Fireman Sam, the Koran & an invented insult that threatens our liberties

Before we start today, I’d just like to remind you of the masthead copy at The Slog:



The key word above there – one of the four dangerous ideologies I identify – is Islamism. Islamism did not exist as a word until 9/11: at that time there was one word to describe Muslim culture and beliefs – Islamic. Muslim leaders have tried very hard in the 21st century to make a distinction between Islamist jihadism and Islam. The questions to ask about the Fireman Sam incident, however, are more general. They concern tolerance and appeasement in a liberal ‘democratic’ society.

The News

Fireman Sam has been revived by Channel Five and their supplier HIT productions. In one episode, a character called Elvis – whose role is well-established as being something of an idiot – accidentally stands on a page of the Koran…which is not identified as a page from the Koran in the script.

The episode has been withdrawn after “complaints” were made to Channel 5. Both Channel 5 and HIT have apologised unreservedly.

Allegedly, the bloke who “wrote” the Fireman Sam episode has issues with what he sees as Islamic intolerance

What we haven’t been told by the media

  • Who made the complaints and how many there were
  • That the episode was first aired in October 2014 and passed without comment
  • That Fireman Sam’s creator had nothing to do with the Sam episode in question

The real facts that matter

Having devoted several early hours today to the history of this “outrage”, it is clear to me that only Islamics themselves complained about the depiction (for half a second) of one page of the Koran under a fireman’s boot.

Without doubt, an early oxygenator was the news website Middle East Eye. Fireman Sam doesn’t run anywhere in the Middle East, so someone must have pointed out the heinous insults of the satanic Infidel. This is a capture of the MEE article’s headline:


The piece was filed by journalist Alex Macdonald at 16:03  UTC yesterday. He updated it at 20:21 the same day. It’s a self-fulfilling headline typical of the tabloid agitprop style: there was no controversy, “blazing” or otherwise. The headline itself, however, is extremely inflammatory.

If you go to his Twitter page @AlexJayMac you can judge for yourself what Alex is about. He makes no secret of it, which is commendable compared to the antics of most hidden persuaders these days. But they guy clearly has a pro-Islam Left agenda.

Alex omits to tell us who complained, when and how. I would’ve thought that would be central for a genuinely investigative journalist, but there you go: he writes only, ‘Middle East Eye attempted to verify the clip on the My5 website, but the episode was no longer available’.

So Macdonald himself isn’t the pinched-goblin script raker general who spotted the 0.5 second incident. But here are some further clues:


Right. So the MEE headline should’ve read Muslim controversy then. It was nobody else’s: I was using Twitter actively from 3 pm until 6 pm and saw neither tweet nor trend.

Mr Kesvani writes for Huffington Post, the Guardian and other predictable suspects. His blog is about what a pain in the arse it is being a Muslim in Britain.

But this chap looks more likely:


Taking into account the fact that UTC is an hour behind BST, we can work out that Mr Versi tweeted first of all late Monday night. Then once the ball was rolling and MEE’s Macdonald had picked up the ‘story’, he added the second bit about the exact page.

Miqdaad Versi used a clip from the episode, but it had been withdrawn before then. So his complaint goes back aways.

Miqdaad Versi is assistant secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain

Islam and tolerance

The UK’s Muslim Council has form when it comes to repressive use of perceived media insults about the Prophet, the Koran, pub signs with pigs on them and any other form of the victimisation it sees everywhere in Britain.

In 2004, a close friend then at Channel Four was in charge of the station’s educational output. The Council’s Iqban Sacranie rang the station to complain about ‘misrepresentation’ in part of her output on religion, and demanded more time be devoted to Islam. The producer told him to fuck off. Sacranie then rang a senior executive at c4 and threatened the station with organised demonstrations. He went straight to the news desk and ran the story. Sacranie did not come out of it very well.

