At the End of the Day

meglycinessnipJeremy Corbyn refuses to go. Angela Eagle is afraid to go out. Germans in Munich have been ordered not to go out. Donald Trump is going to build a wall so Mexicans can’t come in. Sam Allardyce says England will be staying in the running from now on. Philip Hammond says there will be adjustments now that we have voted out. There’s little sign of any reduction in the number of migrants coming in. It’s been a silly sort of week; it deserves a silly end.

My old man’s a Dutchman

‘e wears an old Dutch cap –

that’s why I’ve got no brothers

and ‘e’s never ‘ad the clap

Former top Whitehall bureaucrat and self-confessed set dresser Baron Waste has admitted to a Parliamentary enquiry that he would often come into work by glider, regularly using Louise Mensch’s ego as his landing strip. “When she resigned her seat” he told startled MPs, “I switched to Steven Crabb’s neck.”

Baron Waste was answering questions on the misuse of public funds, a practice he told the committee was “not only endemic, but also highly enjoyable”. Asked by Ricardo  Toppe-Wheeze (Tory, East Suffix) to elaborate, Waste described to MPs how he had been asked by former Prime Minister David Cameron to cost his Big Society proposals.

“Nicky Soames and I motored up to Kempton,” he replied, “and put the £30 billion female State pension budget at 15-1 on Dunkin Donut in the 3.45. It came in last, so we muliplied 30 by 15 and told the PM his idea would cost £450 billion. After that, his ardour cooled”.

In a shock choice tonight, Democratic Presidential candidate Clarissa Hinton named FBI director James B. Comey as her running mate.

Interviewed by Fox News anchor Megyn ‘Skimpy Top’ Kelly, Hinton told viewers that she chose Comey “to assure the American people that his email investigation was done competently, honestly, and independently, and no outside influence of any kind was brought to bear on his decision not to prosecute” aside from the tempting offer to spend the next four years farting about in a non-job at the taxpayers’ expense.


25 thoughts on “At the End of the Day

  1. Viewed from afar – how easily 52% of the British people seem to have capitulated to being governed by 71% of the politicians they voted against.. … Pretty clear the latter can get away with anything now. But how many more terrorist outrages will it take for Mutti to change her tune, or for her supporters to abandon her?


  2. What a shitty little post alleged to be maybe satire when the whole World is going to hell in a big way and Monsieur Le Slog chuckles along as he always does.
    You are a rat, sir. You are a plague rat, sir. And you are also I think they call you charlatans.
    *YOU* know what I mean, eh, M. Jean?


  3. @alexei

    UK politicians are just lying toerags from here on in on “everything” and anybody who believes a single world out of a politicians mouth is a stupid fool no two ways about it. That is what the referendum really exposed, just how deceitful the UK parliament has been to its people and can now be treated with the contempt it fully deserves.

    Priceless to have the deciet revealed in all its glory prior to the economic downturn that was going to happen whatever choice was made so people can happily despise every one of the elected in parliament even more.

    The only real godsend was by keeping the thieving BOE means we end up like Japan, but avoid the Greek tragedy and I got to keep my democracy in the process. Along the strict lines now though I may believe in it, if parliament does not then I do not have to offer them democracy.

    Interesting points:-

    Alot of MP’s are calling out that a referendum is not a good system, but the system is exactly the same one they use in parliament with the ay’s,nay’s and abstentions just scaled up.

    Any lying words they utter now can be immediately turned upon them making them look far worse than they are already.

    Before the population always wanted to believe they were the gifted chosen ones so it was shrugged off, not no more.

    Pandoras box was truly opened during the referendum on so many things in such remarkable ways.


  4. @Cecil Cardew

    By the tone of the comment you are one of those who chose the path to where the world finds itself today.

    Realising ones own mistakes might be a good start so you can put right all that you supported to be done wrong and leave us in the current precarious position.

    Mind boggles sometimes on the self righteous fools who by playing their part actually created the mess but accept no responsibility or shame for their choices.


