ANGELA GIBBINS: The real story behind a British Council Motormouth and the Queen’s great grandson


Privilege in the British Council, and the two faces of Angela Gibbins

What the media told you

mesnipHead of Global Estates at the British Council Angela Gibbins told her Facebook followers that 3 years and 2 weeks old Prince George, the Queen’s great grandson, was “privileged, rich and living off public money. White privilege. That cheeky grin is the (already locked-in) innate knowledge he’s royal, rich, advantaged and will never know ANY difficulties or hardships in life.I know he’s only two years old, but Prince George already looks like a fucking dickhead”.

When contacted to comment on the remarks, she told the media (chiefly the Rupert Murdoch-owned Sun) that

“I have a multifaceted opinion, but I do disagree with the system that creates privilege of any sort, and I have a dedication to calling that out for what it is. I’m sound in my socialist, atheist and republican opinions. I don’t believe the royal family have any place in a modern democracy, least of all when they live on public money. That’s privilege and it needs to end.”

Key words to interrogate: privileged, living off public money, Murdoch, British Council, Global Estates, multifaceted, sound, socialist, Royal.

What you should really know

  1. Angela Gibbins is a hypocrite. The BC is still a wholly owned Government Organisation that lives off public money. Whereas she is aware of that, almost certainly Prince George isn’t aware of his ‘costs’. The British Council is there to represent Britain, and the British Head of State is the Queen. If you’re a ‘sound’ republican, don’t go to work for £80,000 a year at the BC.
  2. Very few organisations in Britain are as privileged as the British Council. For years it has been a byword for corrupt cronisym and nepotism as a result of a stream of critical reports in 2007, 2008, 2009 et al from Commons Committees, the NAO and the Information Commissioner. Its accountability (officially to the FCO) is in reality negligible, but that FCO has over fifty years received damning complaints of malpractice from foreign governments as diverse as Burma, China, Libya, Australia, and Pakistan.
  3. Its performance in the Educational provision sector was slammed by a Select Committee in 2007 for providing “joint educational programmes involving Chinese universities, that lagged behind Australia, USA, Hong Kong, Canada and France”. This division launched the career of Jeremy Hunt’s company Hotcourses via a non-competitive pitch while Hunt’s cousin Baroness Nettlestone was a senior member of the Council. Compared to those level of unaccountable privilege, the unconscious privilege of an infant prince pales into insignificance.
  4. Gibbins declares her opinions to be “multifaceted”, but a socialist republican outlook on life doesn’t fit that. As for being against “privilege”, these shots of Party-Babe Gibbins suggest she actually rather approves of it being applied to her:


Blimey – yes, there’s a large glass of bubbly….


….and oops, stone me, hiding down the bottom there, another glass of bubbly.

Multifaceted….or two faced?

Well, the view here in Sloggers’ Roost is inching towards two-faced, because like all “sound” socialists, Champagne Angela’s job at the British Council is to be, um, a property developer.

In that role, she was recognised as one of the “most influential women in the facilities management profession in 2007″….but her other role (again, not very multifaceted) is up there on Twitter as ‘socialist politics, human rights, allotments, E17’. Yup, looks like two-faced has won it hands down. Especially as she looks rather different at Facebook:


Yes, gone is Influential socialite Angela Falicity-Gibbins, and revealed is Angie Guevara-Leveller, sexy, fearless champion of vegetable rights on allotments, and former Amnesty International Activist.

When she chose her global assets partner-supplier at the British Council, however, did she think it entirely appropriate to hire the American-owned company, CBRE?

And was there a shortlist involved….or did the US giant get the job just by turning up?

At the time, Falicity-Gibbins said: “After conducting a thorough global review, we are very much looking forward to working with CBRE as our Global Property Partner. CBRE will help us to streamline and speed up the delivery of capital projects and also optimise the
efficiency of the portfolio.”

So as well as being a socialist, she’s also a fan of globalists. And presumably therefore of the EU….because if there’s one thing socialists like, it’s BIG.

The British Council website has this to say about the EU:

‘The European Union (EU) is a strategic partner for the British Council both within the EU and globally. The EU Office acts as the global interface for our network of offices across the world with Brussels-based European Institutions and organisations working in the British Council’s main sectors and themes. Our role is to steer the successful development of partnership opportunities with the EU globally.’

Like any good socialist Remaindeer who doesn’t want to be ashamed of her country (or be seen as a fascistscumracistbigot) no doubt Angela’s Guevara-Leveller persona was very on-message about that BC role. But now we’ve voted to leave, of course, she’ll have to adapt. Or be a rebel about that too.

Whether this will stop the Council spending our money every year to promote the EU is another question, that should,  I submit, be asked.