The Council also spearheaded the attempt to get Tony Blair to ban all criticism of Islam “whether it was true ot not”. The Labour Left was all for it, and Blair was about to endorse this clear attempt to stifle free speech when Islamists bombed London killing 56 people. That was the end of that. It took Sacranie nine days to grudgingly condemn the attacks.

This is not generalised bigotry or racism, it is about a growing body of empirical evidence showing quite clearly that that Islam’s leaders in Britain demand a privileged position for themselves on almost every dimension….and ‘ic’ leaders are not averse to using ‘ist’ threats while at the same time disassociating themselves from the latter’s history of unparalleled violence and extremism across the globe.

Appeasing Islam

Within hours of the story going mainstream, both Channel Five and HIT fell over themselves to accept every objection made about the Fireman Sam episode. C5’s prostration was truly remarkable:

‘The page was intended to show illegible text and we deeply regret this error. We sincerely apologise for any distress or offense it may have caused.

‘We will no longer be working with the animation studio responsible for this mistake. 

‘In addition, we are taking immediate action to remove this episode from circulation and we are reviewing our content production procedures to ensure this never happens again.

‘Again, we apologise unreservedly to our viewers.’

Any thinking person must now ask why this appeasement happens in 2016, but didn’t in 2004. Common sense – and my own corporate experience – provide the simple answer: people are afraid of becoming the next Charlie Hebdo incident.
So here too, the ic/ist differentiation is once again seen to be a hypocritical confection. If a programme supplier gets fired and an episode of somebody’s carefully crafted work trashed on the basis of the deliberate attempt to make a burning mosque out of a scarcely visible molehill, then freedom of speech is under threat. Such is, as always, the wages of appeasement.

About the Sam creator’s motives

David Jones, the creator or Fireman Sam, was involved in an incident at Gatwick airport some years ago. Speaking to Radio 4’s Today programme after the event, he recalled how he said to aiport officials after a veiled Muslim woman wasn’t searched at security:

“I wonder what would happen if I covered my face with my scarf. It was a quip. And I expected the guy to say: ‘Yeah, I know what you mean mate’ but when I got to the end and was putting all my stuff back on, I was bagged by a security guard. He told me I had made a remark which someone found offensive”.

He was led away and lectured for a bit.

Now Alex Macdonald at MEE makes great play of this – the inference being that it’s a smoking gun. Personally, I am horrified by the alleged act of heavy-handed pc repression by the security people….but let that lie.

The fact is that Jones had nothing to do with the episode concerned, ‘Troubled Waters’: it was written entirely by Miranda Larson. Miranda writes, directs and develops concepts for children’s theatre and television. She has no associations with or adherence to extremist politics of any kind.

How to stop this creeping propaganda

  • Above all, don’t join fringe racist groups people by tattooed knuckle-draggers. The vast majority of ordinary British Muslims lead quiet lives and run vital retail services.
  • Learn to interrogate the ic/ist deception. The problem here is the controlling and intolerant nature of Islamic and Sharia Law activists.
  • Don’t accept the term ‘multicultural society’ as “a good thing”. It isn’t, and the evidence against them from India to Northern Ireland is overwhelming in terms of the divisive violence that ensues.
  • Be brave in the face of kneejerk Left insults about being racist by making it clear that you’re perfectly happy with a multiethnic society. The issue is free speech and the rule of Law, not race.
  • Remember that over 16,000 Jihadists entered Britain on Home Secretary Theresa May’s watch. Be baffled but worried about the fact that she is now Prime Minister.
  • If you feel strongly about the content of this piece, write to your MP

Yesterday at The Slog: The real f***ing d***head in the Prince George story


  1. I think the great difficulty there is to bring peace to the 21st century is the complete disconnect between small terrorist incidents carried out by Muslim nut jobs and their cold-blooded psychopathic financiers, all of which are reported for what they are; and the biggest terrorist campaign of the 21st century, namely Operation Shock N Awe, which is somehow, miraculously, depicted as ‘a campaign of liberation’ or whatnot.