  5. Cecil walked a country mile
    spitting venom, puking bile.
    His grammar poor, his manner mean –
    he fell into
    the threshing machine.
    E J Bowman (1957)


  6. John
    Re The shafted 50s mothers and grannies .
    I NOTE THAT THIS TYPE OF SHAFTING HAS BEEN ? ……..Iz going on all over the western world!
    In the UK it takes a few milband secs, for the system to note the death of a husband!. and adjustments made to payments.
    I suspect what is going on ….It is that : This generation (the 50s) was the last one not to be fully indoctrinated into multiculnt!…………. a complete embarrassment in polite/ post 50s indoctrinated company.

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  7. As to Munich – did the authorities really need to shut down half the transport network? It’s the kind of thing that is done in Europe to show that terrorism really is important. Last year, one forgotten suitcase lead to the closure of the Dutch railways

    Did they shut down the transport systems in Orlando after the shooting in the nightclub?


    … I was forgetting….

    … they don’t have one.

    It is much more fun when the authorities can be bumped into closing swathes of their infrastructure, and thus annoy the masses and get them to be a little less tolerant of their neighbours…

    … all part of the plan!


  8. JW

    Just read interesting article in tech site amusingly called Ars Technica that opines that far from being at the back of the queue re deals with US they will do a rapid ‘investment treaty’ trade agreement and that could explain why J hunt has remained in post so as to oversee the total destruction of the NHS as the new deal will have far fewer protections than those afforded under the EU.

    Very interesting but could a US treaty supercede EU rules whilst the UK was still a member ?

    I do not know but given every indication that the gov wants to drag out even the triggering of Article 50 I have just filed the possibility of the gov’s intentions with the NHS.

    Can anyone aligned May’s inaugeral sanctimonious speech with J Hunt remaining in charge of the NHS?


  9. I think FBI’s Comey was trying to tell us he and Loretta Lynch had been nobbled, so no indictment for Hitlary.
    The shocking thing was the US media daren’t report it as such.
    (Comey was nobbled years ago)


  10. @alexei – yep total put up job, in effect the elites are trying to stabilise their position and control but it is too obvious to so many.

    Just took the dog a walk, way over the welsh hill … like to walk good for the cardiovascular and freeing up the mind…

    Erdogan … was not going to get into the club so it is like you build a gatling stone throwing device and now you shoot the flock of birds down, whose counting stones anymore? Bird kill rate is more important.

    1. Stage a fake coup to identify opposition.
    2. Bring back the death penalty for later bargaining power.
    3. Threaten to kill thousands through the death sentence.
    4. EU begs he doesn’t beng part of NATO and all.
    5. Erdogan commutes all death penalties to life imprisonment being such a wonderful fellow he is.
    6. EU runs round shouting how nice Erdogan really is and this actually proves it.
    7. Turkey as a dictatorship is welcomed into the EU fold post haste because they tick all his boxes.

    You know it makes sense, in the world right now it would not surprise me at all and Erdogan could have Turkey in the EU in a very short timeframe governed by how fast he starts the trials and sentencing would start the EU negotiations.


  11. The Nice caper. The one about the lorry that was parked up in a strict security No Lorry Zone for nine hours….. then used to bulldoze dozens of celebrants ….. lone nut driver shot dead. The lorry is pictured minus the “bonnet”…. with no blood, mangled body parts, blood-soaked tyres…. and lots of Crime Scene actors kitted out in the usual head-to-toe white onesies…. with not a bloodstain amongst them….. now the French authorities, fearing more glaring inconsistencies in the yarn, has ordered destruction of all CCTV on spurious grounds. And anyway, Hollande needed another false flag kicking, for surreptitiously allowing French Farmers to open up trade with Vlad, despite sanctions. ( Bavaria, lone nutter, shot dead…..???)

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  12. @ CC are you a paid troll. Laughter is better than despair and if we cannot have a laugh on Friday night we may as well give up. Crawl back to your masters.

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