WASPIS, BREXITERS, MARXISTS, GLOBALISTS & TORIES: Face the future or die of nostalgia

Drop the ideologies and dream up some new ideas

mesnip18716Everything political that could happen has happened in under four weeks. Nothing fiscally economic has changed in over a year. But the outcome in both theatres of life has been the same: stagnation. When “all change” and “no change” add up to the same aftermath, you know that something is seriously wrong. The Slog tries to explain why old ideas can only make things worse….and why this blog’s output must change radically in order to offer straightforward cures rather than just describe complicated symptoms. 

“Everything’s happening at once, but nothing is changing” was a tweet I sent out nearly three years ago. It disappeared into a black hole of indifference, probably because there was no obscenity or madcap interpretation in it. But since Theresa Maniac became Gordon Brown II last week, it’s become hourly more obvious that the void where ideas should be – and the vapid professed promises space – remain as vacuous as ever.

Not only will Waspi be ignored, there won’t even be anyone to ignore them any more. The man whose cousin is BUPA’s booming voice in the Lords remains the man in charge of the NHS. There is much talk of Brexit, and much bisecting of the distance from here to there.

In the Labour Party, Remaindeers still demand show trials of the Leavers, people are standing up and standing down, men we’ve never heard of want to overturn Corbyn, some of the poorest people in Britain will now be asked for £25 just to vote for Smith or Corbyn, and yet those same people have clamoured to spend the money in order (one hopes) to defend the Leader’s right to stand on the landslide that put him into that office.

It has been a nonstop stream of political news since June 23rd – the day that the sheep refused for once to be bussed to the slaughterhouse. But after all those events, shocks, twists and dramas, the analysis remains very simple: nothing has changed.

Both Parties have done and are doing everything in their power to oppose the will of the ordinary citizen: it’s obvious this is true, because both the old departees and new arrivals are talking endlessly about the importance of carrying out the People’s decision. And the Establishment is as out of touch with mass opinion as ever.

Out there in the boombust bourses, however, the situation is simpler still: nothing has changed because nothing is happening.

In this alternative Universe, political changes represent nothing more than a series of excuses for things going nowhere and decisions being put off. Ukraine, Syria, French security breaches, the British General Election, Brexit, Trump and now Turkey sorry, Turkiye have determined that Forex, stocks, gold and commodities are all in stasis.

Yet somehow, the stasis is volatile uncertainty. Nasdaq has been running the same ad on Bloomberg since early February: “It’s been a bad start and uncertain volatility is the new norm and that’s why you need us”. The logic is a tortuous as ever, but the conclusion remains: the waters are calmly treacherous and volatile.

Is this because of all those events I listed above? Certainly not: a few maybe – Ukraine, Syria and Turkiye – but those three are driven by the business geopolitics of energy, not the squabbling of minnow politicians.

The politicians don’t count any more – beyond being useful idiots paying the pipers. Nothing is happening in the markets because doing something could blow the tops off worm cans and the cover off Pandora’s box.

If Yellen raises rates again, South America goes down the Swannee. If Draghi tapers off QE XXVII, the eurozone goes for a one way trip up the River Excrement. If Japan doesn’t stick with trying to lower the Yen’s value, the ramifications could make Fukushima look like a minor incident. If the oil price doesn’t stay artificially high, Texas will implode. If Beijing stops directly propping up worthless shares on the Shanghai index, other bourses could return to panic mode. If big multinationals stop borrowing money in order to pay shareholder dividends (think about that one for a second or two) the worrld’s biggest stock market could collapse. So doing nothing to upset our position in the eye of the storm is it.

Except that, er, doing nothing for much longer will bring on the mother of all twisters.

For the third day in a row, I am offering the same hypothesis: this circularity of faux-calm is yet another symptom of a killer disease.

The only ideological “solutions” hahaha on offer are (1) keep dosing and distracting the patient, until we the MoUs have reset everything in our favour; or (2) let nature take its course, and then we the Big Socialists can bring on more of those revolutions that worked so well during the 1789-1990 period.

But Dr Neal Iberal and Nurse Sushia Lism haven’t developed anything innovative to cure the patient. Dr Iberal is convinced that more hot poultices will restore the poor devil to health; while secretly, Nurse Lism is praying for the patient to die.

We don’t need “progressive” politics or a fisco-financial reset. We don’t need to chuck out the capitalist baby with the filthy neoliberal bath water. And we don’t need to be bailed in by the banks.

This is no longer about a choice between laissez-faire tinkering and State-socialist revolutionary chaos. Respectively, Bloomberg TV and Paul Mason would have you swallow that regurgitated vomit.

