who knows) i think she found a way,since her work as changed in manner and direction!


  3. It is such an insult to be called a Graspi. I have worked since age 15 and paid into the system ever since and the system has now let me down. We 1950s women have been treated so unfairly for Fraces Coppola to insult us in this way is disgusting. What a nasty piece of work.
    I feel so angry, so hopeless but most of all sad.

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  4. Why on earth should a woman who was born in 1955 think she deserves a pension at 60 when a man who was born in 1955 should have to work 5+ years more to get his? We have had 40+ years of sexual equality legislated for in this country, a woman born in 1955 will have benefited massively from this huge societal change, why should she consider that ‘equality’ means only that women should benefit from it? A man born in 1955 might have considered he’d have the same benefits his sex had enjoyed previously, but the world changed, and men had to get used to equality, and what that entailed.

    The entire WASPI campaign is just a middle aged female refusal to accept that equality doesn’t always mean that women get more, sometimes it means that where men were disadvantaged before women have to accept they will be worse off. There’s precious few areas where women were better off previously but this is one of them, suck it up.

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  5. Especially when all women do is refuse to sit on my ugly face. It’s a no brainer for me, because I have no brain. It was stolen by an international brain gang working for Margrerit Fatcher in 1980.
    Just because I’m useless doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have love because like Stephen Crabbe I got ‘Mum’ tattood on my scrotum.
    I’m going away foreverandever now, back to Planet Premejac from wence I came. Gerrit? Hahahahahahaahaha.

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  6. The poor dears only have to turn up to get paid too much. For myself, being an Andy Capp, I don’t give a fuck about anyone else because I’m melded to the sofa and never turned up for anyfink in my useless life spent abusing oxygen.

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  7. agreeing with ‘the ghost’ ms. coppola is in the same boat as the rest of todays stenographers. they have to write what they are told to write or they will not be paid..
    . people offering a pension in return for money are looters.. where do we think the investments are that are said to pay for the pension… in junk bonds?? nothing else pays a positive interest..


  8. Not really shocked at the inane comments of some of the men on here. We have had to put up with this belittling tripe from men for years. Its very tiresome and very boring. Just a thought though , who`s contributions over the decades do you think paid for your Parents and Grandparents to receive their pensions……Oh wait a minute, was it the women like us WASPIS who WORKED all our lives and paid in National Insurance…Do you know what…I think it was you tossers

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  9. From an economics point of view, it would be a positive for the UK economy if the Waspis were paid their pensions in full.
    We have had Quantitative easing, which basically was welfare for the private banking system to the tune of £385 billion.
    This never trickled down to the real economy, but was used by bankers as play money in the stock and commodities markets and created price inflation there.
    There is talk of helicopter money to try and kick start a stagnant economy, all else having failed.
    This may or may not be a grant of money to each household to spend as they wish,hopefully on the high street. Another mis -direction of investment, as most high street goods are imported.
    Overt Fiscal Investment is never discussed. This is direct Govt money investment at zero interest, in infrastructure and Productive Industry to create employment and displace all the foreign sourced goods flooding the UK market.
    A Sovereign Govt has the ability to create money as it wishes. The proviso is that this money is used correctly in investment in job creating,Productive Industry and not in vanity projects.
    We only have to look around our homes at the furnishings and note how many are foreign made, or stand on a street corner and note the number of foreign make vehicles, cars, buses , trams etc.
    Economics is not rocket science, but the subject is controlled and obfuscated to confuse and bamboozle the citizens and keep them in unnecessary poverty by ignorance.

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  10. The Message still isn’t getting through. Women born in the 50s have no problem equal using SPA to that of men’s. The issue was lack of notification allowing them to prepare financially.
    I do not sit on my back Side eating doughnuts I have worked in the NHS since 1970 as a registered nurse still working and paying NI contributions and will do for a further 5 years.
    We must not let the likes of Coppola and her elks divide and rule.

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  11. I can never figure out why government behave as it does … or maybe I do and fruitless to state it.

    If they gave these ladies there pensions the money ends up in a bank account anyway (that’s a bank bailout), then those ladies spend it so that’s a + for consumption (it doesn’t leave the banking system). Then keeping the consumption up supports the BOE inflation level of the economy.


