DAMIAN GREEN: Do adultery websites and conspiracy to leak arrests suggest he’s the man for the job?


If Damian Green really does want to meet “bright sassy women who know what they want and how to get it”, he’s come to the right place

meglycinessnipAlthough the new DWP Secretary of State Damian Green allegedly once told close colleagues that Theresa May is “an impossible old cow” to work with, he is very much an ally of hers, and has thus been given a chalice full to the brim with hemlock as his reward. They worked together while he was Minister for police, until David Cameron fired him in 2014 for being, um, not very good. Under his stewardship, the UK police force image went from bad to worse.

So Waspi ladies – already stunned by growing evidence of bizarre behaviour by Queen Wasp Anne Kent – seem to have been given another incompetent nitwit with whom to deal. Further, he also seems to be something of an anti-social Tory with alleged hanky-panky form that is all too familiar to those of us trying to reverse The Great Pension Robbery.

Here’s a summary list of Damian’s voting record on welfare issues:


Clearly, Mr Green has quite a few red lines to his name. He’s also had a red face from time to time. The late and greatly unlamented Craven Stabb was something of a text boy: but last year it was alleged that Damo Green wanted to be esexy.

Last August, emails leaked from adultery website Ashley Madison were released online by FOI group Impact, who are keen on revealing ‘cheating dirtbags’. Among them was the private email address of Damian Green.

Mr Green I’m so Clean denied having anything to do with it, claiming that it might be “an old AOL address” he never uses any more.

But a couple of the established facts remain uncomfortable for the new Minister for Mugging Pensioners.

  1. The IP address was from a genuine  Parliamentary computer in 2007 to register with the cheaters’ site.
  2. One of the security questions was Mr Green’s mother’s maiden name – spelt correctly.

The user profile gushed, “I would love to meet and pamper a bright sassy woman who knows what she wants and how to get it. I’m looking for some NSA [no strings attached] fun with a woman who has sparkling eyes, a lively sense of fun and an ache for some really good sex.”

Oh blimey, here we go again.

Perhaps – perhaps not: it could well be that Green’s details were harvested by ID scammers. But if so, what was an ID scammer doing with physical access to a Secretary of State’s Commons computer? One for MI6, maybe? It’d be good to know.

In November 2009, while in Opposition, Green was arrested and held by the Metropolitan Police for nine hours. His offices in Kent, the Houses of Parliament and his home were also searched. The police said they arrested Mr Green on suspicion of “conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office” and “aiding and abetting, counselling or procuring misconduct in a public office”.

Damian Green is a former journalist, so he would have had form in that area. A junior Home Ofice official, Christopher Galley, passed on information to Mr Green, having been arrested ten days earlier. It appears that neither man denied the charge, and the HoC enquiry did say later that Home Office pinched goblins had “exaggerated” the seriousness of the leaked information.

But clearly, Green was trying to gain political advantage from the leaks; and he remains the only MP in British history to have been arrested on such a charge. Equally odd, we’ve never been told what the leaks were about. However, I was told at the time that the leak involved real levels of UK immigration.

But not at all odd is the fact that the CPS didn’t prosecute either man, and the whole affair faded gently away into the ether of privilege. Well I never.

While Those Who Will Not See are almost certainly poised to lick Green all over and beg politely for some gruel from the trough, for real destitute SPA victims, this appointment is not a cause for celebration. Rather, it’s just another bullet-headed bloke who always votes the way he’s told.

The Waspis continue to win hearts. But at the same time, they are losing patience with a Government that can’t discern the wind direction….and a leader who seems more concerned with internal security obsessions than external results.

47 thoughts on “DAMIAN GREEN: Do adultery websites and conspiracy to leak arrests suggest he’s the man for the job?

  1. Mr Ward

    I think you going along the ‘hanky panky’ route is particularly tiresome. You have freely admitted that you are a confirmed philanderer and your marriage(s) have not survived such antics.

