meglycinessnipA wired species trait is usually a survival mechanism, and as such it cannot be a phobia.
I make the point because ‘phobia’ is often used in our contemporary world by those who want to suggest they/others are being victimised – homophobia, Islamaphobia, Xenophobia, aviophobia etc – when in fact they are merely a complete pain in the arse. The Slog explains why Brexiphobia is the exception.

As a pack species well documented as being gratuitously violent and tribal to a self-destructive degree, we are demonstrating a remarkable inability to  evolve beyond that State of Nature.But one can either see this as dysfunctional, or merely an evolutionary reaction to a world that is as dangerous as it ever was.
A fear based on empirical experience is not a phobia.

Aviophobia is a fear of flying derived from the fact that one is 35,000 feet from the ground in something made of metal, and aeroplanes crash. Xenophobia is a fear of unknown interlopers who usually, throughout history, do not have one’s best interests in mind. (Turks > Greeks, Brits >Indians, Americans < the Red Man). Islamaphobia is an entirely rational response to mad people whose penchant for radical amateur surgery is infamously legendary. And homophobia is (where I come from) a backlash against switching on the telly night after night to hear endless tedious jokes about dicks, fists, rodents and the joys of hanging from door-jambs.

Brexophobia, on the other hand, is an insane desire to be part of an anti-democratic, bullying, federalised superState as opposed to free and in charge of one’s own destiny. [In its extreme form, it becomes agrophobia….not to be confused with aggrophobia, an entirely normal desire to avoid British football hooligans].

Why, for example, would otherwise normal citizens variously reject friends, spit bile, burst into tears and declare themselves “devastated” at the thought of being released from a lunatic asylum?



I thought there weren’t going to be any more bailouts….but a bailout designed by J P Morgan? What on earth could go wrong?


The EU has given us the unpreparedness for the migrant problem, the ‘solution’ to the migrant problem involving chucking money at Erdomad, the ‘quota’ of refugees per State that brought on Brexit, austerity in Greece, and doing bugger-all to help Greece with its refugee frontline problems, having buggered the Greek economy with debt increases as a means of getting the country’s sovereign debt down.


‘Cooled’ is an understatement given that growth fell by 66% compared to Q1.

Yes folks, seeing this anarchic mess as a safe haven is bona fide, hard evidence of delusional discernment. I rest my case.

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