    Join up the dots, by giving the money to the poorest you generate inflation to help combat the deflation mechanism and with trickle up wealth those at the top get it in the end.

    Yesterday had to chuckle once again, the likes of our new PM must think us dumb on the day they removed all grants for students and it is now 100% loans for a lifetime if you sign up at all? All to save £2 billion a year then in the news on the same day the NHS had racked up £2 billion in debt in the past 12 months.

    Seems like somebody is robbing Peter to pay Paul, isn’t it my newly appointed PM.

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  12. I’m female, born 1954, worked from age 15 in 1969, paid NI and Tax for over 40 yrs. 2 years before I was 60 DWP wrote and said I would get no state pension until I’m 65 yrs and 6mths. No letter before then. No notice before then. No state pension now. Yet MPs have their pensions protected for 10 yrs and they’ve also had 11% pay rise since last year. Me an d thousands of 1950s women are losing £35-£40,000. If the Government can do it to one group it will do it to another. Be warned. We 1950s women have paid in and the Government must pay out.

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  13. Jim,Fundaddy (who obviously doesn’t have a daughter) i might agree with you if they the government forced the employers(sometimes themselves) to back dated all unequal pay for the duration of their employment! but applying equality to just one side of the equation as i keep pointing out in many other areas as well) isn’t equality at all

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  14. As A very proud WASPI. I am disgusted at some of the comments made by men on here. I also worked from 15 years of age, trained to be nurse, and worked for 25 years +,at a job that was hugely demanding , though to which I gave my all every day,I still work, and will not receive my pension, until I am almost 65, what are women to do, it is our money, that has been stolen, we simply want it back now..

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  15. Women making out how hard done by they are for having to work for all those years, working side by side with men doing the same jobs who were facing 5 years extra labour to get their pension, and not making one peep about the unfairness of it then because we all have very small dingalings and couldn’t get it up a bathtap.

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  16. Ladies, thank you for using this site to have a grumble.
    Political correctness is fast becoming a thing of the past because it has been very over played.
    The gender divide is now worse than ever for the youngsters, as well as being blamed for a general shortage of people , hence the need for immigrants, who largely take mens jobs. We don’t apportion blame, but the evidence speaks for itself.
    Five sets at tennis is too much.

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  17. I have to conclude that Frances Coppola and her little band of spiteful trolls haven’t got enough gainful employment and instead choose to spend their time attacking 1950’s born women, whose only ‘crime’ is to have been born at the wrong time.
    John is right – we have been unfairly targeted and are now being demonised.

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  18. It really is appalling that these selfish Graspis insist on hogging jobs till the age of 66, thereby keeping young folk out of work and effectively impoverishing their grandchildren.

    They should just crawl away and starve to death so that the younger generations can get on. It’s their own fault for breezing through life not thinking.

    Only a matter of time before someone comes up with this.

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  19. Mimsy

    Maybe my 132 year old mother outlaw. Back in the 70s she used to complain about the married men shagging all the young squirrels.

    There is nothing new under the sun, as they say. I, for example, am mad. But mad is the new normal.