    We in the West are allowed to indulge in military campaigns, coups etc etc to loot economies for the benefit of TNCs. I’ve never understood why the taxpayer should fund the ‘investment programme’ of a TNC by paying for the war and reconstruction, whilst the TNC gets to loot the minerals. But that’s what Western publics have been brainwashed to accept as entirely normal. It isn’t. It’s grand larceny. If looting of a foreign nation occurs, then in the taxpayer pays for the war, the taxpayer gets the loot. End of discussion. But the fascists who control our politicians can’t allow that.

    Go investigate the US Govt funding Ukraine for $5bn so Cargill can loot it. Same play book they’ve been using for 50 years. If not longer.

    The ‘wars to the death’ only occur when both sides remain dishonest about their motives, their actions and their callous disregard for their peoples.

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  2. This is not generalised bigotry or racism, it is about a growing body of empirical evidence showing quite clearly that that Islam’s leaders in Britain demand a privileged position for themselves on almost every dimension

    To be fair, they are not the only religious group to demand a privileged position for themselves on almost every dimension.
    Cynical minds might even think they are playing for the same team…

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  3. Is this yet another instance of ‘invented’ media headlines?

    I am quite sure there are Muslims who are antsy enough to imagine all manner of things, especially when a cartoon character does something they know shows disrespect.

    I posted a comment about the overreaction of the Munich city councillors to the shooting in their city, and several commenters stated that it was the correct action to take. I do wonder if those caught in the queues at Dover would agree that the French authorities were acting in the best interests of travellers. No doubt, if you weren’t there, it won’t have affected you and will therefore be appropriate – those stuck in the traffic queues might not agree with them, just as a Munich-bound traveller might have been a little cross at the authorities having closed part of the public transport system for the evening.

    The real issue here is that invented – or very real – overreactions make good news headlines. Not only do they sell papers, they get eyeballs in front of the TV advertisements news reports.

    This is the ‘silly season’ and there really isn’t much going on… a few scare stories fit the gap and are far more interesting than the cricket. Well, to some, at least. Because I find the cacophony of “Muslim Terror” in Europe’s news media to be a little tiresome.

    But again, I’m sure that there are those reading this blog who think the news reporting is entirely fair and proper…

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    Good afternoon, it is I the impersonator again.

    A few people – most of all Mr Ward the editor in chief of this fine website – understand the cesspool of hate that lies under the surface of my ghastly reptilian body.

    Not many understand or know what they voted for in Brexit either, but The Slog is an exception. He has the foresight of a God, and knows only too well how well French property
    owners are in for a bumper harvest once Brits flee from the fangs of Theresa Maniac.

    I am so jealous of Mr Ward hahahahahahahahaha take your hands off me Nurse, do you know who I am? I am the Emperor Tedius of the Britannic Legions and no, not the needle again, please, not the needle….


  5. most children go thru’ a stage of development called ‘tyrant’, because they seem to try to arrange everything that happens around them. You must do what they want you to do or else they threaten to be very upset and cause loads of trouble…
    Many adults are still in that stage because they were never able to evolve past it.

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  6. another way to deal with tv propaganda, simple, stop watching it? i stopped 3 years ago, i wish it was 30.


  7. Hey, trolly boy Wardie,

    Europeans don’t hate Britain – that’s just you looking in the mirror! It’s the Britons that are warlike, not Europeans.

    The British complained at Germany’s thirty odd wars during the past three centuries… but the British forgot to mention that they’d instigated more than four hundred during the same time period.

    Get a life, pom.


    Do so adore The Slog, where fakes like me with heads up their arse still fail to get how easy it is to get rid o


  9. And now back to reality. The reality of a Sunday night in Munich… with an armed man in the Lindwurmstraße. Perhaps Jeremy Stocks knows the area? The man had been in a local train, the police were informed but the authorities decided not to close down the network on this occasion.

