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THE EU REACTION TO TURKISH MELTDOWN: a pressing reason why there must be no dragging of feet on Brexit

mesnip18716 Since 2010, Cameron, NATO, Merkel, Mogherini and the EU have all appeased the Turkish Islamic Jew-baiting dictator Recep Erdogan. Step by step, year by year, this madman has taken every last step predicted here to become a prototype Caliphate for the Muslim World. Typically, Washington has scurried away, and the EU is all over the place. This crisis demonstrates why, on every dimension, we are better off out of the geopolitical muddle. 

La Capitanorina dei mollto grande Ecercito del Onione Europio Federica Mogherini issued this press statement yesterday on the events in Turkey:


Classic stuff: we condemned the coup, which was against creeping Islamism, because we thought maybe the other side might not be quite so friendly to NATO. Now we’re condemning Erdogan, because he’s revealed himself to be the Islamist dictator we secretly always knew he was, but now it’s too embarassing for even us to carry on being friends with him.

mogminiOnly 18 months ago, Mogherini praised  Recep Erdogan’s Turkey, saying it was “already well advanced on implementing several of the benchmarks in the Roadmap to develop its cooperation with the EU and all its Member States in the relevant areas, and launch and implement several essential legislative and administrative reforms.”

barrosoBefore that, Clown Prince José Manuel Barroso (since transferred for a seven figure fee to Goldman Rangers) said on September 29, 2014, in Istanbul, “Turkey has also made progress in its alignment with the EU legislation even if we consider that the picture is mixed as regards the political criteria. . . . We welcome the fact that the new Government has tabled its EU Strategy, which is intended to reinvigorate Turkey’s work on its European path. We would like to see this clear European commitment on the Turkish side.”

So if you were wondering whether the EU really has a clue on foreign policy and membership expansion, now you know: it doesn’t.
This is what The Slog opined about the Turkish tyrant in early 2014….four years after slamming David Cameron’s pro-Erdogan speech in 2010:

There is an immediate, symptom-related moral to this ridiculous saga of incompetent appeasement: an old retired amateur bloke in the depths of rural France knew what to do with Erdogan four years ago, but the EU foreign policy and army top brass still haven’t a clue. Believe me, that is profoundly disturbing.

Way beyond that symptom, however, is the disease: the disease of US energy geopolitics driven by a protectionist oil business that has squashed every attempt to move beyond oil for 40 years. The disease of American global hegemony prodded by globalist ignorance about the Middle East. And the cancer of Goldman Sachs, the CIA and NATO really calling the shots in the European Union.

Mainstream news today ignores the disease and hides the symptoms. I – and thousands of online commentators all over the world – don’t.

Anyway, to those few remaining friends on the Left who haven’t written me off as a scumbigot racist for voting Leave just yet, this has been just one of 192 reasons why I put my cross in that box, not theirs.

Clearly, the British Left is happy to be on the side of US colonialism, growing EU militarism, fascist Islamism….oh yes, and Socialism.

Why Britpack ideologues are drowning in their own drivel

17 thoughts on “THE EU REACTION TO TURKISH MELTDOWN: a pressing reason why there must be no dragging of feet on Brexit

  1. Unmentioned is that one thing which has endeared Erdogan to our elites is that it has fully embraced the marketable debt model of growth. I’d say if Putin could somehow announce that same for Russia that within days he would be feted at great state dinners in the White House. But back to Turkey,

    “The Turkish Credit Bubble gained important momentum as part of the post-2008 global EM (Emerging Market) funding boom. Estimates have as much as $300 billion having flowed into Turkey over recent years, inflows that accelerated with the 2013 sovereign rating upgrade to investment grade. As a NATO member, aspiring EU nation and key ally in the explosive Middle East, Turkey benefited greatly from the view that Europe, the U.S. and the world, more generally, would not tolerate crisis engulfing Turkey.”

    From the superb Credit Bubble Bulletin here

    and the archive

    Outside of all the machinations of our Great Global Strategic Thinkers and their deep thoughts about oil is that Turkey had become the first and only outpost of the Western banking system in entire region. Part of the dream of a rich peaceful world courtesy of Goldman Sachs et. al.


  2. @kfc “….he doesn’t play games ….”
    Before getting carried away with Corbyn’s merits, bear in mind that pre-Brexit he was all in favour of unlimited immigration, even though it clearly disadvantaged many Labour members’ job situations and if he’d care to consult with them clearly did NOT “reflect their views”. Then magically, post-Brexit, learning what so many of those supporters ACTUALLY felt about mass immigration, he changed tack, commenting: “the party could not “duck the issue” of immigration, and acknowledged that Britain’s vote for Brexit, …. represented a “backlash” against EU freedom of movement rules.”
    However, instead of responding to the cause of these concerns of “his people” – and their resentment at being betrayed by their leaders – his reaction was to signal “Labour’s new approach would seek to support communities hit by high levels of migration with extra government support” , i.e. not calling for the reduction of immigration but just chucking more government money at the problem – without indicating where that would come from……..