  20. Frances Coppola talks a lot more sense than many a one! Our group ‘Protest Against The 2011 Accelerated State Pension Age Increase’ has been around for 5+ years and were part of obtaining the begrudged 6 month concession which meant that the 1950s women targeted for a second time, had up to 18 months extra added onto their first age rise, instead of up to 2 years added. It was not enough! Not many of the women affected have any private pension, they started work before equality of wages and had no chance to save! Our group accepted the first age rise which on a fair rolling scale would equalise women’s ages with mens. But to be hit at too short notice with another age rise by a badly worked out timetable was truly unacceptable! Let’s give an example, a woman born 5/5/1953 received her state pension last month ( in July) but a woman born 5/5/1954 doesn’t receive hers until November 2019, YES 3 years and 4 months later than a woman just exactly one year older. Is that fair? I think not! That’s just one example of that badly planned, obscenely rushed through timetable! Our group are not asking for the moon, only the 2011 accelerated timetable revoked or relaxed, so that the end is in sight for the women working with age related complaints, taking pain medication to get through the day, many are single or widows, they have no choice but to struggle on. Those who are lll or unemployed are forced to beg for benefits, humiliated in job centres and sent on degrading courses with younger fit people, even though they haven’t much chance of a job at 60+ So let’s not have males talking about women sitting around on well padded backsides or whatever, obviously your mother or wife or sister are not affected, how ashamed I would be to be related to those males! The world has moved on, equality is all very well nowadays but it was NOT around for the 1950s women who are now being treated in a disgraceful way! Frances supports our group, she has the sense to know that by asking too much you get nothing at all, why would every 1950s woman, even those already receiving their state pension be given compensation back to 60 when for lack of money our NHS is crumbling,. ill and disabled people are being robbed of benefits, food banks exist, children go hungry to school, people are homeless etc. Sorry but I agree, graspi is a more appropriate title for those who don’t care about other causes, only their own. No I am NOT a 1950s woman, I’m just someone who hates injustice!!!! Think on too males, revoking the 2011 would knock off up to 18 months for the women affected and also up to a year for the men affected. If the government get away with this injustice, they can do it again in the future! Don’t forget the 10 years notice supposed to be given of any age rise has been broken this time and can be broken again in the future!

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  21. Bubblebath
    Nice irony. Try not to be too subtle, as the knuckle-dragging antimatter can’t grasp it. You see, their Goddess is Frances Coppola.

    [No further evidence of insanity required – Ed]

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  22. PS ‘Jim’
    Come here to screw up my site with your inadequate ramblings, and as the site owner I reserve the right to morph you into an even bigger nutbag and then send you off into deep space forever.


  23. What you have rightly pointed out JW and Faeces Coppola seems not to comprehend is my wife didn’t sign up all those years ago, to help pay for and this is not racist , housing for 450000 desperate people,HS2 or any of the above.
    The agreement that she Did have with our sovereign government was that if she worked all those years and paid in to a national pension scheme she would receive her pension at an agreed at the time . No ifs or buts . The penalty of the fact that the people responsible for organising it have messed up because they have been in denial for years should not fall on hers or others shoulders.
    Pity she didn’t invest with the Cosa Nostra , I believe they have a code of conduct by which they transact or perhaps their standards have fallen too.


  24. The coppola is a broken wind chime. I have mistakenly read her work thinking at first it was open minded due to the original reference. I tried several times but upon her supporting openly facist solutions to the problems of the little peeopal, she deserves the misery she has vested upon others. A neoliberal bagful. I don’t mind she proves me wrong if I have mistakenly identified her as a boor.


  25. she should be aiming her barbaric ruthless comments to the thousands of millionairs who have slipped through the net
    and are not affected by the age reated changes and still carry on getting a state pension when they clearly do not need
    one while single unsupported women may die from cold related diseases during the winter months due to poverty and
    unable to pay fuel prices or worse forced to sell their property in order to carry on living and pay off debt..Heat or eat
    and below the poverty line what is graspi abuot that??


  26. If there are any waspi’s living in Newent choosing between food or heating, look me up. Hopefully JW will point the way…


  27. First let me thank John for the many insightful articles over the last several years. And guys I’mm sure I will receive plenty of flack but the reason as I saw it that women retired earlier was for the second job many did of raising the family and keeping house. As a single parent for the last 12 years I to am worn out doing a full time job and running a home and raising children. Just saying a little perspective goes a long way.

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  28. There is so much inequality in the field of welfare generally and pensions in particular. It is clearly unacceptable that the British taxpayer-funded government prioritizes handing out generous subsistence payments to newly arrived immigrants before fulfilling its duties to its own contributors but who is clamouring about that?

    Ditto for Overseas Aid. In Nov 2015, it was announced that UK is to spend more in foreign countries (including China and India!) than it does funding its own police, immigration controls and counter-terrorism measures in each of the next five years. By contrast, Overseas Aid will grow by more than 20% over the next five years from £11.1bn this year to £14.2bn in 2019/20. When was it agreed that a government’s primary duty was to aid “foreigners” before its own citizens?
    In addition, it has clearly skewed the whole employment field for older people, men AND women, by allowing into the country such high numbers of young immigrants, many of whom are prepared to tolerate living conditions most Brits left behind over 60 years ago. Eastern Europeans are a case in point. Does the Govt. dare suggest that in order to compete, its own citizens should return to those conditions, due to its own ill-conceived policy,?