    I don’t care if Damian Green has got up to hanky panky. He’s not the Archbishop of Canterbury, he’s not the Pope and anything he may or may not have done is between him and his wife. It’s her job to divorce him, not your job to say he can’t work again. The reason for him not to work again is if he has broken the law or is incompetent. Mrs May might choose not to hire him if he were divisive or disloyal. But there is no law in the UK which says ‘all adulterers are sentenced to 20 years of low quality work because moral hypocrites like John Ward say so’.

    Having registered with Ashley Madison is not evidence which would stand up in court in a divorce case citing adultery. You would need to leak rather more, like confirmed emails between Green and some piece of hot totty, preferably including details of where they intended meeting.

    Even that doesn’t prove hanky panky. It proves he had a glass of wine, a meal, or whatnot. Assuming you sent a private dick to photo the assignation to confirm the meeting actually took place…..

    Now if you had print outs of hotel bills, contemporaneous photographic evidence that Green and aforementioned hot totty were seen entering the place together (usually folks are more intelligent than that and arrive separately), preferably if they were foolish enough to order room service so that some immigrant minimum wage shopper to the NOTW could say: ‘and ‘e woz in bed wiv that piece of hot stuff, like. That one, not that one or the other one. That one’.

    Given that large amounts of Fleet Street were expenses fiddling, cocaine snorting, phone hacking, semi-alcoholic wastrels in their own lives, most of the public are heartily sick and tired of faux moral outrage coming from those who don’t set a better example themselves.

    The Department of Work and Pensions has nothing to do with personal morality, it is a mainly administrative department ensuring that as few as possible are without work, those without it are funded to survive and those who have worked a lifetime are paid a due courtesy of a pension.

    Do you think you should be allowed to be a blogger having been a rival to Stephen ‘Shagger’ Norris on the philandering front??

    If so, why??


  2. JW,

    What we have at the moment is the typical handing out of positions that can wreak havoc on a population by the usual category of fraudulent and corrupt politicians. At the moment for me we need to call a general election because I am not so sure half of the current bunch would actually make it back.

    Without it/ electing Theresa May or reelecting Corbyn is all nonsense … Cameron’s legislation of preventing an election in a serious vote of no confidence by a population is riduculous this should have been one of the first things to happen.

    May has aready gone on record as saying she refuses to work with UKIP, what if UKIP is half the parliament? Doesn’t work we need elections not posts being filled with the likes of Green that after an election will all change again. That is a waste of time, although the likes of May do seem good at this wasting time as well as not doing the job.

    General election please … the referendum is not finished … only finished when those 95% standing for power justify their positions to the electorate and how they view the current state bearing in mind they lost.

    Or do they all have to die first before we get an election and a better representation of fraudulent and corrupt politicians?

    Makes me wonder.


  3. @Mark Deacon. Spot on. A background vibe…. Our Terry has publicly avowed forever allegiance to Israel, come what may…. and she has held up a placard saying “Je suis Juif”, seen on Abel Danger….. Surely our PM should only have one overriding allegiance….. to UK? But then again, is hubby a Zio Banker? We do not know, yet. Fess up hubby?


  4. Way off topic, but…… Nice one! My condolences to any genuine casualty families and loved ones at the Nice caper. Thing is, no blood! Any paramedic, trauma surgeon, traffic cop, passer-by, passenger, municipal street cleaner, can attest that being hit by a truck at almost any speed causes major blood loss. Where was the blood? Dozens dead, hundreds injured….. WHERE WAS THE BLOOD? The truck supposedly hit, mangled, squashed, split, dragged, maimed, and crushed hundreds of people.

    The truck and the road show no blood. No sharp verifiable CCTV en route. Usual crew of Crisis Actors, probably Green Screen. Just another false flag lone nutter blag…. the boulevard access for motor vehicles was supposed to be restricted, why was this truck let in when the driver was a known crim?