    An equally “unprincipled” position (to my way of thinking) was that from being a very vocal Eurosceptic for most of his political life, he couldn’t bring himself to say so when it mattered and tepidly went along with mainstream Labour’s position on Remain, most likely not anticipating the firestorm directed at him after the unexpected Brexit result.

    In conclusion, it’s mystifying that anyone would consider him a politician one could count on any more than all the rest.

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  3. We have for years called Munich a Toytown as it was always a peaceful slightly dull city. We expats are called Toytowners. No longer.


  4. i am putting up this simple explanation of how the fed seeks to buy the world with debt and bombs… any country with usa armed forces is a client state that cannot get rid of them… .. also ergoden is desperately seeking to make friends with russia. he wrote apologies twice for the mistake made by a pilot in killing a russian pilot. the two leaders plan to meet early next month.
    He has done the same with isreal both before the so called ‘coup attempt’..


  5. Just maybe…
    John Pilger on Jeremy Corbyn:
    “Ordinary people are so frustrated all over the world… that their views are not reflected by their politicians. Suddenly up comes a man who, first of all, is completely incorruptible. He’s decent, he doesn’t abuse people, he doesn’t play games, he doesn’t want to go to war with countries, he doesn’t want to bomb countries, he doesn’t want to see people impoverished and he doesn’t want to see extremely rich interest make off with billions of pounds… he’s cheered people up and given them a sense that maybe change is possible.”

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  6. Whilst not for one moment, i don’t think the petrodollar had a lots to do with the mess we find ourselves in,it is easy to make all the effort they have made and will make bankrupt them,the cost so far,the cost to build and the cost to keep it secure means it can’t ever be viable and has always been the downfall of those stupid enough to try!
    Only through goodwill and good faith can such projects ever be made possible!


  7. John makes some good points, his emphasis on the petrodollar hegemony is well founded, if we boil it down to the basics, little else has been driving geopolitics since WW2 and since the Nixon shock in ’71 it has been the only show in town. The Cold war would not have been fought without the spending power of the USA being able to simultaneously support massive defence spending/research/space programme AND maintaining the average Joe citizen in a state of luxury unobtainable in the Soviet Union.
    It looks like the neoliberals are now trying to thrust us towards a global gulag with their insane approach to ‘migration’.

    I make no apologies for spamming this onto the thread as even if you’ve seen it, it warrants further analysis in the light of the events since it was made.

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  8. You know that point in heating a pot of water when there are those random bubbles that appear from nowhere and burst on the surface and you know that a full rolling boil is only moments away? Does anyone else feel like they are sitting in the middle of that pot?

    I think I will plan a trip to Costco in the near future.

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  9. rtj1211

    I disagree.

    Mr Putin will be the one to put this piece of shit in the ground.

    remember the Russian fighter over Syria.
    That is unfinished business

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  10. One of the small items which escaped notice during Brexit was the closing and the shifting of the Ford transit factory from Southampton to Turkey , now my question is why would Ford move to a NON_EU country unless they were expecting that country to join the club and overturn these vigorous denials of them not being ready for EU membership.
    Hands up who remember Thatcher telling us all that Nestle would not move the Rowntree’s facility to the darkest eastern Europe , they get our chocs we get their beggars.

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  11. My take is extremely cynical: the US needs a nutcase in Turkey to turn Syria and Northern Iraq into hell holes, sponsoring ISIS etc, until such point as they have rendered Syria and Iraq so weak that they can have their Qatar-Turkey pipeline as wished.

    Once they’ve built the pipeline, they can get rid of the nutcase.

    The only reason to get rid of the nutcase before then is if stops doing what he is told, stops funding ISIS in Syria or starts being too friendly with Russia again.

    Turkey has been in ‘special measures’ ever since shooting down a Russian plane: doing that meant that Putin could tie his hooker up and spank her for being a naughty girl. Something he has performed with admirable professionalism….

    The CIA’s aim has been to weaken Western Europe whilst maintaining its stranglehold on its new Eastern European client states on Russia’s borders. It now has a new ‘radioactive crescent’ from Vilnius to Odessa, after all. I”m sure the land there is fairly fertile, but that will become the 21st century ‘United Fruit Company of Europe”s new fiefdom, assuming that it isn’t already complete.

    Erdogan will be overthrown when it suits the CIA to overthrow him.

    In the meantime, Europe should tell America that they won’t play ball with the Hitlerian nutcase and that, if the CIA don’t like it, tough…..

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  12. JW, not just the body language, look into his eyes … gateway to the soul.

    What concerns me more is the number of people Erdogan has since detained … the EU and Cameron will have blood on their hands and nowhere they can run and hide on this one if he starts killing.

    Cameron has just marked himself out to be as bad a warmonger as Blair.


  13. Really just reinforces my point yesterday, just how are we to pry the hands off the levers of power when the have so many useful idiots under their influence?
    These ‘strategies’ pontificated by the Mogherini’s et al. are not their own, they are just following a script, we need people who are their own people, not the puppets we have now. As soon as someone comes along who does not follow the script, they are villified and generally smeared and pushed out of the way.


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