It’s about the death of old ideologies and the birth of new philosophies. It’s about rejecting a straightline view of the future based on the past. It’s about dumping rigid, unwieldy systems in favour of a focus on human beings and their fulfilment. But above all, it concerns the restoration of the Sovereign Citizen with more responsibilities, more powers, and fewer masters.

The focus of The Slog is going to change in a way that accepts these realities, and the need to convince the decency spectrum that a radically better future is possible. Brexit is just the beginning. The next step is to end that beginning with a definitive closure. Then it’ll be time to rebalance the insane shift in power between multinational capital and creative labour.


28 thoughts on “WASPIS, BREXITERS, MARXISTS, GLOBALISTS & TORIES: Face the future or die of nostalgia

  1. John a master piece! but from a strategic position! keeping Corbyn messes up the water if only a little,like Brexit it stirs the waters,for change to happen peacefully the waters must be kept churning,otherwise :
    Except that, er, doing nothing for much longer will bring on the mother of all twisters.
    slow gradual change may yet save humanity because that twister will show no mercy to what kind of human you are!


  2. We don t need to be bailed IN by the banks?

    Disagree. What s the alternative? . Especially in Eurozone ?

    Stakeholders being rescued yet again . ?? Don t think so …… Unless of course The Pope ( Draghi) declares a debt forgiveness Jubilee Year.


  3. Reblogged this on EbolaInfo and commented:
    It has been a nonstop stream of political news since June 23rd – the day that the sheep refused for once to be bussed to the slaughterhouse. But after all those events, shocks, twists and dramas, the analysis remains very simple: NOTHING has changed


  4. Cannot disagree with a single word, except to say, I can’t begin to imagine just how we are to ply the fingers of those in charge off the levers of power, the only way forward I can see is an event of such magnitude that they have no choice but to relinquish their power and let go..


  5. all these men of straw and no principles will be flushed away by the twister to come. an obvious solution to me is to tell banks ‘no more forged or printed money.’ they will go bankrupt because that is what they are. Then without them we can find new ways to continue on.. of course it will bring on the real re-set that we needed instead of TARP and the forgery that followed.


  6. Visited here for years, and also visited golem 14
    (david malone), he is
    a well repected uk financial blogger with internat’l audience,
    a science documentary filmaker by trade.
    It seems he actually wants to do something more to help
    fix this very dire state we are in (dont we all) so is running for green

    I have been an “independent” voter here in London for decades, never belonged
    to any party, but I think malone has the right education and skills to actually make an impact.
    The timing seems perfect.
    Green Party officially called for an eu referendum too, so democratic
    enough for me to even consider, I may not even agree with greens on everything,
    but I agree on enough for now, and now brexit is over some things will be changing,
    so time to refocus on the very local bumpy road ahead in order to influence that change.

    My sincere thanks to John for all his work in giving us such a first class site,
    and especially for his wicked wit.

    Here is a bit of david malone…


  7. “Multinationals borrowing money to pay shareholders’ dividends” didn’t that used to be illegal. Small changes in the law that go unnoticed can have a huge impact without anyone thinking its anything to do with a change in the law.


  8. Dear All

    Thnx for getting what I’m on about, thnx for bringing David Malone to my attention, and especially thanks to Cariokio the Clown for donning yet another of his many disguises (my favourite is Angelteuton) and saying he’s happy to sign up to there being no alternative to giving the Wanksters all our money. There is an obvious one: let the bastards die.
    If every bank in the world failed tomorrow, the immmediate effect on the employment rate in the West would be less than 0.2%. But it won’t happen.
    Other banks will gobble up the dumbest banks before they too eventually collapse under the weight of the electronic money and derivative South Sea packages they created.
    In that interim, it will be vital for devolved government to set up community mutual banks rejecting fractional reserve accounting – and working on at least 20% liquidity – while working in whatever the safest currency left is.
    And yes Jim, borrowing to pay dividends is legal….but not as we know it.


  9. The only way to change everything for the better is to take 2,000.000 intelligent male adults, all over the age of 21 down to London and take down the following,Political Parties,The House of Lords,The Privy Council.
    The Political parties need to be replaced with independent MP’s a lot less of them maybe 350-400,the House of Lords needs to be replaced with a ‘Committee’ of about 150-200 professionals from all walks of life, just scrap the Privy Council.
    The above is just headings, it would take all night to post the intricate details. Food for Thought.


  10. there will be no collapse until they have taken electricity generation back to the stone age. Cities have been given the target of running on 100% renewables.Populations living in cities connected by high speed rail.
    China is a good example- building empty cities,- just waiting for people to move in
    Changing presidents, prime ministers or even party leaders is just a side show, a distraction. You could put donald duck in charge never mind donald trump and there would be no noticble difference


  11. Just to add that you must join green by 24th to vote for david on 25th.
    Sorry to have left it so late, but I just found out and joined up myself last week.

