RELIGIOUS VIOLENCE IN ROUEN: where is the Truth in a multi-agenda world?


The News

In Rouen, self-confessed ISIL terrorists kill a priest by slitting his throat, and hold nuns hostage.

President Francois Hollande says ISIS “has declared war on France”.

The terrorists are shot dead.

The doubts

The Priest’s church was a known ISIL target. At least one of the dead suspects was supposed to be tagged and living under his mother’s close scrutiny.

Dead men cannot testify.

Two events in a week have no given Hollande the rationale for a continuation of France’s State of Emergency.

ISIL is desperate to counter claims in the Islamic World that it is in decline.

ISIL has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The result

The casual surfer sees yet another Islamist atrocity, and suffers a hardened heart.

The melodramatic reaction of François Hollande aka Le Plat Ecran gives ISIL exactly the propaganda oxygen it craves.

Federica Mogherini has an orgasm.

The population at large (including me) cannot possibly assert with any degree of certainty what happened, or why.

The “news” feeds the globalist 24/7 machine, but all careful, empirical, reasoned analysis is lost.

All the people in the black hats win, all the Western governments restrict yet more personal liberty, all the ordinary citizens in the white hats lose.

The action required

Refer to the 3rd specific aim of The Slog:

To make future generations far more willing to think for themselves and question the wisdom of the status quo. To make future products of education less vulnerable, in possession of far more self-esteem, and able to grasp not just that fellow-citizens are as important as them, but why.

To reject ideologically closed minds in favour of open-minded philosophy and reality.


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24 thoughts on “RELIGIOUS VIOLENCE IN ROUEN: where is the Truth in a multi-agenda world?

  1. exactly .. there is not a single thing that we hear about that can be taken as true.. they lie so much that one guesses they could be lying whatever they say.. i.e. everything written by MSM seems to have an ulterior motive..

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  2. ” Frederica Mogherini has an orgasm ” — that must have been a ” seminal” moment .

    At least she did better than her predecessor who has never had an orgasm whike in that post and probabky not ever.

    Seriously JayDub try Max Malone at for the ultimate in terrorist conspiracy theories unless you already have …..


  3. Can we get one thing straight?

    When JW says “ISIL has claimed responsibility for the attack”

    The American-controlled Mainstream Media has broadcast that ISIL claimed responsibility for the attack.

    The two are NOT THE SAME THING.

    The latter would be a useful prop for Hollande’s new state of affairs.

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  4. Education is increasingly being superceded by indoctrination, with the indoctrinated in turn becoming the indoctrinators.

    There is so much anger and hate out there that I fear that the time is rapidly approaching when political ideologies and beliefs (religious or otherwise) clash in a most brutal manner.

    Thank God I’m getting on in years.

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  5. Wasn’t I reading some where that a particular journalist happened to be filming at two of the recent attacks. Best not be in the same place as this guy.

    Off topic but related, why does everyone point to the cabinet approval of the Iraq war as the starting point?

    If I’m not mistaken in the run up to the official (legal?)war, the illegal war had already started. UK and America called it something like the NO FLY ZONE.

    I bet an FOI asking for details of dates and targets destroyed would show when the war actually started, without any UN resolution or any approval by the cabinet and MPs. People looking in the wrong place to try and covict Blair.


  6. Albert Pike

    and Carl Rove.
    The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” I nodded and murmured something about enlightenment principles and empiricism. He cut me off. “That’s not the way the world really works anymore.” He continued “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

    Suskind, Ron (2004-10-17). Faith, Certainty and the Presidency of George W. Bush. The New York Times Magazine.


  7. At the moment it serves Hollande well this perpetual state of emergency because it detracts peoples gaze from the economy.

    As for the French people I can only say there was a time in your own country like in the UK when you did not have to fear terrorists around every corner and that is what the politicians have done to you.

    A major point is and I cannot see how this will ever end especially when the politicians are using the concept of terror as a control mechanism.

    Hence why people now wait at the terrorist bus stop / train station, another incident will be along shortly to make you cower in fear once again. You can only take that concept for so long before a population snaps and the politicians are ignoring this natural human instinct completely.

    To the future, because it will never end, the issue of living in a continual state of fear I expect serious blowback at some point to purge the issue from their midst by the people themselves. Has to be if the French government are going to continue with its current policy and Hollande is adamant on maintaining the current policy.

    The eventual balkanisation of european nations is the outcome when you can no longer take anymore.


  8. So you’re saying this might be a false flag operation? If so, Hollande the Heroic has upped the ante considerably. “This is war…we are at war…but we must not conduct ourselves as if we are at war”.

    Yeah, I’d love someone like that leading my country – like I’d want my burning home to be attended by a fireman who sees destruction by fire as natural, inevitable and not worth dealing with.


  9. Well, Valls did tell the French to get used to terrorism (because he and his boss will be causing a lot more of it) and Hollande and Cazeneuve are in trouble from the fallout from Nice, as mentioned above.


  10. Albert Pike.
    Dealt with in some detail in William Guy Carr’s 1955 book, Pawns in the Game.
    Carr, a WW II Canadian naval intelligence officer, spent 42 years researching for this & his other books, to determine why the world was not progressing better. His conclusion ? Bankster Khazars.

    A more up to date work, though of far narrower scope, which I also recommend is The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, on the US Fed.


  11. @carroccio.. funny you should think that.. i thought the same about a number of incidents. Like the gay club thing in the states and nice and others.. no blood, no mashed bodies and no sign of any mark at all on the truck.. then when it comes to funerals, well they all apparently get burnt, so no burials.. but even they have no witnesses, no grieving rellies except a few unconvincing actors.. Now it is illegal to have any photo or video of anything that happened in nice.. them creating the reality does not stop..


  12. Angela Biggob of the British Council smells to me like a shot across the bows of Queenie & co.
    IE: nobody is too big to trash.
    Was she getting too big for her boots with pro-Brexit views? Who knows?

    The source of Islamic Extremism?
    The CIA, MI6, the poxy puppet politicians behind, beside or in front of them, & the money pulling their strings.
    The Arabs have been manipulated since GB & France were scheming to carve lumps out of the Ottoman Empire,
    a la Sykes-Picot.

    I think it was Jimmy Carter & Brezezinski who first put $ into Afghanistan Mujahideen to draw USSR into its own Vietnam,
    to bankrupt it. Late 1970s. Primary school books glorifying the Muj way of life were printed at the University of Nebraska.

    How glorious are the ways of perfidious hegemonic Albion/USA.


  13. @Tfs I think you are correct but was called something like Desert Eagle (will try and research). Anyway Us and Brit warplanes were able to fly unchallenged over Iraq destroying radar installtions and If I remember correctly sometimes causing civilian casualties. The war had already begun a year in advance of the actual invasion. Also we had friends involved in telecoms who had been seconded to the gulf well in advance to prepare for war. Many reservists were also aware that the war was a done deal long before it happened.

    Blair and Co should all be on trial.


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