Anyway, the British Council gets £155Million of our money every year, Angela Gibbins gets eighty grand of it, and she was educated at Goldsmiths and Cambridge. Hold it up to the light….not a speck of privilege in sight.

What the 3.2 million Waspi SPA victims wouldn’t give for a bit of that. But there is no money at all left for the underprivileged of Britain….and I doubt if little George’s salary is anywhere near Angela’s just yet.

5. Once again, a Murdoch paper is seen to be centrally involved. This story was a wet dream for Rupert, because he hates the Royals, privileged Toffs like the British Council, and mother Earthers like Angie. So well-played girl. I mean girls.

What can any of us do to stop this sort of stuff?

Revisit the Four reform of the West priorities referred to yesterday

Always remember that every MSM story has an agenda, behind which there are more relevant truths than what’s in the story you read

Campaign to stop foreign nationals owning UK newspapers

Find an alternative to the Labour Party that isn’t riddled with minority cause Oxbridge Showboaters

Start offering more support to suffering British pensioners

Close the British Council and all other forms of Whiteminster cronyism.


32 thoughts on “ANGELA GIBBINS: The real story behind a British Council Motormouth and the Queen’s great grandson

  1. Incredibly sad that the meme ‘white privilege’ has made it to Britain.

    Will be a difficult concept to explain to the white working class guys sitting homeless in doorways in Manchester and to the thousands of girls gang raped by Pakistani men.


  2. yes.. two faced fits.. pretty much like the rest of them who earn shed loads of money out of the tax payers purse. She probably milks the expenses for as much as she can get.. they seem to do that as well.


  3. Right on Biggy! JW has written a masterly piece on the Brit Council, known as the last refuge for failed spooks, Walter Mitty chancers and duffers who could not hack it in Quangos, NGOs, Enquiries, Committees, etc. The doyen of NGOs, Soros himself, could not have dreamed up a more supine and pliable bunch…… mere conjecture of course! However, that formidable NGO, that is used as a conduit for preferment, ennoblement, gongs, etc, has no global competitor…. The House of Windsor! Mind you, that Chazza is out on his allotment every weekend. It is called The Duchy of Cornwall!


  4. Angela Gibberish has it right: we are far worse off living under a hereditary monarch who takes a smaller income than the revenues from the Crown Estates which the Sovereign passed to the Treasury than we would be living under an enlightened African kleptocratic president (Mugabe comes to mind?). Prince George is clearly far more privileged and evil than the children and grandchildren of such dictators, sorry, Presidents


  5. Don’t work for an organisation which carries Royal patronage when you have extreme republican views. Many of the countries involved with the B C are ex colonial and obtained independence as is their right so its time for them to stand on their own.
    Solution – close the operation down – save AT LEAST £155 million – and get into the real world

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  6. The BC is a well dodgy organisation. I came across a number of weirdoes out in the Middle East, a lot of English teachers who “liked to work with the young”. No comments needed.


  7. @Gilmar. Of course, effect the closure…. a joint task for all at Slog. We offer Crown Agents £1 for the BC. We then steal the Pension Fund. We sell the properties to an incompetent serial Bankruptee, extracting fees for management, consultancy, the office cat and a collection of spider webs in the long-unrefurbished properties. The old pals act ensures that the Bankruptee extracts any remaining dosh… and probably gives it to his Synagogue. Haha. As they say, you could not make this shit up. Meanwhile, the principal who set in train the mythical events, now in delivery of Executive Zoomer and Bling Yacht, has severe reservations about coughing up compensation. Of course, it is not fair to talk of The Donald like this but I am old enough to get confused by all this stuff. They say that the weather in Monaco is particularly wealthy at the mo, shame HMRC never go there!


  8. Dear Harry Again
    Although Aussie & US/Russian/Sark owned civilisation media have been known to print serial lies that destroy our culture piranha by piranha, banning property ownership by foreign nationals really is a giant step too far. The tiny minority of nondoms using such property keep the tabloids suitably rabid, but many foreigners here pay UK taxes that benefit them and us. I have yet to see The Daily 46 Grosvenor Square demanding Sharia Law Now.

    The last thing we need in this country is Xenophobia. Rather, we need targeted action against those living here whose Religion of Peace must kill in order to affirm its supreme Peacefulness. In 1266, its source was Rome: In 2016, it is Mecca. If today’s events in Rouen say anything, it is that.


  9. Good article as ever. Amazed how you find out all this stuff and get it in order.
    Oh! And the new format is better but the green is a bit sickly. Wonder if the italics be more readable.


  10. I worked for the BC here in Dublin for a short while. I made a few innocously critical comments about their hypocrisy etc, was sacked and gagged. I agree with everything you write about them!