    In particular, it allows umpteen numbers of scumbags such as Anjem Choudary & Co. and their multiple families to milk £25,000 p.a. from the Treasury. Why? Fear of arousing their rage? One only has to experience any metropolitan Unemployment/Benefits Office to observe the contrast in the way the often deferential indigenous population is often pushed around by officials who seem more prone to acquiesce to those forceful vocal applicants who are expert at manipulating the system.

    Then there’s Britain’s contributions towards the €60bn worth of pension promises to the EU. And so on ……….

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  29. Marvellous world we live in, is it not? This demented English chap, decamped in France, tells us all what is wrong with the world – and his (fill in suitable word) followerrs hang on his every word. John, dear, you got your teeth fixed(?) your brain remains slightly south of north.

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  30. As a man born in 1954, I fit in with this wait for your pension situation. I actually retired early with a local government final salary pension. The very same year that I retired, there were several women [of WASPI age group], who also retired under the VER scheme, (Very early retirement). Knowing their job titles I know about five of them were on annual salaries in the range £29,000 to £44,000. With their years of service they must have retired on not far from half final salary. They are hardly destitute.?

    To come to the point, there must sadly, be many women blindsided by the 2011 changes, but it cannot be concluded that 3+ million women are all head down in skips behind supermarkets looking for packs of food past its sell date.?
    This WASPI situation needs a tad more perspective.? I agree that the 2011 changes were deeply unfair, but the 1995 policy was well telegraphed, and I know of no-one who didn’t see it coming or accept that it was fair in the light of bringing equality with men’s pension age.

    For what it’s worth I’ve just been on the .gov website, and apparently my state pension kicks in age 65,… 4 months and 12 days. To WASPI’s everywhere,.. I’m sorry, but you asked for equality,.. and equality is what you’ve got.
    O.K. I’ll brace myself for the inevitable kicking now.?


  31. My other half, born April 1953, has recently started to receive her State Pension, three and a quarter years ‘late’, but that tardiness was no surprise to her. In fact, because she was both awake and enjoying an IQ of at least double-digits, she has known about it since 1995 (more than 20 years) and fully accepts this delay as a logical function of (a) gender equality and (b) increased longevity expectation.

    There may have been an implied ‘promise’ that she could have her pension at 60, but that ‘promise’ was established at a time when there was also an implied expectation that she would have a husband a few years older and that they would both die in their 70s. When those default expectations changed, it was not unreasonable for the linked ‘promise’ to change. That’s what’s happened and why she’s not cross about it.

    On the plus side, she receives the new, enhanced standard pension, giving her around £20 a week more than the old formula would have done. Maybe the WASPIs should consider whether, if they were ever to succeed in getting their pensions backdated, the consequences of then only receiving the ‘old formula’ could soon leave them losing out on the total pension amount paid over their lifetimes. But then I suppose they’d start to protest anew about that as well ‘because no-one told them’ – well I just did.


  32. Indigo
    it was telegraphed,the pension changes your on about wasn’t well telegraphed at all! am a man and the changes with lots of other changes were given too us in meetings,i remember clearly (i am a man)that in the 30 mins talk we were given one point on a bulletining board mentioned it! it wasn’t mentioned by the person giving the talk & in the meeting the men in the room used what time to ask questions on other matters,as it was my sister was also in the room and on leaving i pointed out this bulletin point to her and gave a quick grasp of what it mean’t,she went back but the next load of employees were entering the room,i went back to where my sister worked and off the six people who had already been not one had remembered the bulletin point or any mention of it and like our meeting it had been dominated by other points,one of the women who still had to go tried raising the point and what it mean’t but it was quickly dismissed has it won’t effect you! and nothing was said! So i got my sister and her colleagues to go to the last meeting too catch the person giving the talk,they refused to talk after their time was up! so the next day they all went to personal after informed all the other women of which only one had got anywhere near asking more than one question on the subject but was also left with the idea that it wouldn’t effect them! the company actually arrange for the person to comeback and talk solely to the women on this one subject,all the women thank me for pointing out how potentially damaging this might be to them! but in the end they all till left feeling that they would have time to build up their private pension pot to close the gap 10 yrs later the firm didn’t exist,they were often job sharing because they had families and so worked part time and pensionable was halve that of full-timers,some had worked 30+ years but still had only mustered a pension worth 4k per annum,if this message was delivered has it was in the company i worked for then far from being telegraphed it was hidden under a mountain of other changes and the message was lost ! maybe not deliberately and to point to data and say it was there,it may well have been but i assure you it wasn’t put across to those involved very well at all!