    Anyway, this man was threatening people with a gun, and one brave bloke calmed the man down by inviting him to a nearby café!

    Read on (in German).


  10. Nope gemma – only my wife travels in the centre. i live in the sticks )mind you they are beautiful sticks)


  11. It is a pattern that has repeated in the past, every time the grotesque outrages threaten to snowball, something happens, in this case Fireman Sam comes along to douse the flames. The result being the narrative switch to how awful life is for Muslims in the west, how badly they are treated and how non-Muslims must check themselves for potentially islamophobia lines of thought. It is a propaganda war, you can suck up the “The oh dear they’re not all like” mantra until the cows come home. It will not help you, it will help them. We are at war.

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  12. Their are many communities throughout the world feeling or being in a state of siege! some of it is in the mind but that is actually a perfectly normal reaction to the situation they live under! (you only have to read comments on here to understand how others must feel and no violence is involved),financial tyranny and propaganda is bad enough,to see what has happened worldwide is very disturbing! since it is all about conflict and i have said before if we set out and some have to destroy other cultures and religions then in a thousand years with billions dead,we will still in the end have to revert to what these “good” books portray ,living in peace and tolerance and having to communicate with both deeds and words(i will get the usual out of context warmongering words used in these books) but all the words are about attacking those that want to destroy the “good” in the books and to co-exist,(now the only one god out of context part of the books),too keep the the “good” part from being lost,which is why the Islamic fundamentals feel they have (and with the Bush Texans Christian war on Islam may well have a point) we will have after such human stupidity have to mend fences,pull down walls that have been built literately and mentally but particularly financially,then humanity may have a chance! but am afraid millions and possibly billions may have to die before,those who believe destroying others beliefs and imposing your own is a good idea as we see economically religiously taking place!
    Gemma from a point of view of security shutting down public transport immediately set up a perimeter,that could be policed stopping the escape from the area that beheld the French! they could concentrate all forces and resources to the streets ,making it less likely of escape and they wouldn’t know the numbers involved why this was first called in!


  13. “Above all, don’t join fringe racist groups people by tattooed knuckle-draggers. The vast majority of ordinary British Muslims lead quiet lives and run vital retail services.”

    This is rather more subtle than most of the parody posted on this blog. yes, it’s worth living in a big rainy Israel to be able to access a corner shop late on.


  14. Muslims have gotten very good at exploiting what they perceive as weakness in the West’s liberal values. Their leaders only have to threaten a mass protest if they’re not appeased and Bob’s your uncle, the West capitulates. Time and again. They succeeded in the banning of Geert Wilders, who’d been invited by The House of Lords, whilst radical imams preaching hate and violence were tolerated. They’ve developed an art of wrapping us round their little fingers and slowly insinuating their values in place of ours, i.e. the erosion of our freedom of speech and the imposition of over 100 Sharia courts in Britain. Yet Sharia law is incompatible with the principles of European law, especially the rights enumerated in the European Convention on Human Rights (and Freedoms). But anyone pointing such things out is immediately jumped on.

    The media and our politicians are so uncomfortable (scared?) with tying terrorism to Islam that they search for specificities (is it Al Qaeda or ISIS – as if it makes a difference!) or for unimportant details pertaining to the actual event and above all, insist it’s unfair to associate such atrocities with the ‘real’ Islam and followers, ignoring these are completely consistent with the history of Islam from its very beginning.

    Others seem to spend their time trying to disprove such events actually happened as portrayed, that perhaps it’s all a figment of our imaginations and try to decide who or what is at the bottom of it all. Irrespective of what the ‘evil West’ has perpetrated in recent history to earn this blowback retribution, it should be remembered that by far the worst atrocities are being perpetrated thousands of miles away in Muslim countries by Muslims upon each other and whoever else they disapprove of. They find their justification in the religion itself which teaches not compassion, tolerance and understanding but mercilessness, and severe punishment for any perceived violation of islamic tenets.