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  11. This absolutely nails it.The BC has ever been a bastion of white privilege – just read Malcolm Bradbury’s 1983 satirical novel “Rates of Exchange”. I absolutely laughed my t**s off last night when I saw her comments.

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  12. Harry, agreed.

    Any foreign national property purchaser has to pay £1 Billon upfront into the NHS, every year, no refund whatsoever. Minimum contribution, say £100 Billion?

    Catch 22, Any Oilygarch, Shaikh, dodgy dosh merchant, Zio, dual Passport , convicted crim, nasty piece of work, Non Dom, entering UK, has to cough up £1Billion, upon each and every UK entrance and exit in cash.

    Why do we pay GCHQ? They know all the Dodgy Dealers, Tax Dodgers, Crims, so why pay GCHQ to turn a blind eye?

    GCHQ trawls every text, call etc, of every UK citizen. But they ignore exposing all of the above scallywags.

    I wonder why?

    Duh! They want these parasites to have a free ride in UK. Somebody gets a bung!

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  13. JW, we spar. You seem to support Grosvenor Square wealth/anonymity? Gold plated cars, parking tickets galore, yet we everyday citizens get court orders that hurt. Man up and get real, Europe has an Islamic Rambo problem. You of all people, should realise that France was physically challenged, way back…… The Islamic hordes were finally held off at Roncesvalle ….. but the Muslim vanguard riders had already thundered to within 20 miles of Paris. Touch and go!
    Today, The Kalergi Plan is coming true. Europe is irrevocably swamped with illegal immigrants.

    John, step up and explain to us Brits of all creeds/colours/etc, why our many governments have failed us.

    You may say that you have…… but that was yestergo! What say today and … tomorrow? It may sound like an ultimatum… but there are lots of us out there who really appreciate your heads up!


  14. Forgot to refer to Rupert. 10’oclock News the day when the second ceremony took place Rupert and Jerry Hall.
    Lady reporter catching Barry Humphries – You’ve been invited Mr Humphries — Oh Yea sent him a present – a book
    Bend it like Beckham and a pair of Jump Leads. Reporter in stitches can’t continue interviews over!!


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  16. Mr? Howard obviously you are totally ignorant of the amount of money the royal family bring in to the country. Therefore ensuring your benefits will be paid on time. There are hundreds of flights leaving the U.K. every day why not get on one if your so disillusioned.


  17. Thank you for informing me about the BC and Angela whatsname, never heard of either til now. Nice to know our hard earned money isn’t wasted!!


  18. I have a dilema, the ineffably wonderful David Malone, aka, golemxiv, is standing as leader of the Green Party. They’ll make a green out of me yet, there is a man who is integrity personified. It will quite a leapto green though.


  19. Such an ironic argument she’s made. So she’s basically sticking up for the children who haven’t been born into privilege. But by doing that she is personally attaching an innocent child who has. Either way, all children are ‘born into’ their place in the world & shouldn’t be subject to abuse & public shaming because of that! Whether their place is ‘privilege’ or not. Ugh.


  20. Was she born into a life of privilege? Handed her degree and job on a plate. I can’t get to grips with or understand the term “Champagne socialist” it’s as if socialists should only drink cider or buckfast perhaps? Or maybe when you earn over an “acceptable” amount for a socialist you should automatically become a capitalist be part of that establishment. It’s also known as be quiet and drink your bubbly dahling.


  21. This lady and the organisation she purports to work for should be consigned to the land of ignorants any any taxpayers money used to support tem withdrawn immediately


  22. You’ve missed the opportunity to actually state what angela did say on Facebook…. more inaccurate guff online you help to perpetuate


  23. You really overlooked the most offensive comment Angela Gibbons stated on facebook, with her referring to the innocent toddler boy as ‘white privilege’, this term is discriminatory, clearly racist (surely no explanation needed) and inflames hatred towards all ‘whites’ and all ‘whites’ with money or title. It is a derogatory term that is creeping into mainstream media and public opinion at horrifying speed and without reproach as part of the regressive left’s subversive tacts, it needs to be addressed and stamped out. Strangely in a recent news article by Journalist Ruby Hamad in the Sydney Morning Herald involving ‘toddler children’, the term was also used, it is quite ironic, maybe a pattern emerging as regressive left think it is ok to abuse children by throw the term at them, a low punch with children used as victim porn? Ruby Hamad is a Arab Muslim Vegan Feminist so has carte blanch in Left publications to write about race, she was so bold to even title her article with ‘white privilege’ in the title, using terms ‘Western privilege’ and ‘white people’, shame on her, see –


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