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  33. A contract is a contract, signed in writing or shaken by the hand, it makes no difference. They are often abused and seldom delivered. Irrespective of birth date or of gender we should all take note of the game in play here. It goes something like: attack the weak first, make an example of them and by doing so you soften up the rest.
    There are no real savings to be made from depriving these people of their legal entitlement and i would remind those arguing about changes in equality that pay rates between sexes has yet to be equalised. Put simply most of these women so badly affected have through their lives earned considerably less than their male counterparts yet have paid their contracted paye dues in full = They did not break their contractual requirements.
    and for all you alpha males, raring to go and full of steam and fury, cool off and try not to forget that if we fail to protect the weak then we have no need for the strong.

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  34. @evilc: you and many of the others above have it right. A contract is a contract. My wife born 1954 and worked all her life has been cheated pure and simple.

    More importantly; if a contract between the citizen and the state, such that you work hard all your life and pay your contributions and we will look after you in your old age, if this contract can be so easily broken, where does this leave the next generation? Why invest in society? You may as well be manning barricades and looting. The whole notion of civil society becomes redundant. Maybe this was part of the plan.

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  35. It’s easy enough for Frances Copoutola and her ilk to argue lack of resources; the problem is that, in order to do so, the squandering and looting of public finances over a long period, and with political connivance, has to be ignored. Pragmatism at the expense of probity, and without accountability, has a somewhat hollow ring to it.

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  36. Interesting thread. I can see both sides of the debate, I understand some women feel cheated but I do remember the 1995 act and discussions so I am not sure why others now claim they were not informed. I remember a discussion about harmonising the retirement age and it was proposed that a common age of 62 for both sexes. I guess it will soon be harmonised at 70+.

    The 2011 acceleration was, of course, despicable.

    I note one poster above was an NHS nurse, I guess she has her full NHS pension at 60, so hopefully not destitute. On Cameron’s statement “no pensioner will face destitution under a future Conservative Government”, if the retirement age keeps getting moved out of range, he is quite correct as those in destitution will not be “pensioners”, just old people in trouble.

    With less people paying NI, the situation will only worsen unless HMG compensate for the reduced income / increased beneficiaries quandary. As JW stated, reducing Governmental waste would be a good start but I fear that will be their last option so we can expect more deferments and increased NI contributions.

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  37. Apart from whats been submitted already, including the editors childish freestyle abstract waste of space, it is worth mentioning that most of the immigrants are men. Womens jobs are mostly seated and need a good command of english language. This is the main reason that the govt decided that the workforce had to be protected by an extension to womens working lives.


  38. @Funteddy
    You are clearly a clockwork automaton but since you claimed in an earlier post to be melded to your sofa, howsabout you applying for a nice seated job in your local Tossco? You may fail the English bit though.

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  39. To The Misogynists on here:

    In your rush to abuse women, you show your utter ignorance in All Things Men.

    Firstly, please know that I stand UP for me and am NO feminist.

    Secondly, also know that YOU MEN have ALSO been screwed, utterly.

    Here’s why.

    In 1995, Ken Clarke COULD have brought YOUR pension age down to 60, or equalled the age down to any other year BELOW 65. He chose NOT to, in HIS rush to also say “Feck YOU, WOMEN!”. He also saw the £massive £advantage in increasing our age to 65 (as it was 65 back then)…and thus, he was perfectly content to continue to let you men work until 65 and to do NOTHING to help you.

    It was nearly ALL MALE MPs, back in the 1940s, for women’s age to be put down to 60.