    The long overdue question to be asked by the West, which is in a state of naive denial, is: Is Islam compatible with Western democracy? Is it capable of reform in our lifetime? And therefore, can this end happily in a situation of ever-increasing Muslim numbers in Europe (and elsewhere)? Unlike Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam is not so much a religion as a totalitarian system of governance. It forbids all doubts about itself and wishes to impose its values everywhere. As for the moderates, are they calling the shots? Are their voices heard or even raised? And will they have much sway once their more vocal, assertive and belligerent leaders become TPTB. This is why Hungary, which is wise enough to recall history, is so averse to allowing Muslim immigration.

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  15. @ Alexei. Thank you for your excellent summary on the subject of the Muslim threat to the United Kingdom.
    I will add a few facts and figures taken from reliable sources.
    Several districts in London will be in Muslim majority in the next decade. The significant figure for the future within a high birthrate is that the age group with the highest total of Muslims in under 10 indicating future generations which will in turn become self generating for the purpose of a guaranteed Muslimisation of the UK. It is calculated that a majority will be achieved by 2050 (40% in the early 30.s.)

    The British Government is well aware of the threat and all those in our Parliament since the Powell speech know full well that successive Governments have turned a blind eye to an issue which cannot be controlled without a savage curb within this community. Nobody ever factors in the effect which high birth rates have in these circumstances. Northern Ireland is a good example of time and population change. Since Brexit the republicans have been making clear references about future unification and I believe there is intent.

    The Muslim Council has never had an interest in multiculturism its sole aim is plural monoculturism with British secularism and its appetite for loose morality playing second fiddle within a declining share of the population. Don.t worry about Sharia
    it is already being tutored to our Eagle beagles on the QT.

    I’m afraid that it is wakey wakey time for the population as a whole – it is no longer the case of shouting ‘racist’ scum to silence an increasing number of citizens who have been silenced by all form of threats and the law for the past 4 decades’
    Here is the challenge for those who have turned a blind eye – what are you going to do now that the cloak of denial is being ripped off your shoulders. When the flag of Islam flies from Downing street will you still be here or will you have deserted your countrymen to a fate which you failed to prevent and are thus guilty of desertion.

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  16. Ghost.

    Gemma from a point of view of security shutting down public transport immediately set up a perimeter

    So the question is why they didn’t do it this time?

    Perhaps the media hadn’t been warned. They weren’t ready and waiting to take photographs, write headlines and generally scare the pants off of everybody.


  17. Downing street flag- so no-one noticed the six pointed star already? where’s the hasbara when you need them?


  18. gemma checking people in and out of stations takes less resources,so keeping him on the network would be a advantage!closing off any escape route easier than in a city,but once again narrowing down their means of getting away!


  19. Many years ago, I asked my Spiritual Master, “All the chaos in this world, who is responsible for it?”
    The Master replied,”2 classes of people who live by the principle of divide and rule. One is politicians and the other preachers.”

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  20. “The vast majority of ordinary British Muslims lead quiet lives and run vital retail services.”

    I wouldn’t say the vast majority. The research Trevor Phillips did found a huge number of pathologies among them and speaking as someone who has a British-Pakistani partner (an ex-Muslim), I can tell you that hostility to the white British is huge. You might also want to read the book, ‘Easy Meat’ about the grooming gangs. 27 towns have seen gangs of Muslim men prosecuted for the gang rape of poor white children (it wasn’t just girls). This abhorrence is nationwide and ongoing.

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  21. Well i did post about the use of “Taqiyya” in Islam…..

    So naturally Wordmangle disappeared it.

    The excuse for violation the fundamental right to free speech and free expression is to protect the sensibilities of ultra-extremist, murderous fanatics hell bent on destroying human rights.

    It all makes perfect sense.

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