mesnip Theresa Maniac having delivered the usual speech about healing rifts and working for all the people, The People go back about their business certain that stability is restored, we shall be vote-free until 2020, and God will return to sit in her Heaven. But it’s clear from the outset that the new Prime Minister will be will be dragging the recent, insane past behind her. The goblins setting the agenda want social pc and econo-political corporatism. Absolutely nothing has changed.

Mrs May (if the Daily Telegraph is to be believed) has no more idea about what real equality is than Dianne Abbot. A Tory throughout her life, she too has joined the knee-jerk Robomob who think it’s all about quotas.


If fitness for purpose is to be driven by gender – or social class, or school, or any other single, silly consideration – then we’re going to wind up with more of this:


Nicky Moron, a woman who thinks that Budgets are there to fly kites, experts are there to be ignored, and further education should turn into Newscorp Mobthink plc.

Human resources should be blind to all factors except proven ability and a creative, practical approach to the task in hand. Gender equality is about justice, not quotas. If 50% of the Cabinet is to be female, and 100% of 1950s/60s born women don’t have a pension, then there is no justice.

But the most noticeable thing about media reporting in the new century’s second decade is the constant creation of narratives about “what the markets thinks”. There is no logic at all to this criterion for judgement: on four separate occasions in my lifetime, the markets have offered conclusive proof that they barely know anything beyond how to turn disaster for others into money for them.


Ben Wright (whoeverTF you are) I don’t care if the markets take Brexit in their stride or in their tea: they know nothing about what really matters when it comes to the maintenance of civilised values, real economic creativity and what real people seek: a fulfilment that this idiotic perversion of capitalism never has and never will understand.


This is our Central Bank Governor – a Goldman Sachs alumni – supposedly there to promote confidence in the British finances in an apolitical manner. Instead, he has behaved like the standard Remaindeer concerned only with what Brussels and the US want, while wittering on about woes….but without saying what they are, why a cheap Pound should be a good thing for exporters, or the reality that our Forex relations are returning to normal already:


Here we go again – how the markets reacted to a new PM. It’s got nothing to do with you, you blithering idiots: face up to the global recession, get real about commodities, think about where ludicrously overvalued bourses are going next, stop pumping an oil price way beyond the demand for it, think harder about how on Earth the enrichment  of 3% can drive a consumption economy where 76% are poorer in historical terms….but chiefly, shut up.

They won’t shut up of course, any more than social ‘policy’ will stop pandering to outdated and/or ignorant ideas about anthropology.

The politicians will hang on the minorities’ every word, lick the bankers all over, and open their legs to any foreign investment like the undiscerning whores they are.

The deadwood ideologists will continue to divide us, and their rarely seen masters will continue to rule them.

If Theresa May manages to produce real independence for British citizens, foster business beyond the dying European Union, introduce proportional representation, and put the focus back on her increasingly pauperised electorate, she well get two cheers from me….perhaps even three on a good day after a few beers.

But she won’t – and everyone with an objective, caring approach to culture and human development knows that with hardly a scintilla of doubt.

So then, as Clive James once wrote, ‘May week was in July’. But Mayflies die quickly and summer warmth is fleeting: nothing has changed. We remain that nation about whom the Germans say, “They’re the only people in the world suprised by Winter every year”.

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