Social disease quarantined by his wife

Having finally ascertained on the Westminster grapevine that Theresa May saw him as “trouble”, Stephen Crabb clattered along the plank and threw himself back into the sea this afternoon, just before he was pushed.

But he did admit that all was not well at home, saying that he had “After careful reflection  informed the Prime Minister today that, in the best interests of my family, I cannot be part of her government at this time”

Yeh, right….except he had not actually been asked to join it, as such.
So then, a fittingly dissembling and grubby end to a career built upon hypocrisy and networking.
In his place, a Green man. More on him anon.
Waspi-stingers are losing patience and winning hearts.


  1. Could’nt have happened to a nicer person. But what about BoJo JW? Was his job offer the reason he dropped out of the race? One wonders!


  2. Who believes that what we are seeing now, wasn’t part of the plan all along? Because what we have to consider is, whilst we might not have much faith in the present incumbents, they aren’t the ones in charge, are they? Those that are, are much smarter, and generally don’t leave any room for error, can’t help feeling that we have, once again, been sold down the river. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

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  3. Does that mean we can go back to Imperial measurements? At the very least they should pardon “the Metric Martyr”, Steve Thorburn and rescind the law making it a punishable offence to sell in lbs.

    What about the quasi-compulsory flying of the EU flag on most state buildings, and particularly those local town halls so enamoured of the EU? There are clearly many minor laws previous governments signed Britain up to that are no longer valid.

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  4. So it’s over to Damian the Remainian, a man who couldn’t even get arrested – well, not until 2008 anyway. Perhaps he will minister more tenderly to the ladies; it does seem unlikely.

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  5. A good time to examine the pension prospects of the devout Mr Crab( don’t want to waste another b on him) .Will he now be in the same boat as WASPI women, wouldn’t that be beautifully ironic.


  6. Just think how powerful Rachel Sylvester is. 1 article changes the course of history. It was a forgone conclusion apparently that Leadsom would have had the overall support of the members if she had not thrown in the towel, which accelerated the demise of Cameron by at least 2 months. Odious Crabb will not be popping above the parapet for a very long time, if at all.


  7. [Off Topic]

    What I want to know is Are The Americans Behind This Atrocity?

    Because usually they are. Shooting people is not a “European Thing” – but it IS AN AMERICAN THING. What’s more, America wants to destabilize Europe, and this is the only thing they can think of.

    I pity those killed by Americans for no reason – be it in the Second World War or later.

    Go home, Americans, play catching bullets in your teeth amongst yourselves where you are happiest.

    And leave us alone.


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