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  5. As another working week comes to an end the entertainment is increasing. There’s the ‘Westminster Pantomime’ season in full flight allied to the continuing ‘Wild West Show’ all over Europe and the Middle East – the Americans certainly know how to keep a show on the road … except a large truck, perhaps. The choice isn’t great in reality and there’s still no cricket on terrestrial television – they really have it in for the plebs as Damien Green will demonstrate in his new job


  6. Rosstradamus,

    well done for spotting the obvious – I mean that properly. You are right: where was the blood?


  7. Just as another thought, there are over eighty deaths at Nice. Where are the injured? In a usual situation, some people are injured as well as killed outright.

    Something stinks.


  8. John. I should check your settings as I appear to have inadvertantly ended up at davidicke.com
    There could well be some Lizards around the place too.
    Do people really think such a huge terrorist event could be a hoax and set up by the authorities?
    I despair…


  9. @skirmish – Actually… When you think about it, a false flag event consisting of a ‘known’ person driving a lorry through a crowded area – would be a simple event for experienced ‘spooks’ to arrange.
    However I should also add that I think it much more likely that a well indoctrinated (probably, self absorbed ‘victim’) is a much more likely answer to the perpetrator question.


  10. OK then Sloggers, who believes the Nice Party line…… BBC, CNN, whatever?….. show us the gallons of BLOOD! No blood on the bonnet of the lorry, no blood on tyres or chassis, no blood splashes on side of lorry, no blood leaking from supposed crushed/battered/maimed/squashed roadside victims, no blood …. no mayhem of mangled bodies, body parts, limbs, smashed skulls, NO BLOOD! And look at the supposed actual bullet patterns on the lorry windscreen…… shooting at a barn door comes to mind. No concentrated fire on the driver side….. excuse me… French Police/CRS/Gendarmes on site and engaged? An insult to any of these brave and competent highly trained professionals. A headshot-directed burst (Left hand drive vehicle) from most EU police weapons would zonk the driver, from way out….. saving lives….. but this did not happen.

    Crisis Actors, No Blood……….. well, they sure did forget the gallons of blood…… and forgot to provide timely and accurate CCTV evidence of a long and swervy max-impact lorry journey.


  11. Rosstradamus i really really feel sorry for you and your ilk! by all means question everything,but please do it with a open mind,the way you and others go on nothing bad happens in the world,just performances,what do you want to go to every atrocity and personally gore over it!

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  12. @ Lampitt….. OK then, where was the blood? Please provide clear pics, timely, accurate, believably attributed, not photoshopped, just gallons of real blood on the vehicle and pathway…… let alone the horrendous bits? Get real.


  13. For those wanting to see the blood and guts of it all may i suggest you go to the graphic section of liveleak, im sure you will find what you are looking for but be warned it is (for normal people) very distressing. Perhaps the media still have a little respect left?
    On another point i read in the Telegraph that Mrs T (apologies Mrs M) has flown into the arms of the SNP and now declares that we cannot move on article 50 until we have their (that is the SNPs) blessing. How refreshing to know that the tail is still wagging the dog……. Anyone for cricket?
    As for Turkey, I understand what the old Chinese curse means but F##K me i wasnt expecting things to be so exciting and Planet X hasnt yet passed us!
    whatever next?

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  14. @ the ghost. I feel sorry for you too. Stuff happens…. who makes it happen? God? Mankind? Aliens? We actually agree, shit of the most monstrous degree happens in this world…… who do you think is responsible?


  15. Rosstradmus you now want to apportion blame,it lies with humanity ! you want blood well, am sure there was plenty of it but most would have been crush injuries and killed by internal bleeding! so keep looking for your gore!


  16. Only muppets believe what they are told to see! However…we are all susceptible to all-powerful media spin and guff, I just try to keep a wary eye on those who feed us dodgy images. Liveleak? Mostly Muppetology! A higher degree of sheer unadulterated disbelief is called for these days. So saying, I actually do welcome all and any points of view…… even if they rank with the Bliar Dodgy Dossier! We live and learn.