    MEN are now NO LONGER able to claim Pension Credit, if they find themselves unemployed from 60/62. This pension credit was made up to be almost as much as their PENSIONS, in case you didn’t know. At present, they can still claim this, but have to be 63, which is the *current* age for women to retire. This is changing all the time and soon, it will be 66. This means that MEN will now join women in having NO SAFETY NET if they lose their jobs at 60, standing alongside us in the JSA/ESA queues, being harrassed half to death in their 60s, FORCED to live on £10.33 a day for ALL in life..until they get their pensions at 66 (unless govt increases this age yet AGAIN, of course)

    Yes, you men will soon be like me, in tears in the job centre, the man opposite you also in tears, because he’s seeing SO MANY people like me, old, not able to get jobs, in penury…..

    Soon, MEN will be sliding down into Suicidal Depression, as I have been, under the care of their GPs, sent on courses to help them with the depression, depression SOLELY caused by them having NO PENSION CREDIT now, as we have NO PENSIONS…finding themselves unable to afford the fecking bus fare to even GET to the courses in the first place!

    They too will become like us, prisoners in their own homes, NO MONEY to go out and have a life, tied to their computers, filling in endless job application forms, from which they’ll NEVER hear back….They, like us, will start selling their furniture to pay their bills, their clothes, watches, cars, (won’t be able to afford a car) WHATEVER they can lay their hands on to raise money….

    They too will have to face the indignity of Food Banks, having to ask the kind people who run such places if they can deliver the food to them, as they can’t afford the bus fare to get to them…They will also unpack their food parcels with tears streaming down their faces, and rage BURNING in their hearts over what’s been done to them!

    Of course, The Misogynists amongst them who already have THEIR pensions will take great delight in telling their younger wives/partners that this is THEIR pension and they can use that against the wives they’ve always loathed, for they loathe ALL women, right back to their mothers, or to the first woman who ever rejected them…..THEY will be the ONLY men who will ENJOY what is going on…..

    So, you see, your gender too has been scuppered…..

    And, whilst YOU have had just ONE extra year added to YOUR expected pension age, (which is grossly wrong too) WE have had SIX/SEVEN years added to ours without even being informed until it was too late…Even LAWYERS didn’t know, some divorces being based on the woman retiring at 60. This 60 age was even on the DWP site itself until late last year…!!!

    When you’ve all read this, might I suggest you place your nasty little heads up your nasty little arses, then, go into therapy and work out WHY you HATE women so much…

    Thank ye kindly…and Up Yours

    Liked by 3 people

  40. As to Odious Woman, John, I refuse to give her the Narcissistic Oxygen she so LONGS for.
    Suffice to say, thank you for this blog. It means a lot to many of we women out here, as does your continued support for us.

    Liked by 3 people

  41. Well, the comments have been a real learning curve…thank you to the few who tried to inject some perspective. The rest of you….words fail me! So much misinformation it’s embarrassing to read! For those saying 1950’s women are robbing the sick and disabled…….ahem….most of us are actually in that sad group. And we’ve already been robbed! We have worked, raised children into good little tax paying citizens, no childcare then….let alone the state actually providing FREE childcare now. Caring for elderly parents is dutifully done, saving government wasting precious cash on care home fees. No one asked for a thank you, but then we didn’t expect a constant verbal assault on our assumed stupidity, ignorance, greed, laziness. I’d liike to be rude about the offending commenters stupidity and ignorance….but no….except…. GO TO HELL!!!!

    Thank you JW…for adding some balance to the issue. X.

    Please forgive errors, I was very angry and have spinal nerve damage.

    Liked by 2 people

  42. If by paying my way into the system as asked, I’m now regarded as asking for ‘Special’ treatment, well I’m happy to say, you’re God dame right I want ‘Special’ treatment. If I hadn’t paid my way since the age of 16, then I wouldn’t expect any help or pension. What’s wrong these days is you only get rewarded for failure of not doing the right thing!
    Banks crash, bonuses get paid out.
    Take a company to its knees, they send you off with a big fat cheque.
    Fail to help get SPA to the right people after 30-40 years of paying, you get a nice Peerage, plus a nice ‘Gold’ plated pension.

    Fairness and morality, means nothing if your not high profile enough.
    If your a female from 1950s, well the way I see it is, the dog will always get fed before you……….. Sad but true!

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