    I dont know if he has much chance to win since he is unknown except in media and financial circles
    (jesse’s cafe american is how I found him, jesse comments on his blog)

    It would be great if people here could copy this info as widely as possible ASAP.
    He did get voted best intoductory speech (no surprise!), but will that be enough?
    I am retired and not even a social networker, so osted my friends and posted here.
    (I assumed you knew him John, since years ago someone said he reminded them
    of the slog, ha, and no I am not making that up, its true you two do overlap alot
    and someone else here visits him too).

    I figure this is only a very slim chance, but the only ray of real hope I have identified so far.
    Its not as if alot of people even want to be politicians, never mind with requisite cv.
    Lets see if we can help him get this accomplished.

    here is his blog


    if you want to vote sign up here by 24



  12. TBH CBA with BREXIT / BREMAIN no more, the choice was made, the decision final as in a “democratic” decision.

    Prepare for the betrayal of the electorate by the minority rule English parliament and then let the hunger games begin.

    All I can say is BREMAIN is on the side that supports Erdogan wholeheartedly and the soon to be 50K murdered.

    What’s the latest count now? Erdogan’s police are so good we need to get rid of ours, imagine solving 50K crimes in a matter of days … awesome really on crime prevention. Ours can’t even catch one corrupt banker.

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  13. Another excellent post by Mr.Ward.

    The hammer and the head of the nail meeting squarely.

    For some time, generations actually, all power and wealth has been increasingly concentrated towards the top. The elite, the same family clans generation after generation, have been using every weapon at their disposal to complete this goose-step march towaeds a totalitarian system which reduces the untermensche to actual slavery.

    There have been setbacks along the way. People have pushed back. But the ‘families’ simply grind the opposition down to a bloody pulp, often cheered on by the easily manipulated morons and sychophants who worship these self appointed demi-gods.

    The elite, despite the obvious writing on the wall, writ large, are too stupid and inbred to see that their totalitarian wet dream cannot work. It will always choke itself to death. Failure is inherent. An inescapable reality. An inevitability.

    Currently, the parasites ‘elite’ are accelerating the transfere of wealth from the bottom to the top. They are rapidly draining the system of all value, all wealth and all power. This is visibly choking the system to death, and causing hunger and death on a massive scale.

    You will never hear a single word spoken about this on the nazi propaganda news sites, but the information is out there. The deaths from the bedroom tax and arbitrary destruction of the benefits, welfare, pensions and healthcare systems have numbered in the hundreds of thousands in the last 4 years alone.

    And yet, the entire population is either blissfully unawarely or actively cheering the whole thing along. All the corporate.state propaganda machine has to do is mention a few key-words such as “economy”, “budget”, “recession”, “defacit”, “austerity”, etc, etc. and most people will react in the way they have been pre-programmed to react. Demanding more cuts, more austerity, more pain, more severe beatings, more concentration camps.

    It is essential thet this process be reversed. Mr. Ward is 100% correct. Power and the means to generate wealth must be devolved back down to the community level and to the level of sovereign citizens.

    Anything less than this, or even allowing the current system to continue is guaranteed to result in an all out war between ‘us’ and them because hungry people with nothing left to loose have no limits. They start revolutions. The kind that can only be stopped by bullets.

    That will certainly spread globally and end in the extinction of our species.

    Its up to us, we the people, to build a better world because the ‘elite’ want their system. a totalitarian system, and waiting for them to hold our hand and lead us to paradise is ridiculous.

    Oh sh%t. We are dooooomed.

    sorry, had to let all that out.

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  14. This ongoing drivel at THE SLOG reminds me of 1997 when all the proles were singing’things can only get better’
    Look what actually happened!

    Take note ‘dear all’ – YOU NEVER EVER HAD IT SO GOOD.


  15. LOL
    this blogger is a big fecking joke.
    all together now power to the people la lala
    black lives matter.com
    proles want their lives back.com
    LOL get a life pepls


  16. John – I think it isn’t so much that the world needs to change, it is “you” who need to change. There are no need for any brand new philosophies, these already exist. You’ll find it in the Tao.

    In China, Confucianism was the daily meat and potatoes of the ordinary citizen, his orderly existence, ritual etc. This served he purpose of the early life, it educated him/her, and set him up for daily existence. However once these tasks had been completed, the inner life took precedence, and that was taken care of through Taoism.

    Check out the amazing stuff by the philosopher Alan Watts.


  17. just thanks JW. .. and i wonder how much the tax payers here pay for the elites trolls that you attract because you are so spot on so much of the time.. a lot i should think, the time they spend..

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  18. And hey, I’m very pleased to see this ‘change’ in direction of your blog, for we need to hear your voice, to inspire, to help show the way to A NEW Way. The herd won’t get there on their own, sadly.


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