  17. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3692359/French-government-suppressed-gruesome-torture-Bataclan-victims-official-inquiry-told-castrated-eyes-gouged-ISIS-killers.html

    This false information ‘released’ by the French govt the day AFTER Nice attack where many people were killed despite insane assertions to the contrary.
    This govt release is intended to ratchet up the hate level so that the public can do the police job for them.
    Civil war in France is now becoming a certainty, and probably in Europe too.
    The end game will be the culling of the politicians themselves by the enraged public. Yes, FRENCH REVOLUTION II.
    Others will follow.


  18. Insanity is the new norm, from Presidential Office Suite to Sloggers Roost .
    Must be the somethings in the water.


  19. Gemma, when my father was a teenager in Birmingham in WWII he spoke of seeing blood running in the gutters after bombing raids. While not being so comfortable about the accusations of a set up, there was a remarkably clean truck and street. But then we were never shown the tube carriages after the London bombings either. So I’m still.on the fence, but point taken


  20. You know all these terrorists attacks….if…for just once now….just once, I’d be convinced…if instead of Joe Public, they attacked the Politicians, the army, the police in fact, any of the establishment.
    Bologna Train Station Bombing, 200 dead injured….Admitted False Flag, part of NATO’s ‘strategy of tension’:
    “The attacks, usually bombings aimed at slaughtering as many civilians as possible, were initially blamed on the extreme left. Now it is accepted that they were part of a ‘Strategy of Tension’ intended to scare voters away from western Europe’s most popular communist party and into the arms of the Christian Democrats”.



  21. Hmmm…I’ll be very interested to read JW’s thoughts on the Nice horror of Thursday evening. I gather he is an ex-pat in that fair land?
    I’ve long had a loose plan that someday, I’d end up in one of those Bastide towns – Domme perhaps. Or Haut-Forte.
    In a tumbledown honey-stone house where my predilection for playing E,L.O very loud won’t be held against me.
    Sadly- France appears to be a country in the kind of violent flux that you avoid if you have the choice.
    The tragedy of it. Dreadful.

    Re. the conspiracy stuff- I have a very old art school friend who lives in central Nice and spoke to him as it was all (apparently) happening on Thursday night. I can’t imagine Reg is ‘in on it’ but hey, what do I know?


  22. Jacintha: Yes, and we all expecting the whole city of Nice to get on the net and blow the whistle.
    But do tell us, what is your ‘very old art school friend’s opinion on Gladio re THAT conspiracy stuff???
    Well, I’ve got gnus for you…Uncle Tone is not coming back with the WMDs.


  23. I think a bit of balance is needed is all. GLADIO and other ‘conspiracies’ have of course and do, exist. You don’t need to believe that anyone with Rhesus Neg blood is an alien either though.
    I just mention that I have a friend in central Nice who was speaking to me and others as it was going on. He said that they were hearing ‘rumours’ of hostage situations too. Makes you wonder if any other half-baked plans were abandoned and kept back for later. Who knows. But there was a huge incident last Thursday night in Southern France.
    Still waiting to read JWs thoughts on it.


  24. @Fay…of course only you are granted great discerning wisdom. The Americans have already admitted that ISIS is and was their intentional creation and exists only because it continues to be nurtured by western allies.


  25. @ikidu0
    I’m just wondering what your shrill and self-righteous is reminding me of…….
    oh yes- it’s the tone of the Remainers/INners who have had a collective nervous breakdown in recent weeks!
    Do try & speak civilly to people unless they are actually bashing you over the head – a civil discourse can be had even if you disagree.
    Personally I think you’ve spent far too much on the internet – there are a lot of conspiracy hoaxes out there too.


  26. @John Ward,
    well, I’m disappointed to hear that. I’ve read your blog for several years but have only just commented on it.
    I would have thought you were rather uniquely placed to speak about France from the Anglo Francophile perspective?
    But, perhaps you are no longer a Francophile I suppose…


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