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meglycinessnip If you didn’t get home yet, here’s a few gems to help you realise how pointless the whole thing  is without someone in charge with at least a vague idea about the floor/ceiling sky/grass equation. Two choices of black in the US, 3 new candidates for the England footie manager job, and the inside track on Belgium’s strategy for targeting Islamic extremists.

This from the now official candidate of the US Democratic Party:


The GOP’s “candidate” Donald Chump (that’s to say, they didn’t volunteer to have him) is chiefly a danger to Hillary in that he thinks she should be shot. Hillary is a danger to the planet in that she’s a neo-Republican Wall Street-backed foreign policy hawk.

The great thing about Western democracy is that you get to make a choice between the kettle and the pot. But it would be even nicer to be given the opportunity to vote for someone in a White Hat. Listen….as I get older, I’d settle for someone wearing a light blue-grey fedora.

In order to rebuild the English national footie side’s global credibility, the FA is currently interviewing – among other people – Sam Allardyce and Eddie Howe. The baldies at the Football Association obviously cleave to the old adage that “most humour is generated by the gap between human aspiration and human achievement”. Certainly, they’re a right bunch of comedians, fnar fnar. Anyway, it’s time to examine a handsome trio of wild cards we ought to consider for the chalice forever poisoned by Alf Ramsey 50 years ago.

  1. Recep Erdogan. As a fervent advocate of Tough Hate – stoning every player who misses a sitter and shooting every commentator who resists ideological fundamentalism – Mr Erdogan should surely be on the shortlist.
  2. Angela ‘Eddie’ Eagle. Between leadership jobs at the moment, Eagle is a visionary proponent of the soixante-neuf lesbian approach to those working on the left wing in order to feed the strikers. I find myself amazed at how, in today’s egalitarian British culture, she has not featured among the leading candidates. Former star player with Wallasey MultiOriented, Angie has already won the support of respected soccer pundit Harriet Harman.
  3. Eric Morecambe. Steeped in football from an early age and a former shareholder in Luton Town FC, Morecambe’s main appeal to the FA is that he is dead, and thus free to focus on the job in hand rather than giving out leaks about what a bunch of Murdoch-fattened pillocks his employers are. Nit-picking critics have pointed out that training sessions might be a problem, but gallant patriot 99 year old Vera Lynn has volunteered to interpret Eric’s mould-breaking tactics as and when their interpretation through the medium of song might be required. She will be using her famous hits Back In Your Own Back Yard, Use Your Imagination, and Am I wasting my time on You.

Ever vigilant about the threat from Belgian Syrian extremists, Brussels police were on the ball today:


That’s the cunning thing with extremist bombers, they’re all trying to blend in.


Earlier at The Slog: Labour & The Guardian fast-tracking down to the sewer

11 thoughts on “After work

  1. Just to reassure sloggers I have thouroghly researched the Allardyce appointment and with great regret inform you it’s true. No really, it isn’t a hoax.
    Onwards and downwards.


  2. @bill40

    Perhaps Sam can make a sufficient snafu by May 2017 such as to allow entry to either Mourinho Wenger Guardiola or Conte as only one can win the Premiership thus rendering the others looking for new employment.


  3. How to end terrorism ?

    Simple. Bomb Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

    Between them they have spent about 150 Billion dollars spreading Wahhabi Fanatic clerics and immams globally along with a vast trojan army planted in every western country.

    These use rape gangs, islamic ‘patrols’, crime, infiltration, acid attacks, fatwa’s and other forms of intimidation to dominate ‘their’ areas.

    They use Taqiyya to infiltrate and run rings round the entire machinery of state.

    Not all wahhabi’s are terrorists. But all terrorists are wahhabis.

    Also, I would like to nominate the Glorious Leader of North Korea , ol’ psycho hair, as a candidate to lead the England footsie mob footie squad. Anyone who can force an entire country to get a completely psychotic haircut is OK with me. He is just awesome.

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  4. Hilary has obviously never heard of George W Bush , Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld .. now there’s a dangerous axis of evil !


  5. the ‘wahhabi’ movement, that supports most terrorist activities in the world today, is the most intolerant group that i have become aware of. They detest tolerance so much that they feel the need to kill everyone that does not agree with them…. infantile or what??


  6. The comparisons are being made between Ranieri and Allardyce. Will Mr Slog do a podcast in his Man Utd underpants if Big Sam gets to the QF or beyond in the 2018 World Cup?


  7. @Spike & Desmond +100

    Also we would do well to stop fighting Israel’s wars and poking our noses into other nations civil wars.

    As I think someone said on another thread, we should give up the UN veto and abandon the special relationship of servility.
    As a truly independent nation, not beholden to any block or camp we just might thrive.

    As for new England manager WGAF. Football in this counrtry is just another corrupt big buisiness.


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