Life imitates The Slog as satire pronounced dead…..


It’s all pants, Chris

…..and Chris Bryant MP certifies himself

Earlier I tweeted this as a joke:


But this is what Labour MP (Mad Person) Chris Bryant put up, and it was not a joke:


Does anyone anywhere have a lead on how ‘ludicrous Brexit lies undoubtedly contributed to destabilising’?

Is it still possible to unseat an MP  because he has gone round the twist?

Truly, madly, deeply unhinged.

30 thoughts on “Life imitates The Slog as satire pronounced dead…..

  1. I think the poster on the last thread is probably closest to the money – early signs of rapprochement with Vlad were the final nail in the coffin, as far as the empire was concerned. Alas, it seems the Turkish coup plotters were channeling the UK Labour Party ones…


  2. Well, perhaps that just sums up the vast majority of MPs who are completely clueless on a range of matters.

    Interesting that there is speculation that the ‘coup’ may have been staged. If it was – comparisions to the Reichstag fire in Nazi Germany. if it was a genuine coup they are saying a lot of the soldiers thought they were on military exercises. Perhaps parallels with the Von Stauffenburg attempt to unseat Hitler.

    For historians there are so many striking similarilities between Erdogan and Hitler and Turkey and Nazi Germany. Both democratically elected – gradually turning into a police state – persecution of minorities, shutting down journalists, ideology driven, false flags and foreign aggression.

    It’s almost as if Erdogan has studied Nazi Germany.

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  3. Turkish coup, reading more along the lines of a switch and bait exercise where Erdogan consolidates through unexpected purges. Fantastic way to run a prospective EU democracy and distract from proper, honest concerns.
    A serious operation would have had all means of entry/exit covered with Erdogan with a price on his head, DOA.
    Watch that space with respect to NATO naval exercises kicking off in Black Sea this week, thru to October.
    Going to get very confusing.

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  4. The MP said this:

    ‘ludicrous Brexit lies undoubtedly contributed to destabilising’

    Perhaps he meant the destabilising was caused to Erdogan’s brain. After all, Brexit and other events was probably causing him to feel rather ignored and a coup created to get him back in the headlines.

    You see – these MPs are not as daft as they first appear.


  5. From what I read the coup was launched by an Islamic faction in the Army. This may prove to be false. Erdogan is a new Mussolini and needs to be treated as such.

    And I’m sure it is Brexit that has caused the coup. They talk of nothing else on the Ankara Omnibus.


  6. I am with some of the other commenters here. Previous false flag incidents did´nt give Erdogan the momemtum he needed. Now he has been humiliated by Putin and Assad, unceremoniously grovelling before Putin with an apology. Suddenly a coup appears staged by some junior officers from the 1st Military District allowing the new Suleiman the Magnificent to clear out any opposition. Sorry but this false flag is as crap as the rest of the new Caliph’s manouvreings. It probably would have sucked in Cameron though.

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  7. ‘All the World’s a stage’. Didn’t someone famous once say that? Well, what we see these days certainly seems like a act to me, or maybe that should be a puppet show because, someone somewhere is definitely pulling the strings.

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  8. US friends and family removed from Incirlik airbase, a few weeks ago.
    French consulates and embassy closed, last week.
    Coup, most likely bogus.
    etc, etc.

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  10. As a qualfied medical person I would like to suggest that Bryant, along with too many of his colleagues, is suffering from ITBTL Syndrome – a rarely found disease but prominent amongst British (post Brexit) politians and media personnel

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  11. Just imagine Erdogan the Kurd Killer in the position of Junkers in a few years.

    Absolutely dreadful and with the current EU setup wholly possible if not the end intention.

    If Bryant is gay we need to deport him to Turkey ASAP RIP.

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  12. It seems a strange sort of coup attempt that did not immediately seize the wannabee sultan of the new Ottoman empire. Could it be an attempt by Erdogan to legitimize a grab for increased powers?.


  13. It seems a strange sort of coup attempt that did not immediately seize the wannabee sultan of the new Ottoman empire. Could it be an attempt by Erdogan to legitimise a grab for increased powers?.


  14. I don’t understand why he doesn’t just chuck his pants intoi the ring and stand for the labour Leadeship erection. If he won the Leader writers would have a field day with: “Bryant & May on fire at PMQs…….”

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  15. I’m afraid ludicrous lies contributed to the Iraq war. Ludicrous lies are found on the front page of the DT every day. Ludicrous lies are found in the Guardian every day.

    The whole ‘media narrative’ is based on ludicrous lies with ‘plausible deniability’. The fact that the ‘Press’ is riddled with MI6 shills tells you what the role of the Press is: not to inform and educate, but to misinform to promote elite interests.

    What should, in fact, be reported as ‘front page news’ is the day any politician, any media anchor, any mainstream website and any TV station actually runs a story telling the truth. ‘Alien news story found at Sky’ would be an appropriate headline, as would ‘Guardians of Plausible Deniability discover malignant truth teller in their ranks’.

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  16. Yet is the Brexiteers rather than the Remainheers that want to drop Ankara…

    As earlier commenters have noted, the Turkish affair looks suspiciously like a false flag designed to consolidate Erdy’s grip on power. The purges have already commenced and the aftermath will be anything but pretty. Erdogan obviously believes in never letting a good ISIS go to waste.

    Had they been welcomed into the EU instead of cruelly shunned of course, Turkey would have a smoothly functioning democracy with unicorns and fluffy bunnies in charge of policy. The coup was clearly a response to the suspicion that by their irrational xenophobia and hatred of unicorns, the people of Britain might have denied the people of Turkey the chance to join the ecstatic European masses that have fluorished under Brussels.

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  17. it is most relevant that ‘erdogan’ immediately stopped all attacks on ISIS from turkish soil. This action chimes in time with the usa MIC (military industrial complex.) for whom mrs clinton speaks and stands.. They are saying that ISIS is not the primary target in Syria.. but the syrian armed forces and assad must be defeated first…… war with russia ?? .. anyone..?


  18. Open mind on whether this was a false coup developed by Erdogan to consolidate power, blame America and get Putin on side or a NATO (not another “terrorist” operation) generated by the USA/Israel/Saudi Arabia after Ergo’s love letter to Vlad the other week.
    Ergo’s move towards Russia would have loosened the sphincters in Washington with Iran and Assad in Vlad’s back pocket. They would have had to move fast. Smart move by Erdogan with Europe falling apart quicker than Chris Bryant’s respectability.

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